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  1. What's particularly evident about Chelsea right now is the lack of creativity in the final 3rd, which is frankly bizarre given the talent at their disposal. The two behind Lukaku aren't doing enough, they seem incapable of playing useful passes. What I've seen is when they push just inside of the wing with the wing back moving on the overlap, if a centreback of centre mid joins to create an overload, it leaves the wide attacker with too many outside options and only Lukaku in the box. Without Pulisic no one is busting a gut to get in the box. There's just a lack of movement off the ball. Lukaku's ability to make something out of nothing is massive.
  2. Batard


    Making sure we share the feel good factor with our resident Tennis aficionado @nudge
  3. Palace missed a trick here, a lack of quality where it matter has hurt them. Spurs have been bloody awful and there's no way Nuno is sending them out to play like that in the 2nd half.
  4. Apparently InorganicWare are making it Here all week
  5. According to the Gov website it says 4 days unless it's COVID, although maybe I misread.
  6. True but that agreement in itself is against the spirit of the rules FIFA have in place regarding players being released for internationals. Don't get me wrong, the clubs hardly cover themselves in glory with the way they treat the players sometimes over internationals, players wives have come out vocally about the clubs trying to stop players playing for their nations by asking the players themselves to fabricate 'injuries'. The Richarlison situation showed how silly the rules are.
  7. It was never going to happen. The situation with Richarlison completely undermined the legitimacy of the request to block other Brazilians. Also, it was such an unbelievably ignorant attitude given the world we live in. FIFA has to seriously reconsider how qualification works for tournaments until COVID is gone. The current system is at odds with the reality.
  8. SSP is immediately available if you have COVID due to quarantine and risk of further infection
  9. I think COVID vaccinating will have to become part of a wider inclusion of what is considered discriminatory behaviour, however given they want everyone vaccinated as soon as possible, it's only going to reinforce that discrimination.
  10. Well, this is much murkier waters because a company isn't obliged to offer sick pay beyond SSP as far as the law is concerned (although I would need to double check on that).
  11. https://www.gov.uk/statutory-sick-pay They can't enforce it, SSP includes COVID. So they be breaking the law if they do not.
  12. Saturday 11th September, 2021 Crystal Palace 1-1 Tottenham Arsenal 1-0 Norwich Brentford 1-1 Brighton Leicester 0-2 Man City Man Utd 3-0 Newcastle Southampton 2-2 West Ham Watford 2-1 Wolves Chelsea 5-0 Aston Villa Sunday 12th September, 2021 Leeds 2-3 Liverpool Monday 13th September, 2021 Everton 2-0 Burnley
  13. I'm a bit fucked off with the Conservative Party. We know that money had to be found to fill the economic black hole started by COVID, but this government has some fucking cheek. The UK exited the worlds single largest market - so there are less opportunities to earn and the price of goods and living is increasing. I hope those who voted for Brexit so in the belief it was 'restoring U.K. sovereignty' are revising their choice. On top of the cost of living being a total cunt, I will earn less and less the more I earn due to these taxation hikes. Of course yet again they protect large corporates and hammer high earners and small to medium businesses. I wish I'd taken the job in Dubai now.
  14. Sounds like concrete evidence to me
  15. Now that's a broad ask! Need more info @Stan
  16. I think Klopp is great, but I don't believe he's really being backed here. Firmino is injured (again) and in general injuries seem to hurt Liverpool exponentially more than their rivals due to the dearth of quality in the squad.
  17. I'm surprised Celtic are selling him for only 20m when the sell on to PSG is 40%
  18. He just surfs Romano's tweets, Kaveh is an absolutely not-in-the-know journo.
  19. It depends on the terms of the NDA, there would be clauses galore in the document that ride the edge of what's legal.
  20. Suggesting this is an issue with the football club is itself like blaming the sea for people drowning in it. It's a total non-sequitur. Manchester City aren't advocating rape, they don't place posters up declaring "Curry day Thursdays, Rape on Fridays".
  21. Yeah but if City go on to win the league it's all irrelevant though. When your transfer strategy is to simply one up your local rivals, it's quite myopic. Personally I see bringing Ronaldo back limiting the development of players like Greenwood and Sancho if he's taking their spot. He's obviously a class player, but he is 36 and winding down to the end of his career and should be bringing the next generation forward not taking their spot.
  22. So the breaking news is that United contacted Mendes last night about Ronaldo. Be interesting to see whether he wants to go back to United as I would imagine that would have some weight ahead of City.
  23. The irony of course being here United signed former City Academy player Jadon Sancho.
  24. Henderson will be 33 then, I don't think he'll be as pivotal. You'll be phasing him out of midfield by that point for someone else.
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