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  1. Oh go on then. Age on sign up? In 2012 on TFF I was 31 I think. 39 when we fired up this place in 2017 Age now? 45 (fuck sake) Kids when you signed up? 0 How many kids now? 2 daughters Married then? Yes, but to someone else and separated, waiting to get divorced Married now? Yes, 2nd time The first member you liked and respected? On TFF? Probably Deadlinesman and nudge. Your favourite member now? I'm not here enough really but the usual suspects, Deadlinesman, nudge, Bluewolf and the regulars Where did you live when you first signed up (parents, friends etc..)? In 2012 with one of my ex's, in 2017 with my current wife Where you at now? Well I'm not dead! Still with my 2nd wife Life goals then? To build a better career Life goals now? Not to work so much! Member you most disliked then? On TFF it was definitely that numpty Halewood Toffee. Bloke was mental. Member you dislike now? I'm not here enough really to formulate an opinion Forum highlight in your time on the forum? Joe's Shed! Biggest world event that happened in the year that you signed up? I can't remember beyond we saw 12/12/12 as a date. Your football teams league position the year of your sign up? QPR were in the Premier League in 2012 Their position now? Not in the Premier League! Country you live on sign up? Great Britain Country live now? Great Shitain
  2. I'm 45 nearly 46. They say life begins at 40 but I'm fucking exhausted!
  3. Form without fitness will be shortlived. I can't see Ten Hag rotating in the Europa League, he wants to win trophies. I think if United are a serious club again they have to back the manager. The Glazers might well be selling but they'd be idiotic not to invest something into the club to make it more valuable.
  4. I don't think your first team squad can play every 3-4 days without a hit in performance. You've also got those games against Barcelona to contend with as well. You'll have to get at least one more play in on loan in midfield or you'll fall foul of exhaustion.
  5. There are so many euphemisms here I just can't keep up. There's another one!
  6. A lot of players looked quite tired by the end. Midweek fixtures until March with a thin squad is worrying. Surely the club will bolster midfield and defence.
  7. First episode was pretty solid, I used to play a lot of Fallout so a fucked up future has always been an interesting narrative vehicle. I haven't played the game of The Last Of Us, so this should temper my expectations.
  8. I didn't know it was on? I'm a married man don't you know!
  9. If Palace actually had a decent forward and someone a bit more cultured in the middle of the park, they'd be a decent side.
  10. Some tired legs out there tonight for United. Definitely need reinforcements in that squad. That said, they're 20/1 to win the league, I can't ignore those odds.
  11. You should have emailed with some success, he might have responded
  12. Batard


    Where did she post these? Asking for a friend.
  13. Batard


    So despite Vince having left WWE, he still has a 80% decision right majority with them. He's trying to force his way back into WWE claiming he got 'bad advice' to quit over allegations he left over. I cannot believe he'd be so insane to do this given it's already hit WWE share prices.
  14. Batard


    Welcome mate. I've removed your website link however, we'd rather you establish yourself here first before trying to drive traffic from here to your site. I'm sure you understand.
  15. Group A - Senegal, Netherlands Group B - USA, England Group C - Argentina, Poland Group D - France, Denmark Group E - Germany, Spain Group F - Belgium, Croatia Group G - Brazil, Switzerland Group H - Portugal, South Korea Top Goalscorer Vinicius Jr Tournament Winners Germany
  16. All kick-offs GMT Sunday 20th November, 2022 Group A Qatar 1-1 Ecuador Monday 21st November, 2022 Group A Senegal 1-1 Netherlands, 16.00 Group B England 2-1 Iran, 13.00 USA 2-0 Wales, 19.00 Tuesday 22nd November, 2022 Group C Argentina 2-0 Saudi Arabia, 10.00 Mexico 1-1 Poland, 16.00 Group D Denmark 1-0 Tunisia, 13.00 France 2-1 Australia, 19.00 Wednesday 23rd November, 2022 Group E Germany 3-1 Japan, 13.00 Spain 1-0 Costa Rica, 16.00 Group F Morocco 1-2 Croatia, 10.00 Belgium 3-0 Canada, 19.00 Thursday 24th November, 2022 Group G Switzerland 2-1 Cameroon, 10.00 Brazil 2-0 Serbia, 19.00 Group H Uruguay 2-1 South Korea, 13.00 Portugal 1-0 Ghana, 16.00 Please get ALL predictions in by SUNDAY 20th NOVEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 16.00 (GMT)!!
  17. Palace have actually lost their last ten games against Chelsea, 4 of those were at Selhurst Park too
  18. Batard

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    I haven't attempted to fall asleep to episode 4 yet
  19. Batard

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    For some reason I imagine you designing sheds in your loft and your wife shouting up at you "You better not be up there measuring planks of wood for what is essentially a container with windows and doors for our lawn mower!"
  20. Matt Smith does look like one of those Christmas Island rock faces as a human being, which is curiously distracting. I don't think his performance as Daemon is all that bad to be honest, he's a decent actor. The issue for Matt when he plays a villain is that he lacks menace.
  21. Batard

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    It was Inga that put it on my radar (not a euphemism!) and it really is, plus it has Fiona Shaw in it, she's as legit as actresses go. Cheers dude, I'm still alive despite my children's best endeavours! How's tricks with you, you built anymore sheds recently?
  22. Batard

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Andor is definitely better than Mando, it doesn't mean the latter is shit, it's just Andor is propahh drama, not just sci-fi
  23. Richarlison is a sound purchase, the right player with the right manager. It gives Spurs something different as well, a real battler up front with some menace. Good teams have players not afraid to put a boot in. Lucas and Bergwijn are not that. Conte will get the best out of him.
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