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  1. N U F C

    Members You Miss

    I should be back in the not too distant future, had some problems but back on the up
  2. N U F C

    Members You Miss

    I will be back soon, got a funeral to attend on Tuesday unfortunately then I will hopefully get my life back to normal.
  3. Sorry I haven't been around recently. Had some personal disastars.
  4. N U F C

    FA Cup 2020/21 - Fifth Round Matches

    I just don't get it tbh. They're highly unlikely to get relegated and a Championship side at home is a great chance to make the last 8.
  5. N U F C

    FA Cup 2020/21 - Fifth Round Matches

    That's a shite result for Burnley, seem to constantly fuck the cups away. Remember them losing to Lincoln at home a few years ago. Why not just have a go?
  6. Can't believe we lost to this Palace side in between beating Everton and Southampton. How Newcastle.
  7. N U F C

    Mental Health

    Well if you feel it's for the best mate then I hope it works out, as I said I wouldn't recommend cutting family off though.
  8. N U F C

    Mental Health

    I don't know you at all but I get the impression you take everything a bit too seriously. Cutting off your family really isn't the way.
  9. It will be rescinded and it was pretty meaningless given it was the last action of the game just about. Thing is, that happens after 10 minutes and Fulham most likely go on and win it. Worst thing was Mitrovic went over to them and told them it wasn't malicious.
  10. N U F C

    Mental Health

    Suicide rates are higher than ever due to lockdown.
  11. N U F C

    Mental Health

    Maybe in your country then. Over here there's loads of mental health services, phone numbers you can call or text 24/7 to talk to someone. That's 'what I'm on about'.
  12. N U F C

    Mental Health

    I agree with the bit in bold entirely. I don't think it's so much the services for help aren't good enough, it's more the fact people don't feel like using them. As you say there's a big stigma around it and a lot of people don't feel comfortable opening up about how they feel.
  13. Lee Mason. Pair of fucking idiots. Was obvious Mike Dean would give it though as soon as he got half a chance.