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  1. Lage is a good bet there with ten Hag as a potential outsider, though I don’t think he will be the first.
  2. Apparently they’re appointing Lee Charnley as some sort of consultant to help them with the transition to the Premier League. God help them.
  3. Very good signing for Everton actually, massive upgrade from Michael Keane. They’ve left it late but it actually look a like they’re going to sign some decently players, but we’ve thought that before with Everton.
  4. I know it’s early days but how good are you looking? Playing well or catching teams at the right time? My best mate is a huge Blackburn fan so I always keep an eye on the results. Would love to see you come back up.
  5. Had a feeling this would happen. Potter’s a quality coach, so well drilled. Have to remember they’ve just lost Bissouma and Cucurella as well.
  6. I agree but I think they’ll get better, probably a good time to play them in hindsight.
  7. That was a good performance, pretty dominant from start to finish. Never easy playing a newly promoted side first as proven today but they never really had a sniff. Good performance and onto next week.
  8. I assume they have the right to refuse? Can’t see it being convenient all the time.
  9. That Palace front 4 is dangerous. Definitely a banana skin for Arsenal this.
  10. People pretty much giving us the points already but I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as that. Never nice playing a newly promoted team first but hopefully we have enough in the tank to get through it.
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