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  1. We are out on our feet again but fair play to Spurs and Postecoglu, they look a proper team again. It’s the performances against dross like Bournemouth and Everton that have been concerning, need bodies back but Howe’s reluctance to make subs is quite irritating. I think we’ll be decent again back at home but January can’t come fast enough.
  2. N U F C

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    Ah that’s terrible news, very sorry to read this mate.
  3. N U F C

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    Hello chaps. Hope everyone is keeping well - the place seems to be doing good
  4. I didn’t think that was particularly great if I’m honest but you can’t knock a point at the San Siro.
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    How’s everyone doing? Been pretty busy recently
  6. A gang had threatened to shoot him apparently and he acted in self-defence. The video circulating on Twitter looks nothing like him though.
  7. He has quoted me in this thread 5 hours ago and there’s nothing here
  8. I don’t really like him myself tbh but I don’t like Klopp either. I can’t really get screwed up about football anymore but 10 years ago yesterday would have hurt. Some of the over the top reaction from Newcastle fans is quite something though
  9. Punched well above our weight last season with the players we have. Howe’s subs were very odd too. Liverpool’s front 3 are a million times better than what we have, showed some class at the end two great finishes from Nunez. Fair play to the Liverpool boys on here be back in the top 4 comfortably this season
  10. Birmingham are definitely the surprise package so bar, been very impressive considering their financial issues too. Still very early though.
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