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  1. Wtf Got to be some punishment for Lazio for that
  2. VAR official has been stood down. UEFA effectively accepting wrong decision. But surely the best referee they've got not knowing the rules either is massive alarm bells.
  3. It will be the same inconsistent application. Therefore we must not do this. If we want to clean up discipline impose post match yellow cards or red cards on players after all footage is reviewed by a panel in conjunction with referee mic and statement.
  4. Some people are sharing UEFA statements from April that would suggest this isn't a penalty even by the rules. Perhaps then they are changing the rules so much their best referee doesn't even know what it is.
  5. Cruel that. Very cruel. Not angry, just gutted. If the rules say that's a pen then they need to go in the bin.
  6. Whilst we have been ravaged by injuries I think the lesson here is you can't be carrying players like Dummett and Ritchie, you need a full 25 man squad that can be brought in. Next year would replace Ritchie with a centre forward in the squad.
  7. There are many upsides to sharing a language with other countries and the Americans in particular. However one of the downsides is the American led online far right digging up a clip of Humza Yousaf from 3 years ago and spinning it for their own agenda. I suppose it means they take a break from discussing local council town planning policies in Oxford and Liverpool. Odd balls the lot of them.
  8. The BBC have said it was an error in the editing process. We now also know she did mention Hamas but in the extended interview and not in the clip the BBC used. Some bad stuff is in the first version by the BBC, so it's not a complete whitewash. An editing error is plausible.
  9. I'm not called Honey trap Monster for nothing
  10. Will likely lose comfortably here. Just have to hope Dortmund beat Milan so there's something left to play for in the final game.
  11. Always liked him. Iconic of that era. Can't believe he was 80. Feels like life is going fast.
  12. One sided deal that. We only have to roll over but you lot bend over
  13. Huge win for us. Squad ravaged. 17 year old in central midfield. A bench with no options at all. Massive win. Especially with PSG, Man Utd and Spurs in our next 4 games. It's going to be a tough spell fitness wise for the few remaining players and no rotation possible.
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