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  1. Double checked as I was following what someone said on twitter. For 2022 Man City do have more points but Spurs are 2 points behind us.
  2. Newcastle are obviously overachieving. Only Liverpool now have more points in 2022. We are not a top 4 team. Things will regress to the mean. However across a whole season with this group that should still turn out to be a similar league position of 9th-13th. That's due to how bad we were for the first 20 games. With some further good signings we should be looking to 8th, with a can we get close to 7th question mark. Then incrementally from there a couple more upgrades, looking for 5th/6th. We could easily get stuck at any of these levels if the signings aren't right. Plenty of examples of that elsewhere. There's not much between the teams typically 10th-15th. The money needs to pull us away from that lot.
  3. We might be on the beach for our Burnley game but I'd expect not. Top 10 might be up for grabs. It's probably asking too much but I hope our fans that go down there have some humility towards Burnley fans. Going down chants are par for the course but hopefully that's as far as it stretches. We have our own scars it would be a shame if the abused became the abuser.
  4. The only brainwashing is the homophobes in the red tops, in the church, in the pubs taught your brain to think AIDS whenever you hear someone is gay. As everyone knows homophobia is often just suppressed homosexual feeling. Probably explains why sex is the first thing that comes to someone's mind when they hear someone is gay. Not the right to love whomever but instead a gift wrapped bellend.
  5. Matt Targett, Dan Burn and Bruno were spot on signings in January. Trippier hasn't played and Chris Wood you can take him or leave him. Next set of transfers will determine if we can challenge top 8 next year, but either way top 8 has to be the target. Looks like we have the home side for it, but more to do to further that game dominance and improve away. Important to sign players with the right mentality. Risk now is plenty of good players with the wrong mentality will be lining up to join us. It was great to have Callum Wilson back. To have someone upfront who moves and runs. Our game is better for it. If only the lad could stay fit because there's 15 goals there in a team like this if he could. We are a formidable side at home who have won 7 of the last 8, only Liverpool beating us. I'd fancy us to beat anyone at home bar them and Man City. We now have more points than in any Premier League season since 2014.
  6. Sounds daft to not judge on the accomplishment of the challenge in a season just because it didn't exist in August. I would argue Frank has been nominated to some extent out of an underlying disrespect for Brentford. Whilst Vieira is there because he's Vieira, not because Palace accomplished anything.
  7. Newcastle 3rd in the Premier League when taking the 17 games of the 2nd half of the season. If we were 3rd at Christmas in a new season how many of you lot would be laughing at the idea of Howe winning manager of the season? None. You expected that off the back of the likes of Chris Wood, Matt Targett and Dan Burn coming in? How much did you lot make down the bookies? I was expecting to get to about 34 points with them and for us to be in the mix til the end. Not miles out of it early and with 43 points with 2 games left. Only the other week we were 10th after 1 win in the first 20 games. Howe has had a remarkable start and overachieved enormously. You'd expect results to regress to the mean over time, since these players are not the top 4 team their points tally form suggests.
  8. Last home game of the season so hopefully not on the beach and instead looking to get a win.
  9. Depends, does Roy Keane have a professional footballer son that Man Utd can sign?
  10. Imagine if Liverpool were to only win the league cup this season.
  11. It's possible that Southampton could be in the mix going into the last game of the season. Unlikely but possible.
  12. Hodgson getting off lightly here. Done a terrible job. Down without a fight.
  13. At the very least it should be introduced for the stoppage time period. You get situations where its 4 minutes added on and the ref blows up bang on 4 despite 2 substitutions and a minute of rolling around.
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