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  1. Antonio Conte in 1994 looking older than he does today
  2. Blair warning in the Sunday Times that some African countries can't cope with the amount of vaccines they are receiving. South Africa sitting on a 15 million stockpile and having to turn more away. Infrastructure not in place to cope.
  3. Haven't seen that twitter account in years but I think it's just a coincidence because our Voice of Reason was actually quite placid. Whereas I recall the twitter user being very strongly opinionated and ranty?
  4. Honey Honey


    Horrible news. Very sorry to hear of your loss. I don't know your relationship with your family and with those who were closest to your grandmother, but if your presence will bring relief and comfort to others then go. Whilst in quarantine hold in your mind those that you are going for. When out of quarantine grieve together. If this does not resonate with you then ignore it. Good luck in your decision.
  5. Oh man, forgot about that gem. Voice of Reason was it? I wonder if he has gone down the rabbit hole or whether he still lives and dies by whatever Richard Littlejohn says in the Daily Mail.
  6. Think your first two sentences sum it up well. Truth is at any club all anyone wants is progress and to see their club going in the right direction. How that is expressed is neither here nor there, that it is expressed is what counts.
  7. I'll be honest I stopped reading Waylander's post as soon as I saw "Bill Gates" and "dark forces". Things have gotten so weird these days with the emergence of alt right topics. The 5 year spell where all anyone spoke about on here was Islam is starting to look like an intellectual golden era.
  8. To be 3 points off safety now feels a lot better, but we need to take a scalp now with these next 4 fixtures, maybe even need 4 points Leicester away Liverpool away Man City Home Man Utd Home
  9. Fuck me we invited them on for the last 10 minutes. Scary time. 3 massive points. The first win. Temporary breath. To try and kick on now.
  10. I don't know about all Burnley, not in the conventional sense of high possession controlling the game but they've had openings. We look vulnerable at the back. Feel like we'll throw this away as a result. We are just wide open at the back. Crowd getting agitated by it at times. Openings for both that haven't materialised into anything in the end. Need that 2nd goal.
  11. More people are dying of covid in central and Eastern Europe right now than the rest of the World combined. Trying to jab more people instead of handing all vaccines to Africa is not a surprise really.
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