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  1. Rondon was class for us. Maybe a mistake by him to go to lower standard leagues without the same level of fitness required.
  2. If we're talking about countries with a less than 20% vaccination rate that aren't war torn you're talking about almost exclusively African countries. Everywhere elses vulnerable should have been double jabbed by now unless the vaccines were given out to someone else in those countries, which in some corrupt places probably has been. Some African countries probably only need a 5% vaccination rate to cover their vulnerable population, if that.
  3. No agenda. I find you bend things to the point of them being close to if not complete lies. ONS, most recent month of data September, leading cause of death Alzheimers, then heart disease, then third is covid, pneumonia is 9th. Taking a yearly average with the same data pneumonia again does not surpass covid. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/monthlymortalityanalysisenglandandwales/september2021
  4. Misinformation wum posting articles about cause of death in July and one week in June. You do have to ask whether it is socially responsible to allow some of the turd posts in here to be public or if this section should be behind closed doors.
  5. Thought we played well for a team with 10 men. Sadly we haven't got the luxury to absorb fuck up games like this. Will go to bed sad tonight
  6. My heart is coming out of my chest. No more twists or turns now please. Full time now!
  7. Jacked the tickets in 2 years ago to force Ashley to sell. No way can Norwich be this bad 2nd half. This game has had nothing but Joelinton blaring the ball over the bar every now and again.
  8. It's over. We are down. Big question will be why Clark is playing over Fernández.
  9. Could well be true We'll end up like Villa. Spunking loads and having to scrape the playoffs after a few years.
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