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  1. Wtf Got to be some punishment for Lazio for that
  2. VAR official has been stood down. UEFA effectively accepting wrong decision. But surely the best referee they've got not knowing the rules either is massive alarm bells.
  3. It will be the same inconsistent application. Therefore we must not do this. If we want to clean up discipline impose post match yellow cards or red cards on players after all footage is reviewed by a panel in conjunction with referee mic and statement.
  4. Some people are sharing UEFA statements from April that would suggest this isn't a penalty even by the rules. Perhaps then they are changing the rules so much their best referee doesn't even know what it is.
  5. Cruel that. Very cruel. Not angry, just gutted. If the rules say that's a pen then they need to go in the bin.
  6. Whilst we have been ravaged by injuries I think the lesson here is you can't be carrying players like Dummett and Ritchie, you need a full 25 man squad that can be brought in. Next year would replace Ritchie with a centre forward in the squad.
  7. There are many upsides to sharing a language with other countries and the Americans in particular. However one of the downsides is the American led online far right digging up a clip of Humza Yousaf from 3 years ago and spinning it for their own agenda. I suppose it means they take a break from discussing local council town planning policies in Oxford and Liverpool. Odd balls the lot of them.
  8. The BBC have said it was an error in the editing process. We now also know she did mention Hamas but in the extended interview and not in the clip the BBC used. Some bad stuff is in the first version by the BBC, so it's not a complete whitewash. An editing error is plausible.
  9. I'm not called Honey trap Monster for nothing
  10. Will likely lose comfortably here. Just have to hope Dortmund beat Milan so there's something left to play for in the final game.
  11. Always liked him. Iconic of that era. Can't believe he was 80. Feels like life is going fast.
  12. One sided deal that. We only have to roll over but you lot bend over
  13. Huge win for us. Squad ravaged. 17 year old in central midfield. A bench with no options at all. Massive win. Especially with PSG, Man Utd and Spurs in our next 4 games. It's going to be a tough spell fitness wise for the few remaining players and no rotation possible.
  14. There is a 100 year old fear in politics that winter elections are bad for turnout. That too close to call constituencies can go either way just because it is cold or raining. Consensus has thus been that elections need to be in warmer months. Conservatives need to move the don't knows back into their camp and may fear that such indifferent voters might not bother voting if the month is wrong. Similarly, their core is often older voters, pensioners, for whom the cold might be off putting if their support isn't mobilised on the issues strongly enough. It is unlikely the conservatives will be able to narrow the polls outside of an election campaign. Something outside of their control would have to happen. The campaign period is their only hope, including for damage limitation, whatever time the election is called.
  15. Lots of elections coming in 2024 and right wing populist are on the march in most places. Yet to be seen whether Wilders can form a coalition. I've always looked at the Dutch political system as the arguments for and against proportionate representation in the UK as I think culture similarities are there. This is a good example of what I mean, argument for, extremes probably can't win majorities or take power like they can in some other systems like some Presidential systems, argument against, extremes can speak more freely. If you want PR in the UK you have to accept that this means a far more vocal far right and extreme right wing views in our political discourse.
  16. Don't worry mate, May 2024 election is the rumour tonight. Tories are playing cards designed to defend their heartlands from embarrassing electoral wipeout. Never say never in terms of whether they can win outright but there'd need to be substantial movement for that. No sign of any wind change yet.
  17. Is this the wfh push? If so if I can offer you any hope it's that it won't likely come in until after an election. So might not happen.
  18. I have never used the term guilty, but I can understand how that might be inferred and can fully accept a reply to caveat what I said would have been appropriate. My issue is that you layer any valid response in distortion and fabrication. An open goal becomes a row Z strike instead as a result. Arbitration panels are for providing independent assessment to prevent one side of a dispute from being judge jury and executioner. It's not a criminal court. The basics of the CAS case against Manchester City are 3 of the 7 arbitrators voted that the evidence was substantial enough to charge Man City on one of the commercial deals, 4 didn't. The other deal was deemed to have timed out and therefore the arbitrators were not to decide on the evidence. Lastly, the arbitrators upheld a charge for failing to comply with the investigation. Taking these points into account, claims of innocence or cleared of wrong doing are as misleading as saying guilty outright. In the case of the Premier League, as with Everton, the league investigates and then deems if the evidence is there for a charge. Once so, it is referred to an independent panel, I think of 3. You then get 1 appeal and a new panel has to be formed as will happen with Everton. Everton's penalty has raised questions as to why having been charged in February the independent panel has not formed yet to judge the evidence against Man City. Nick Harris mentioned on the Rest is Football that Man City are deliberately drawing this out as long as possible.
  19. Anecdotal? Social media bubble? Yogov tracker has siding with Palestine in the UK at 19%. It was 23% in May. 15% after the October attacks. Siding with Israel has gone from 10% to 19%. Sitting on the fence has rocketed from 19% to 30% as people move out of the "don't know" category thanks to popular attention. In any intellectual space I don't think you can pick a side and not be easily made to look sketchy. The easy opt out to protect perceptions of judgment is to sit on the fence because this issue is way too booby -trapped.
  20. And Burnley apparently. It's interesting when teams who benefit from loans to affiliated clubs in the other direction vote that it is unfair for the league. Basically it's alright to fuck Belgian leagues but not ours.
  21. I wasn't expecting a response or a debate, I think it's important in a public space that anyone outside who reads the thread with no knowledge doesn't think the end point is what HappyBlue said. You have to reply in some degree.
  22. Not sure that's true but it's your club so I assume you've read the dozens of pages of CAS ruling and can enlighten me on how the printed press have the wrong take. I can only be arsed to rely on others to read it for me but open to being enlightened. The fine shows you were snakes then and reports are you're being snakes now with the Premier League, not really something to be proud of.
  23. Whilst some evidence may not have held up overall the court indicated UEFA was absolutely right to charge you. Holding up but lowering a fine from €30m to €10m and time barred some other evidence.i
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