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  1. Finally a centre mid link. Took a while for the penny to drop on that position.
  2. Even with Hodgson it would take a lot for Watford to get more than 32 points. So not much changes in terms of what is needed to stay up. We will be somewhere between 25 and 34 points. Everton will be fine. Can't see them getting less than 38 points.
  3. Decent appointment to get them through to their next manager in the summer
  4. 51.7 working class. But that'll change soon when I can afford to ditch Aldi for doing the big shop in Sainsburys
  5. Massive win. Hopefully this can be the turning point regards to confidence. A lot of our players are very mixed at the minute, they need a confidence boost to get into form. Hoping this can be it. A lot of injuries out there. At least 4. In a funny way some of them helped us through the match. Dummett for example who made some fantastic tackles and blocks was also getting rinsed every now and then, his injury brought a stabler full back on in Manquillo. We play Everton next.
  6. Not keen on this but I wouldn't be surprised if Benitez is back here by March.
  7. What concerns me is that we are never linked with any holding midfielders.
  8. Ralph Hassenhutl won't let us hold the power button down and insists on auto save being on
  9. I can't take much more of this. To constantly fall short. To constantly be given a bit of hope on and off the pitch and have it yanked away all the time. Howe has only had 9 league games and we've lost 6 points in the last 20 minutes. We invited them on for the last half an hour so a draw is probably fair. Lascelles is playing awfully. A massive liability and needs to he dropped now. They have to sign a centre half before the Leeds game. It is a case now of just signing players and hoping things go our way. It doesn't look like they will even with signings though. It's just not our year.
  10. This is going the way of the Cambridge game. Chances. No composure. Slowly losing our way. Expect to get stung in the 2nd half. It's absolute torture watching your team really need a win and it just won't go in. Big 2nd half needed.
  11. New crowd favourite Joelinton honoured in flag form today. The redeemer quite fitting.
  12. The one Mike Ashley downed a pint in the away end wearing. With Smith on the back of his shirt
  13. Owen, Viduka and Obafemi Martins in a front 3. Remember those 2 months well
  14. Paulo Dummett starts hasn't played all season, could be massive for us defensively if he can find form quickly
  15. I didn't know if you gaslight Newcastle United fans you get killed in Saudi Arabia. Learn something everyday.
  16. Talksport have called, they want their opinions back.
  17. Saw a training clip where Wood chests it down to Saint Maximim. That's the new tactic
  18. Todd Cantwell, Diego Carlos, Hugo Ekitike, Samual Umtiti. Bids for Sven Botman have been rejected. They won't sell until the summer. A centre half is a cert to be next through the door.
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