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  1. All that is left is the result for the history books now. The folklore has already been made for our city. It is alive, the emotion and experience, the jubiliance, the excitement, the togetherness, the bond, we are at the start of the 2nd resurrection of Newcastle United in 30 years. The result may edit the words in the story but the emotion and purpose of football is already written. This morning I've thought of those I've lost in my life who were there for the first resurrection. How they would have loved today. How the stories, the values and the traditions they created back then carry on through to us today. We may be gutted later. We may be sick for a day. But we've had a journey together that binds us to each other. That forms the story of our community for years to come.
  2. Must be the invention of filters
  3. McCaulay Culkin is only 14. Mind blowing.
  4. Forgot about those days. The people who worked in those shops must have seen all sorts
  5. Mind games for sure. Along with Ten Haag calling us time wasters. A sign of the times when it's Man Utd with the mind games against us and not a relegation rival like Southampton.
  6. If the pressing game is on point then we would likely edge the first half, but Manchester would be closing in during the second half. Pressing and running is key to Ya-nited's defence, but Manchester will still get big moments.
  7. For me if we get a left back we don't need a centre back. Dan Burn can be next centre back in line. Maybe replace Lascelles with a prospect.
  8. Would love Howe to get the win at this stage in the journey. He is the spirit of Robson reborn at this club. A month ago we'd fancy it but now a lot less so. Still, Bruno is back, his absence a big reason behind our worsening form. Karius will be called upon for at least 3 or 4 big moments in the game. What's missing for us of late is being clinical. The chances are being created.
  9. Regulators typically freeze problems rather than eradicate them. They entrench existing hierarchies. Rarely shake things up, preferring limited incremental reform at best. The Premier League has a corruption and cartel threat so deserve nothing less than a regulator.
  10. Big Sam with Alan Smith as his assistant, dream ticket for Leeds fans
  11. Finished 11th and got to the FA Cup final in his first and only full season. Sacked 4 games into the next season in true Watford style.
  12. Any event where people who know nothing about the game suddenly become fans for a day is a big red flag for me. Like the World Cup.
  13. Honey Honey


    It ain't all pasta and pizza, it's a lot of "local" cuisine you've never heard of, probably for good reason.
  14. Honey Honey


    See Stanley Tucci's show Searching for Italy, I just don't believe for one minute that half the stuff he eats tastes any good.
  15. To be fair 0-3 is a different score I don't actually think the sending off is what was fortunate for Liverpool. Newcastle should have scored at least once with ten men and made more of a game of its. It's not the sending off that prevented that, it's bad finishing and great goalkeeping. What the sending off gave Liverpool is perhaps the chance to score 4, but bad finishing on their part as well.
  16. Its a big win psychologically for Liverpool. They are a shadow of themselves. They're not going to get back to it overnight, big moments need to drop your way and then gradually it can go from there.
  17. If we don't get a second wind pronto then we will finish 7th or 8th.
  18. Same problem throughout 2023. Chances, advanced positions, cannot score.
  19. The Pope sending off is gutting. We've got very little chance in the cup final now that we'll have our 4th or 5th choice keeper in. It's basically going to be like hoping a Sunday league keeper has a big FA Cup 3rd round game.
  20. Think we are all expecting defeat with the form, injuries and cup final. What would be nice is the performance and result that we can take positively into the final.
  21. Made sense in the 70s but would be a joke if done now unless no one but the Champions actually gets to play in Europe.
  22. There should be a mileage cap on games. You can't be adding more and more emissions. Champions League needs to be regionalised in the early stages.
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