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  1. That is true, but I'm not saying we made an error - I think we all knew we'd eventually be back. I just think it was sods law with the timing. We'd committed to starting the training ground pre-covid. I don't know how long the ground itself will take. Will feel quite surreal thinking about it. I'm so used to our place.
  2. I don't know all the ins and outs about when we first built it but I'm sure there are some skeletons in the wardrobe a bit about it, it came at the same time as the crash of the NTL deal and it put us in the shit, as well as a lot of businesses in the area. I'm guessing a bit here though as I don't really know the ins and outs and someone older could tell me better. This was a move I'd been expecting a while and really glad they're doing it. We're definitely ready to expand it because we've never been this well supported and it's worth capitalising while we can rather than letting a load of kids from around here grow up supporting someone else. It's just yet another very good move from the owners, who's ambition is spot on and time and time again they back it up. Great times to support us. I do hope we can somehow incorporate some sort of rail service to the ground. It's got the Ivanhoe Lane from Leicester to Burton running right by it yet it's a freight only line at the minute. There's been talk for years of potentially putting passenger trains on there and I hope it happens - would be an allround good move for the city and we've got a lot of support between here and Burton as well, particularly Coalville, Ashby. Great news. The only bummer is that we started with the training facilities first rather than this as we've just happened to have the one-off perfect opportunity to expand the ground over the past year and a bit, but never mind, just sods law.
  3. Spurs is very much subject to them not selling Kane, or if they do, spending the money sensibly. Do you really think Liverpool might drop out? I felt you had found your mojo again towards the end of last season, but then again thinking about it you probably need a bit of a freshen up and it hasn't arrived. I think the reason Tottenham tailed off in the end was as much as anything due to the failure to really strengthen or capitalise when they had the chance to. I'm wondering if Liverpool are making the same mistake.
  4. It sadly probably will be. Feel like we may have missed the boat a bit. We've strengthened as well but I do feel like the ladder is being pulled up a bit.
  5. Reckon Villa are a dark horse for Europe this season.
  6. He'll never turn a corner. If he was going to he would've by now.
  7. Supposedly £160mil and £400k a week has been agreed for a move to Man City. They could be scary good if it's legit.
  8. He'll definitely get at least 2 of his 6 goals for them against us. He'll fucking love it as well.
  9. Celtic fans produced a meltdown like no other when we took Rodgers. I think without sounding a dick the majority of that is just a sad realisation that they're trapped a bit in that league. The fact Leicester can take their manager (they took ours in 2000) and Brentford can sign their first choice players. It makes it hit home a bit where they really stand now.
  10. It's virtually risk free, just like when we signed him for little as well, but don't be expecting much. He will do the odd thing that'll make you think there's something brilliant locked away inside him but he's just forever flattered to deceive. Four managers in a row at Leicester gave him a crack, saw next to nothing in return and then benched him before he turned on the waterworks on instagram. Be interested to see what Benitez does with him but my prediction would be he'll be at Watford or Bournemouth this time in two years.
  11. We'll see. Still reckon someone might.
  12. Bit trickier but I bet someone on here gets it.
  13. Forest produce some good players but virtually never reap the benefits of them. We've been looking at Mighten, Johnson and Worrall for a while although I'm not sure we'd sign Worrall now.
  14. I'll go for Maynor Figueroa.
  15. Would seem sensible for Forest to build around him and Mighten so they'll invariably sell one of, if not both of them and piss away whatever money they get.
  16. Think this is a fairly easy one to be honest.
  17. This is genuinely hard as there wasn't one particularly outstanding player from Italy. It probably was Spinazzola, but he ended up missing their two biggest games. He'd be in my team of the tournament, but not the main one I don't think. I'd possibly say Chiesa.
  18. I do think in terms of another centre half this isn't a bad deal on its own, but it doesn't fix the problem of us looking a bit chaotic without Evans. Soyuncu and Fofana never really struck up a great understanding (in limited time admittedly) and I feel like both are better alongside Evans. I'm not sure Kabak fixes that problem, if Evans was to pick up an injury. Liverpool fans will know more about him than me. Was involved in a calamity goal away to us but can't judge him on one incident.
  19. What?!?!?!?! I thought a draw was a really likely outcome. Amazed nobody else thought it would be
  20. Completely agree. I don't want him to be absolutely pillaried, I mean, it's a poor penalty for someone of his ability, but the management and senior members of the team should never be letting it get to a point where a 19 year old is taking a penalty like that. But don't mollycoddle. Toughen him. He will be better for it in the long run. I like Saka and I think he'll be a really good player one day. Shit like this has the mirage of helping him whilst doing the total opposite.
  21. It'll always work against certain teams, but it will almost always get exposed at the top level as well. I'm surprised we took it to penalties last night. We were significantly second best.
  22. Spain barely played a bad game in the tournament in terms of the actual performance. I think it would've gone similarly to last night really, Spain largely dictate the game and create the better chances but fluff the majority of them and end up drawing, like they seemed to in nearly every game. However on our penalty showing we'd have lost to anybody at that stage. That would hold some weight if people weren't expecting of Belgium as well. Belgium have won nothing ever, but their expectations naturally are raised because of their exceptional group of players they now have. That said, they have also totally failed to deliver. Their generation looking very much England of the naughties. This is a good England squad. It's one of the best in the whole thing. It should be going far.
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