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  1. He ties himself in knots because he's lying and he knows it. I honestly think until Solskjaer's gone he should jack it in for a while because it's just making him look embarrassing at this point. This whole thing about "values" is true as well - I think they're living in the past a bit. "You don't have to be a pressing side to win the league" - it's just plain wrong and a sign he's stuck in the 00s. The bar has been significantly raised in this league by Guardiola and Klopp. You need more now than you did back then. There's a staggering lack of realism. They're massively living in the past. I don't even think this is something you sort by merely sacking Solskjaer either (although he's obviously totally out of his depth). It's institutionalised delusion.
  2. I honestly think it's damaging all his credability as a pundit now. I can't even take him seriously. I get it's his mate and it's a tricky position but he's just outright lying and he knows it. I'd be gutted if I supported them. A manager totally out of his depth, a fanbase that despite even this are largely still blindly behind him and all of your legends essentially keeping this nonsense rolling as long as possible when it's become quite clear they haven't really got the best interests of the club at heart. I had so much begrudging respect for them about 10 years ago. Embarrassing nowadays. I do get they're a quite supportive fanbase but it's astonishing what they will tolerate. Where do you even start on their problems. It's a badly constructed squad, no balance to it, there's no obvious quick fix to sorting it. Just a real mess. I felt that result had been coming a while. I think Liverpool have been threatening to do that a long time and had never really made it happen. They on the flip side are sensational.
  3. That's a really good win I think. They're a very tough side at the minute and we've gone and beat them on the back of a long journey midweek. Think Brentford will probably be a bit aggrieved to lose it but Frank's comments are slightly over the top. It was far from the massacring last week was for them. Tielemans is just sensational. He's absolutely top drawer. I'm resigned to him going this summer, I just hope we can get him on a new contract with a decent release clause so we can get a bit more money for him - I'm worried we won't get a lot more than we paid for him at the minute which is ridiculous.
  4. To be honest I just like anger and fumes in general. Was sickening to be robbed of that properly for 18 months.
  5. Is Derby's record under threat? I never believed it with Sheffield United but this lot are just foul. They should move on from Farke. This is silly.
  6. Is Rondon really that bad? I always thought he was a bit of a pain to play against for us.
  7. Combined XIs cause too many arguments as they're largely totally skewed by the managers. I'd say given Liverpool's transfer policy they'd pick all XI of their players if they did one, and not even to be big headed either.
  8. This really could go any way. We've gone from looking a bit shit to looking really good going forward but incredibly soft at the back. I can see it being a 3-3 or something daft.
  9. This doesn't really work when Norwich themselves are still complete shit. Arsenal were well on top there. Far better than the other night. Got to ask questions of Villa - they look a very hit and miss side to me but probably more misses than hits so far this season.
  10. I don't know how true it is but he was supposedly ready to sign, but Wenger actually put him off the idea. Thank god he never went anyway. It's quite surreal with Vardy because you're watching a player who I just simply don't think we could ever top. When you consider the full package, how it started, where it's ended up, the scaling of new heights with him as the spearhead etc... I just cannot see anybody ever being a bigger fans favourite. I really thought he was slowing down a bit last season but he's still hitting the numbers even now. I don't think he's going to be our key player during this period as such - but I still think he'll be here another 2/3 years, and I think I said that 2/3 years ago. I'm just happy that other strikers look like they're stepping up. Iheanacho's really clicked here and Daka looks a phenomenal buy.
  11. There are too many penalties in general nowadays. It's too big a reward for what often takes very little to happen.
  12. We've found another one haven't we. My god. 4 goals in a European away game is unheard of for us for one player. We 'should' go through now I think. We've looked very much more like ourselves in this last two games but we can't keep shipping silly goals like this. I thought we were comfortably the better side throughout the game but like I say, very very soft at the back. Glad we've picked up a spark going forward though. The centre mids and front three all had good games again. Maddison looks back to himself. I think Iheanacho is our best link up striker and think Vardy and Daka are more likely to get in each others way than work together, but I could be wrong. Starting to see the value in that Soumare signing, been really good this past two games. We've now got Spartak and Legia at home. Two wins, which I now feel confident we can achieve, should just about see us through regardless of what happens in Naples. It was imperative we won today.
  13. Flying early days but we've seen this so many times from them.
  14. Arsenal could be in the hunt for 4th but they aren't good enough either. Last night was a perfect illustration of why. 4th feels quite open at the minute, but I do suspect Solskjaer may get the boot and that'll be enough for Man Utd to get it.
  15. He looks immense. Reckon he might even be starting for you next season.
  16. I think with how blatantly flawed the side is and how hard your upcoming fixtures are, the writing's on the wall. I have to stress to you - this is a Leicester side that have barely played well all season. Now we were very good today, but Man Utd made it pretty simple, and played into our hands.
  17. They look like a disorganised group of very talented players, which is what you expect when you don't construct a squad in a balanced way and prioritise strengthening your weaknesses, and have a totally inept manager in charge of them. I think he's gone by Christmas. This is the run that sinks him.
  18. That was absolutely special. Felt like a turning point in our season for me. Every one of them to a man was brilliant and the fact we nearly didn't win was unreal. Fantastic game of football but one we thoroughly deserved to win. So much went right today. Soumare's best game by a distance. Daka finally off the mark. Maddison looked a lot back to himself albeit without the goal or assist. Even Perez getting assists. Just brilliant. To a man they were great.
  19. Ugh fucking Bailly. That bloke never has a bad game against us. I've never known a defender Vardy struggles against as frequently other than possibly Van Dijk, but the latter is expected.
  20. New manager bounce and the early kick off too? There's only one way this result is heading I'm afraid.
  21. It's a pretty odd one isn't it Saturday, feel like both of us are really underperforming, your league position isn't alarming but I think relative to your fixtures, and expectation it's disappointing and you've got to improve to get back on any kind of track. Ours is sort of similar - it's a slow start but it's not been slow enough to attract any real attention, yet I feel like performance wise I can only name 3 sides I think we've definitely been better than. Neither of us have had particularly tough fixtures so far. With Rodgers supposedly pledging his commitment in saying no to the Newcastle interest I do wonder if that'll give us a new lease of life, but in truth I don't think it's as simple as that. No result would shock me in all honesty.
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