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  1. Playing a bit risky again here. Reading have been decent on the whole and Barnsley getting a whiff of negativity about them. Preston's price is really quite generous here for me. They've picked up 37 points at home to Norwich's 21 away and I was listening to this thing about "away fatigue" earlier, teams who play away after a midweek game have been struggling and Norwich are one of the worst offenders - apparently only picked up 3 points from 12 away games afterwards. I just think there are quite a few things going in Preston's favour here, 3.25 is very kind.
  2. Incredible nature of this league in that you can lose to a dire Millwall and it actually be a net positive week for you. We went into it with 6 games left knowing we could lose one of them, and we've come out of it with 5 games left knowing we can still lose one, despite losing the game. I think a lot hinges on this game. Win this and I think we'll get over the line. Fail to and we're putting the pressure back on ourselves with trickier fixtures. We're much better than Plymouth but this lot have continuously let us down in big games.
  3. Southampton will be ruing that draw at Blackburn particularly after seeing the way they've folded tonight, because they're probably that bit too far off being able to claw their way into this. But you never know. All of that about the points tallies the top four were on course for and it now looks extremely unlikely anybody gets to 100.
  4. Fans have properly turned on Maresca. Plenty saying they want him gone even if we go up. To be honest I agree. I saw potential early doors but he's so brazenly one dimensional it's unreal. You might get away with that when you have at absolute worst the 2nd best squad in the division. Well I'd say it's highly unlikely he has that regardless of the league we're in next season. We're on a crash course for sure. Best line I read to describe him was he sets the ships course and then just never steers it. Guardiola, who is clearly his inspiration, does not do this. He has multiple plans. He retains tactical principles, but he does not stick doing the same thing every single game, no matter who the opposition, no matter who the personnel he has available. I don't think our fans as a collective have really been on board from day one and I think that's usually a telltale sign. Time does do its thing. I've been behind him for most of the season but he's lost me in recent weeks. There are literally no signs of development to him whatsoever. I've cracked it and that's that. He'll learn the hard way.
  5. Ipswich are the best side in this league. I accepted this weeks ago. I wonder if Southampton aren't quite out of the auto race yet. I think another week like this midweek happens at the weekend and they will smell blood - particularly given they play us both.
  6. Less impressed with Maresca by the week. It really is like he's just downloaded a tactic on FM, plugged it in and stuck it on holiday mode for a year. The efficiency has worn off, there's no surprise element, our patterns are predictable. We're just so sickeningly casual about it all. We've been doing this nonsense for years now and he's added to the problem rather than fixed it.
  7. Have a bit of a thought on next season - I'm tempted to make it so you can stake either £5, £10 or £20 on any given week. Obviously this is just pretty much allowing you to back something heavily or lightly and obviously you'll take a harder hit should you lose. Happy to stick with just tenners but think it could make it a bit more dynamic (not sure this is the word but )
  8. Never ignore your gut instinct. Fuck off Leicester.
  9. We've got to do it now. We've got arguably the best run in, top spot and the game in hand. We can even afford a loss and still win the league.
  10. This is the sort of fixture that would be extremely us to totally flunk, but you do get the feeling we've gotten back into our rhythm somewhat in the past week. He's even talking about bloody rotating the team again and I mean that in a positive way. He was playing it superbly early season often making 5/6 changes for a midweek game and seeing next to no dropoff. I think this has potential to be a bad night but I want to think we brush it aside like we did early season. They've stepped it up the past couple of games and I've not been used to that from us in this month of the season. I'll be optimistic and say 0-2 win, after weeks of saying we'll lose this 1-0.
  11. you know what I've been doing this wrong all season haven't I? I could've promoted Leicester by February.
  12. I quite openly use it. It'll always be an option while they continue to offer this piss poor value for money service.
  13. My god what a perfect day. Late winner and both of those two lose. It's ours to blow again from here. Fair play they have genuinely responded from that shocker on Good Friday. Six more to go and we even have the wiggle room to drop a game. I think we do it now.
  14. I raise you 8 of our last 9. Pretty much exclusively dog shit kick off times too. Will only get worse in this league next season as well. It's in peoples interests to go IPTV.
  15. Eight group games from next season. Hilarious how anybody ever fell for this fatigue line. All it ever was was brinkmanship, which the laughably weak authorities fall for every time. Said it a few times on here lately and I'll say it again - remember the punishment the six super league clubs got for trying to dismantle the structure of the league system less than three years ago? Me neither. And that should tell you who really holds the cards.
  16. I was thinking about how you penalise these clubs and I wonder if embargos are the way to go. The gripe I have with what they've done to us three clubs is that we're in danger of entering a perpetual cycle where we just break rule after rule as they suffocate us and send us tumbling further and further down. At least with a transfer embargo you can't actually rack up any more serious debt beyond wages. The irony is there are periods of time clubs would be better off for it. I firmly believe if we'd been under an embargo in 2021 we'd have come out of it better.
  17. When we lost to Spurs 2-3 a couple of years ago we let in goals in the 95th and 96th minute and it was the latest a team has led a Premier League game and lost. I know the added time has changed the game somewhat but that's been beaten at least four times since. It's gotten to the point where it doesn't even massively surprise you.
  18. That top one is really good I think. If Ipswich are going to win you can see there being a few goals.
  19. All must wins but this is probably our kindest remaining fixture. You can forget it if we blow this.
  20. New tactic because I'm so bad at this I might as well just utilise it.
  21. WEEK 35 - SLIGHTLY BETTER WEEK 35 STATS Winning bets: 1 / 5 Winning selections: 5 / 10 Weekly forum position: -£21.20 (Ranked 20/35) --- OVERALL STATS Winning bets: 56 / 221 Winning selections: 181 / 407 Total forum position: -£412.34
  22. WEEK 34 - ABSOLUTE DISASTER WEEK 34 STATS Winning bets: 0 / 5 Winning selections: 0 / 10 Weekly forum position: -£50.00 (Ranked 28/34) --- OVERALL STATS Winning bets: 56 / 221 Winning selections: 181 / 407 Total forum position: -£391.13
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