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  1. A draw at the Amex is a great result, nothing really worked well today but we worked hard not to lose and that is sometimes needed. Two games 4 points, two clean sheets.
  2. https://youtu.be/Yh98oDIi75w
  3. why loan if you can sell him, I'm sure he wants stability and he will not turn down playing for newcastle
  4. has anyone played deep rock galactic? a very good Indie game, solo and co-op play. space dwarves and diggy diggy hole
  5. I read a story that the greens in Germany are endorsing a push for a German version of the "missinformation board" which allows citizens to rat on people that don't share their views. How Nazi of them
  6. for Chelsea to crowd fund these moves they are now leaching off us for their rejects. Pulisic, Hudson odoi and Gallagher all per the rumour said to be advertised. first off Chelsea want to flog them meaning they have little residual value and I would hope the fee reflects that. Gallagher interests me but the other two are meh unless the price is right.
  7. good start to Rugby season, beating the All Blacks comprehensively should make the southern hemisphere powers question whether kicking south African teams out of super rugby was a smart decision. while south African teams haven't won as often as new Zealand teams we have won a few and competed in multiple finals against power house teams like the Crusaders. the depth in quality made the Australian and New Zealand teams work for it. it used to be an elite competition which is now reduced to a joke. on the flip side south African teams learnt how to play northern hemisphere clash and thunder rugby which actually suits us and the result is European rugby got stronger with good competition coming in. going back to the game, the All Blacks have always been a physical team that can play flashy running rugby, but they looked completely uninterested in dueling. they also didn't like the scrum, never seen New Zealand look so uncomfortable
  8. Fallout 4 Horizon at its best, I am Level 31 and already stalked by one of these. In vanilla fallout this would normally only be seen by level 65 and a nightmare. Horizon rebalances the game so even at 31 the enemy is still adaptive in difficulty to ensure it isnt impossible to kill, also the size is still smaller than vanilla, but they get bigger the higher up the type they are ie: Radscorpion is tiny, the hunter is a bit bigger, the stalker can cloak itself, the albino is the odd one out, and the Predator and Deathskull are the two hardest with greatest resistance to ballistic, radiation and energy weapons. I did encounter a Mythic Deathclaw first at level 15, normally thats a level 90 enemy. Legendary enemies are still in the game but can be any level, but the real "legendaries" are any enemy with Mutated prefix, when you deal enough damage they mutate and their life pool refills and become a lot harder, they also have great loot which includes mutated parts for crafting materials for guns, armor etc and may also have a gun with a legendary prefix that you can reverse engineer at your science station to build your own legendary weapons that will require special metals and mutant parts. Anyways, Fallout 4 radscorpions are a bitch, i do have high perception skills and hunter skills so I get the [sneak indicator] even when not sneaking to warn me if i am being detected. Radscorpions take some time to come up but you know it is coming. Vanilla Fallout 4 makes it easy, by the time you see these types of scorpies, you can be deep into a OP melee build that can one hit them, fallout horizon doesn't work like that anymore and if they sting you, you get lathargy, poison and radiation effects, pretty much a bad bad baby which you can't stimpak heal, you need specific cures that are expensive to make or to go to a doctor, without fast travel thats a problem.
  9. Saturday 13th August, 2022 Aston Villa vs Everton, 12.30 2-1 Arsenal vs Leicester 2-0 Brighton vs Newcastle 1-1 Man City vs Bournemouth 2-0 Southampton vs Leeds 1-2 Wolves vs Fulham 1-0 Brentford vs Man Utd, 17.30 1-0 Sunday 14th August, 2022 Nottm Forest vs West Ham, 14.00 1-2 Chelsea vs Tottenham, 16.30 0-1 Monday 15th August, 2022 Liverpool vs Crystal Palace, 20.00 2-0
  10. I watched the repeat game and the result justified Roy Keane labelling Man United the easiest team to play. Brighton should have had 4 or 5 on the day, their movement and passing caused havoc all day and Man Uniteds' McFred midfield showed again how ineffective it is at the defensive aspect of their duties leaving the back four ruthlessly exposed. Man United need two good defensive midfielders if they insist on playing that deep two midfield formation as I can't recall them offering anything defensively. Brighton also showed how bad Man U are when it comes to high balls into the box, it was quite uncomfortable for McGuire and Martinez all afternoon. Ronaldo did help change the game a bit but its alarming that he wants to leave, and Eriksen as a forward is just hopeless. We sit 3 weeks before the window shuts and Man United need the same 4 or 5 positions sorted that they needed in June. If I was a Man United fan I will be extremely concerned, your team and the way it is run is omminously like Mike Ashley is running it, and that is not a good thing. No fan is deserving of ineptitude from those running the game and looking at man united just makes me see Mike Ashley like nightmare of a self serving owner and inept structures to help the club all over again.
  11. Some tough decisions to be made here but also some very limited choices. Lampard and Giggs were the closest to being added and almost Ljungberg to as that early 00's Arsenal team revolutionised the game. Shearer and Henry were the easiest picks, both were great in the older game and both would have been great in the new game and is the most complete forward on the list in terms of hold up play, aerial play and could use both feet, scored goals from inside the box, outside the box, free kicks, penalties.
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