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  1. By a show of hands who is absolutely fucking terrified of mandatory conscription and being sent to the fronts to fight for Ukraine's democracy (lol). Don't all rush in at once
  2. I am uneasy about any ground invasion over Ramadan. These savages attack over our religious observance days, because they dehumanise us for being Jewish, I don't want to stoop to their level, no invasion over Ramadan. Civilians need to be evacuated ASAP as I don't think Hamas have any living captives. It is the last stand then we can talk about peace agreements, this notion that letting Hamas survive is going to lead to lasting peace is bullshit, we will be back here in no time. Israelis(Arabs included) are tired of being told to take it, our people took it from the Egyptians, the Philistines, the Byzantines, the Romans, the Ottomans and various Arabs, the Nazis, how about no we don't take it anymore. It will take a lot more than Islamists and their seal clapping apologists to get rid of us, never again means never again.
  3. It's all over YouTube and all the slanting is left leaning like every death apparently is a civilian but Hamas have lost 19 of 23 brigades. Their opperationsal strength was 30000, 10-12k are dead, 10000 wounded and probably some would have died a further 4000 captured. That makes it just over 2:1 ratio. So 61% would be 2:1 and I find the idea of not knowing civilians live in a city a stretch. Thousands of videos with IDF troops finding residentials, mosques boobie trapped, full of the Hamas Jew hating propaganda yet certain media is ignoring it. To CBS's credit they are showing in. I find people using palastinians suffering as political tropes to be the bigger problem, the virtue warriors had three weeks to set up refugee camps and did fuck all, why? Because they don't give a shit They want maximum casualties but 2:1 in context of a conflict that is completely urban is pretty accurate. Rafah is the last stand, you would think the virtue brigade would push to have US or NATO peacekeepers set up processing settlements in the Sinai to allow the evacuation of civilians and possible interception of Hamas cunts, why haven't they even suggested that? Khan Yunis is the straw that broke the Hamas back, they are now being flushed out and massacred. The IDF used massive smoke bombs to show all exit points and have the rats coming up for air. Palastine will be liberated when Hamas is gone, the real problem is that there are people that don't want that happening, it generally is a certain group that hate western civilization, but happily eat out of its hand
  4. Yes which is why he is a fraud, he loves his fascist Arab theocrats and he loves his communist dictators. That being said Russians are very ultra nationalists. They are nationalist socialists which is what Hitler was, is Russia any less fascist than that Adolf bloke. Speaking of fascism I see the German opposition want to ban the AFD, reasons populism, the people are moving that way and democracy means denying the will of the people. Back to Sadiq Khan, he hasn't got British interested in heart and his questionable links through business and family ties to some rather dubious people that are involved in banned movements all with Islamic jihad as core underlying ideology, calling him out is not islamophia it is just inconvenient truth. These question mirror the majority of the UK that want conditions attached to immigration such as that Islamophobic requirement that they be aptly screened/vetted before being allowed in to live off the land with the taxpayer covering the tab.
  5. Communism eh, communism and dictatorships walk lockstep with each other.
  6. there are more ways to hold a pen, than there are to kung fu
  7. Pole Position - Which driver will post the fastest lap in Q3? Verstappen Podium - Which drivers will finish the Grand Prix in the top three positions? 1. Verstappen 2. LeClerc 3. Sainz Random Driver - Predict the finishing position of this week's random driver, Lewis Hamilton. 6th Bonus Question - A simple one to start off - which driver will qualify last/slowest (before grid penalties) for the first race? Staff Sergeant logan reporting for duty
  8. World Drivers' Champion: Verstappen World Constructors' Champion: Redbull How many different drivers will win at least one race? 6 How many different constructors will score at least one podium? 6 Which driver will have the most retirements? Ocon Team-mate championship battles - which driver will score the most points from each team? Red Bull - Max Verstappen Mercedes - Lewis Hamilton Ferrari - Charles Leclerc McLaren - Lando Norris Aston Martin - Fernando Alonso Alpine - Pierre Gasly? Williams - Alexander Albon VCARB - Daniel Ricciardo? Sauber - Valtteri Bottas Haas - Kevin Magnussen
  9. You are right, he is also a theocrastic fascism supporter and a rabid anti semite on top of being a communist. However you want to slice it, his voter base is very specific and vociferous extremists.
  10. I think labour have done a wonderful job of carrying out ritualistic seppaku, they are trying so hard to lose a constituency to that anarcho communist Galloway, which would be hilarious if it wasn't tragic.
  11. How many more bodies will Russia like to throw at this lol @ 18:09 is where it starts with Russia's geopolitical ambitions but it is safe to say that Russia doesn't have the military capacity for any war. to just take and hold Eastern Ukraine cost them more than they can afford. Russia has tried some escalation in Syria near the Golan Heights but let's be honest that will be a bloodbath, further US military outposts are not that far away either so I can't see Russia being that stupid.
  12. That's why I say either back convictions and give a penalty or you don't, by then reducing it to irrelevance it makes the process look like a giant Flim flam
  13. Lobbying is prominent in more countries than just America but the outcome is not favourable regardless.
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