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  1. The Glazers are like Mike Ashley and their cronies running the show are clueless
  2. A professional performance against Burnley, was a little concerned about the win against City creating a sense of overconfidence or complacency however we were very thorough. Elliot Anderson is maturing into a good player, was certainly his best performance yet and hop plenty more to come. Sean Longstaff also seems to bring out the best of Trippier and Bruno, possibly our most underrated player. The only downside is a few knocks and niggles, Harvey Barnes is out until January, Joelinton went off with a tight hamstring, Wilson also has a hamstring niggle and Botman has that knee niggle which is being managed. This last season would have strained our squad depth, this season we have sufficient depth of quality to be able to sustain it. Hopefully bar Barnes they are short term knocks.
  3. bad decisions are part of the game, and it happens to everyone.
  4. Gritty results against brentford and milan but today we were on top form.
  5. Gordon came on for Barnes who went off injured on 12 minutes. Since then he has terrorised Sheffield, they are scared of him.
  6. they should play all home games for the rest of the season behind closed doors.
  7. Should have had a Penalty and the keeper made a good save off Wilson. They also should have had a red card for Robinson's late tackle on Longstaff
  8. we need to organise a group borderlands 2 run. no duplicate characters.
  9. to be fair it took a few years for BL2 as well, it had some major early issues but gearbox tend to listen to their customers while Bethesda don't care as long as you pay. I haven't bought a early release since battlefield 4 which also started buggy then dominated online shooters for 4 years.
  10. Borderlands 3, it's pretty well polished now, lots of exploits patched and OP guns nerfed while trash guns were balanced better to make progression feel better. gearbox have shown why sticking to a game for a longer time can turn a buggy flusttercluck into a shiny new meat bicycle.
  11. Dave Filoni is ruin Johnson with a cowboy hat. so the space whales go to said planet all the time, why? who knows, they just want you to know its common. So then why did they chase the magical macguffin when you could just have done your best Jonah and the whale rendition and saves 3 episodes of filler. why does thrawn look like Elon? why do bad guys leave bread crumb trails to themselves? why did thrawn the wise let Sabine go? why does Baylan and his motives not seem important enough? What did baylan want to come to peridea? something he could have disclosed earlier to build urgency people are to willing to placate themselves with mediocre and it leads to Disney not being motivated to do better. Ashoka has been right up there with Solo as the the worst yet.
  12. I got the ASUS TUF with a 6800H and GTX3060, it's a huge upgrade from my 3550U with Vega 7, fallout 4 runs 1080P now from 720P at solid frames and I bought the bundle off steam for BL3 with a lot of perks and DLCs it was different playing Borderlands in its natural state of explosiooooooons. I upgraded the RAM from 16GB to 32GB and got a 1TB SSD. I did some benches with the MUX switch, it is actually better to let the system control when the iGPU is used and when the dGPU is used. in benches having the iGPU take over boosts the CPU power leading to higher scores, obviously in gaming the iGPU turns off.
  13. Got a new gaming laptop so I can better play AAA, I will likely go back to tried nd trusted titles like battlefielf 1. I will probably go with borderlands 3 fully loaded as it seems to have aged well with more players than ever.
  14. in western society the presumption of innocence stands, allegations are not capable of condemnation and the state bears the onus of proof beyond reasonable doubt. In the case there is no evidence and the person is aquited, there is no crime. The western standard of Audi alteram partem allows the right to fair trial and not mob justice, which is often based on political motives. Russell Brand like many others have rubbed up mainstream media the wrong way. I will wait on the state to bring charges and they will likely have to put these woman in the box which is when things go south. when i graduated I worked one year as a civil court public defender, I have seen innocent people acquired and I have been forced to defend people that are guilty but due to the professional oath I can't incriminate my own client, however if the state has strong evidence it is fun to watch a person plead not guilty only to get hit by hammer blows, then instruct me to put them in the box so they can hang themself. The point being the allegations are only as strong as what the state can prove and while it sounds bad, it is very hard to prove a case where the only parties are the plaintiff and accused. it seems like you have an issue understanding due process, I just hope one day a woman doesn't accuse you of rape and the world shows the same malevolence towards you if you are possibly innocent and you get the right to defend it without condemnation. let's just wait until at least charges are made.
  15. 1) Russell Brand picked up underhanded tactics by MSNBC and less so Fox, but because they then tried to cancel his on air interview while discussing why MSNBC never disclose the sources of their information or guests, they then ejected him from the studio. MSNBC run hit pieces all day that run from Brett kavanagh, to Joe Rogan, to Trump and now Brand there are probably a lot more who are not politically aligned. the timing of this is odd 2) they fabricated the Brett kavanagh stories into a hit piece and the same with stormy Daniels 3) they are allegations of rape, they are not even official charges. Rape is not tolerated in western society, however that can only be determined at the end of a trial. We saw with Mendys case that woman can lie about the nature of it. Given brands history it is possible, but possible is not the burden of proof, it's beyond reasonable doubt. 4) I don't align with Brand at all, he is progressive and I am closer to libertarian
  16. I think it shows how good teams like Inter Milan are, and maybe we are still well short of this level. To many expected to go to the San Siro and keep the ball all day, the reality is that Milan have far more players experienced at this level. The defensive effort was good though.
  17. Great effort and Longstaff close to a smash and grab.
  18. he has done a response and like I posted above, it's smells like a stitch up when someone flies to close to the sun. he is very candid about his lifestyle in those years and has been explicit about it in his book where he writes candidly about his struggles with sex, drugs and alcohol. I am waiting for more substance outside two woman alleging to be raped with absolutely fuck all else which just screams Brett Kavanagh all over again. The timing is also beautiful, Brand like other independent media is giving fair shake to political discourse and the mainstream don't want that. They want to control the election narrative again.
  19. Pole Position - Which driver will post the fastest lap in Q3? Verstappen Podium - Which drivers will finish the Grand Prix in the top three positions? 1. Verstappen 2. Sainz 3. Norris Random Driver - Predict the finishing position of this week's random driver, George Russell. 5th Bonus Question - At his home race, how far through qualifying will Yuki Tsunoda progress (Q1, Q2 or Q3)?. Q2
  20. I agree that some content has gotten a little out of hand however a large part of his content is very good. he often comments on articles written by liberal writers who are not hyper partisan and goes through the background checks thoroughly. Brand has established that mainstream media is funded by the exact same corporate entities and the people they bring on have ties to Munitions, Big Pharma without disclosing it, often these these people act in dual capacity in the corporates and government leading to what America is, a technocracy controlled by the will of corporate handlers who have plants inside government ensuring they are unregulated . I have seen the witch hunt on him where he is now branded "right wing", anyone with a lick of sense will know Brand like Carlson are not right wing, Carlson is a long time Libertarian and Brand is a hardcore Bernie boy and very opposed to all Conservatives bar maybe Ramaswamy. I will wait on substantial evidence before passing moral condemnation. I watch his videos but normally only post the more informative pieces where the legwork was established by proper journalists. One doesn't have to believe it, however it's more thought provocative than the shill crap posted here from MSNBC one major media house that Brand exposed and whom have a vested interest in trying to deplatform him as he is a counter to their DNC shilling.
  21. this week was pretty shit not going to sugarcoat it
  22. I believe the media a lot less than "victims", but yes in a western constitutional society the presumption of innocence stands until proven guilty.
  23. I believe the Rule of Law and that is determined in a Court of Law.
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