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  1. I've written about him in a different thread. He might take longer than Diaz to make an impact. He started very shy for us and will likely start shy for Liverpool, part of his personality too. Doesn't need many chances to score but his overall play is inferior to any other of Liverpool's current forwards. Very passionate for the game and leaves everything on the pitch every time.
  2. I feel like Liverpool would have lost no matter the tactics. This is some sort of mental gap. No team would beat Real Madrid today.
  3. I'm balls deep in it and personally fanboying over Camille Vasquez. That's someone I wouldn't mind being balls deep in as well.
  4. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/kurt-cobain-fender-mustang-guitar-smells-like-teen-spirit-auction-1351028/
  5. Yes. How can I say no to gaining about a third of a lifetime?
  6. Pretty sure Griezmann did some sort of documentary about his decision to stay at Atletico for another year before the eventual Barcelona move.
  7. 439 points from the public vote, out of 468 possible. Not even close in the end UK the "real winners" I suppose.
  8. Live odds are still 1.08 for Ukraine to win after jury points.
  9. U2 played a show in Kiev's subway. Like they don't have it bad enough already.
  10. It's the Benzema and Modric show all over again. Won't be surprised if they go for the draw here and will probably win this at home.
  11. When City missed those 2 big chances, I told my mate "we already know where this is going don't we?" Ahahah. Fucking Real Madrid.
  12. In normal circumstances Man City are much better but Real Madrid's comfort zone is being at a disadvantage. This isn't over. One goal will have Man City shaking. This said, I still think City will go through. They should want it more this time around. Real aren't looking to save the season with this competition either as they already won the league.
  13. There isn't a Perth psychedelic scene according to KV here, but I like to think there is. https://theculturetrip.com/pacific/australia/articles/psychedelic-perth-music-in-australias-isolated-city/
  14. These guys are incredible. New album is so diverse it fills all my music needs for a week.
  15. Yes. I'm pretty much a Beatles fan boy but I'm not sure they have an album as good as Pet Sounds.
  16. This title race is lining up for another "Aguerooooo" last minute goal for the title type of moment, except it will be Jotaaaaaa or Salaaaaah
  17. Benzema and Luka Modric are hard to stop for sure. Never count Real out if they are on the pitch. Could be cringe but I feel lucky to watch them play.
  18. Usually the case but this season we are so shit at controlling a game that they end up being more to end than they 'should' be. It is hard to explain how we got in the quarter finals here.
  19. Even Pep who should be well in familiarity with their style couldn't make his players score more than once over two legs. I don't want to see them win most times but it is interesting how they can keep any side in check barring the rare misstep.
  20. Oh noes, please do not take him. He's sooo good.
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