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  1. Decent chances we see France vs Argentina in the last 16. Good for everyone else.
  2. Bookies have counted out Saudi Arabia here but I think this is a 60/40 game for them.
  3. That penalty is harsh. Yea it's not in line with the body but the guy is falling and can't really help it. The protester is a legend btw. Iran-ukraine-lgbt hat-trick.
  4. Weren't you saying Mbappe was overrated earlier? Most edgy Aussie goes to you.
  5. Woah, @Devil-Dick Willie was right about the striker thing. Most knowledgeable Australian fan. Technically this game was a joy to watch. Pretty much everyone on the pitch does in 2 touches what most do in 3 or 4. Makes all the difference.
  6. Unfortunately he is off to England probably after that goal.
  7. That sucks. No more Benfica players scoring goals please. Don't need no attention.
  8. The reflexes required to make that second save are crazy.
  9. Whose expectation, that is the question. England fans generally too pessimistic. At worst you are 5th favourite after Brazil, Argentina, Spain and France. You do have a good enough squad to win it ffs. Look at France's or Argentina's line up and tell me where's the quality gap. If anything England have better options coming off the bench.
  10. Imagine being a starter for a Guardiola side full of world class players and having him say you're a generational talent, only to sit on the bench for 90 minutes for England. Did he mean you should as in you should be expected to, because that's close enough to the truth for me to not call that fan delusional. Both Portugal and England have something in common which is on paper I think they have the two most talented squads in Europe but both have managers holding them back. Germany not in the conversation and France have lost a lot since 2018, particularly in the midfield. England have a few advantages over us like not having a 37 y/o player in a crutial attacking position holding them back, and having a younger squad who should have more hunger as they have won less titles in general and many of them have played together for England for more than one tournament. From all the european sides, I definitely think England should be the ones going to the final against Brazil/Argentina.
  11. USA better than expected here. They'll be kicking themselves for only getting a point from Wales.
  12. I've never had a bad word for Guerreiro. He's so solid. Danilo and Dias didn't seem to work as a partnership, but I don't have a specific complaint about either. Cancelo is a pure playmaker, I just don't expect much from him defensively. Probably played his whole career in the wrong position. They all just seemed a bit lost. Possibly outpaced and/or surprised by Ghana's tenacity in the attack. Could be a tactical issue too. All I know is they didn't click at all.
  13. That went just about as expected. We're shit defensively and have been for around two years now, despite the annoying conservative approach. Santos doesn't even have that going for him these days. Himself and Ronaldo need to go for something to change. This is more of the same. We do well on the counter mostly because we have the players for that in Leão and Félix. Everything else makes my eyes hurt. Neves need the bench. Has a shot in him but lacking in every other department. Not a real DM either. Cancelo is a brilliant player but doesn't seem to give a fuck. Both himself and Bernardo seems frustrated at times. Imagine going from Pep Guardiola to this. We're not going anywhere in this tournament. No chance.
  14. Puskas award right there. Can Brazil and England meet in the final or is it sooner?
  15. Players crying out there. Love those celebrations. I don't think Germany beat Spain. They're basically out.
  16. What is it with Japan wearing blue with no blue in their flag?
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