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  1. Anyone watching can tell us what happened? Its their best line up as well. Very weird.
  2. Machado

    The Next Bond?

    A better question is who is going to make the next Bond theme?
  3. I agree there should be an alternative to penalty kicks. No idea what but they should pay some qualified folks to sit in an office 9 to 5 to think about it.
  4. Made me burst into laughter that. Best part is they advertise the video as "Insulate Britain fail".
  5. Machado

    The Next Bond?

    Michael Fassbender anyone? Probably too old but he would have been great, I'm sure.
  6. I can't be the only one who occasionally goes on Daily Mail just to laugh at the comments in their articles. 90% of the people there must be trolls.
  7. 6 out of 10 field players here for United are on a yellow. This is not ending well.
  8. Their attack is as bad. Desperate long balls and crosses, shooting from any angle and distance, caught offside way too many times, it's a disaster.
  9. Arteta Imagine having to watch two years of shit football and then when you finally get rid of the man responsible for such pain, you have to hear him play victim and witness all this senseless coverage and a flood of sympathy for nothing more than every other manager goes through.
  10. At this point you have to think Man United's games are scripted. Typical Ole game, with Ronaldo even scoring the winning goal in a CL match.
  11. Annoying to hold the score for 70 minutes only to lose 0-4. That's Bayern for you though.
  12. Myself and @DeadLinesman did this. You're welcome.
  13. Leicester playing this poorly in a do or die game.
  14. I mean look at her. If I was a married rich footballer, I wouldn't let any beautiful women gravitate towards me. I'm only flesh and blood over here.
  15. Machado

    Music for the Road

    Feel like you could pick any occasion or circumstance and Bowie always does the trick.
  16. Machado

    Music for the Road

    Have several playlists for driving. If I'm by myself, there's no one around and I feel like speeding a bit, I either put on some bad ass sounding rock or hip hop with a hard beat. For long trips and every day driving it's the same. Usually put on something chilled back. It helps me to not get angry at some of the bad drivers out there. This one is the first on my playlist.
  17. They should get Chiesa. He's still a Fiorentina player. Big name player, actually a good footballer and seems to be a fan favourite all over the world.
  18. Italy could lose for the first time at home in this century.
  19. Just finished watching this. Modern day El Clasico but better. Wow. Salah will go down as one of the greatests in the league.
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