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  1. That's my 10£ gone for the week. Quite the upset considering Bracknell's home record.
  2. Bracknell over 1.5 team total Hartlepool vs Solihull under 3.5 match goals
  3. Expected result in Madrid to be honest. Atletico look much more of a team right now. Not convinced with Real Madrid's attacking options. I agree @Carnivore Chris this Barcelona side seem to have a lot of character, that also comes with experienced players who are used to winning like Gundogan, Cancelo, Lewandoski Wins like this one are only going to improve that too.
  4. Bayern Munich over 1.5 team total Sporting Lisbon to score a goal
  5. It was both teams to not lose by 2 or more. Augsburg lost by 3 so it's an L yes.
  6. Enzo Fernandez walking off the pitch slowly when being subbed against a team that will likely get relegated when Chelsea are drawing 0-0 was probably a new low for Chelsea since the new money came in ~20 years ago.
  7. I've been reading this was the best RB performance in a Barcelona shirt since Alves and what a goal he scored. Absolute baller. No wonder that despite the rumoured attitude problems, the clubs at the very top are still looking for him. Man City - Bayern - Barcelona is a move not many could afford.
  8. Turns out Lens are actually shit too. Thought it was the tough early calendar but it seems like they've just regressed from last season.
  9. Leipzig 0,81 xG - 3 goals Augsburg 2,71 xG - 0 goals
  10. Man City's bench shy in quality in comparison with recent seasons. I think Liverpool have the best squad in the league and today's game is a testament to that. Man City do have a few players out in fairness but so do Liverpool and offensive options from the bench are what changes games so I think Liverpool have the edge.
  11. I was going to use that Lens bet, seems like the banker of the week. I'll go with two underdogs I like. Leipzig saw Dani Olmo and Orban come back from international duty injuried and they will be out of the game. Augsburg like to score a goal and Leipzig have been overperforming their xG by a good margin so I expect them to slow down here. Porto have been struggling to get points at all in the league, often scrapping a win or a draw in 'til we score' minutes. In their 4 league games, they have scored 4 times in added time. I don't expect this game to be the one where they finally win comfortably. Amadora will be a tough place to go. Newly promoted, good energy around the club, small and packed stadium, fans will be up for it.
  12. Are we skipping the weekend fixtures or is this a two match day week?
  13. Machado


    Tennis is a bit in the mud isn't it? The GOAT debate is settled I suppose. No competition other than Alcaraz but nevermind that. The GOAT of doing the split, the GOAT of the victim complex, and the GOAT of the inability to get neutral crowds on his side. Ah, and the GOAT of every statistic in tennis you can think of, but that one doesn't build a legacy. No thanks.
  14. I actually think Slovenia win here but let's go with the safer option of them scoring a goal. Sold out stadium in front of an inferior squad with 3 losses in 4 games so no real motivation for NI here I assume. Second selection is today. I read Bristol Rovers will be using a good lineup as weekend game cancelled. Only one player missing and he's a rotation player. Cheltenham have 5 players out for international games. Bristol manager under pressure from fans.
  15. @Carnivore Chris what do you think about Barcelona's squad right now? I think It's the best in years, but if they have a team is yet to be seen. A lot of talent for Xavi to work with that's for sure.
  16. Best manager in the world at beating worse teams in qualifiers. If he manages Belgium next, they might break some records.
  17. No TV coverage here sadly but I did enjoy seeing the "world champs" humbled by the Lithuanians.
  18. Arsenal did well in getting this far in the title race. The far less experienced squad out of the two, and most importantly, with much less depth.
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