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  1. I have to say Ronaldo as well. I think we make the semis which could be enough. I'm more interested in the player with more goals+assists, which will probably be between Havertz, Fernandes, Bellingham and Mbappe.
  2. A few other sides can field a line up arguably just as good as ours but I think we have the best squad all around as we have no weak position and our bench is premium.
  3. Spain the only side that was truly tested as they faced a supposedly strong side, and they sure passed the test. Spain faithful to themselves. Beautiful pressing and passing with intent, never for the sake of it.
  4. Best game of the tournament so far for me. Sesko is some player. Looks like many English clubs are looking to sign him this summer. Excited to see more of him.
  5. Serbia probably deserving of a draw in the end. Serbia the tallest and possibly strongest squad in the competition. Some credit has to be given to Stones and Guehi for conceding only 0.17xG. I still expect England to win some game in this group by 6 goals. They'll click eventually. Bellingham very good in the first half. He will be confident for the tournament which is important for the team.
  6. I've got these for now. Croatia to finish top 2 in their group @2.00 France to reach the final @2.85 Slovakia to not qualify from their group @1.80
  7. Under 3.5 match goals in both fixtures.
  8. Finally back to winning. New manager bounce for Villarreal and thank you Lyon for being so shit at scoring goals.
  9. Villarreal or draw Under 3.5 match goals
  10. Sporting Lisbon or Draw Over 1.5 match goals
  11. Yea seems like a bait to be fair, I'm just hoping they don't concede two goals either way.
  12. Boavista to score a goal: Boavista looking decent so far, 5th best side in the country probably, have scored in every game so far except against top of the table Sporting Lisbon. Rio Ave are relegation material this season and don't know how to win a game currently. Experts at conceding goals too. I think away 'draw no bet' looks good as a single too. Cartagena under 1.5 team total: Top vs bottom. Leganes have kept clean sheets against way stronger teams so far. I don't see how they concede two in a game that should be a low scoring affair anyway.
  13. I haven't watched him much this season but I thought he was top 3 best players in both La Liga and the WC last season and the stats back it up. La Liga: 15 goals, 16 assists which is most G+A in the league. Most chances created. WC: Most assists, most chances created. MOTM in the Semi final. Included in all 4 teams of the week. No trophies won though which matters the most and the only possible reason Alvarez would be 7th.
  14. Mbappe is the best player in the world but trophies won matter a lot for this award. Griezmann #21 is silly as he should be top 5. These people don't watch football. My top 5 would be Mbappe, Messi, De Bruyne, Griezmann, Vinicius.
  15. Over 1.5 match goals Under 3.5 match goals
  16. @Dan I can take the loss mate, it's fine. I thought I could take this week's picks early even though you had not updated the table yet. I knew what I was doing and I lost the bet so it's only fair it's counted as a loss.
  17. It's monday so I'll get mine in for the week Russia to win Venezuela vs Chile - Over 1.5 match goals
  18. Here is a longer version. The guy thinks Israel have the right to do their own Dresden in Gaza and its no one's business if they do. Only the death toll won't be 25k, it will be much higher. There's two million people there in a small area and half are under 18.
  19. They left some of the best players out, even had a 15 year old starting. Threw the match. Club is in shambles anyway. Playing in the 3rd tier for the first time in their history and struggling. Played UEFA competitions eariler this century. Second one was stat based. Neither of those teams really see more than 3 goals in their games. 0 in their last 13 combined.
  20. Skipping the international football and going with this double on the Turkish cup. Bet 1 loses only if away side loses the match by more than two goals. Bet 2 is under 3.5 match goals.
  21. Egypt - Smouha or draw Conference - Fener win
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