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  1. Watched The Vast of Night couple of days ago. Highly recommended. Simple but one of best sci fi films to come out in the recent past. Also watch The Report. Engrossing film on the senseless torture conducted by CIA post 9/11.
  2. It's worse here with the mask. While no one is complaining about them, very few are actually wearing it properly. Meanwhile, we are getting more and more cases as we open up. And despite the government's best efforts, the people have stopped caring. I have lost count of the times I have had to tell someone to maintain distance, only to be laughed at or scoffed at. At least our death rate is low at 2.6%. While we have hit a million, more than half a million of those have recovered. Heard @Mel81x city has gone back to lockdown, along with his home state. Hope you are doing well there.
  3. Every 1 in 3 Pakistani pilots holds a fake license. More 262 pilots did not even take the exams or paid someone else to take their exams, and yet got the licenses. Now several countries are sacking or refusing to hire them.Scary shit this. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/06/25/business/pakistan-fake-pilot-intl-hnk/index.html https://gulfnews.com/amp/travel/fake-pilots-32-european-countries-advised-not-to-use-pakistani-pilots-after-dubious-licences-reports-1.72476360
  4. It's one thing for ordinary people to commit such hideous things(which happens everywhere), but something else for journalists to do it while their media companies being proud of it. This is a journalist breaking a temple that was under construction in Pakistan. Now a fatwa has been issued against the temple. And there were people opposing the CAA law which helps minorities escaping religious persecution in Pakistan.
  5. Banning of Tik Tok was more of a reaction to the border tensions we are having with China. There were 59 Chinese apps that were banned in total. However, the reason that was given was security. We have also extensively cancelled massive infrastructure contracts with China. Already Indian alternatives to Tik Tok like Chingari are gaining popularity. We can laugh at the cringe videos of Tik Tok, but it really gave a voice to the poor people from the villages who weren't as well informed as city folks to use Instagram or Twitter.
  6. @Rush. I sometimes go to YouTube to look at that scene where Niki Lauda impresses his wife by racing that fan's car. Rush is a class movie. @Eco you should check out Senna's documentary. It's made by the guys who worked on the Rush movie. @topic Watched To All the Boys that I've Loved before and it's sequel To all the boys I still love you. I don't get the high ratings. While the first movie is somewhat entertaining with the concept of letters, the second one was strictly alright. Also watched Support your local Sheriff which is a hilarious Western.
  7. Watched In the Line of Fire. A good action thriller with Eastwood and Malkovich. Also finally watched Lars and the Real Girl. Absolutely my kind of movie. Quirky in bits and has the right kind of humor and seriousness. Loved it.
  8. And 3-4 KMs long queues. @topic Cases are increasing here after the partial opening. My floor has been sealed for 14 days after one of my neighbours caught it. No one on my floor is being allowed to step out of the house, apart from throwing their garbage which the authorities come to collect. Funnily on the first day of this floor lock down I gave a 15 minute long lecture to my mum and wife to use the food carefully and ration as much as they could. I get up next day to find them cooking three different types of vegetables.
  9. Continuing with South Korean movies, and watched The Age of Shadows. An engrossing thriller that could have easily been half an hour shorter. Enjoyed it.
  10. Watched Indian Web series Paatal Lok. And it's almost as good as Sacred Games. Even if it seems heavily laden with leftist propaganda, as a story it's engrossing. And it's also helped by a terrific cast.
  11. Yep, it's available on YouTube for free. Hope you like it. It's a slow burner. @topic Watched South Korean movie The Spy Gone North and my respect for South Korean film industry keeps increasing. This is one of the finest spy movies out there. It's not an action movie, but similar to Le Carre's stories. It's a engrossing and thrilling, and the fact that it's based on a true story makes it even more fascinating.
  12. As someone who frequents Efukt for laughs, I am really proud to see the legend John Barnes share the same taste.
  13. Him and Tim Pool. Only for American News.
  14. But then that would have made it a cheap copy of Halloween. The sequels are terrible. Agree on the original. Good mixture of creepiness and jumpscares.
  15. Watched Hush. A smart, well made situational thriller with not much a story but really good gripping scenes. A lead (Katie Siegel) who you cheer for and a villain (John Gallagher Jr) who puts a good creepy act.
  16. As if things weren't bad enough with Covid in my city and state, we are about to be hit by a cyclone later tonight. The first cyclone to hit Mumbai in over 129 years. Thankfully it's only category one. The cool weather is a nice respite from the heat. As for Corona, it just seems like people have stopped caring. No one is bothered about the rules, and only few are following social distancing norms. Numbers continue to rise in few cities at an alarming rate.
  17. Watched Bombshell and loved it. Good performances all-around, especially John Lithgow and Charlize Theron. Megyn Kelly comes out looking good from this movie.
  18. Laughed and felt sorry for the family at the same time reading this story.
  19. Welcome to the Villeneuve fanclub. @topic Watched Slow West. A Western with Michael Fassebender, who gets to play the cool cowboy. It's sort of a slow burner and visually stunning, where things slowly build up to the dramatic and unexpected ending. I enjoyed it. The resident Western fans @nudge and @CaaC (John) might wanna check this out. Also watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Has aged a bit, but quite a lot of the jokes and sequences were outright hilarious.
  20. Waqar Younis caught liking porn on Twitter.
  21. Sorry to hear about your loss @El ProfesorProfesor @topic My city, Mumbai, is expected to match New York's numbers in the coming days. Meanwhile the Chief Minister of the state is busy with publicity to make himself look good, rather than doing any fucking good. So while, most of the country might open on 1st June, I think my city is looking at worse days.
  22. Happy birthday @CaaC (John)
  23. Watched the first two seasons of it as a kid. Even had a crush on Mischa Barton. The first season was good.
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