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  1. Only nine million people walk and more people surf than play aussie rules.
  2. Danger game, England either win 7-0 or lose 1-0
  3. Ultimately it always is a subjective interpretation of the rules.
  4. It’s fucking embarrassing he celebrated like he scored it, because he thought he could get away with it. Now he has to explain to Fernandes why he stole the glory.
  5. It’s not about the impact of the ball on the skull. It’s about the whiplash. A helmet will only make a person head the ball harder causing more whiplash when they do.
  6. I suppose when you watch Cristiano Ronaldo for a lifetime you’d get used to one player taking ten shots over the net for every goal.
  7. Well it doesn’t take a gronk to realise the application of the ‘false nine’ or whatever arbitrary wankery managers and football redditors like to use is a stupid idea because it worked exactly one time when it was the greatest player of all time, playing with some of the greatest wide forwards of that generation. I get the idea of Havertz playing as a flase nine with Gnabry and Sane as his wide forwards but those two are idiots and by two I mean Sane’s IQ is barely above celsius room tempersture.
  8. Saying water is wet doesn’t make him the most knowledgeable Aussie ffs what does that make @Toinho and I? Remedial freaks with delerium tremens?
  9. Thrilled to lose at the world cup a tournament people dream their entire lives of.
  10. The plus of having your players returned absolutely disheartened and incredibly low on motivation.
  11. That isn’t unpopular at all
  12. I think Spain has a better squad than people realise and Germany a much worse. I also rate Luis Enrique higher than Hansi Flick. But in saying all that I do think it will be a close affair.
  13. Why do think Mexico can? They’ve been one of the most pessimistic teams at the tournament, they haven’t played to win at all
  14. I’d agree. He isn’t anything really, good at everything, great at nothing. But if Chelsea are looking at Rice to fufill a need in the team, they won’t even touch Fernandez, given the two aren’t really comparable. But then again, I’m the sort that thinks ideas of ‘defensive midfielder’ and pidgeonholing positions is an antiquated habit of football fans.
  15. I’d say those two player fulfil different roles in their teams.
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