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  1. Spike

    Off Topic

    I find the term 'digital nomad' to be quite amusing and quite a good summisation of how people can work from anywhere with an internet connection.
  2. Or maybe the other team is better? The other 10 players didn't play as well? Individual mistakes? Acts of brilliance by opposition? Poor team instructions? A lucky deflection? An unlucky deflection? Poor refeereeing? You know very well that is a reductive argument and without context relies on conjecture and is a simple answer to a complex question. What if during all those games the grass was slightly wetter than usual? With that evidence you could make the same argument you've made, a statement backed by a single fact that ignores other factors. I believe this logic is called a faulty generalisation or some sort of fallacy because you've found a pattern in a sample and extrapolated a conclusion from that pattern. 'If Chelsea lose when Kante is playing, is it because of Kante.' The statement in a vacuum might be true but it doesn't necessarily mean it is a correct method of reaching that conclusion, there is more nuance to this sport than that.. You are smarter than that argument, you are only using it because it suits your narrative. Now if you were able to show me that every single loss was due to an individual mistake from Kante, I'd rescind my statement.
  3. Come on mate, you know very well there is more to it than that simple cause-effect.
  4. I think there is more nuance than that. Sarri won the Europa League.
  5. Could be a case of the team being told to half-arse the game in preperation for a more difficult match against Man Utd.
  6. My only criticism of Jorginho is that he can't create space and when there isnt' any passing lanes he just recycles possession leaving him vulnerable to pressing; especially since he offers himself as an option for every pass. But if a player has room to move on the counter-attack, or a defender has pressed high; that creates huge room for passing through veritcal spaces and that is when he shines, though it still requires a player to make a run into space or another to force a dummy run. The guy has an unreal passing range and will put the ball down with supreme accuracy.
  7. I don't buy the idea that Kante is awkward in Lampard's system. I just think his legs are starting to go with age and injuries. All players have to adapt to change, Roy Keane changed when his legs went out from under him, hopefully Kante can do the same. He has played a lot of games in the last few years, including international tournaments; I think burnout isn't unreasonable. Maybe more careful managing with his fitness will lead to consistent results. I remember Rio Ferdinand had this issue under David Moyes. During the twilight years Fergie would only play Ferdinand when necessary but Moyes started him every match till injuries stopped that.
  8. Well I don't think he is shit and I didn't say so but he is a lot older now and has been injured a lot. I don't expect a player that relies on huge amounts of athleticism to last forever. Players can disappear quickly, you know this. You saw it happen with Miachel Owen and Fernando Torres. I wouldn't sell him but I'm not expecting him to forever be that player he was.
  9. Is it just Jorginho or the entire team that is playing in molasses? Most players are useless when not on their game, mate...because they are not on their game!
  10. Kante does not play in the same position. Kante plays further forwards in place of either (today's players) Kovacic or Loftus-Cheek.
  11. It is about time Alonso actually crossed the ball into the air towards the two-metre tall striker, isntead of playing it across the ground. For fucks sake lad.
  12. Jorginho isn't typically rated at all, and Kante doesn't play instead of Jorginho.
  13. Nah, it hasn't been that bad at all, just City and Liverpool are head and shoulders above the pack. A team can't always win, and there has been darker days before. I don't like all the doom and gloom around a lot of Chelsea fans, it is just never good enough for a lot of 'em. The club could bounce a treble next season and you'd still read essays on why Jorginho and Alonso are the devil and beezlebub.
  14. Alternatively, Norwhich will win 1-0 and Chelsea will somehow beat Man Utd 6-0. They like to keep us on our toes like that
  15. Spike

    Other News & General Chat

    @Macbook Pro Cunt! what is the fallout of that French bus driver's murder?
  16. https://news.sky.com/story/at-least-30-dead-as-gunmen-dressed-as-doctors-attack-kabul-hospital-10794414 https://www.reuters.com/article/us-afghanistan-blast-idUSKBN16F0GP A NEW LOW
  17. Well, it's not like there has really been a great pairing for CB. Looking forward to Kovacic and Jorginho though, those two are dynamite together.
  18. Spike

    Racism in football

    Do ye boys reckon a bit of the racism is born of jealousy? A small % of Britain is black (less than 5%) but a huge % of British footballers are black (or have that heritage), maybe the knuckle-dragging boys think their is a bit of favouritism towards black footballers making them all wound up and bitter? Even despite all the racial issues, Black British people seem to have a lot of hugely successful people, definitely doing a damn good job over-representing themselves in terms of population numbers, especially in athletics.
  19. Spike

    Racism in football

    I don't get it.