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  1. 'Get up you fucken soft cunt' I imagine was the reaction to the tackle
  2. Spike

    Off Topic

    Back on the job hunt. See how quickly I get slapped down this time
  3. Spike

    Metal and Rock

    Slash is English-American but mainly the latter
  4. Except of course when he revitalised an ageing and mediocre Barcelona squad, revolutionised how the team played, promoted a bunch of academy players, and won an unprecedented sextuplet.
  5. On one hand I like Storts and seeing him lose his club's idol is heartbreaking, but on the other hand I like Storts and seeing him lose his club's idol is hilarious
  6. Not really. In Spain the numbers 1-25 have to be used and cannot be retired, so no matter what a player would have to wear that number.
  7. Spike

    Off Topic

    Just saw an interview with Christian Vieri in English and he simultaneously sounds like an Italian trying to do an Australian accent and an Australian trying to do an Italian accent. He sounds very strange.
  8. Or no sponsor at all. Fuck shirt sponsors, hideous things that I can’t believe people look back fondly on
  9. I always thought it was weird how despised he is. Strange how Dani 'Casillas' wife can suck my dick' Ceballos is more popular.
  10. It is rare in the UK because green is associated with goalkeepers.
  11. @Tommy @Coma @Eco @Dr. Gonzo @Mel81x @Batard According to this it looks like Viacenza and Sassulo are exempt because it only applies if green is the dominant colour, like Lazio's away kit. Sassuolo wear black shorts and socks so it wouldn't matter to them. The article in OP is sensationalist. https://www.calcioefinanza.it/2021/07/15/serie-dal-2022-23-vietate-le-divise-di-colore-verde/
  12. Imagine thinking cameras and TVs in 2021 can't display an arrange of greens. It's not fucking 1985 anymore.
  13. This would be considered racist and not diverse enough by some media outlets.
  14. Just watched some old shoot outs and the approach was very different. Everyone either picked a corner or just blasted it as hard as they could, no tricky stutter steps, skips, or soft rolls in the net.
  15. Well I do because I'd rather have someone turn a new leaf or appreciate a new view instead of telling them to fuck off. It doesn't have to be a fight, sometimes it does but there is no point alienating someone and having them associate your ideals with your aggressive behaviour. I came from a small and rural town and I had some of the more conservative ideals due to my locale in life and if it wasn't for meeting new people and listening to how they think I'd probably be the same, and I definitely wouldn't have changed my mind if I was called 'scum'.
  16. That sort of attitude doesn't help, just has people dig their heels in.
  17. Bending the knee is contextual, USA and Ingerlund? Yeah I get it. But for a country like Serbia or Albania it doesn't make sense because they can't even go a week without being at eachother's throat and they are practically cut from the same cloth, how can you expect understanding and empathy when they are tearing themselves apart? It's lost all it's lustre anyway, it is such a meek gesture now. It meant a lot when the Americans were doing it during the anthem to protest injustices, now it is a routine handshake. It gets to the point where one must figure out their own method of protest, can't just import American cultural values and ideals and plug them in for the same effect. This is an image I think of as defiance and protest and it's a good one as well, give NRL it's awful human beings but AFL has a weird history with racism.
  18. well they are black, aren't they? 7news coming in hard on the facts. Cue the Quiet Australian brigade getting angry over this 'censorship of facts and free speech' despite never watching 'bloody w'ogball' in their lives and how much they hate Aboriginals on doll
  19. The Peruvian captain said the Argentine dressing room was disturbing noisy before the game, like the players couldn’t keep still... the implication being they were on amphetamines, or at least that is the anecdote I’ve heard from the grapevine
  20. If it wasn’t fixed the neither was 78 in Argentina. No one cares.
  21. Here is an idea, fucking controversial one as well; how about don't abuse people regardless of racist or not? Fucken 'ell
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