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  1. BREAKING NEWS Israel is entering a peace agreement with Palestine, they will pay reparations for every Palestinian harmed, killed, and displaced, but Hamas have to renounce Islam and pledge that they will be secular state with official state atheism, in agreement to this Palestine will be retuned the west bank and be given the full support of the NATO nations to be a sovereign state in alliance with the Israeli state.
  2. Wokeism is a black American cultural movement and ideal that requires its people to be aware of the implicit biases of the American system against them, it has nothing to do with China. So you just skimmed over the parts where I criticised China, I also don’t recall praising China. In fact I’ve had at lengthly and quite productive discussions with Gonzo about human rights abuses in China, but you wouldn’t know that, would you. I know you didn’t read the article too, I could have posted a joke link and you wouldn’t notice. And yes Salman is the king. Read that I didn’t say ‘bin Salman’, I said ‘Salman’ who is the father and of bin Salman (the prime minister) and absolute monarch of Saudi Arabia, which is not basically the same as the CCP, which is ironic that you’d accuse me of liking one and not the other when it’s very obvious I’m critical of both, but you are in fact the person that’s critical of one while sucking the dick of the other. Words the orangekrush doesn’t understand but uses libertarian communism socialism fascism dictator authoritarian woke anarcho democracy monarchy @Dr. Gonzo @Rucksackfranzose feel free to add more to the list, we can keep a running tally
  3. Xi Jinping does not have complete control over China, they may be very authoritarian and do some incredibly terrible atrocities (but so does the west with their supposed ‘liberal democracy’) but they aren’t a dictatorship, he is beholden to party politics and try as western media might to portray it that way, Chinese politics does have factionalism and is far from one uncontested behemoth, and yes there are elements of democracy in the decision making of the one party state, it is a theory called ‘whole process democracy’. Once again you have idea what words mean, a dictator would be closer to Salman, the King of Saudi Arabia, the nation you sycophant because they own your football team. https://thediplomat.com/2023/11/the-power-and-limits-of-xi-jinping/
  4. You also forgot to point out how he said it’s be fascist for Germany to ban the fascist party. Hhhmmmmmm… … but maybe that part was so stupid, your mind blanked ….
  5. For me, it’s fascisto-libertarian-anarcho-marxist-Reagonomics.
  6. Spike


    Rented that dvd with my best mate back in the day
  7. read my profile pic and find out what happens when you fuck around being left handed
  8. @Dr. Gonzoyou’re a fucken lefty mate dont come around here saying shite like you hold a pen like a normal person
  9. Not currently but I did once upon a time.
  10. I have an answer for you but I know deep down you know it too.
  11. Why not Australia? At least it works with the Mad Max aesthetic
  12. So a game whose aesthetic and ethos is entirely inspired by 1950s Americana and Cold War redscare is modded to London?
  13. Spike


    The from what I understand the numbers usually suggest that Democrats typically receive a larger number of votes but Republicans win more constituencies, so for Democrats to win it has to be an overwhelming majority to make up for their weakness in lower population density constituencies. Seven of the past eight popular votes were won by the Democrats, but Republicans won three of those elections. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1035521/popular-votes-republican-democratic-parties-since-1828/
  14. Spike


    It’s more than that, Chiefs winning means Kelce wins (Mr Vaccine according to Aaron Rodgers), which means Swift wins, and Swift wants people to vote, and when people vote en masse Republicans lose.
  15. I think that’s exactly the feeling people have when their teams are bought up!
  16. I’d say that doing better isn’t what it’s about, though is it? I remember you often speak fondly about the Kinkladze years, they had a relegation when he played, didn’t they? Girona were even promoted before the Citygroup bought them, clubs should be owned by fans not become chess pieces for a multinational conglomerate funded with blood oil. Man City was founded as a charity to help disenfranchised men on the streets of Manchester, now what is it? A brand? If it was only about success why do fans keep going to clubs all the way down the ladder? Emiliano Zapata said ‘it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees’.
  17. It’s a terrible thing. Just use your imagination, what if the opposite had happened and all City existed for was to hold players for a foreign team
  18. It’s literally primary school behaviour.
  19. Spike

    Tap Water

    https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/aug/05/environmental-impact-of-bottled-water-up-to-3500-times-greater-than-tap-water https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2015/jul/09/bottled-water-shipped-halfway-round--world-madness https://www.iema.net/resources/news/2006/02/22/bottled-water-is-killing-the-planet BTW tap water and mineral water aren't exclusive, the tap water in my hometown is mineral water. It just means the water has various salts and sulphurs.
  20. Spike

    Tap Water

    Europeans have their drinking water held at ransom by Perrier and Pellegrino. They can't get safe water to their people but those companies can ship natural spring water world wide. I guess I was lucky to grow up with water tapped from the world's largest underground reservoir.
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