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  1. If Everton rebranded to Spotify Park you'd be glad because of the sponsor money and then you'd still call it Goodison Park anyway.
  2. So I googled 'Iran memes' and this was the only good one. 𐎤𐎢𐎽𐎢𐏁
  3. @Dr. Gonzo @Aladdin not included
  4. Fucking hell, just because he didn't reach his potential doesn't mean Neymar is shit. Christ almighty you'd think footballers were only GOATs or shite on here.
  5. Lingardinho is the future. Just needs more time
  6. We have around a 5% chance of conception.
  7. Get a load of this guy, he doesn’t wank in bed
  8. I thought ‘hilarious’
  9. If you can find it online, watch his 'Trapped in the Closet' music videos. All of them. You will not regret it.
  10. I think it’s a Newcastle problem not a Dutch problem You know what other nationality struggles in the Premier League? English players.
  11. Spike


    Damn Loch Ness monster
  12. Spike


    How much will those lessons cost at 14 trying to go pro?
  13. She is saying you are a virgin nerd loser.
  14. Spike


    She plays tennis, chances are she always had money.
  15. Spike


    Unlike Douglas, Raducanu is sponsored by every other company and receives more media exposure than few. She could retire tomorrow and still be in the limelight for twenty years
  16. They'd also be upset that he would try to convert Israel.
  17. Spike


    Maybe but Douglas was at the end of his career when he beat Tyson, Raducanu won right off the bat and hasn't done much since.
  18. Spike


    Has any other athlete ever gotten more mileage out of a single win than Raducanu ?
  19. You can be Charlie Sheen (he has AIDS)
  20. Is that Claret and Blue and R Kelly?
  21. Sushi is Japanese, not Chinese.
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