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  1. Where the hell did DAZN come from?
  2. Cue the pedantic 'ThOse arEn'T rivaLs' posts.
  3. Malignant Um...hmm. This is both 10/10 and 0/10. Watch it and see for yourself. I 100% recommend it.
  4. Has to be someone he knows or someone he knows spilled the beans on where he keeps his valuables.
  5. Last night I watched an old WWF PPV from 1998, since it is now broadcasted via Peacock NBC, it is heavily censored. What is the point of having the old WWF just to censor it? I saw Stone Cold get kicked in the nuts and the give a blurred out middle finger.
  6. Same thing with Community. There is an episode where the characters play dungeons and dragons, and one of the character dresses up as a drow elf, which does look similar to blackface, but that was the joke, they play it for laughs but the entire episode is banned instead of having a warning. I don’t remember anyone being cross about the joke especially in the context of roleplaying game,
  7. Spike

    Off Topic

    I was thinking it might be seasonal allergies but not possible because I'm not congested or sneezing. This all in my muscles. It's almost like having half of the flu.
  8. Spike

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    And thirsty! I'm drinking what feels like 4L of water a day
  9. Spike

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    Got sent home from work today. Don't know what the matter is, weak, all my muscles are sore, nausea, something is definitely up.
  10. Also in the USA drive 6 hours in any direction Yep that sure is a cornfield
  11. You should be sorry and appreciate how easy it is for you to travel and see cool shit. I'm giving you an F- on this report. Drive five hours in Australia Yep still in Queensland Drive another five hours Yep it's still Queensland Drive from Brisbane to Cairns Yep sure is 20 hours of Queensland
  12. I refuse to believe that you've lived in Germany your whole 50+ year life and not driven the thirty minutes it takes to get across the country. @Tommy
  13. When I was in high school, kids would fight. It'd get pretty bad, rivalries, bad blood etc, it easily could have or would have escalated to gun violence if guns were readily available, but only in the very extreme cases. That is one reason I don't want to raise children in the USA. It's not okay and it's not normal for kids being murdered in school because of a disgruntled student or employee. Kids just take it to the extreme, for whatever the reason it's a method of self-expression to murder the students or try to burn down the school. I couldn't imagine the pain of having a child and then immediately not because of gun violence. Kids get murdered by stray bullets in the city of Chicago, what is this war zone? It's not on for me. It's the one thing I will never accept as a normality. It's the people that @Eco mentioned that I'm least worried about, the hunters, the 1776ers, the recreational shooters etc. They typically practice safe gun techniques, take care of their weaponry, and for the most part store them securely. It's their kids and other family members I worry about, one bad day or several in a row and they know where they can get a gun, probably not use it properly and cause serious harm to others.
  14. thought spanish fans whistled instead of booing
  15. He has 95% of the forum on ignore, so yes.
  16. I’ll have to take your word for it, I’m in American football fantasy obsession right now
  17. Germany would be winning the same amount of trophies with or without Meyer.
  18. Let the man have his fun for crying out loud.
  19. If one fears vaccines, one should fear antibiotics, painkillers, hormones, over the counter cold and flu medicine, anti-seizure, yadda yadda. When did everyone become a Christian Scientist and started praying away illness? People will shit themselves to death with ivermectine instead of taking a vaccine. Smash fifty pints on the weekend and put the liver and kidney through the stringer, take a mad dash of pre-workout and supplements, but a vaccine is man made rubbish.
  20. It's also not necessarily their fault
  21. I know but it is something Mexicans have to stop doing themselves. It has to be an organic change otherwise it really isn't a change at all.
  22. I know what you mean I just dislike generalisations like that, it does no good really and marginalises the exceptions to those rules. I don't trust those countries anyway mate. The last thing that matters is a football chant in some places, it would be way down on the totem pole of risks and problems. You can't force the issue either, people can't just be changed on a dime like that.
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