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  1. You´re right, Chris. The likes of Sevilla and Villareal have been doing really well considering their resources. I´m thinking about Real and Barcelona especially. Italian clubs adapted to a reality where they aren´t the richest clubs on earth anymore. The spanish big two will also need to learn to operate under tighter financial constraints.
  2. El Profesor

    (Group E) Spain 1-1 Poland - Saturday 19th June, 2021

    How come they didn´t cut the image to Ferran Torres after the goal? I realy wanted to see Torres´ face.
  3. The beginning of this Euro is showing how good Serie A is. This Gosens performance being the highlight of it. Italian football had a rough stretch, especially immediately after Calciopoli, but the level of coaching and the development of players have improved a lot. It's not the powerhouse of the 90s, but it's a competitive and strong league. Clubs have learnt how to navigate the market with less money. Spanish clubs should take notes.
  4. Portugal needs Sérgio Conceição against Germany. haha
  5. Fernando Santos reads the forum. 😂
  6. Complete performance from Gosens so far, both defensively and offensively very good.
  7. Do you think Bruno and Bernardo can coexist against stronger competition? It feels a bit strange to start both if the strategy is to counter.
  8. Renato Sanches badly needed for Portugal.
  9. Yeah, I really like Gosens. A big part of those strong Atalanta seasons. He's got that explosion you need to be a successful full-back. I can definitely see him moving to a bigger team after the Euro. And it's well deserved.
  10. Gosens has been very good today. Looks like a completely different player in comparison to the France match. Perhaps it's the fact that he's played most of his career out of Germany and was pressing a bit too much to impress the german public? 🤔
  11. There has been lot of talk about how deep and how good the french squad, but to be honest I find it less impressive than the 2018 version. I mean, they're loaded and it's a great squad, but at the same time many of their young players have failed to take a step further in their careers. E.g. Dembélé, Tolisso, Lenglet, Lemar, Rabiot.
  12. El Profesor

    Copa America 2021

    Yes, there is VAR. Uruguay needs Arrascaeta's creativity on its midfield. He shouldn't be on the bench.
  13. El Profesor

    Copa America 2021

    Argentina has played well recently, but have been kinda unlucky. Curious to see if they can beat Uruguay.
  14. El Profesor

    Copa America 2021

    Chile 1 - 0 Bolivia. Ben Brereton with the goal. Brereton was born in England and plays for Blackburn, his mother is chilean.
  15. El Profesor

    Raphael Varane Linked With Manchester United Again

    This is what broke teams do. This kind of stuff is very common in brazilian football. Clubs sign well-known players on free transfers to give fans the illusion that all is well.