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  1. Does Everton always play like this? I mean, they look decent upfront and dominated the match during some stretches but are very naive defensively. Feel like they should offer Allegri all the money because there's some upside in this team.
  2. El Profesor

    Campeonato Brasileiro - Brazil

    With Palmeiras defeat to Grêmio, Flamengo is officially Brazilian champion. Two titles in less than 24 hours. Insane.
  3. Yep. That one. He´s also Neymar´s borther-in-law. haha This video of a family celebrating Gabigol´s second goal is brilliant. Watch until the end.
  4. River sat on the advantage and Flamengo despite not playing ar their best have to much firepower upfront with Bruno Henrique, Arrascaeta and Gabigol.
  5. 40 minutes for the kick-off. Should be a great match.
  6. Flamengo fans made sure to show their support for the players on the way to the airport.
  7. This match deserves its own thread. The two best teams in South America playing for the most important title in the continent, looking forward for this match. For this first time, it will be a one-game final, the match will take place in Lima.
  8. El Profesor

    Round 20 - Brazil

    I hope our clown President doesn´t insist in moving the Brazil GP to Rio de Janeiro, Interlagos is great as it is and it would be a huge waste of money.
  9. El Profesor

    NFL 2019/2020

    What the heck has just happened?! Garrett totally lost his mind. The whole incident:
  10. Arthur´s been playing very well this season. He´s in really good shape and he´s also more confident in his second season at Barça.
  11. El Profesor

    Climate Change

    The real issue is that I´m against her superexposition and I also don´t think she brings anything interest to the public discourse. This is why I try to not engage in anything realted to Greta. It has nothing to with her condition. On the contrary, there are many people with Asperger´s who are brilliant and they definitely should be listened to.
  12. El Profesor

    Climate Change

    Re-read my post. I´ve never mentioned her condition. On the contrary, I´ve criticized those who attack her. And no, I will not listen to Greta. Firstly, because I don´t think kids should take part in politics. It´s a toxic environment and they shouldn´t be exposed to it. I don´t want more kids to be part of the public discourse and I will not give incentives for it to happen. Secondly, like I´ve said before, she´s not a expert in the subjects she brings up. Her message is shallow and of no interest to me. I have no need for her as an intermediary saying scientists should be listented to. If I want to know more about global warning I´d rather read a scientific paper than listening to a teenager.
  13. El Profesor

    Climate Change

    It´s wrong to attack Greta because she is just a kid. But at the same time, I don´t think she should be given the plataform she´s being given exactly because she´s just a kid. She doesn´t have the expertise to debate the subjects she brings up with the depth it´s needed.