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  1. If I were a Liverpool fan I would be excited. The last time a team made a huge comeback at a UCL semifinal, LFC won the title.
  2. Definitely. Finals between teams of the same country are generally boring. It's a shame that Ramos left Real this season, would love to see he and Salah going at each other once again.
  3. Real Madrid subs are the difference. Camavinga and Rodrygo with a huge impact.
  4. Our group in 2018: Brazil - Switzerland - Serbia - Costa Rica Our group in 2022: Brazil - Switzerland - Serbia - Cameroon
  5. So much suffering and unintended consequences out of this war.
  6. Well, there's the presidential election this year here and it'll probably WWIII between Lula and Bolsonaro supporters. We should form a TF365 colony in Uruguay.
  7. I hope Villa buys Coutinho. It's the right fit for him.
  8. As a penalty taker, I would fell more confident and comfortable with Kepa on goal. Mendy, considering his frame and form, is more intimidating.
  9. I agree. But at the same time, I understand why people do that. Hitler is for us what the Napoleon and the French revolution was to people in the 19th century. Any historical event is measured and compared to Hitler and the World War II. We still very much live in the shadow of that war. By the way, I saw a guy on Twitter comparing Putin´s invasion of Ukraine not with Hitler´s agression of Czechoslovakia but with Mussolini´s invasion of Ethiopia in 1935. I agree, that was a very good point. It´s a much better comparison. It was a widely condemned attack and it isolated Mussolini, driving him to the arms of a more powerful ally, Nazi Germany. Before the invasion of Somalia, Mussolini and Hitler didn´t get along very well, considering both had conflicting claims regarding austrian territory. I think the same could happen with Russia. Ukraine will make Russia into a pariah state and will drive Putin to the arms of China.
  10. I was thinking about this question last night. I´ll answer with what I came up. I´m still collecting my thoughts, but this is what I believe it happened. Putin is a predator. He smelled blood on a wounded prey and decided it was safe to attack. I mean, the West can´t reallly hurt him in any meaningful way. An exhausted United States ,from costly and bloody interventions in Middle East is not going to deploy boots on the ground to aid the ukrainians. In Europe, Germany the main EU power, refuses to spend the NATO minimum of 2% in defence. Another good question would be: what difference it makes for Russia if Ukraine joins NATO and the EU? I mean, Poland and the Baltic countries have already joined. I´d say Ukraine is different, for historical and ideological reasons. Russians believe it to be part of Russia. The origins of what is now Russia begin with the Kiev Rus. A democratic Ukraine in contrast to an authoritharian Russia would become a source of instability for Putin´s regime, as young russians would look up to Ukraine as a model to be followed. Much like a communist Cuba attracted thousands of young latin americans during the Cold War, as it from the outside at least, Fidel Castro´s regime appeared to contrast with the corrupt and violent regimes backed by the United States.
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