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  1. El Profesor

    Copa América 2019

    Hopefully this convinces Queiroz to start Zapata over Falcao.
  2. El Profesor

    Copa América 2019

    I think Lautaro complements Messi better than Aguero.
  3. El Profesor

    Copa América 2019

    He's coming from a strong season at PSG. I think he will do well. I'm looking forward to see LoCelso. He could be a difference maker in the argentinian midfield.
  4. El Profesor

    Copa América 2019

    I think Zapata should start ahead of Falcao.
  5. El Profesor

    Copa América 2019

    The average ticket for Brazil vs Bolivia was R$ 485,00. In a country where the minimum wage is roughly R$ 1000,00 per month and that is living a serious crisis since 2015, Conmebol is totally out of its mind. No wonder the atmosphere was terrible, real fans are outpriced. This will backfire in the games not involving Brazil, there will be lots of empty seats.
  6. I don´t think he did a bad job. Players that he brought to Milan, such as Paquetá, Piatek, Caldara and Bakayoko could play an important role for the club in the long run. Apparently, Leonardo left Milan because he and Gazidis didn´t get along well. PSG, under Leonardo, will probably raid Serie A for many good youngsters. Dude is smart and know how to convince players.
  7. El Profesor

    Copa América 2019

    Tough to say. It´s his first time as a head coach. He´s a smart guy and he was coached by Wenger and Guardiola but I don´t know what is his concept of football and how is his relationship with the player. Having said that, I like the fact Lyon went for a younger coach, I think he can reach a younger squad like Lyon´s in a better way than an older coach. Yes, though it´s nice to see brazilian clubs trying different names. Jorge Jesus and Sampaoli will certainly add to our football. He´s too crazy to coach Brazil. haha I like him though, wish he had stayed longer at Paraguay.
  8. El Profesor

    Copa América 2019

    I really like both players. Honestly, I'm sick and tired of Casemiro. Tite is clueless. Brazil don't have decent coaches. We should just hire a portuguese coach.
  9. El Profesor

    Copa América 2019

    Nice goal by Everton Cebolinha. I think Grêmio will get good offers from europeans for him. He's fearless. Really good winger.
  10. El Profesor

    Copa América 2019

    Should be an easy one. Bolivia is probably the worst team in the competition.
  11. El Profesor

    What Is The Most Important Technical Attribute?

    I´d say it´s first touch, ball conduction, ball protection and passing. These are the basic attributes. Another important attribute is a good sense of positioning. You spend most of the game without the ball, so I´d say .being in the right place, at the right time, antecipating where the ball will be is also very important.
  12. El Profesor

    Group C - Matchday 2

    If only. haha Australia eliminated us in 2015. Australia's pressing caused all sorts of difficulties to Brazil in the first half.
  13. El Profesor

    Group C - Matchday 2

    Cris! What a goal!!!
  14. El Profesor

    Group C - Matchday 2

    Australia pressing. Tough game. I wonder how many minutes Marta has on her today.
  15. El Profesor

    Group C - Matchday 1

    Not very optimistic about our chances against Australia.