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  1. Ok, Barcelona is on the line and offer Dembélé/Griezmann for Pepe. Who says no? I feel like that it has a lot do with his body. Hazard seems to have a tendency to gain weight and as he´s approaching the 30s, it gets worse. That gain-loss of weight movement is terrible for the body. He probably needs to be more careful during his vacations. But the talent is still there, I still think he´s a top 10 player in the world.
  2. El Profesor

    Players over 50

    Yes, Hilton is a central-defender at Montpellier. He´s 43 and is still a vital member of the team. And Palacio is 38. Had totally forgotten about Kazu. He played here in Brazil. A legend.
  3. The Jota signing is proving to be a great coup. So far, he's had the impact that I thought Thiago would have, being the outsider that brings some freshness to the squad. I really think Liverpool needed a new player to bring something different to the table and Jota has been that guy.
  4. El Profesor

    Players over 50

    The problem for a GK is that the day-to-day training is really tough for the body. Matchday is the easiest part of a GK job. I think for wingers, midfielders and full-backs the process of aging is tougher. Central defenders and strikers tend to age better. Joaquin is the exception, 39 years old and still going strong for Betis as a winger.
  5. El Profesor

    Players over 50

    Yes, 50 may be a bridge too far. 45 though could be possible. I guess it will come down to the evolution of sports medicine. I mean, 20 years ago, Zlatan probably would've retired after his injury at United. But I can definitely see Zlatan and Cristiano Ronaldo being pretty decent strikers at well over 40.
  6. El Profesor

    Players over 50

    So guys, I was watching the Napoli Milan match and seeing Zlatan scoring another one and looking great at the age of 39 made me wonder if we´ll see in our lifetime a footballer over 50 playing at the top flight level. Some candidates: Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 39 yo Milan Vitorino Hilton - 43 yo Montpellier Bruno Alves - 39 yo Parma Cristiano Ronaldo - 35 yo Juventus
  7. El Profesor

    Gabriel Jesus - Underrated?

    I put Gabriel Jesus in the same category as the likes of Rashford, Martial: young players at big clubs who have showed potential from time to time but have never really put together a consistently great season.
  8. Ralf Rangnick would be a great appointment for Arsenal. In my opinion, he is the ideal guy for a club that needs a fresh start. Rangnick has a great track record st identifying and developing young talent.
  9. 25 shots for Leeds. I'm really curious to see the xG numbers for this one.
  10. That's a penalty, in my opinion.
  11. I have watched just a few Leeds matches this season so my judgement may very well be wrong, but it seems to me that Leeds defensive struggles have a lot to do with the goalkeeper. Meslier looks very shaky. Just doesn't have a strong presence in the goal.
  12. Selling Messi would have given Barcelona the funds to make the rebuild faster. The worst case scenario now is losing Messi for free and not qualifying to the Champions League next season. The financial impact of it could trigger a long decline. We could very well be looking at a decade of mediocrity.
  13. That Jorginho- Bruno technique to take penalties is terrible and nobody can convince me otherwise.
  14. Good point. Bernardo is kinda of a symbol of Guardiola's job at City. So much promisse but it has stagnated over the last few seasons.
  15. To be fair, I thought the broadcast did a bad job there at not zooming that image in a bit more to get a better view of the handball.