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  1. Arthur´s been playing very well this season. He´s in really good shape and he´s also more confident in his second season at Barça.
  2. El Profesor

    Climate Change

    The real issue is that I´m against her superexposition and I also don´t think she brings anything interest to the public discourse. This is why I try to not engage in anything realted to Greta. It has nothing to with her condition. On the contrary, there are many people with Asperger´s who are brilliant and they definitely should be listened to.
  3. El Profesor

    Climate Change

    Re-read my post. I´ve never mentioned her condition. On the contrary, I´ve criticized those who attack her. And no, I will not listen to Greta. Firstly, because I don´t think kids should take part in politics. It´s a toxic environment and they shouldn´t be exposed to it. I don´t want more kids to be part of the public discourse and I will not give incentives for it to happen. Secondly, like I´ve said before, she´s not a expert in the subjects she brings up. Her message is shallow and of no interest to me. I have no need for her as an intermediary saying scientists should be listented to. If I want to know more about global warning I´d rather read a scientific paper than listening to a teenager.
  4. El Profesor

    Climate Change

    It´s wrong to attack Greta because she is just a kid. But at the same time, I don´t think she should be given the plataform she´s being given exactly because she´s just a kid. She doesn´t have the expertise to debate the subjects she brings up with the depth it´s needed.
  5. Fair enough, but Valverde hasn´t been getting the most of his squad either way. In my opinion, the losses at Roma and at Anfield aren´t simply accidents. Barcelona has rarely played good football since their treble in 2015. Valverde is simply not good enough of a coach for this job. I also think the decline of some key players doesn´t help him, but still, that Barça squad is really, really good and you have more than enough to build a very good team.
  6. Valverde should´ve been fired after the 2017/18. That defeat at Roma shouldn´t be accepted. Having said that, it´s also on the players. It´ll take a coach with guts but veterans like Suárez, Piqué and Busquets shouldn´t be undisputed starters anymore.
  7. El Profesor

    Ligue 1 Thread - 2019/20

    Neymar once again socring the winning goal for PSG. So disrespected. The man is a beast of a player.
  8. El Profesor

    Group F - Matchday 1 - Tuesday 17th September, 2019

    I think their best formation for the attack is Griezmann as a false 9, Dembélé and Messi. Suárez is no good enough to start those big CL matches. He still has the talent, but his body is giving up on him. He could be an impact sub though.
  9. El Profesor

    Group F - Matchday 1 - Tuesday 17th September, 2019

    Suarez looks heavy. This has been a problem for them for some time, Suárez isn't giving Barcelona what is expected from a Barcelona striker.
  10. El Profesor

    Ligue 1 Thread - 2019/20

    On his return, Neymar scored the winning goal for PSG.
  11. Those who follow the Brazilian Football thread are aware I´m a huge Bruno Guimarães fan. I think he´s the next great midfielder to come from Brazil. Complete midfielder, can press, has vision and also appears to finish and score some goals. Yesterday, in the first leg of Copa do Brasil final he scored the winning goal for Athletico Paranaense. According to a very reliable journalist, there were Chelsea scouts in the match to follow Bruno yesterday. But during the Renan Lodi deal, Atlético de Madrid assured the possibility of matching any offer above 30 million euros for him. It´s just a matter of time before he leaves brazilian football. Found a scouting report from a Chelsea fan on Twitter and i t describes his style well.
  12. El Profesor

    Campeonato Brasileiro - Brazil

    JJ is an excellent coach. A breath of fresh air for brazilian football. The level of coaching in Brazil is atrocious but the arrival of JJ and Sampaoli made things more interesting. I think Flamengo is the favorite to win the title. I'd also say they have a good shot of winning Libertadores as well. They have a great coach and a very good squad. Santos is the 2nd and they'll face Flamengo at Maracanã Saturday to end the 1st half. Huge match but I still think Palmeiras is the one team that will fight with Flamengo for the title. Tite has good job security after winning Copa America. He's not on the hot seat. But should that change, JJ definitely would be a strong name, along with Renato Gaúcho.
  13. Glad I decided to sleep early instead of watching this one.
  14. El Profesor

    Round 14 - Italy

    As a Ferrari fan, Leclerc´s quickly becoming my favorite driver to watch. Hopefully, Ferrari can build a car good enough for him to fight for the title next year.