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  1. Barcelona buying Coutinho really backfired. Not only it didn´t make them a better team, it also made an european rival stronger in Liverpool, who used the money to buy Van Dijk and Alisson.
  2. El Profesor

    Suso Returning to Liverpool?

    I´m not sure Suso would leave a place where he is the main player to a destination where he´d be in the bench. Also, Milan´s owners are loaded, it probably would take more than 40 million euros to buy him. Anyway, in my opinion, the Milan forward that Liverpool should be targeting is Cutrone. Very promissing striker.
  3. El Profesor

    Gabriel Barbosa Desperate for Everton Switch

    This could be good for Everton. If anything, because it´ll force Silva to abandon the idea of playing Richarlison as a striker. Sacrificing one of your best players (Richarlison) to make room for an average player in Bernard makes no sense, in my opinion.
  4. River was always the best team, there is a difference in class between both sides, rivalry aside. Both Cruzeiro and Palmeiras blew it against Boca, who made it way far than expected. I think River is capable of beating Real Madrid. Congrats to our favorite boludo @Berserker !
  5. He suffered a very serious knee injury, which led to him lose the World Cup. He never plays the entire 90 minutes those days.
  6. Benedetto's been a monster in the final stages of Libertadores. He destroyed Palmeiras in the semis and now is making the difference once again. Class player.
  7. El Profesor

    Denis Suárez Linked With AC Milan & Chelsea

    Could be a good match for all sides. Bakayoko has rediscovered his best form at Milan, and it also could happen with Denis. Paco Alcácer and André Gomes are other examples of players who left Barça and are thriving.
  8. It was a bizarre goal but not a bizarre blunder from Pickford. Like you said, very tough to judge that ball, van Dijk hit it so bad that it had a lot of effect and it was hard to judge where it´d land. Tough play, definitely a mistake but it wasn´t an easy play to begin with.
  9. That save reminded and Klopp´s celebration with Alisson reminded me of an interview Klopp gave to ESPN Brasil´s reporter in England, Natalie Gedra:
  10. Fabinho´s been a good surprise. He´s playing well today. Firmino, on the other hand, is begging to be dropped at this point. Everton is doing really well. Silva´s really built a nice team here. Bernard and Walcott very lively. The only negative note is Gueye, he´s a player I really rate, but he hasn´t been himself tonight so far.
  11. El Profesor

    Das Boot 2018 cast revealed

    Such an entertaining read that book. It'd be a good one to see becoming a film.
  12. El Profesor

    Das Boot 2018 cast revealed

    Thanks, Inga. I´ll watch it as well. Loved the first season. "All Quiet on Western Front" is my favorite book but I´d rather see a film version of Guy Sajer´s "The Forgotten Soldier". @nudge, do you know if there is any film based on "Storm of Steel"?
  13. I was just pointing the irony, Antoñito. Spain and spaniards are not responsible for latin american shortcomings. In my opinion, all things considered, Madrid is not a bad choice. But I still think that Conmebol should hold the final of its most important club tournament in a country that is affiliated to Conmebol.
  14. The name of the tournament is Libertadores and off all places they´re playing the final in Spain. How fitting!
  15. El Profesor

    Das Boot 2018 cast revealed

    Thanks for the heads up, Inga. The original film is one of my favorite so I´ll give it a shot. I enjoyed "Babylon Berlin", Deutschland 83" and "Unsere Mütter, unsere Väte". Germans are producing some nice series recently.