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  1. I rate Ederson, but man, when the stakes are high you need your goalkeeper to take it to the next level and make difficult saves. He´s not offering that to City. I don´t want to unfair, like I´ve said I rate him, but in my opinion, the main reason why Tottenham advanced is Lloris made the important saves whereas Ederson didn´t. Still, I´m happy for Lucas Moura. He got a lot of flak in France, so it´s nice to see him thrive in England.
  2. No. A striker like him is the hardest kind of player to find these days. This is one of the reasons that a physically diminished Luis Suárez is still a world class player at his position. The low key signings of Llorente and Lucas Moura made the difference for Spurs today, that depth proved essential. Yet, in the long run, I still think Kane is needed. Having said that, in my opinion, Real Madrid should buy Harry Kane.
  3. During the celebration, it was clearly Coutinho said: " Vai tomar no c*." ( Means F... you in brazilian portuguese) Was it directed to the fans?
  4. Douglas Costa is so good. Such a shame he is injury prone, one of the best dribblers in football.
  5. El Profesor

    Brazilian Football

    He´s really good. Very dynamic midfielder, with a good pass and work ethic to defend. One thing that stands out is how his long-range passing is good, something for example Arthur struggles to do. Bruno can pass acuratelly both from short and long distances. Inter, Milan, Napoli, Chelsea, Lille and Shakhtar are said to be interested. Athletico is my hometown team and I used to go to their matches when I lived in Curitiba, so it´s exciting to see talents like Bruno Guimarães, Renan Lodi and Leo Pereira get interest from big clubs in Europe. A scouting report in english: https://najedendotek.wordpress.com/2018/11/25/bruno-guimaraes-atletico-pr-november-2018/ His highlights against Boca:
  6. El Profesor

    President Trump

    The notion that a country with a smaller GDP than Brazil´s could conspire with a clown like Trump without being discovered by the american intelligence agencies always seemed extravagant, to say the least. But at least it served to hacks like Louise Mensch, John Schindler, Rick Wilson to make some profit on the "Russiagate." There´s a lot to criticize Trump without needing to resort to crazy conspiracy theories and lies. I truly hate how some "experts" used the fears and anxieties of normal people to make an easy profit. Disgusting. Nonfiction!
  7. El Profesor

    Christchurch Massacre

    Agree. I read an article that makes good sense of this phenom and describe it in a way I probably wouldn´t be able to: Source: https://spectator.us/extremely-online-christchurch-killer/
  8. El Profesor

    Monchi to Arsenal...

    I don´t think it´s a good record, I´d say it´s mixed at best though Zaniolo is proving to be very good business. Agree on NZonzi, can´t blame him for buying NZonzi, at the time I also thought it was a pretty good deal. He spent significant sums on Pastore, Schick and Cristante. Not ideal. But I think with time, Monchi´s record at Roma could improve, as the youngsters he brought there can develop into class players.
  9. El Profesor

    Monchi to Arsenal...

    To ilustrate, his transfer record at Roma. Pretty bad:
  10. El Profesor

    Christchurch Massacre

    Deep breath, exhale, say to myself: "People, ideas or social practices I disapprove are not necessarily responsible for this tragedy". In my opinion, linking their manifestos to well-known and controversial personalities is a tactic the terrorists use to ensure mainstream media will publicize their idiot ideas. They know MSM hates people like Pewdiepie and Donald Trump and will use it against them, therefore giving more publicity to their acts. Narcissistic, cruel, selfish young men who believe they are brilliant and that society does not give them the reward they deserve, be it financial, social status or sexual; are an old problem. One could say Raskolnikov, for example, fits the profile. Yet, our societies seem to be ill-equipped to tackle this problem. In my opinion, young men need to be taught humility, strong principles and stoicism. Just my two cents.
  11. El Profesor

    Pep Guardiola to Juventus

    Many say that Pep has it easier because he chooses rich clubs. But at the same time, what´s the point of hiring a coach like Guardiola if you don´t make sure you have a very good squad to entrust him?
  12. El Profesor


    The article below is definitely the best one I´ve read about Venezuela. It´s a bit long but it´s well worthwhile the time in order to comprehend what´s going in Venezuela. https://palladiummag.com/2019/03/06/venezuela-an-up-close-look-at-a-nation-in-free-fall/
  13. Arthur is doing way better in his first season than I thought he´d. The pass to set Suárez up in the 2nd goal against Lyon was a thing of beauty. Great, great player and I really like his attitude. Recently, he apologized to his teammates and in public for attending Neymar´s birthday 2 days before "El Clásico".
  14. El Profesor

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    Arthur is excellent.
  15. Barcelona is the favorite here, but I think Lyon has a shot, especially with Fékir back and Dembélé out for Barça. Barcelona´s been getting the results all season, but they look fragile at times.