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  1. I read something that made a lot of sense to me today regarding Barcelona: Luis Suárez is in a fight against his body and he´s losing it. It´s strange because Barcelona leads La Liga and is in a comfortable position to advance in the Champions League but something feels off. Seems like every game ter Stegen is avoiding bad results for them. At some point, the bubble could pop, like it did last year against Roma.
  2. El Profesor

    Returning Isis fighters

    This is the one time I wish Islamic State was recognized as a State by the international community, so that those who joined ISIS acquired ISIS citizenship and in the process lost their original citizenships. What those nutheads do to the yazidis is hard to believe.
  3. Piatek is a phenom. Getting rid of an unhappy Higuaín to get this kid was an amazing business for Milan.
  4. El Profesor

    Copa del Rey 2019

    Some observations regarding this El Clásico: - Piqué was in my opinion the MOTM. Really solid today; - Solari´s Real Madrid passed the test. They´re strong. Real was very well positioned and dominated the 1st half; - Semedo is excellent and there shouldn´t be a debate about who´s the starter in the RB; - Malcom should be ahead of Coutinho in the pecking order, he and Aleña deserve more chances until Dembélé returns; - Arthur had a tough 1st half, but he was really good in the 2nd half. Modric couldn´t find him; - Realy liked Vinícus Jr. He will make mistakes, but that´s natural, he´s only 18. He deserves to be part of the Brazil´s Copa América squad.
  5. El Profesor

    Copa del Rey 2019

    Coutinho is brutal. No fight, absolutely nothing to show for. Malcom at least is trying, Messi should come in for Coutinho.
  6. El Profesor

    Copa del Rey 2019

    Hope Vinicius has a good match and introduce himself to the football world.
  7. I think he will eventually do well, much like Fabinho, who at first had a really hard time to adapt to the pace of english game. Still, I think Liverpool needs a more creative midfielder in the squad. Isco, who´s out of favor with Solari, would be a really good signing. When Firmino is not playing well, the lack of creativity in Liverpool´s midfield gets really exposed.
  8. El Profesor

    Copa del Rey 2019

    (FT) Barcelona 6 - 1 Sevilla. Barça completed the comeback and qualified to the semi-final. My boy Arthur doing some nice things.
  9. El Profesor

    Breaking News - General Chat

    Thanks, Stan. I´m fine, I live in a different state. Unfortunately, the number of victims will grow in the next days, there are hundreds of missing people near the site.
  10. El Profesor


    Chavismo transformed venezuelans into the low class of south american. It´s a humanitarian disaster. Today, the United States, Brazil and many other nations have recognized Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela. Hopefully, this is beginning of the end for Maduro.
  11. I think it makes sense. Barça needed a backup for Suárez and Boateng probably came knowing and accepting his role, a bit like Choupo-Moting to PSG.
  12. El Profesor

    Copa del Rey 2019

    Nice to see Dembouz doing well. He´s an amazing talent. And my boy Arthur is looking really good as well.
  13. Higuaín was clearly unhappy at Milan, so it makes sense for them to move on. Piatek fits the project better, he´s a young player and this is his first chance at a big blucb, so I don´t expect him tofrustrated by the lack of service, like Higuaín used to be in his brief Milan stint.
  14. El Profesor

    Underrated women thread

    Brazilian Nanda Costa? She went full lesbian.
  15. El Profesor

    Real Madrid CF Discussion

    Surprised by how fast Vinicius Jr. adapted to european football. He probably should be a starter at this point.