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  1. El Profesor

    Reinier Jesus Moves to Madrid

    More than that, Florentino seems to have a plan here. Real Madrid is acquiring lots of young talent. The post-Messi era could be similar to Barcelona what the post-Fergie era has been to United. Reinier cost 30 million euros to Real Madrid. 🇺🇦 Lunin (20) 🇲🇦 Hakimi (21) 🇧🇷 Militao (22) 🇪🇸 Reguilon (23) 🇺🇾 Valverde (21) 🇳🇴 Ødegaard (20) 🇧🇷 Reinier (18) 🇪🇸 Brahim (20) 🇯🇵 Kubo (18) 🇧🇷 Rodrygo (19) 🇧🇷 Vinicius (19) 🇷🇸 Jovic (22)
  2. El Profesor

    Preolimpico CONMEBOL

    Hard to understand why Peru was so reactive in the 1st half. Had they played the entire match like they did the 1st half, perhaps they could've get a point or even win the match. Pacheco had a really good performance. Looking forward to see watch his development at Fluminense.
  3. El Profesor

    Preolimpico CONMEBOL

    1-0 Brazil. Paulinho after a Bruno Guimarães assist. Bruno is so good, man.
  4. El Profesor

    Bruno Guimarães - Lyon & Arsenal Interested

    He is. Bruno Guimarães and Arthur are the most talented young brazilians midfielders. Bruno is a very complete midfielder. He has good stamina and is very active defensively, really good vision, his long-range passes are very accurate. Atlético will regret not exercising the option to buy him.
  5. El Profesor

    Bruno Guimarães - Lyon & Arsenal Interested

    Last time I read, Benfica was really close to complete his signing. It seems he's moving to Europe this window, just a matter of where and how much.
  6. El Profesor

    Favourite Pizza topping

    It's great. I really mean it. Hahaha Here, here:
  7. El Profesor

    Favourite Pizza topping

    I love me some banana and cinnamon pizza.
  8. Valverde should have been fired after Anfield but the way Barcelona's board his dismissal is a disgrace. For all his faults, Valverde shouldn't have been treated like he was. Barcelona openly dealt with Xavi while Valverde was still the coach. That's not how such a club should handle things.
  9. El Profesor

    NFL 2019/2020

    Yes, Ravens are scary good. Not sure what Vrabel can do to stop Lamar.
  10. El Profesor

    NFL 2019/2020

    Niners and Ravens heavy favorites tonight?
  11. El Profesor

    NFL 2019/2020

    Insane game between Bills and Texans. DeShaun Watson is immense. NFL playoffs are really special.
  12. El Profesor

    NCAA College Football 2018/19

    ,Joe Burrow is a beast. 5 TDs before half-time. Bengals are lucky.
  13. El Profesor

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    This was closer than I expected. Flamengo even was the better team during some stretches. It's been decades since a south american team has played so well against an european side. Flamengo fans should be proud. Amazing season from them. I wonder if an european team will take a chance on Rodrigo Caio and Bruno Henrique during the winter market. They looked like they belong at the highest level today.
  14. El Profesor

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    This match is a huge deal in Brazil and I'm certain this is also very important for Firmino and Alisson.
  15. Does Everton always play like this? I mean, they look decent upfront and dominated the match during some stretches but are very naive defensively. Feel like they should offer Allegri all the money because there's some upside in this team.