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  1. How was Douglas Luiz? I saw he made a mistake in the 2nd goal but he also scored a beautiful goal. If given a chance, he can become a true force for Villa. He's very talented.
  2. I´d love to see the difference in Barcelona´s record with and without Messi under Valverde. Yes, Messi is the best player in the world and any team would miss him, but it´s quite bizarre the contrast when Messi is not playing, they still have a great squad and great players. I think Barcelona´s board has been too forgiving of Valverde.
  3. El Profesor

    Ligue 1 Thread - 2019/20

    Hoping Sylvinho can make it at Lyon. Good brazilian coaches are really rare, so I´d love to see him thriving. Also, the dude is still in great physical shape.
  4. Multiple outlets reporting Coutinho is going to be loaned to Bayern with a non-obligatory clause to buy. I think he fits Bayern "ethos" better than Barcelona. Coutinho appears to be a more discrete, shy guy and he couldn´t really feel at ease in the bright lights of Barcelona. Perhaps, at Bayern he can regain his confidence and his form. By the way, is it me or his career path is reminding of Robben? Shine at an english club, get a transfer to a spanish giant, doesn´t really make it, then goes to Bayern.
  5. In my opinion, the desire for Neymar is a product of Roma and Liverpool defeats. It's definitely an overreaction, but I understand why the veterans feel like this wouldn't have happened with Neymar. In my opinion, there is a problem regarding decision-making at Barça. It's good to hear what the players have to say but you can't let it guide your transfer policy. Players often are not moved by rational reasons not to mention the fact they are not familiar with the whole financial picture. I think Neymar makes Barcelona better, he's a huge talent but I don't think he makes them better enough to justify the huge opportunity costs that comes with this deal.
  6. The fact he´s such an unlikeable character made him underrated recently, but Neymar is comfortably the best brazilian player of his generation.
  7. PSG listened to Barça´s offer for Neymar, but they will take that offer to Madrid to see if the Merengues can beat it. Looks like PSG will have success in creating a bidding war for Neymar in order to drive his price up. My feeling is that Neymar will end up at Real Madrid. Pre-season results are rarely important but I feel like that defeat to Atlético really changed Real Madrid´s power dynamics. Florentino was going to let Zidane dictate the transfer market, but that defeat probably changed the power structure. Now, Florentino feels like he has to intervene and he´s always wanted to bring Neymar to Real. I feel like Real Madrid can deal more easily with PSG, the relationship between the clubs is better, and also Real still have more funds and more players who would interest PSG.
  8. I'm triggered by the fact PSG fans sang chants in spanish against Neymar. Why does everyone think we speak spanish?! 😠 😂
  9. El Profesor

    Mario Balotelli - Where To Next?

    I think it could go well for at least a year. But yeah, the divorce will probably be ugly. Adriano played well when he was at Flamengo, leading them to a national title and he is kinda similar to Balotelli.
  10. Iwobi, Kean and Richarlison. That´s a very intriguing frontline. Three young and talented players. It´ll be interesting to see what they can do.
  11. What I read is that Barça accepted to lower Coutinho´s price in order to raise cash to offer PSG a loan with an obligatory buy-clause for Neymar. And it makes sense, Barça is using Coutinho to balance this season´s books for that move.
  12. El Profesor

    India-Pakistan relations

    I have some question regarding the border dispute: Is this problem still related to the partition of India? If so, how? Are the tensions in the border used by politicians on both countries to gain internal support? Is there still a bad blood between the two countries regarding the 1971 war and the indepedence of East Pakistan?
  13. El Profesor

    India-Pakistan relations

    I feel like this deserves a thread, especially with the tensions in the Indian subcontinent rising again. I´d like to understand the situation better since the situation is rarely treated with the depth it deserves in foreign noews outlets and debating with indian and pakistanese members in the forum would give us a better understanding.
  14. El Profesor

    The Athletic - UK Hiring Spree

    Burning all that VC money. I´ve heard that the site is still not profitable, but they have enough VC money to keep afloat for the next few years.