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  1. I still think Barcelona will sign a player. Lots of movement, many exits, Koeman will secure at least Gini or Depay, I think.
  2. Vinícius is doing well, Rodrygo, on the contrary, had a really bad match and was subbed off. Eventually, I think Real Madrid will have to choose between Vini and Rodrygo, since they both seem to thrive on the left. It´s generally like this: when they both are together in the starting XI, the one in the right flank doesn´t play well. Having said that, I still believe more in Vini, Rodrygo is technically more gifted, but he´s short and isn´t particularly fast, so I´m not totally sure about him to be honest.
  3. Odegaard, Vini and Rodrygo starting for Real Madrid. Love it. Lots of young talent in this starting XI.
  4. Werner looks really good, he's very smart to find gaps in the opposing defence to make his runs. On the other hand, I was not impressed at all by Chelsea's midfield today.
  5. On the other hand, Zidane's blocking the signing of Kepa for Real Madrid looks like a stroke of genius, even if the fee was only 20 million euros.
  6. El Profesor

    Riqui Puig Not Wanted By Koeman

    Yes, it´s a good Twitter profile for information about Barça in english, but he is not the source himself. He mostly translate to english what the spanish journalists tweet. In this case, the information came originally from Gerard Romero, who´s very reliable.
  7. El Profesor

    Alex Telles - Man United

    I´m not sure he´d take the penalties at United being a newcomer, but yes he takes penalties at Porto. And it´s interesting, because it relates to his crossing, he´s got such a good technique for placing the ball where he wants, that he generally takes them really close to the posts and he still converts them. These are his two pennalty goals from tonight´s match versus Braga:
  8. El Profesor

    Alex Telles - Man United

    I´ve always been fan, since Grêmio. Definitely, one of the best in the world at crossing. His technique to strike the ball is really impressive. This assist is from tonight´s match agains Braga.
  9. El Profesor

    Riqui Puig Not Wanted By Koeman

    I don´t think Puig is ready to be a full-time starter for Barcelona, so in my opinion loaning is the best thing to do for him development. He needs to play regular football. Having said that, loans are tricky. Many teams prefer to give minutes to the players they own, so it´s up to Koeman and to the Barça board to find the right place for his growth. Puig is a great talent, but he still need to gain muscle and experience. England is not the right place for him, since he´s still very fragile physically, but at the same time, when I read this news, the first thing that popped my mind was: "Man, Puig under Bielsa would be great."
  10. El Profesor

    Primeira Liga - Portugal

    I love the way Alex Telles strikes the ball. He´s such a great crosser. I´m not sure Porto can keep up with Benfica without him.
  11. Get De Laurentiis on the line immediately after the match and offer him whatever he wants for Koulibaly.
  12. Koeman told Puig he isn't getting much playing time this season. A loan would be ideal for Puig, he needs to play regularly and gain more body strenght. Barcelona should find a team that will give him minutes and that has a good structure for him to develop some muscles.
  13. Thiago chose Liverpool a long time ago. There's nothing United could do to convince him otherwise. He is a very smart guy, who carefully decides every step he takes in his career. He wanted to try Premier League football, but on his terms, at the club and with a coach he wanted to play for and in scenario he judged favorable to him. When he left Barcelona, most were surprised, after all in 2013, Barcelona was the club every player dreamed of, but he was proven right and the gamble of going to Germany really paid off.
  14. El Profesor

    Unpopular Football Opinions

    From the comfort of a sofa, every goal could be avoided. In many instances, goalkeepers and defenders are unfairly blamed.
  15. Some observations from the 1st half of the Girona friendly: - Araújo and Trincão are good, they will be important for Barcelona this season; - Coutinho looks impressive in the pressing, the Bayern loan after all might have done him good, he is stronger physically and more commited to his defensive obligations as well; - Front three without Suárez is much more athletic and pacy; - Messi... seems happy? ; - Koeman has a much better idea of what he wants from this team than Setién; - Playing with this motivation and hunger, Barça can definitely fight for La Liga. @Carnivore Chris