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  1. The real winner of this deal is São Paulo. They´ll be getting almost 100 million reais. That´s a ton of money for a brazilian club. I like Antony, he´s a very good player. He creates lots of chances with his vision and dribbling on the right side. Being also familiar with ten Hag system is also a plus. Having said that, I don´t like that fee though. He´s nowhere near a 100 million euros player.
  2. FSG sucks so much. They have the best coach in the world and instead of suportting him and giving the squad he deserves to build a winning era, they save money. They did the same thing with the Red Sox, they traded away a generational talent in Mookie Betts for peanuts. I remember Klopp being interested in bringing Paquetá in 2018. It would have been a perfect fit. A shame he went to Milan.
  3. Paquetá is the perfect Klopp midfielder. Despite being more of an attacking midfielder, he really works hard defensively. His game has a lot of intensity and at his best, he is one of most entertaining players in world football. He is inconsistent though, perhaps because his playing style demands so much energy.
  4. That means Guardiola is really counting on Julián Álvarez for the next season. I thought City would loan him for another european club but looks like Álvarez will go straight to the 1st team.
  5. I mean, for Neymar Chelsea would be the perfecf fit. He goes to a league where every game is competitive, unlike Ligue 1. He's the kind of player who loves the big stage and Premier League is the biggest of them all nowadays. There is also the aspect of the physicality of Ligue 1. French football is brutal. If I'm not wrong, he broke his foot twice on opponent tackles. I listed some reasons why that would be a good move for Neymar. As for Chelsea, I think it could make sense if Tuchel is on board. Neymar played some of the best football of his career under Tuchel. Lastly, Neymsr hasn't been a winger for years now, he's lost some pace but he's still an amazing player. His vision and creativity are still there, he still creates many chances for his team.
  6. El Profesor

    Songs You Hate

    "All the Small Things".
  7. If I were a Liverpool fan I would be excited. The last time a team made a huge comeback at a UCL semifinal, LFC won the title.
  8. Definitely. Finals between teams of the same country are generally boring. It's a shame that Ramos left Real this season, would love to see he and Salah going at each other once again.
  9. Real Madrid subs are the difference. Camavinga and Rodrygo with a huge impact.
  10. Our group in 2018: Brazil - Switzerland - Serbia - Costa Rica Our group in 2022: Brazil - Switzerland - Serbia - Cameroon
  11. So much suffering and unintended consequences out of this war.
  12. Well, there's the presidential election this year here and it'll probably WWIII between Lula and Bolsonaro supporters. We should form a TF365 colony in Uruguay.
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