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  1. Bravado

    Copa Libertadores 2018

    Great performance by Palmeiras yesterday.
  2. Bravado

    Primeira Liga - Portugal

    Mental! That was huge!
  3. Bravado

    Campeonato Brasileiro - Brazil

    Right you were! Grêmio managed to win it, what a great result for them.
  4. Bravado

    Primeira Liga - Portugal

    I get why people say that, and definitely take your point, but Benfica are still gonna face Sporting away. Very tough battle.
  5. Seriously though, I think they've got enough to stay up. Of course they're gonna need some players, but I guess Mendes can just help them with that.
  6. Bravado

    Campeonato Brasileiro - Brazil

    Don't you consider Palmeiras firm favourites to take the title?
  7. Bravado

    Primeira Liga - Portugal

    Sporting are a total mess atm. They did play well against Atletico Madrid yesterday, though.
  8. Bravado

    Campeonato Brasileiro - Brazil

    The league kicks off tomorrow. Let's see how it goes!
  9. Bravado

    Campeonato Brasileiro - Brazil

    These results were mad.
  10. Arsenal played the exact same way as last time. City are ace but this is just plain ridiculous.
  11. Bravado

    Primeira Liga - Portugal

    It is though. Absolutely love it!
  12. Bravado

    World Cup 2018 Kits

    Apart from Nigeria and Switzerland, they're all (surprisingly) nice.
  13. Bravado

    Primeira Liga - Portugal

    This. As a foreigner I find it all very odd, really.
  14. Bravado

    Primeira Liga - Portugal

    Where should I start? There are so many wrong stuff happening at the same time...