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  1. We always do these days
  2. Think they are to be decided from the Concacaf Nations League competition.
  3. Almost the entire team has been brought in this season. So it would be his recruitment as well that's let him down. A bit of a wider look for a manager is required. With Barry Robson probably going to be interim manager, he can't do a much worse job than has been since the season restarted.
  4. Gone today, but we'll overdue. Each of the last three games has been a sack worthy offence. My views on him never really improved. They never looked good because of an overall plan, but due to just individual talent. And defensively look worse, and more unorganised than ever. Cormack is now onto his third managerial appointment in under two years. And one he needs to get right. There is a huge need to look outwith the UK and find a different approach.
  5. To be hosted in America, with 6 Concacaf nations to take part in the tournament.
  6. His book with Gabriele Marcotti is one of my favourite reads. A must have for the Football Italia generation of the 90s. Him in the Autoglass sponsored Chelsea top is still my first impression of Chelsea and how I most associate them.
  7. Sacked their manager after 3 games. Liz Truss lasted longer. And their own players are questioning the clubs transfers on Twitter.
  8. Half the England team waving imaginary cards? But I was told that was only big bad Johnny Foreigner that did it?!
  9. Probably not a good sign that this case is going well for the club...
  10. Watching this match, I sympathise with people that don't like this sport. Soft as fuck.
  11. Why are Wales just playing long, high ball after long, high ball? This USA team isn't exactly weak in physicality or height.
  12. A reminder that Qatar lost in a friendly to Linfield (Northern Ireland's champions) a few months ago. They've been as hopeless as expected.
  13. Local businessman to acquire the club and have submitted a bid to acquire the stadium (formerly known as the Ricoh Arena). Which somehow is owned by Mike Ashley...
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