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  1. ScoRoss

    Sunderland Till I Die - Netflix

    They seem very inconsistent with their crowd reactions. Showing Sunderland scoring away to Norwich and then showing a crowd scene at the Stadium of Light. Seems to happen throughout the first two episodes. A small issue but it's bugged the hell out of me.
  2. ScoRoss

    Qatar 2022

    Shock news that countries would vote in favour of making it easier to qualify for the World Cup.
  3. Premier Sports have won rights to the Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup in recent months. Wouldn't surprise if they made a play to widen their audience further with some European Football. At least they already have a television channel to show them on...
  4. Serie A was the only major European league to have a title race last season with Juventus eventually winning by for points. The Bundesliga was won by 21 points, Ligue 1 by 13 points, the EPL by 19 and La Liga by 14 points. They have also been far more competitive in Europe in recent seasons than their French and German counterparts.
  5. A return to Serie A, which is now made up of all Italian coaches. Has never been the same since his tremendous spells as Parma and Fiorentina manager. Genoa's third manager of the season, so not exactly high hopes for some time to shape and improve the team.
  6. Some shots taken at his former teammates by saying his teammates at Juventus are humble. He really is completely self aware now...
  7. Has Lacazette been the best?
  8. Will be interesting to see how they build on the interest that has been raised in the competition throughout the world next year. Whether this was a one-off or perhaps a start to showing the Copa Libertadores as a competition with a global interest in it.
  9. Winning the Scottish Cup against Rangers? Not good enough for Alex Ferguson.
  10. ScoRoss

    SPFL Match Chat - 2018/19

    Also during Clarke's time at Kilmarnock, they've played Celtic four times winning two and drawing the other two. A record they'll look to extend on Saturday when they met again.
  11. ScoRoss

    SPFL Match Chat - 2018/19

    In the last 38 league games Celtic have 78 points, Kilmarnock have 75 points. Steve Clarke has transformed the club.
  12. ScoRoss

    SPFL Match Chat - 2018/19

    Steven Gerrard vs Aberdeen: P3 W0 D1 L2 Class above...
  13. ScoRoss

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    "According to Euro 2020 competition regulations, every team with a free matchday must fill it with a friendly." Why though? They introduce the Nations League to 'scrap' friendlies, but are now forcing teams to play them.