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  1. With a loan for €1.5 billion secured, the project looks to have the go ahead. Barcelona will likely play at the city's Olympic Stadium, previously home of Espanyol, whilst work in underway at the Camp Nou.
  2. Newcastle United getting £200 million transfer budget, and £600k free in wages. Sounds like the perfect place to start off and get used to this game.
  3. ScoRoss


    Was referring to the baseball team
  4. ScoRoss


    Cleveland are also changing their name. It will be the 'Cleveland Guardians' after this season.
  5. Aren't Newcastle just going to do what Chelsea and Man City did, and basically sweep up all the good players from the lower half of the Premiership? So little wonder James Tarkowski has been linked, but surely likely to see people like Zaha, Ward Prowse and Sam Johnstone linked as well. Can't go full Chelsea 2003 with the limits in place, but fully raising the standard and at least be good enough to be a squad player in 2 to 3 years.
  6. Could just play it in November / December with the players that are left.
  7. UEFA normally take a hissy fit if you try and televise games when their competitions are on, if FIFA do the same what are Sky going to do during that period? I imagine they'd like to flood their schedule with lower league games.
  8. Miami based 777 Partners become the 7th North American owners of a Serie A club. The group also has a stake in La Liga side Sevilla. Buying a 99.9% stake in Italy's oldest club for €150 million.
  9. Pretty sure any time Celtic or Rangers don't win, there will be sections of their support wanting to sack their board, get rid of their manager and sell all their players. I'm not sure this is news.
  10. Rangers deny BT Sport pundits entry to their stadium...
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