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  1. ScoRoss

    Next Kilmarnock Manager

    Conte's former assistant is now the 2/5 favourite
  2. He's Italian, but your point stands. Montella has been woeful in his last two jobs, so I expect him to be on a short leash. Certainly a full preseason will help him implement his style on the team more.
  3. Scottish football Twitter remains undefeated
  4. I thought that was rather odd too, but seen a few people trying to rationalise it that they are a fan owned club. Whether I buy that or not is a different matter.
  5. Celtic channeling their inner Trump.
  6. As much rationale as appointing Maldini.
  7. Zvonimir Boban appointed Chief Football Officer Paolo Maldini appointed Technical Director Seems at least someone is impressed.
  8. ScoRoss

    Scottish Transfer Rumours

    Probably the weirdest transfer of the summer
  9. ScoRoss

    Blackpool FC

  10. Amazon have all the Boxing Day games? Also this must be the first time all games from a round of fixtures are on television?
  11. ScoRoss

    Safe Standing

  12. 15 league goals from the 19 year old last season. Not hanging around like last summer and John McGinn.