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  1. After the dismiss of the Super League, now was the time for UEFA to take back some spots from the bigger leagues. Or at least take back some automatic places from them. Instead, they do this shite and give what would be 5 automatic places to one country. Horrific.
  2. Eurosport and BT Sport to merge into one service. With Warner Bros. Discovery to operate the service. With their combined rights they'll have UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the Premier League, Premiership Rugby, UFC, the Olympic Games, tennis Grand Slams featuring the Australian Open and Roland-Garros, cycling Grand Tours including the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia and the winter sports World Cup season.
  3. What a header from Abraham to give Roma the lead. Just wish BT Sport weren't obliged to have a complete moron alongside Peter Drury for these games. It's like watching some terrible club TV stream.
  4. Jermaine Jenas is testing how much I enjoy Peter Drury's commentary. Him not understanding why Abraham putting his studs on a Leicester players ankle is a yellow card, but then questioning why a standard foul isn't a yellow... At least this year he knows who actually plays for Roma, after his embarrassing commentary in their game against Ajax in last year's Europa League quarter finals.
  5. Alex Neil appointed. Seems to be a mixed reaction, judging by social media. Although not sure if that's down to the announcement taking a while or the actual appointment itself.
  6. Thiago Almada officially signs. Another in a line of South Americans joining.
  7. Seems that their competing boxing rights were a major factor. The UK seems to be the trickiest market to break almost anywhere. Sky are such a juggernaut, anyone bidding against them just end up paying ridiculous prices. I would have thought that they would have at least done the Premier Sports / Eleven Sports strategy of picking up the lesser rights to main sports, or picking up a fewer cheaper / niche sports.
  8. UK and Éire pull out of the running. Focusing on Euro 2028 bid instead.
  9. Very Macheda-esqe winner from Giroud last night. Huge result for Milan, keeping it very tight at the top of the league.
  10. DAZN out of negotiations. Now in exclusive negotiations with Discovery.
  11. Raith Rovers have stated he will not play for the club. Expect some pressure on the club's chairman, remaining directors and manager to follow. At a time where clubs have already been struggling, losing sponsors and (more importantly) supporters, they'll have a lot of pressure to do so. A horrific story, but it's at least a glimmer of hope that fans still have a huge amount of sway in the running of a so-called community club. I expect it'll take a lot for some fans to return and even more for the return of the people that had been previously associated with the club. Some of who had given the club their time, efforts and support. They, no doubt, have had a very emotional week and a lot of tough decisions to step away.
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