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  1. Whole load of revisionist history about Juventus after this game.
  2. It's almost as if the Champions League would be good, even if half the team weren't from just four leagues...
  3. ScoRoss

    Pioli to Leave Fiorentina

    Should do a good job with them. Has a habit of doing well with midtable teams. Would have much preferred he had taken over at Roma than Ranieri.
  4. ScoRoss

    Copa America 2020

    Hence why it would be weird hosting the Copa America there.
  5. ScoRoss

    Copa America 2020

    Sorry. I meant between South America and Australia.
  6. ScoRoss

    Copa America 2020

    What's the time difference between the two? Would they even be on at a decent time?
  7. Thoroughly average at Fiorentina. But will be looked back favourably due to his remarkable handling of the club after Astori's passing. I expect a few heavy hearts from the players today.
  8. ScoRoss

    Group D

    We're gonna win the World Cup...
  9. A whole load of 'meh' from the teams trying to get into the Champions League next year. Only Roma actually won and even they just scraped it.
  10. ScoRoss

    Racism in football

  11. Huge game today with Inter Vs Atalanta. A win for Inter would almost secure Champions League football for them next season, a win for Atalanta and they'd be in the Champions League spots.
  12. Piatek put Milan ahead away to Juventus, who are far from their best.