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  1. Font is the candidate (supposedly) bringing in Xavi as coach and Puyol as the new head of their youth development, right? Seems like a nice thing to have as an election pledge, going a bit like Ajax / Bayern, but seems a huge gamble to make.
  2. Some familiar faces voting in the election today.
  3. Guessing that's just a British media spin on it. I imagine other countries that might have had similar restrictions on South American countries would have made it impossible for most of the players traveling back from abroad.
  4. March's qualifiers are postponed. Will be running out of time to complete these matches, if the current calendar is stuck to.
  5. ScoRoss

    The "Next" Golden Generation

    Serie A and Italy always seem to have had older players still playing at a very high level, even at the 'peak' of the league. Dario Hubner (there's a name for the Football Italia generation) was banging them in whilst in his mid 30s, meanwhile you have players like Luca Toni that were late to peak in their careers and scored plenty goals after turning 30.
  6. ScoRoss

    Inter Milan Thread

    Liverpool and Carlsberg? Seems to be my entire childhood that they had it on. Bayern seem to have had T-Mobile for ever as well. And seem to have the 'T' in the crowd whenever I've seen them.
  7. They are just trying to win the first UEFA Europa Conference League next season
  8. Coventry City to return to the city after agreeing a 10 year deal with the owners of the Ricoh Arena.
  9. ScoRoss

    Jamaica National Team

    I'm guessing he's probably had Leon Bailey in his ear the last few weeks. For the rest of them, would be nice to get an all expenses trip to some nice locations in an international break...
  10. ScoRoss

    Football Manager 2021 - Discussion Thread

    Have been doing a few saves, one with Kaiser Chiefs and one with Boca Juniors. Bentancur's 50% sell on fee came in majestically when PSG bought him from Juventus for €60 million. Have basically been domainate in South America since, and one the last World Club Cup before it reformed. Now it's impossible to compete with the schedule and the fact FM thinks your players should be on holiday... Both have kinda reached their limits, as both are pretty easy to reach the top in each continent but anything more than that is almost impossible. Having just started a new save with Stuttgart, but their squad is just completely wrong for my preferred 4-3-3. So might be a while before I can turn them into contenders. Also have been thinking about a Queens Park save, now they've turned professional, would like to see how much I could grow them into a top flight Scottish team starting from the bottom.
  11. Amongst the players they are in the process of 'recruiting' are: Ivan Toney Mason Holgate Andre Gray Demarai Gray Max Aarons Liam Moore Kemar Roofe Nathan Redmond Isaac Hayden Following on from their pursuit of Michael Antonio
  12. ScoRoss

    Inter Milan Thread

    Pirelli will no longer be Inter's shirt sponsor, from next season. Probably the most iconic sponsor of a team, I've never seen Inter not have them on their shirts.
  13. Former President Josep Maria Bartomeu has also been arrested at his house this morning.
  14. Milan, not in the best of form, made Roma look pretty poor again. Fonseca's team are flat track bullies and just can't perform in any big game against a good team. The lack of any pace or width in the team is so evident. Milan play with such a high line, but it never really looked like Roma could actually exploit it. It beyond evident, but never seems to affect any team selection. Overall Roma's squad is just about done. Monchi's Italian misadventure is still being felt with Pastore sitting in the bench, with no hope of actually effecting any game but still taking home €150k a week. Never mind the fact that Fazio was starting, whilst Bruno Peres and Juan Jesus are sitting in the bench. So much deadwood and Roma just look old and slow. Even their impact substitute is an over the hill Pedro, who isn't galloping away from defenders anymore. It's hard to blame Fonseca entirely, with this poorly constructed squad and lack of any financial flexibility. But he just seem inflexible to make it work, that I'd doubt if he could make it work with a better squad to the heights that Roma could be aspiring to. It's groundhog Day with this post, but it just seems to be groundhog Day with Roma this season. And sadly I know how this movie ends. I just wanna see more Riccardo Calafiori, more Tommaso Milanese, and less mediocre players where their limits have already been seen.