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  1. Italy is worse as well, because they interrupt the middle of the season as well. Mainly so they can play it in the Middle East (It's almost as if holding a football tournament in the Middle East in summer is a bad idea...) At least if it's at the beginning of the season, it might be a little more palatable.
  2. Seems like that was this season. My point remains
  3. And will be played abroad. Seems the likely 'make up' for the La Liga games abroad
  4. But would anyone prefer playing on an artificial pitch over a high standard of grass pitch? Players at the Women's World Cup in Canada complained about turf burns, and that's at the highest level of competition.
  5. Roma sneak out a win tonight, mainly thanks to Olsen. Performances need to improve, especially to compete in the Champions League as well.
  6. Within the petition is also increased standards for grass pitches. Aberdeen manage to keep their pitch to a high standard throughout the year, and that's even when starting playing games at the end of June through to May. It's not like these other places are a most hospitable climate. Also, can't think of a single Scottish football team that shares it's ground with a rugby team.
  7. Seems a legitimate argument for players wanting them banned then.
  8. 6 goals in his first 5 games at Milan. Quite a season this guy is having. From an unknown to Milan's biggest hope for returning to the Champions League.
  9. Will have been better than Livingston's pitch, that's for sure.
  10. I train on an astroturf pitch every week, and I'd far rather be on a grass pitch. It's not even about the 'impact' of the pitch, but the burns it causes on people's legs.
  11. Americans seem to dislike people 'running up the score'. Pretty sure coaches have been fired at high school level for trying to win basketball games by close to 100 points. When you're dealing with kids, it might be a bit different though. But most of the sports are different from football where goal difference is a thing.
  12. Never mind the Mourinho payoff, how did Ed Woodward get a payrise?
  13. There's going to be no one left in the South American qualifiers at this rate.