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  1. ScoRoss

    Bruno Fernandes - Midfielder Linked With Man Utd

    Deal appears to be off
  2. ScoRoss

    SPFL Match Chat 2019/20

    The winter break is over with a full round of fixtures tonight in the Scottish Premiership.
  3. ScoRoss

    How to Fix the English League Cup

    David Moyes wants to make the League Cup, a British Cup.
  4. ScoRoss

    Copa Libertadores 2020

    The road to the Maracanã starts tonight in Venezuela
  5. ScoRoss

    Javier Hernandez - Joins LA Galaxy

    Thoughts? @Teso dos Bichos @Vader
  6. Can't help but think there will be some fix-up with the UEFA Nations League to make it almost impossible for the 'top' European sides to miss out on a World Cup.
  7. ScoRoss

    Reinier Jesus Moves to Madrid

    Seen reports that he had a release fee of around €35 million
  8. ScoRoss

    Scottish Cup 2019/20

    Wasn't the greatest Aberdeen performance, and McInnes gave into the endless drones of 'play two up front' that drown the club's social media account. Hedges should be given a run ahead of McGinn if he is to turn to this for a longer time, as he has the stamina and pace to cover defensively as well. Also nice to see a resemblance of a midfield again with Ojo back from injury and McGeouch in there. Into the next round and hopefully another home tie and another chance for the 'Red Shed' after yesterday.
  9. La Liga TV is free on Sky TV for this and next weekend.
  10. Lazio, once again are hugely impressive yesterday. Not much title challenge talk around them but, if Immobile stays healthy, they could be in it until the very end of the season. They have had the advantage of concentrating only on the league so far, after basically not caring about the Europa League. Napoli are now in a complete right off for this season. Expect a few of their older and more established players to be off in the summer, and a rebuild to happen.
  11. ScoRoss

    Scottish Cup 2019/20

    Fourth round kickoff tonight with Rangers Vs Stanraer. The Premiership clubs have been off sunning themselves for a few weeks, so will be interesting to see how they compare with the lower league teams who have been playing non stop since August.
  12. Moved back to January / February for 2021.