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  1. ScoRoss

    Coronavirus and Football

  2. ScoRoss

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    And has decided to spread it here. He can completely get to fuck.
  3. Probably the first club to go public with this, but I imagine it's something being repeated across football worldwide. Ticket sales (never mind all the other match day revenue) makes up, on average 43% of Scottish Premiership club's income, so having potentially months of no games will cripple some clubs.
  4. ScoRoss

    Football Books

    Going to have a lot of free time over the next few months it seems, so looking for some suggestions about football related books that are worth reading. Books I've already read / sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read: The Mixer - Michael Cox (Got Zonal Marking on Pre-order for when it comes out in paperback next month) Fear and Loathing in La Liga - Sid Lowe My Turn - Johan Cryuff The Nowhere Men - Michael Calvin Soccernomics - Simon Kuper Football Against the Enemy - Simon Kuper Calcio - John Foot Morbo - Phil Ball Barca - Graham Hunter Barca - Jimmy Burns Inverting the Pyramid - Jonathan Wilson Angels with Dirty Faces - Jonathan Wilson The Numbers Game - Chris Anderson and David Sally The Miracle of Castel Di Sangro - Joe McGinniss (Also have copies of all three of Sir Alex Ferguson's books, but they are signed hardbacks so really need to buy paperback versions as I'd like to read them again...)
  5. ScoRoss

    Coronavirus and Football

  6. ScoRoss

    Coronavirus and Football

    SPFL announce that games will go ahead this weekend because they're spineless cunts.
  7. ScoRoss

    Ralf Rangnick to Milan

    Maldini is vastly out of touch with reality. When speaking about Rangnick he said “In all honesty, as director of sport, with all due respect, I don’t think he is the right profile for a club like ours.” Which is true. Leipzig are in the Champions League Quarter Finals, and in the title race in Germany. Meanwhile, Milan have been irrelevant for a decade. It would be a huge step down...
  8. ScoRoss

    Charlton Athletic

    Honeymoon period well and truly over.
  9. Rangnick to join in the summer. Malini, Boban and Pioli look all set to leave.
  10. European games are going ahead, behind closed doors, but all domestic games are suspended.