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  1. Bit of a revolving door at the moment.
  2. NYCFC allegedly didn't act on David Villa sexually harassing an intern.
  3. He just seems to not have any confidence at all in front of goal. About three occasions on Sunday where he had to take it first time, and just delayed and delayed. Looked like he was more concerned with maybe hitting a bad shot rather than taking himself out of a good position.
  4. If he comes on tonight ahead of Shankland or Griffiths, I'll have to apologize to the people across the street for my language... Probably the next street over too.
  5. ScoRoss

    Primeira Liga - Portugal

    Benfica's Tiago Pinto joins Roma at General Manager. Any inside information on him? Not much to go on with a quick Google search.
  6. How anyone paid £20 million for Oliver McBurnie is beyond me. So many chances, but couldn't take one of them.
  7. Three defeats in a week for Sunderland. Surely Parkinson must be under a fair bit of pressure now.
  8. ScoRoss

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    Scotland have never missed in a penalty shot out. Never in doubt...
  9. ScoRoss

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    Unbelievable. Doesn't matter how it was done. It's just an unbelievable feeling. What a fucking rollercoaster.
  10. ScoRoss

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    This is agony
  11. ScoRoss

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    The biggest game for Scotland, since 2008, and of course it comes when no one can actually be there. It's Scotland, so of course I don't have much confidence, but weirder things have happened this year. So why not...
  12. They say never go back, but he just hasn't gone on to the same level of success since. His Fiorentina team, and formerly Parma team, were a delight to watch. (Also seems mind boggling it's been a decade since he was there!)
  13. Roma unconvincing this afternoon, but to score 3 goals away from home without Dzeko, is something anyone would take. Defensively, still a bit suspect at times. Spinazzola going off also is a major worry, with so many games and such a thin and unbalanced squad. Pau Lopez also continues to be a bit suspect. Doesn't breed confidence and doesn't exactly impose himself. For all his flaws, I'd rather have his opposite number today, Perin, in goals.
  14. Aberdeen's local radio station puts perspective on it... Just hoping he is too busy to return here and ruin more of the countryside with another of his golf courses.