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  1. Wouldn't suggest that Napoli will lose any sleep over this. They have no desire to be in this competition, and almost any competition aside from Serie A.
  2. Yer Da Becomes Interim Manager

    At the very least, I hope he puts together a fresh coaching staff with some new ideas to be brought into the setup. If Mark McGhee or Stuart McCall are seen anywhere near Hampden again, we might as well just give up and go home now.
  3. Another manager rejecting the turmoil of an English Championship club to stay and build on what he has done so far. He took over last season with them sitting at the bottom of the league, and are now 14 points clear at the top of the SPFL Championship. Massive favorites to be champions at the end of the season and certain job security (even if they struggle next season) against lots of money but immediate pressure, I know what I would prefer.
  4. Basically Scotland's version of 'The Sun'. Rather amusing that they are the source for an English football story.
  5. Yer Da Becomes Interim Manager

    After all that, then end up with McLeish. The job seems to be truly unappealing to any manager with options, so they end up with a guy out of work for two years.
  6. Monetary reasons. But they let him go so early in the summer without a replacement having been lined up. The selling him isn't the biggest issue here, it's the amateurish negotiating. Aside from the 29 goals and 17 assists he had for Roma? I wouldn't personally classify him as wasteful.
  7. Maybe not predicted the level he reached, but he was worth more than that already for Roma in their team. At least I thought it was easy to tell how good he was until I seen some of the comments in here
  8. Monchi trying to justify this horrendous transfer for Roma. Even if it does reach €50 million, is that even enough for a quality player like Salah now?
  9. Genoa have been superb recently. Fully expect them to be comfortably midtable by the end of the season. I expect them to give Inter a good game this weekend, they are far more inform than their opponents. Having the three promoted teams in the bottom three and already a gap emerging is a horrible demonstration of the gap between even the bottom of Serie A and Serie B. Benevento are probably wishing this season could already be over.
  10. Will be weird seeing Milan without the three strips. Never a good look when it's the kit manufacturer ending the deal and not the club. Another financial blow for the club.
  11. Title Race? What's That?

    At least the EPL seems to have a different Champion each year (well from a small selection of teams). No team has retained the EPL since Man United's domainance from 2006 to 2009. The television money (along with the foreign millions) has evened out the EPL in recent years. Not perfect by any manner, but at least it's not one club winning 4/5/6 titles in a row.
  12. Title Race? What's That?

    Some of these leagues can be explained by the breakup of countries within Eastern Europe, but it's a worrying development in the 'smaller' countries of Europe that is developing. Champions League money is such a huge factor for clubs in these leagues and can hugely distort the finances of the clubs competing against each other.
  13. Owen Coyle Set for Ross County

    Been in charge of Ross County for 20 games, 4 wins, 4 draws and 12 defeats. Far from the record that most people were expecting when he arrived. Looking at his record, he seems to have a pretty poor run of jobs since leaving Burnley. His reputation of 'good football' seems a be a reason for him being linked with jobs all the time, but that has been far from the evidence so far at Ross County. He has also brought in around the same time as Steve Clarke at Kilmarnock and that comparison will do him no good at all. Both former EPL managers, but it's not even a comparison on their impacts that they have had. Ross County usually have a huge turnover in players every window and January was no different. 7 players brought in, but most of them are players who haven't been playing regularly in the first half of the season. Chris Eagles and David N'Gog may be recognisable names to some, but when you expect them to bring them out of trouble and they can't last 90 minutes, it's not going to be successful. Losing Liam Boyce last summer was a huge blow, but similar clubs to Ross County have lost similar quality players before and not had a collapse like they have this season. They brought in Billy Mckay who has consistently scored goals in the top flight in Scotland, even for poor teams, and he hasn't even scored for them yet. That definitely points to something that is wrong with the team.