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  1. ScoRoss

    Italy National Team Discussion

    Mancini signs a new deal until the 2026 World Cup. Obviously still to lead them at a tournament, but has brought about a great improvement in the team and a much more youthful squad.
  2. Their home form has been really poor this season, can't seem to break teams down well. They've only won 8/19 home games, compared to 15/18 away games. Which, is the one thing that gives them hope with having to go win away to Atalanta next weekend.
  3. Milan have went from title challengers, to probably not making the top four. It's been a disastrous few months for them. Juventus are inevitably going to make it in now...
  4. Allegri has been out of football since leaving Juventus in 2019, and has been linked with several Premier League jobs in the time being.
  5. ScoRoss

    Copa America 2021

    BBC to show all the matches from the Copa America, in the UK.
  6. How many get in per year? I imagine all of the nominees will get in eventually, just a matter of when.
  7. Xavi staying in Qatar, renewing his contract for another two years. Guessing Koeman isn't going anywhere in the near future then?
  8. Contract due to expire in June, so will be available for a free transfer
  9. It's also, probably fair to say, that this shows that the 3pm blackout rule is coming back eventually.
  10. Was listening to David Ornstein's podcast a couple days ago, and basically the league was looking to avoid bidding on the deals as most other leagues in Europe have seen a decline in their deals recently. Also seemed to suggest that BT Sport was looking for an 'exit strategy', now that their broadband war with Sky has seemingly been 'settled'. Mentioned that ITV were perhaps interested in taking a stake in them, which would give them use of BT Sport's studios etc, and a possibility of European club competitions returning to Free to Air television in Britain.
  11. ScoRoss

    Eredivisie - Netherlands

  12. ScoRoss

    Primeira Liga - Portugal

    Sporting CP win their first title since 2001/02.
  13. ScoRoss

    Champions League Final Moved To Porto

    Heading to Portugal