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  1. ScoRoss

    The Athletic - UK Hiring Spree

    Why do a traditional match report that people could just find on the BBC or elsewhere? Michael Cox breaks down games, and I've mostly read their SPFL section which highlights individuals performances or trends from recent games. I can't say I've spent much time within their EPL or EFL sections to get a full picture of what they are doing there.
  2. Sky Sports rule themselves out.
  3. Is it the weekend yet? It's been a long three month wait for Serie A to return!
  4. ScoRoss

    2019 Puskas Award

    Quagliarella or Townsend for me.
  5. Would it be value for money for them though? Not only the initial outlay for the coverage, but then actually producing the games being shown. La Liga has messed this completely, but if they are 'indifferent' to the UK it's their own doing.
  6. ScoRoss

    Steven N'Zonzi Moves to Roma

    Pretty much sums up Monchi's time at the club. Couldn't cut it.
  7. Immediately thought of this...
  8. I thought La Liga was fairly stupid with the Eleven Sport deal last year, effectively minimising their reach in the UK, but now to be a couple of weeks out from the season and having no deal at all... How they don't have these deals tied up years in advance is incomprehensible to me.
  9. ScoRoss

    SPFL Match Chat 2019/20

    St Johnstone have had an utter disastrous summer and have been humbled in their League Cup games by part time teams. Maybe Tommy Wright has been there too long now, or perhaps cost cutting has too far. Seems like a long season ahead for them.
  10. ScoRoss

    SPFL Match Chat 2019/20

    At least get the name of the league right...