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  1. Retweeted by Fabrizio Romano as well. Two very reliable sources.
  2. ScoRoss

    Leroy Sané - Bayern Deal Almost Complete

    Moving to Bayern... Where did it all go wrong?
  3. ScoRoss

    2020/2021 Kits

    *Awaits David Marshall's short film*
  4. Seems to be for if they are relegated without the points deduction or not. If they are relegated the deduction goes into effect next year. Would seem to be a procedure to avoid clubs going into administration at a convenient time for themselves.
  5. ScoRoss

    The Birth Of Scotland National Team

    There are a lot of talented players coming through in recent years, but seem to be clustered in the same positions. Not many options at right back, but have the two best left backs in at least the last 25 years for the national team. Have some options at centre back, but no great talent but now seem to have an abundance of central midfielders. And plenty of wingers and creative attackers playing at a high level, but no centre forward (maybe McBurnie or Griffiths) but not on the same level. Under 21 striker Fraser Hornby has just moved to Ligue 1 with Stade de Reims, so hopefully he'll see more first team football and can break into the squad soon.
  6. ScoRoss

    SPFL Trust Receive £3m Donation

    Another donation of £100k to help the women's game in Scotland. Some much support and especially at this time.
  7. ScoRoss


    Juventus back in it...?
  8. ScoRoss

    2020/2021 Kits

    Rangers new kit.
  9. Signing a 31 year old, on massive wages and blocking game time for younger, more dynamic players. Can't say I'm a massive fan of this. Will only be compounded when they sign a 30 year old defender, for €20m, also on huge wages...
  10. Fantastic goal by Ronaldo last night.