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  1. Probably not a good sign that this case is going well for the club...
  2. Watching this match, I sympathise with people that don't like this sport. Soft as fuck.
  3. Why are Wales just playing long, high ball after long, high ball? This USA team isn't exactly weak in physicality or height.
  4. A reminder that Qatar lost in a friendly to Linfield (Northern Ireland's champions) a few months ago. They've been as hopeless as expected.
  5. Local businessman to acquire the club and have submitted a bid to acquire the stadium (formerly known as the Ricoh Arena). Which somehow is owned by Mike Ashley...
  6. If Celtic Park and Ibrox were included, that would be three stadiums in Glasgow. Any bid from the SFA would include Hampden (a hopefully redeveloped Hampden), and there would be no end to the shambles it would cause if they picked only one of the others as well. Personally, if Hampden isn't going to be redeveloped, I'd rather have the other two instead. But the SFA were always going to include their own stadium.
  7. Villa Park, Birmingham, Everton Stadium, Liverpool London Stadium, London Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London Wembley Stadium, London City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester St James' Park, Newcastle Stadium of Light, Sunderland Old Trafford, Trafford Dublin Arena, Dublin Croke Park, Dublin Casement Park Stadium, Belfast Hampden Park, Glasgow National Stadium of Wales, Cardiff
  8. Rangers were already out, and van Bronckhorst is complaining their league match wasn't postponed at the weekend... Honestly, he can fuck right off with that shit.
  9. Final is today. BBC have the rights to it within the UK again. Hopefully works better than the iPlayer last year.
  10. I see the Crypto Bros have monitored all the data and analytics, and are getting some YouTubers in to play for them instead...
  11. Hilarious to see Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane squirming over Ronaldo being dropped. What's the point of having these awful pundits, when they aren't even impartial to what they are asked to analyse.
  12. Ideally hoping for some combination of Iceland, Faroe Islands and Gibraltar. Fully expecting Sweden / Norway, Greece / Turkiye and Slovakia.
  13. Seems a very snide way of getting more votes from the Spain / Portugal bid. Just the very thing to gain popularity to just throw Ukraine in there. (Although nothing will be as bad as the Brewdog special Ukraine beer...) I'm accepting of the point of having multiple countries are going to have to be involved in hosting World Cups / European Championships from now on, because of the size of the competition. But at some point they need to make geographic sense. And this is about as ridiculous as it's getting, the previous best being the Argentina/ Uruguay bid with Columbia tacked on for some reason.
  14. Instead of actually opening up the bidding to other parties, and possible new platforms, they basically just extend the current deal for a decade with Sky. A lot of unhappy and frustrated fans after this.
  15. A tremendous international window for Scotland. Very thankful for Craig Gordon. League A awaits!
  16. Craig Gordon rescuing Scotland again. Far too open down the left hand side
  17. Huge game for Porteous to come in for and, to a lesser extent, Ryan Jack to be thrown back in. Can't afford to think about only needing a draw and sitting back in this game. This team has far more quality in midfield going forward than in the defence.
  18. Was more a comment about their performance in the match, rather than them as players. They definitely looked more comfortable without the ball, playing on the counter, and were erratic and unable to maintain possession when Scotland pressed them high up the pitch in the second half. Honestly, I can't say I'm familiar with most of Ireland's team these days. Seem to be more akin to Scotland about a decade ago with most of their players pulled from the English Championship.
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