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  1. No, the thread is about the premier League players that you think are just in form or are actually quality players. It's not about how "little Peru" are the strongest underdogs in world football despite them being actually average in the grand scheme of things. You're from Peru, we get it. Does it have to be mentioned in every single discussion though? Tiresome mate.
  2. Shocking performance. Wish I'd kept with my gut and stuck 1-1 on last night's game.
  3. Rick

    Michel Vorm - Liverpool

    Should have got him in instead of Lonegan.
  4. Rick

    Daniel Sturridge Signs for Trabzonspor

    Must be getting a shit ton of cash to go there as he won't be short of better clubs offering.
  5. That non offside took far too long to sort out though. One quick glance and you can see he's not offside, so do it as soon as the goal goes in the net and your check is done while the team are still celebrating. Not 10 slo-mo replays to check for an offside in a back pass! Fucking overkill.
  6. Such a well worked corner, great pass from Moutinho and Neves with that finish. Class.
  7. Took Utd in the prediction league, but if Wolves approach it like Chelsea did last week then they will win. Their Defence is better than Chelsea's right now.
  8. Well I enjoyed the world building that was done in the first act, I enjoyed seeing his place in Hollywood.
  9. The first hour has some of the funniest parts in it. The film is basically the story of an actor trying to navigate Hollywood...which is exactly what the first hour was wasn't it? I loved every minute of it myself. But different strokes and that
  10. It was an excellent film I thought. The portrayal of Bruce Lee was bizarre, but it still made me chuckle. Performance from DiCaprio was unreal. That man is something else.