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  1. Rick


    @Cicero they were bad though. I’ll never get over that fucking clown music that played whenever those cops appeared in either 5 or 6, just tragic.
  2. Bobby needs to get out of his own head, cause that should have been buried in the net.
  3. This is fucking stupidity now. Bring in the fucking five substitutions. Too much bastard football being played.
  4. Yeah, we’ve made Leicester look piss. Very good from us.
  5. Leeds are really poor for not winning that.
  6. Seriously though, where the fuck is Thiago?!
  7. I’d love to know out of the last 30 Utd games, how many penalties they’ve been given. Really does seem like every game.
  8. Garry Neville could barely talk for Kane’s bollocks in his gob. Was ridiculous.
  9. It’s past embarrassing now. Unless VDB is standing playing with his cock all the way through training, I don’t understand how he isn’t starting games.