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  1. Absolutely pathetic from the players and the manager.
  2. I’m fully expecting Leipzig to score twice against us second leg.
  3. That would have been some goal from Jota.
  4. Origi, Ox, Matip all need to go and be replaced with a first choice forward, a couple of centre backs, Central Midfielder (though I think Keita will end up staying) & a decent back up right back.
  5. I think this is a bit much, but we do need a fair few fresh legs in the summer to compete. Klopp has to look at the squad with a more ruthless eye, because his loyalty to players is what has us sitting with Origi and Ox on the bench. Two players who offer the square root of fuck all. Klopp really doesn’t help the chase for top four playing that back line either, it’s an absolute mess. Davies wondering what the fuck he has done wrong not to get in over Rhys Williams. Putting all our eggs in the Champions League basket is a bit mad as well. Do we really have a better chance of winning the CL than we do getting in the top four? Do we fuck.
  6. Salah, fuck sake. This is awful. Anybody in this league bar Sheffield can beat us.
  7. Has Davies picked up an injury? Because starting Williams over him is criminal, especially when you have Neco Williams in the back four. Few in here confident we will win, but Fulham have plenty about them going forward. They will look at that back four and fancy themselves big time.
  8. Amazon are gonna have to get more servers to handle the viewers for this.
  9. Doesn’t make a difference to us, we already made it clear none of the players were to be released for them.
  10. He’s incredible. Deserves better than this Dortmund side right now.
  11. Brighton need to go down because they do my fucking head in with how toothless they are.
  12. Dunk very lucky there. Urgh, some shit goalkeeping and Amartey takes the chance well tbf. Fucking annoying.
  13. Must win. Would like to see Fab back in the midfield and us play Davies but Klopp won’t do that.