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  1. City get away with fucking murder with these tactical fouls.
  2. Wolves look all over the place. One thing you could never accuse them of is being unorganised, but that’s exactly what the have been here.
  3. Wolves miss Doherty, he was one of their defenders who could bring it out from the back. Having Traore sitting deep to get the ball is no good.
  4. Rick

    Matteo Guendouzi

    I’d take that deal.
  5. Rick

    Matteo Guendouzi

    A swap for who?
  6. Origi has had big moments for us, and I fully respect the man for his contribution. I don’t want to get into this debate again 😂 whatever the club does, I’ll trust.
  7. Think I’m more annoyed if Origi gets minutes this season and likely does next to nothing with them. We’ll see, I’m not overly annoyed about this one. The buy back being 37m is good.
  8. This is good. He needs to be a proper rough round the edges version of Bond. We sort of got that a bit with Craig, but he still had the upper class accent and demeanor most the time.
  9. Bit shit to see him go, watch him bang them in for palace and us end up spending +10m to buy him back in 18 months time.