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  1. If we don’t smash these lot again next Monday I will be stunned and severely upset.
  2. Jesus Christ, this is awful even by Utd’s standards.
  3. Bellingham is not going to fix every issue in the middle. In my view, we need a couple of quality players in there, possibly more when you think of who we should be getting rid of. We have seen a summer where Bissouma & Phillips have both moved for reasonable transfer fees and Tielemans is one that could be bought for a fairly reasonable price as well with him only having a year left on the contract. Those three are quality players with potential to be world class, and they are all still in their mid twenties. I take the point about seeing different formations, that is a possibility. But Klopp is very set in his ways when it comes to the formation and we have barely ever seen anything different. I think people here are being very generous to a few players, but I’ll not go over them again. I guess we will just see, but there’s a reason that most of us showed concern when Thiago went off in that first game.
  4. You’re talking about Tchouameni? Bellingham? The former was a set back, that can’t be denied. Can’t lump Bellingham in with him though, because that transfer was never going to happen this summer with Haaland leaving. The fact is that Jones really hasn’t pushed on from his breakout performances in the cups when he first got into the team. Keita is so inconsistent and hasn’t shown anywhere near enough since he has been here, certainly not enough to offer him a new deal. Ox is a complete waste of time, made of glass and doesn’t know his role in the team when he does feature. Milner is getting to the end of his career and can’t do 90 minutes without looking fucked. Henderson’s impact is becoming less and less on the pitch, and he will take on Milner’s role as a squad player when he leaves. Harvey Elliot just isn’t a CM, his best position is out wide or just behind the striker. Carvalho looks to be another attacking type player, does he really fix the issues at CM. I’d gone on about this for a couple seasons now, so it’s not just knee jerk (before the usual suspects jump in) because Thiago has got his injury. Mane needed replaced, that much is true, but it wasn’t the only hole in the squad and I can see us having a real issue there in the next few months.
  5. We rely too much on injury prone players. Thiago, Ox, Keita, Jones. Losing Thiago for the next six weeks is terrible news, and if we don’t bring in a quality CM then we haven’t learned from the 20/21 season.
  6. I would agree with that score @Cicero I thought it was a big return to form for the series. I’ve been watching them all this week and this was the best since the original.
  7. That Laporta fucker really is a piece of shit. He fits right in at Barcelona.
  8. Wait and see him go back to Germany and score 20 this season.
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