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  1. I’ve seen him once early on this season but he looked lively. I know that’s the Paul Merson level of punditry, but it’s all I have
  2. Chiesa would be an unreal signing, but there little to no chance now he’s with Juve. Especially with them seemingly buying a competent striker in Vlahovic.
  3. Good point, but I would also like Thiago to be starting in midfield over Ox & Milner and look how that’s working out. We have too many injury prone senior players, I really want us avoiding bringing in more. Of course I would prefer Dybala over Origi, but with our luck he would be injured loads.
  4. Having to flog him for 12m when they go down.
  5. Teams must have at least 4 positive covid cases to apply for postponements from now on.
  6. What a waste of talent, stuck in a relegation battle.
  7. There’s no chance in hell that we win the Quadruple this season
  8. Rick


    Watched Halloween Kills the other night and I share the same thoughts as you @Cicero though, my score is a bit lower. I found the flashback to be the films only redeeming parts. The hospital scene was infuriating and the mob scene ending was enough for me.
  9. True, but this is the second season now that he looks very good. 20 goals in 23 this season and 20 in 41 last, those are very good numbers. Haaland only had one and a bit seasons under his belt before Dortmund bought him.
  10. Halloween Kills - 5/10 Most of that score is because of how well done the flashback scenes were. I HATED the whole lynch mob plot though. Can’t say I’m at all interested in seeing the third. Face/Off - 2/10 I switched it off about and hour or so in. I know it’s mean to be over the top , but I couldn’t stand how over acted it was by both men. The pacing was terrible, the script was a joke and the action was forgettable. I really don’t understand the love this film gets from a lot of people. Fucking rubbish.
  11. Don’t think Stan has made any secret that he’s not particularly fond of our club, but that doesn’t mean he has some agenda against the city of Liverpool like TAD always tried to make out. And even if he does hate our club and not City, who cares? Why does it matter? I hate Man Utd and have absolutely rinsed them over refereeing calls while staying silent on similar contentious calls for other clubs. I have grown up watching them win everything, and have everything go for them, and whether it’s the same with City nowadays my hate for Utd is already ingrained from a young age. We all grew up watching the same era of football. There was no City back then being dodgy cunts and winning it all, so people grew up to hate other teams like Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and our own team.
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