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  1. I don’t want him to go. Give him a gap year if he needs a rest.
  2. Another half hour, need to get it to pens now. I can’t see us scoring from open play as things stand.
  3. If there was anybody on the bench, I’d haul Gakpo off. He’s been shite.
  4. Endo barely even blocks him, he doesn’t hold Colwill at all, infact it’s the other way around. One of the worst in a while and that’s saying something.
  5. How does the ref not give Caicedo a yellow for the foul he just committed literally a minute after play re started? Absolute moron.
  6. So now we lose Gravenberch to a horrible tackle from Caicedo. Little cunt.
  7. I thought both would have made the bench, so it’s gutting to see them out. Can’t say I’m massively confident for this game.
  8. Rick

    Rugby League

    That Wigan try that wasn’t overturned when there was an angle that clearly showed it not getting put down followed by the ‘no try’ Panther’s try that looked pretty clear to me from a couple of the angles is a bit of a joke from the video ref.
  9. I want a Leipzig win today, and I know it’s bad to want that but I want Xabi to win the league so need more Bayern dropped points.
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