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  1. Brilliant finish that. Our defence looks pants lol
  2. Bunch of fucking inbred cunts
  3. I don’t think the ref has made the right call there. Yeah he is leading with his arm a bit but it’s not pointed or anything. Not going to complain too much if it’s chalked off mind.
  4. Ox with a goal. Could maybe have had a pen an all.
  5. Yeah, I don’t understand why Gomez isn’t playing this. Games like this is where you’d give him minutes to build his form. I like seeing Keira starting, though he needs to start producing. Simply must win or else we are giving ourselves plenty of work to do.
  6. In retrospect, it was a terrible error of judgement from all involved. I was in that same crowd at the time mind, was clouded by wanting to support my club. Only after the fact, everybody (including myself) now see the terrible message that it put out. That wasn’t intentional btw. The club and supporters weren’t supporting Luis Suarez, the racist. We were supporting Luis Suarez, the Liverpool player. That doesn’t justify the result of the actions though, and it will absolutely go down as one of the darkest days in certainly my time as a supporter.
  7. Fucking rubbish until we scored. Got out of there with a point, which is more than we deserved. Proper got out of jail there, have to be happy with the point after all that. See Teso is spinning this new line that it took the mighty Utd to expose our flaws. Changed your tune very quickly from the first half.
  8. Fabinho got carded for a cynical foul. Straight after Roho and Young both do the same and get nothing.
  9. Our mentality + Klopps management today = amateur
  10. Matip had not reason to believe that. It’s the referees job to stop the game for a head injury, if he doesn’t then fucking play on.
  11. I’m enraged that Matip kicked that out.
  12. I like how Atkinson just stops the game cause James got winded.