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  1. Rick

    Last movie you watched?

    Hereditary - 10/10 One of the best horrors of the last 25 years for me. A slow burner but man did it deliver all the way through. Because I loved it so much I rented Midsommar last night. I’d give that one an 8/10. A tad bit too long for me but it was still creepy, unsettling and fucking weird. Looking forward to Ari Aster’s next project!
  2. Echo everything that’s been said. We were better, Salah’s goal was unreal and Keita had another good game. Job done, top of the group. Lovely.
  3. Annoying kick off time. I expect us to win this game. Salzburg will be going hell for leather which will play to our advantage.
  4. That goal may have been prevented with a defender on who could actually run.
  5. If Mings has done his hamstring (which clearly looks to be the case) then why the fuck is he still on the pitch. Awful management there. Also, the villa keeper was a disaster for that goal.
  6. Rick

    James Bond 007 - No Time To Die

    The woman off the last film. Forgot her name. This looks really good.
  7. That’ll bloody do! Chuft for Naby, hopefully he can kick on proper this time
  8. You forgetting the 5 games city have dropped points in? Great team, but there’s a softness to them if you push them.
  9. Not alone in the madness. I think this will be a shit game and a nice boring draw. Ideally.
  10. Should be giving these lot a good slapping, they are on a terrible run.