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  1. Are we forgetting that Mexico have been wank and offered next to nothing as well. Either team going through is shite.
  2. Denmark have been absolutely toothless this competition. Chuffed for the Aussie lads on here.
  3. Could have done with Switzerland holding out for a point there. Got them to qualify for the last 16 in my acca.
  4. Terrible result for Japan. They need to go for a win now.
  5. Would you look at that, another 0-0 at half time.
  6. Japan have fucked it. Watch German get a result later
  7. This is a golden opportunity for Japan. They really need to start turning the pressure up this second half, the first half just wasn’t good enough,
  8. Last 15 minutes, just need one shot on target for Mitrovic and two for Neymar… …Nevermind, Neymar is off.
  9. Although it’s great to see the upsets, this tournament has been largely fucking shite so far.
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