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  1. But it’ll also miss out the contract extensions, including the mammoth one we gave Salah
  2. Yeah, fair. What am I thinking. Still, we need to work on it.
  3. The club need to work on lowering that wage bill. We shouldn’t be paying more wages than City, not when they have a big squad of top players like they do. Arsenal have a bill of just over 200m, where ours is closer to 400m. That’s not on, and we need to curb massive signing bonuses and wages to players. The throw massive money around on wages when we really don’t need to.
  4. Well, I’ll catch the highlights then. Crucial win.
  5. Has anybody got a link to our match? I cheated on my diet today and need to punish myself.
  6. Solomon doing a copy & paste job on that goal tonight. Near identical to his goal the other night.
  7. Yeah but it just sounds weirdly fake and over the top. It makes no sense, I know.
  8. Struggling to motivate myself to watch this. The trailer killed any anticipation, I hate the British accents in it. They sound fake af.
  9. I resent you using this curse against Arsenal & not City.
  10. I’d agree with this. Unless we put together 3 wins in a row, we are out of it.
  11. I hate to look like I’m defending anything to do with Utd, but what we’re people expecting of Weghorst? He’s come in and done exactly what is expected, and that is working hard for the team and helping other better players around him. And he’s on loan, so it’s hardly a fortune of money spent on him is it? Weird criticism’s when the alternative is a right lazy bastard like Martial.
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