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  1. Well that was poor. The decision making and passing around the box wasnt there tonight. Not sure what Bayern were doing, they had us on the ropes a few times in the first half but then just didn't bother going for a goal in the second half. Weird.
  2. Massive blow losing Bobby. Definitely think we should be beating these lot at home regardless.
  3. Sarri doing himself no favours playing some of these months. Id have very little sympathy for him if/when he gets booted.
  4. Rick

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Ridiculous that Ngannou gets a KO win instead of the TKO. I don't think Cain was hurt much at all, he blew his knee out and knew the fight was done. Real disappointing.
  5. Couldn't of been a worse day for Leeds
  6. Earthquakes home is quite slick. Same with Cincinnati home.
  7. Son is a seriously good player. Would absolutely love him at Liverpool. Congratulations on the result Stortsy. Not over yet, but that's a hell of a cushion to take to Germany
  8. Wrong. We slapped their arse. The scoreline flattered them massively.
  9. Implied that cause he gave us that, he was evening things up in the second half with some of his calls.
  10. Rick

    What are you listening to?

    Been listening to a bit of Frank Ocean lately. Channel Orange is so good.
  11. As bad as they were on Sunday, as a team they are still streets ahead of anybody below sixth. Would take a couple of monumentally shit transfer windows (where they lose all key players) for them to drop further.