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  1. For a french league 2 player is scandalous. That's league 1 level over here.
  2. Yes, not in a while because real bills get in the way. I can't afford home and away games, not many can pal.
  3. Rick

    Love Island 2019

    Maura is a cunt. I like Amber & Michael. Both of them are up front, no bullshit.
  4. You really do live in a world of your own.
  5. Rick

    Love Island 2019

    Anton with the killer line of the night. "made your bed now lie in it". Haha, fuck Molly. Played 3 lads off against eachother and now it's bitten her in the arse.
  6. Rick

    Love Island 2019

    These lasses are childish as fuck. Heckling the new lasses. Not that when a new lad comes in and they are all over them.
  7. Amazon have games now as well. Taking the piss this now. Like other said, bet that free trial shite goes well and truly out the window
  8. Rick

    Love Island 2019

    Zzzzzzzzzz.....this series has been a borefest. Where are the fucking personalities? Jesus. That being said, hopefully these two new lasses continue to stir shit up. Makes slightly better telly. I'll give it another week, if it doesn't improve big style then I'll be bailing out.
  9. At 19 years old you'd find it near impossible to say no to somebody as powerful and influential as Riola. That's why I said about his family, hoping he has somebody who won't stand for that fat greedy bastard not doing what's best for his career.
  10. Exactly. It's not like we are signing Jack Wilshere. If he's 30m or less, I'd be all over it.
  11. Be an absolute travesty if he ends up at that shitbox. Hopefully he's got family or himself (tough being only 19) to stand up to Riola and tell him to fuck off with this idea.
  12. Rick

    Love Island 2019

    Amber is a fit lass, but she's an absolute terror. She just doesn't seem to have any redeeming traits to her personality.
  13. Rick

    Metal and Rock

    Dunno if Slipknot are liked around these parts, but I'm liking the new stuff they've put out.
  14. I think DeLigt is going to be a beast, but no way is he better than Van Dijk. Mental argument.