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  1. This kid is the real deal. Fantastic second goal. 18m was a fucking snip.
  2. Rick

    The Outsider - HBO Stephen King Series

    Must admit, the third episode has thrown me a bit. A certain character is quite jarring, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
  3. Oh trust me, I’d love him to get a 5 year extension. But realistically, he should be gone
  4. Ole surely has to go, this is bloody awful hahA
  5. That will be a very feeble pen if give. Given. Not sure about that one like
  6. Abraham stood back up. Should have stayed down.
  7. Yeah seeing the replay I don’t think Abraham is affecting it. Chelsea deserve that for not kicking the ball out yet expecting Arsenal to. Twats.
  8. Should that be looked at? Is Abraham not affecting play?
  9. Yeah but how much of a horrible fuck face is aguero tho
  10. Yikes haha. Mustafi is proper shit. Leno needs to do better on that pen.
  11. After what he did with Dortmund I think everybody was excited.
  12. Stick with the same team as yesterday. Let’s them ride the confidence wave into this game. Be another hard game against these lot though. Be on the train during this so hopefully my data holds up and I can watch.
  13. Rick

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Well it’s was hardly a fight so not sure you can judge it as such. Two men came out and one gave the other a quick hiding. Going straight to “it was fixed” is equally annoying as anything the Connor fanboys are saying.
  14. Good eh. Get the fuck in. Fucking horrible bastards.