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  1. I thought Peaky Blinders was just decent. Didn’t live up to the hype for me. The Wire, The Soprano’s & Deadwood are the main ones I have yet to get around to watching.
  2. And? Disciplined or not, England should be able to get past Scotland.
  3. Absolutely fucking terrible.
  4. Rick

    Patson Daka - Leicester

    Annoyingly good signings from Leicester so far. Daka is somebody we should have been all over. How old are we going to let our front three get before we start to seriously look at the future. All three are nearly 30, and both Firmino & Mane have started to regress a bit. Hopefully we pull stuff out the bag later in the window, but it’s a bit annoying seeing players pass us by.
  5. The Austrian head coach may as well have played Alaba in goal. What a waste of his forward abilities.
  6. Great was perhaps too strong, but he’s not bang average. He’s just having to play with absolute shite players next to him.
  7. Whoever signs Dumfries is getting some fucking player.
  8. Stonewall pen. Daft from Alaba.
  9. My point is, you should be wanting your club to sign this guy. He plays in the exact position you’re needing somebody in.
  10. See what I added on. You’re on about him not being that good, when your own midfield is a mess. You should be hoping your club starts signing some decent players like him.
  11. Mate is this you? Your midfield is cack. You are losing a mainstay midfielder to Roma for pittance, and two others have fucked back off to Madrid. You have Partey, who is great, but Christ do you need some bodies in there.
  12. Rick

    2021/2022 - Kits

    It would be good as a training top. As the home shirt though it’s annoying.
  13. Aye, he’s no Xaka that’s for sure...