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  1. Lyon were excellent. Says everything about how good that midfield is when you’re bringing Aouer off the bench. Poch will not last the season. You can’t sub off Messi at 1-1 with 20 left to play. He just made his job harder for himself, and his arse was saved by Icardi.
  2. Fucking rats get a late winner. Disgusting gang of wankers + Gini. Fuck em
  3. I hate how that was given. Rat behaviour rewarded by useless officials.
  4. Wow, how the fuck was that not checked by VAR? Neymar had his hands on the defenders neck ffs.
  5. What a plonker Moyes is, stupidity beyond belief. Utd should have had a penalty of their own just before the handball so they will see it as justice done, but Shaw has gotten away with that one.
  6. Of course that was going to happen. West Ham have been poor. I am stunned that wasn’t given as a pen on Ronaldo from Zouma.
  7. I was just about to say that Potter was always the stand out choice for me from the outside looking in.
  8. Who would you replace him with? Genuine question.
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