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  1. Rick

    Thiago Alcantara - Leaving Bayern?

    I have absolutely no interest in spending 40m on Thiago. He’s brilliant, but he’s 29 years old.
  2. Rick

    2020/2021 Kits

    Big fan of the Iceland top. The Feyenoord one is smart an all.
  3. Rick

    2020/2021 Kits

    Chelsea kit is decent. West Ham is nice. Inter is absolute shit. Dortmund would be good as an away kit, as their home shirt it’s a bit too stupid.
  4. We have a lot of fixture to play in a short time, and we should absolutely be seeing major rotations to give other players a chance and keep players fit.....but not this game. This one right after the league win needs to be the same 11 as against palace.
  5. No reason why we shouldn’t be playing our strongest team. They’ve had plenty of rest, and it’s city and we want to see us beat them.
  6. @nudge is a top stalker, who’d have thunk it?! 😜
  7. Yeah, as @Lucas said, I wasnt saying that Wolves had the resources of those other clubs. My point is that their approach is "manufactured" like those other clubs.
  8. Well what about that then! Holy shit, that is how you do a final day escape haha. Well, not an excape but some reprieve at least! I was really annoyed watching Bremen these last few weeks, especially in the last game which was a complete mess. I was sure today wasn’t going to matter. I did not expect Bremen to step up and didn’t think Düsseldorf were going to bottle it. I’m really happy for @nudge & @Devil-Dick Willie . I really hope they have a little bit more in the tank and win these play off games. I’ll be wearing something green in support 😉 It goes without saying that I’m sending huge commiserations to @Tommy. Gutted for you mate, it’s a bloody shame it had to be clubs that members of this forum support that were fighting it to the death. Hopefully your team bounces straight back up next year man 🤞
  9. I’m not that bothered about Wolves tbh. I can stomach the shit City, Chelsea & PSG have and continue to do so I can accept them. What helps is them having a likeable, good manager and some excellent players who play as a team and not as high price individuals. I like watching them.
  10. I will say more later, since I’m at work. But WHAT THE FUCK?! 😂
  11. It really is so unfair that after all this time we have been robbed of a proper proper celebration. That being said, it still feels amazing....we will just have to celebrate the next one properly 😉