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  1. It’s the fact that they realised their error as soon as the ref awarded Spurs a free kick for offside, and still didn’t interfere to tell the ref that it was onside. There is no excuse for that, that’s not a mistake. They’ve purposely made the wrong decision.
  2. I don’t think City had any interest in genuinely signing Ronaldo. They just wanted to weaken a rival by having them spend a load of cash paying a cunt like Ronaldo. Yeah, he score a good few goals but it was always going to end in tears.
  3. I know, I just said that. Still think the anger and uproar needs to be kept up. I hope the club do something big, try and make an example of the situation as much as possible. This shouldn’t be swept under the carpet.
  4. I’m not going with the idea of ‘this could cost our season’ but I won’t calm down either because if we do then that’s just us accepting this sort of bollocks. I remember being infuriated with that Rodri handball against you lot, and here we are a couple years later still having issues with referees who get away with constant bad performances.
  5. Try harder. Now they are saying that the VAR thought the on field decision was that the goal had been awarded, hence why he didn’t draw lines and just said “check complete”. The more information they put out, the angrier I am. You’re telling me that once he had realised that the ref hadn’t given the goal, he didn’t think that it was right to intervene and tell him it was a goal? Absolute fucking disgraceful decision making, and he should absolutely lose his job over it.
  6. There is NO excuse for that today. Not a single one. It’s like a postie not delivering a single letter on his round, a failure of his ONE JOB.
  7. That statement is an absolute disgrace. This needs to be beginning of the end of VAR.
  8. Go have your £15 portion of chips & £8 pint and leave me alone
  9. Just a straight offside call. No fouls in the build up. They just said it was offside, even though it is so clearly onside. It’s not even a close call. That is absolutely a call made to benefit Spurs, it can’t be anything else. And now there is a statement coming from the refereeing wankers. No doubt it’ll be a “the VAR forgot to draw the lines, sorry about that one. He won’t be on duty next week.” And then that will be it.
  10. Yeah fully agree. Diaz needs to be scoring that. If Jones doesn’t get sent off, I’m very confident we beat them today. Refereeing ruined our chance.
  11. It was more the ref “didn’t do either side any favours” that I find issue with. Spurs benefitted from every decision made hahaha. The non offside, Jones red, Jota first yellow, Salah’s ‘foul’ on Udogie…all the big decisions went their way. And then they were absolutely toothless and needed an own goal to save their skin.
  12. I’m absolutely gutted at that. Especially when City lose for fuck sake, we end up dropping points. No real fault of our own, but those opportunities aren’t going to come often.
  13. But they didn’t? Let’s not gift Spurs credit for that victory, because they have been handed it. We had a legitimate goal chalked off and it took an own goal for them to win. I’m not having it that they deserved anything.
  14. I feel really sorry for the lads out there. They were fucking excellent considering what they had to deal with. Matip was excellent and he’s had some terrible luck there, he has to put his foot in but fucking hell that’s a right sickener. Celebration from those Spurs players is embarrassing. They were dogshit in that second half, looked useless against 9 men and it took a gift for them not to go home looking like a bunch of dickheads.
  15. Jota that first yellow was a joke, but that second yellow is just stupidity. Absolute idiot!! If we don’t lose this game now I’ll be surprised.
  16. I’m livid. That Diaz goal was absolutely onside. No lines drawn, nothing. The replay showed him looking way onside, then they just say no? Really dodgy.
  17. His foot quite literally rolled right over the ball. Zero intent whatsoever. The VAR showing the referee a still of the contact first is terrible as well.
  18. They do, but not this short a time period between two stinkers. The West Ham game wasn’t that long ago.
  19. Brighton have been wank, but Villa haven’t half punished them well for it. Di Zerbi has a lot to do at half time. I’d take one of Webster or Dunk off for the Dutch lad in the bench. Both of them have been very slow. Veltman & Estupinan have both been dodgy as well, but they only have Lamptey on the bench and I don’t think he improves the team defensively. Maybe Dahoud in that midfield as well.
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