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  1. Looks like a shit deal for Villa. The money is light.
  2. Southgate has to leave his post at the end of this tournament. That was garbage.
  3. The first of a shit ton of 12.30 kick off’s for us, no doubt. Can’t argue with the first few games, they are fairly favourable for Slot.
  4. Pretty much, though I think that they were less than solid in the second half. A better team would have beaten us.
  5. Foden was rubbish, usually is when he puts on that shirt. Start him on Thursday, but if he has another one these games, I’d drop him for Gordon.
  6. At this moment in time it feels like a side step. Marseille are obviously a massive club, but do they have more financial power than Brighton? I’m not sure he’ll get what he wants there.
  7. Denmark not winning that has lost me £120, so obviously I hope they lose their next two.
  8. In a tournament, you can’t really expect to start off slow and it work out every time. Yes, the 3 points were won in the end, but it was really unconvincing. And this is Serbia, a team know mostly for their physicality than their technical play, yet the controlled the second half entirely. We are lucky that neither Denmark or Slovenia have much more than Serbia. If we had somebody like Switzerland or Austria, we would be in trouble. I have no expectations of this team, not under that pleb. He started the lineup I expected, player for player. Trent is not a midfielder, and definitely not when you're putting him next to somebody who isn’t a DM. The midfield was always going to get overrun at some point. Should be starting Wharton or Mainoo, but he hasn’t the balls for that. At the most, we’ll make the quarters then bye bye.
  9. Business as usual then. If we struggle like this against Serbia, how is anybody expecting us to do anything in the last 16, nevermind any further.
  10. This Netherlands midfield isn’t great. I know it’s not their first choice due to injury, but the attack can barely get going because they aren’t getting the ball forward. Veerman & Schouten especially, really slow and indecisive on the ball. Want to see more from Simons & Depay second half as well because Gakpo is the one doing the most work up front so far, needs those two to wake up a bit. If the Netherlands speed up play in the second half I can see them winning comfortably.
  11. Hungary were good second half, Switzerland just holding on until the last goal. I really hated Szoboslai’s attitude though, I thought he acted like a petulant child all game.
  12. I would have caught it and got it away quickly on the counter which ends in a goal. No doubt.
  13. Every time I’ve watched him he’s been wank. That last goal was poor from him as well.
  14. Angus Gunn is the worst keeper in the tournament. He was terrible in the Championship play off games as well. Tonight isn’t his fault, but he doesn’t incite much confidence.
  15. That should be a red card. Had the cheek to pretend to be injured as well, dirty bastard.
  16. Christie will get away with that being outside the box. What he was doing I do not know.
  17. This is going to be an arse beating. I thought Scotland would be at least aggressive, they’ve let Germany do what they want.
  18. Nice goal from Wirtz. Keeper maybe needs a stronger hand on it but that’s a bit harsh from me.
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