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  1. Morbid curiosity. I find these stories fascinating even though they are completely tragic. I don’t for one second idolise the likes of Dahmer or Bundy or Fred West, I just find the history interesting.
  2. Rick


    I like Tom Segura & Tim Dillon. Not necessarily even their stand up, as both of them are better on their podcasts.
  3. Last Podcast On The Left have some great episodes on Dahmer if you’re interested in a fairly detailed account. Because I know most of what happened, I’m not in a rush to watch this.
  4. I felt sick a couple of times I’ll admit.
  5. Awful. Away kit is miles better.
  6. Rick

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    Me and my niece on a walk
  7. Was wondering wtf you were on about, then read that it’s doing a time hop with new actresses I am enjoying this series more than the Lord of the rings. Some stuff has made me roll my eyes, but I know we aren’t going to get stuff on the level of early GOT, so I’ll accept it for what it is.
  8. It’s bizarre how all those quality players manage to look bang average.
  9. The House - 6/10 Stop motion anthology film on Netflix. Above average, but a missed opportunity. Thirteen Lives - 8/10 This was very compelling viewing. Thought the accent from Mortensen & Farrell were a bit dodge, but it didn’t take away from the film. The Report - 7.5/ 10 I really like these sort of film. The drama/investigation types. Similar to Dark Waters, though not as good. Still, it’s an interesting film to watch, with a great performance from Adam Driver. Buried - 5.5/10 This isn’t as good on a second viewing. It’s maybe in part due to the overload of Ryan Reynolds in pop culture, and as a result I am a bit fed up of his face and voice. Serviceable enough drama, but not as gripping as it thinks it is.
  10. No Time To Die - 7.5/10 Return to form for Craig’s final outing. The action was great, the story was compelling and had a good bit of emotion. Anna De Armas is an absolute dream, her small role was a great addition. I liked all the character, even Rami Malek made a lot from not a ton of screen time. I would still put it behind Casino Royale & Skyfall, but it’s much better than Spectre and Quantum Of Solace.
  11. They’ll win it by at least 15 points. Haaland will score 40.
  12. I’d be asking serious questions of my manager if I was in charge at Dortmund. He completely fucked his team with an unnecessary substitution. All their good work in the first 80 minute down the drain.
  13. Dortmund decided in the last ten minutes that they were going to try and sit it out, and they’ve paid for it. Terrible substitutions from Terdic.
  14. What was that from the Dortmund keeper? Awful
  15. Vital win that. Few dodgy moments here and there but that was a massive improvement on the last few games. Having Thiago in that midfield is so important.
  16. Yet again he’s snoozing completely. The issues with that right side being shown up again.
  17. Elliot starts in the midfield, but so does Thiago so hopefully it balances out. Jota in for Nunez, which I just find bizarre. Nunez is never going to get up to speed being in and out of the team. We made our bed with him, we have to lie in it.
  18. When he is on the ball, yes. As far as putting in a useful shift defensively, not a bit. He’s small and lightweight, and as bright as he can look at times, we cant afford to have a third of the midfield be useless when we don’t have the ball. Salah can’t be relied on to put in meaningful support to the RB, so we need somebody in between to sure it up. Allison Gomez. Matip. VVD. Tsimikas Arthur Fabinho Thiago Salah Diaz Nunez
  19. Don’t think we can afford to drop Virgil right this second, but Trent should be out for Gomez. Not that it will happen. If Klopp starts Elliot in the midfield, then he hasn’t learned anything from the last month. Arthur’s impact is to be determined, but he is surely a more stable midfielder than Harvey. We need that solidarity in the midfield. Let’s see how we “reinvent” ourselves. I’m predicting a draw at best with the state we’ve been in.
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