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  1. From a patch filled with frustration, to these last two games. It’s a very inexperienced young side with some minor details that need to be sorted in the transfer market (not too much, just one or two that have carried over from the past). Man Utd lacked that deadly killer instinct during the periods they were on top today and for a club that’s searching to return to something very very different, what they require really isn’t about signings as such. A total lack of leadership from top to bottom imo. 6 vital points to try and be able to guarantee some good money next season and also what the Champions League gives you in terms of global marketing. We’re a long way from being competitive to win the very biggest honours, buy we are on an upward trajectory which wasn’t the case not so long ago.
  2. Required a bit more focus at the end... If you want to do epic at the home of epic, you have to know when to cut it out and be smart. Chelsea were unfortunate tbh, but that sort of thing is what the Santiago Bernabéu’s history is built upon.
  3. 3% of the town of Villarreal attended at the Allianz Arena yesterday. Quite remarkable to say the least.
  4. My brother is one of a decent number of Arsenal fans that believe there’s a conspiracy against us (for quite a number of years and he curiously has stats to back that claim) which I don’t agree with. But it’s things like these that feed that sort of thing. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it due to the fact that nothing can be done and what’s happened has happened. It is a very odd decision tbh. Although Gary Lineker is clear on his take on it all and tbh, he tends to be right on most things. Here he is responding to that professional troll, Piers Morgan.
  5. I knew we’d end up having this run of dodgy results. It was expected with such a young side and all that’s left to be done is to have patience. We can’t go praising them like they’re the next big thing and then when it isn’t so good that we start feeling it’s all crap. These inconsistencies occur when there isn’t a backbone that offers leadership. It’ll take time but things still look promising for the future.
  6. Don’t quote me on this and I haven’t bothered to check it out, but it was Deschamps who made a huge deal out of it at the time where he was dropped from the national team. But tbh, I do remember him being whistled by the home fans for a number of games. Imo it was more to do with his performances which weren’t to the level he was giving for Real Madrid. But we’ve seen similar reactions with Messi and Argentina versus his output for Barcelona back then.
  7. Not just a teammate, supposedly his best friend at that time (Mathieu Valbuena). Plus there’s all the stuff that has eternally surrounded him on his commitment to the France national side and his apparent hesitancy to sing the national anthem. I know that latter one is extremely absurd, but it kept him ousted from the national team for years.
  8. There are definitely a myriad of issues at Chelsea right now and none of them all that positive. It’s a case of them riding them out and searching for some stability in the not too distant future. It’s what occurs during this period that marks how much destruction is caused before recovery can be implemented.
  9. He (Benzema) has literally become Real Madrid all by himself. Not to disrespect other names in that side but the stats and the visual impact of that side with and without him has become a major topic of debate in Spain’s football media. No bigger example than the huge defeat Real suffered at the Santiago Bernabéu a couple of weeks back against Barcelona (0-4). They looked empty of ideas and without a reference. Benzema has become more than just goals for Real. He is also the reference point of interaction up front and without him everything breaks down. He is an absolutely marvellous footballer, not just striker.
  10. Yeah, I was just DMing Sid Lowe on Twitter about it. Better said, hounding him until he answers me. There were already rumours yesterday that an agreement had been reached. It is indeed great news because he really is a genuine centre back with no messing around. Now it’s time to get Gavi to sign his extension next.
  11. Well there you go! The debate is interesting anyway, but I have an inkling Carragher is talking about players that excelled in both avenues. There aren’t that many because Maradona (for example) can’t ever be classified as a 9 in any terms of his career (he played a few times in that position).
  12. I think both yourself and myself are around abouts the same generation mate... Hoddle could also be a 9?
  13. Well if that happens, there are many names that are on many of the most important lists throughout the game’s history that didn’t manage that feat. That would be something special... He’s no where near the historic names in this sense atm, but if he manages to translate those attributes to England winning the World Cup... Well, then it’s there no matter what.
  14. Terrible news... Hope he recovers from this.
  15. Here goes my 10 pence worth on the debate... - Alfredo di Stéfano - Leo Messi - Karim Benzema - Dennis Bergkamp
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