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  1. I understand your question perfectly mate. The answer to that lies in that Unai Emery doesn't have a "football style" or any belief of any football he tries to implement. He works due to resources and is fundamentally a psychologist... I have followed his career since his time at Almería and have always been fascinated by what he's achieved and how he's gone about it because he is the unlikeliest character you would've ever thought to have managed to capture the jobs he has. I just feel that when football people look at our squad, they just look at each individual player one by one and from there come to the conclusion that the problem is the coach and not how erratically the assembling of such a squad has been executed. We've got square pegs trying to be forced through round holes all over the place. Nobody has been able to force through an idea and the most incredible part to this is that it started and was forced through with Arsène Wenger... With this I'm not taking a swipe at Wenger because all sorts has been going on at the club for quite a number of years, incomprehensible stuff that's too complexed to just throw blame willy-nilly at singular individuals. I am not averse to the fact that Unai Emery may not be the answer because to be honest he seems stuck which is almost as interesting from a football analytical point of view were it not for the fact that I'm an Arsenal fan and it's stagnating any progress. I think Emery has encountered an odd issue in his career to date because on the face of it all Arsenal's current situation on appointment was a perfect match but the fact is that this hasn't been the case. I revert back to what I said months ago... We need a clean-up on all fronts and we MUST get rid of dead wood that to many looks like dcdnt footballers that have been missmanaged.
  2. I think Allegri would be a grave mistake mate. I say this due to the simple fact that we are not ready to appoint a coach that is essentially someone that finilises great work already done in terms of confectioning a squad. This is why the appointment of Unai Emery was thought to be an excellent one due to his career to date by grabbing squads in crisis and getting results. He's worked in systems with technical teams that have provided players in relation to the financial clout of said club and then he's been told to achieve something with what he's been given. He doesn't and has never asked for players because he's never worked in that environment. We have to come to the realisation that our squad is very very unbalanced which is what I've been repeating time and time again mate. It's not easy and he may well lose his job due to this fact but the answer isn't a high profile coach of the likes of Max Allegri. Some have mentioned Rafa Benítez and on the face of it, it does sound and read with a decent portion of logic surrounding the idea. I can't stand the fellow and think his football is like trying to extract a party atmosphere while being the only living person in a morgue. Benítez' football is soulless but it does have a function which is total respect for everything tactical and discipline on the pitch. There is very little room for improvisation which in my view will cancel out the types of players like Ceballos and Özil (not that I care much about the latter as he's a problem, not a solution of any kind). I have no doubt Benítez will obtain the results but we won't be making headlines in the area of memorable football moments and ask yourself the question of is this a step in the right direction for where you eventually want to be in the future? We call a Benítez a appointment "resultadista" in Spain... A psychosis filled with desperation due to the lack of formulating and implementing an idea. Thus why Benítez isn't the right answer and is just an answer based on little thought for the now.
  3. SirBalon

    Racism in football

  4. I didnt Want to post earlier because it would've been a post full of spite. But the obvious on the fact that at this level you can't defend like that and more importantly you can't lose your concentration in the manner many of those Arsenal players did today. Almost every cardinal sin in football was committed today from surrendering a two goal lead even all the way to seeming to be playing a game in a manner that resembled the players being scared of their opponent. With all due respects, this was Watford we were playing against and there are no excuses for what we saw today from an Arsenal perspective. In the end Watford should be the team most disappointed for not taking three points today. They created a momentum after looking down and out and they had the opportunities to win which at this level if you don't take them you can either be punished on the day (lucky they were playing Arsenal for that particular detail) or be punished later on in the season when you rue those lost points for whatever reason regarding their future position in the table.
  5. Ansu Fati does look very special indeed. The enthusiasm he shows right from the word go is something that's very needed with a team like Barcelona that likes to play a tempered game at the start so as to analyse the situation. It's great to see rivals having to think about what to do defensively before they can think about mounting attacks. On the Frenkie de Jong issue... Valverde has been playing him in the wrong position so as to get the best of him. Not that De Jong can't play in every midfield position becaue he can and he's very good doing all of those jobs, but where he excels is in that central midfield position. Ernesto Valverde said something very interesting regarding this in the post-match press conference where he said that De Jong could provide something vital to the team which is what in Spain is called "La Segunda Línea" (The Second Line) which more or less means 'Coming In Late' but which in typical traditional Spanish football is a tactic used with midfielders that have had that implemented into their game from a very early age. It's not just strategic, it has to be second nature to the midfielder. What Luis Suárez has achieved in his goalscoring career to date at Barça is literally astounding. He hasn't achieved it just anywhere as I said earlier on the in the dedicated Barcelona thread, he's managed to amass the goal numbers at a club that has had some of the greatest players in history pulling on that shirt. What he has achieved is simply legendary already. Finally, I want to say that Barça really do have to sort out that defence if this season is going to be a success. They won't be getting away with those lapses in defence when they play against sides that have great players up front and can defend very well which limits your goalscoring opportunities. This in itself I'm sure will be keeping Valverde up at night considering he does tend to lean towards a more structured tentative game so as to not leak goals and rely on chances being put away to win close games by the great players Barcelona have up front. It could make him resort to playing the same way which has seen him being criticised so far during his coaching career at the club. He has to find a method of getting the midfield to protect that backline because the gap between those two lines when caught sometimes looks like an empty pitch with only rival players positioned there so as to capitalise.
  6. Calm down and hold onto your trousers mate... I took an opportunity to take a cheap swipe at our defence in this thread.
  7. SirBalon

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    It's only because Messi exists and plays there that more isn't being made of this. What Luis Suárez has achieved in this spell so far at FC Barcelona is simply extraordinary considering the players that have worn that shirt throughout history.
  8. This thread would generate more debate if it was called "Have Arsenal's Defenders Given Up on Being Defenders?" or "Were Arsenal's Defenders Ever Defenders?" or finally this one... "Let's Take The Piss Out Of Arsenal's Defenders Discussion".
  9. This before This is after
  10. SirBalon

    Question a Member: Toinho

    What's your most embarrassing moment in your life where you thought "Please lord bury me"... Tell all! For whatever reason (an important one maybe), have you ever had to be a hypocrite and pretend to like someone or agree with something you are against. Have you ever cheated on your (or a) partner? Apart from the Autralian national side... What's the most excited you have ever been in a football match where you went unusually mental? If you were to move away from Australia and discounting Japan where you’ve already lived, where would be your favoured place to move to? If you could change something about the area and people where you live, what would it be? Do you have a phobia, if so what is it? If reincarnation exists and you couldn't come back as a human being but could choose what to return as, what would it be? Have you ever envied someone, if yes, why and whom? Even if totally out of the ordinary (or it may not be out of the ordinary), what would be your dream job or maybe owning some sort of business... Tell us about your thoughts on that. If you wasn't you, but you were introduced to you and due to shared friends you suddenly started to see more of you... What would be your thoughts on you and would you make a close friendship with you? In total... What would be the resume you think others that know you, think. Who's your favourite footballer of all time?
  11. Have you seen the assist he recreates by himself for Frenkie de Jong a few minutes later? Ansu Fati could've also have scored a hat-trick.
  12. SirBalon

    Brexit Discussion