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  1. SirBalon

    Who's the best goalkeeper in the world?

    Are you talking about Thomas Edison and a whole different topic?
  2. SirBalon

    Who's the best goalkeeper in the world?

    So basically he wants to be like Ter Stegen?
  3. How about converting it to an actual football stadium before searching for methods to make more money out of its fans!
  4. SirBalon

    Copa Libertadores 2019

    Boca need to make "El Androide" their official target man!
  5. SirBalon

    Who's the best goalkeeper in the world?

    Like what? What can Ederson do that others can't? Hahaha Could it be a difficult crochet technique?
  6. When David Davis was quizzed on this picture why he didn't have any documents, not notes, nothing to show for the negotiations in front of the Euro negotiators. People may think this is a cheap joke, but I can assure it's very real, no joke and this was Davis' genuine answer as to why he had no notes, nothing prepared compared to his Europe counterparts. "One doesn't need documents and notes when one has it all in his head... Ey!" That "Ey!" Bit if you can picture when someone is more in the know than somebody else and they make a statement with almost a wink while tapping they head with two fingers and sayin "Ey!". He wasn't even prepared! Davis apparently admitted to various members of his own circle that he knew nothing about what had suddenly had started to unravel during Brexit negotiations. But he shouldn't feel embarrassed because most of the government didn't know as has been seen with the Irish border issue on which every politician has said they didn't see that coming. What happens is that when people really really want something, they tend to ignore facts as long as there are others feeding them that unicorns still exist and if they trust them, they will provide them. What we continue to have with those Brexiters that continue to be stubborn is their "belief" which isn't ever built in facts... They can never offer anything substantial to the argument on exactly what can be provided as a better solution for the future compared to staying in the EU. Infact (believe it or not), many Brexiters (not all, they're not all crazy) will state that they'd rather be poorer than be in the EU. That's no lie! Even when they have children they'll say this.
  7. That's rubbish FIB... Davis was the one negotiating and they were Putin in those positions to do the job in hand. They resigned because they couldn't provide what they had dreamt up and saw it was all going pear shaped. In the case of Johnson it's simply because of his aspirations to be the Prime Minister.
  8. SirBalon

    Arsenal Discussion

    Like Guardiola said the other day and not that we needed certification of that, but it exists everywhere unfortunately. Hopefully education at school will one day eradicate this from every society because there is the answer.
  9. The reason they didn't vote her out is because they're cowards and don't want the poisoned challice. I'd love to see Davis, The bumbling fool or Shoes for peasants take the helm and back what up their claims of being able to bring in a better deal... Oops, the had the chance, they were Infact part of the negotiations and chickened out.
  10. And relevant to why Theresa May has rushed off to talk to European leaders on the Irish Border issue...
  11. SirBalon

    Liverpool Discussion

    Liverpool's defensive record after 16 games by comparison to past Premier League clubs with great defensive stats since 1971 which was pre-professional football back then and shouldn't really be counted.
  12. SirBalon

    Right Midfield Vote!

    Callejón had a more difficult job to undertake at Napoli than Salah at Liverpool for me. Althoug I originally wanted to take note of the fact that most of these players aren't midfielders at all... But they're there, so one must use what one is given.
  13. Unfortunately they've omitted that part to the extras.
  14. Just bought it in the iTunes Store and will be watching it this weekend... Can't wait!