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  1. Gareth Bale’s agent; ”This has been a very surreal day. On the Bale swap with Neymar deal? (laughter and a look of incredulity) I have absolutely no idea! This is news to me.”
  2. The main reason behind any move of Neymar to Real Madrid from PSG is down to pride from the French club’s side of things. I’m upto date on everything and I get it completely. His move to Real Madrid would be a great one and I personally hope it happens tbh. I hope he never goes back to Barça. The move to Paris Saint-Germain though, turned out to be as I said. A ridiculous move from a career perspective for Neymar (years lost) and from what HE really wants which is to go back to Barcelona. Hopefully he doesn’t get his wish.
  3. I have no idea where that rumour is genuinely sourced from but the real news is that Bale is contemplating a deal that sees him move to China for a shorterm at least. An unspecified Chinese football club would take the Welsh player on a loan deal where they would pay his extraordinary wages.
  4. SirBalon

    Joey Barton at Fleetwood Town

    “Lucky” it was just a black man he murdered.
  5. SirBalon

    Andy Carroll - to Tottenham?

    Is this geezer still making a living from professional football?
  6. SirBalon

    Brexit Discussion

    It’s worse than what you suggest that she’s found out black people have red blood. She is actually saying that black people are pink underneath the skin and with that she’s saying that black people are Infact white People underneath which means they’re human. I’m not putting anything in anyone’s mouth her. That is EXACTLY what she is saying and there is no need to interpret anything else. For me the retweeter has been passive in calling it “casual racism”. It’s worse than that... It’s societal and that woman is British (English).
  7. He’s been shit for Real Madrid taking into account the amount of time he’s been there. I can’t be bothered to translate it but on this link below, this journalist summarises the issue to perfection. One of the journalist’s quotes; ”yes it’s true that Bale turned up with decisive goals in those Champions League finals and there’s that moment in the Copa del Rey Final against Barcelona where he took advantage of Barcelona’s whole right-side caught going forward. But Bale is on €20m a season after tax and nobody’s kidding anybody because Bale has been a disaster which is why nobody wants to sign him and why he’s (Bale) not stupid and well within his rights of earning a world class salary for below mediocre football,” https://www.mundodeportivo.com/futbol/real-madrid/20190721/463625166998/bale-real-madrid-zidane.html
  8. I’ve heard and read up a lot on this. Some of it from French Algerians (born in France) and some of it from regular French folk. One of my French friends who is from a small town in the Alps but lived for three years in Paris is very sympathetic to how they feel because of the treatment during colonial years but another French pal from Strasbourg hates them and says they’re ungrateful.
  9. Bale’s agent just now; ”Zidane is a disgrace! I hope Gareth can leave as soon as possible!”
  10. I’d hate to think how you feel about Karim Benzema if that’s how it is with Zizou. Got two colleagues at work (French) and the word “Benzema” is banned.
  11. Ok, let me try and go through some Bale issues at Real off the top of my head because I’m on holiday and I can’t be arsed to search for them all so my timeline will probably be off kilt. All of this goes back even as far as four years ago! - Bale demands he plays on the left and Gareth’s agent is subsequently banned from the training grounds (this one actually about 5 years ago) - Gareth Bale refuses to play a game against Atlético Madrid when selected because he had been dropped the week previous. In the end he gives in and plays only to be taken off when Spain’s live media is shocked at his on-pitch lack of commitment that was self evident. (This one about 3 years ago and is the start of the bad relationship between coach and player). - The Welsh footballer takes a day off training to participate in a golf tournament in Málaga. Real had played Málaga the previous day and didn’t return on the plane with the team which is permissible but must make his own arrangements to assist the following day to evening training. (This one 3 years ago and where the golf issues start) - Again Gareth Bale demands a more central role in matchday affairs and makes his agent go public about it. Zidane seemingly gives in and plays in that position against Barcelona. Real lose 0-4 at the Santiago Bernabéu where Zidane is questioned on why Bale played where he played as he had unbalanced the team. - Champions League Final two years ago and Bale scores a scorcher where after the game instead of showing his happiness when interviewed on the pitch he talks about how pissed-off he was at being a sub. - End of season and Zidane tries to clear the air with Gareth Bale and they have a meeting. Bale insists his agent is present and instead of it being a reconciliation, Bale’s agent is there to make demands on where he should play the following season (more central, again). Zidane is furious at this and that same evening is the end of season annual meeting between technical team, coaching staff, coach and the president, Florentino Pérez. They’re planning the following season and Zidane informs the board of the issues surrounding Bale of which they are aware. Zidane demands Bale be sold and instead the president tells him that Cristiano Ronaldo will be leaving for Juve and that this makes it impossible for Bale to leave also in the same summer. Zidane makes a public shock resignation that very night. - Bale goes public that he won’t leave and makes a quirk about how he loves playing golf, has a great contract and plans to see it out. If he doesn’t play, he’ll just dedicate more time to golf... This pisses-off the club as it’s a mark of disrespect... They then start offering him out to every top European club but nobody wants Bale. Now... I’ve missed out tons of stuff, lots more because I can’t recall the exact details and because it would all take too long. I’m no Real Madrid sympathiser at all, quite the contrary. I have nothing against Bale other than my criticisms at what I’ve seen and commented on about football. I’m totally with Zidane on this... Bale has gone public too many times, taken the piss out of the club and his life in Spain as a professional footballer. There is no defence at all in this case from my point of view. As for Zidane’s persona, character... Well I’ve always found the judgement on him being a model character rather bemusing to be honest because there are plenty pf examples to the contrary. But that makes him a normal human being actually because it only becomes an issue when the saintly figure is overblown to then find out there’s really no such thing.
  12. Are people here aware of Bale’s attitude and things he’s said and done? Let’s start there because if the case is one of not being aware of the whole story then that’s understandable and forgivable. Because otherwise it could only really be because Bale is British which I don’t want to think about as the times we leave I’m already vomiting nationalistic putridness.
  13. I think it has more to do with secretly practicing more at golf to eventually beat your coach.
  14. Zinedine Zidane issues his most damning comments relating to Gareth Bale to date. After the 3-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in a pre-season friendly, he was asked what Gareth Bale’s future holds as he hasn’t featured at all in any of Zidane’s lists. Zidane had these no holds barred words to say about the Welsh footballer; ”As far as I’m concerned Bale can leave tomorrow. His time is up here, there’s no way back and it’s best for me, the the team, the club and I would expect that once he comes to terms with it, for him too.” ”He knows my thoughts and the club knows how I feel from a very long time ago. Maybe this makes things clear and I won’t be answering any more questions on this subject any more.”
  15. SirBalon

    Wilfried Zaha - Arsenal Apparently Bid £70m

    Are you being serious? Not that I’m questioning it if you are. But there are Arsenal fans that really want this signing to happen and I am really lost. I can genuinely say that I do see one single grain of positive sand in the possibility at all. Nothing, niente, nada, nichts, rien, 何もない