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  1. SirBalon


    So now France have said “No vaccine, no Roland Garros for Novax”
  2. SirBalon


    It’s sad to see someone with the iconic status that Djoković has end up being someone that entertains absolute nonsense and then makes a worldwide fool of himself. The fact there are nutters that either believe in that codswallop around the world demonstrating in his defence or those in his country that feel this is an afront to their national identity is something that can be ignored. Those specimens were there kicking up dust before this even occurred on other issues that they cared to care about. I didn’t expect this.
  3. SirBalon


    Totally agree with you bro.
  4. SirBalon


    Most governments do use these opportunities as PR, especially with well known personalities mate. Nothing unique there.
  5. SirBalon


    Forgive me if I’m wrong mate, but this is no typical “Johnny Foreigner” victim example if that’s what you’re insinuating. The guy is a millionaire and a celebrity. His actions are frankly quite odd for someone in his position. I’m hearing that Spain are now also opening an investigation against him where he apparently lied to the Spanish authorities. He is supposed to have travelled to Australia from Spain.
  6. SirBalon


    Apparently Novaxx is getting deported?
  7. This is a great Twitter thread that’s been posted which explains in detail (for those that don’t get bored by reading about numbers, I do, but I endured it) how the Ferran Torres transfer was made considering Barcelona’s serious financial issues. It also goes into interesting detail on how big those financial problems actually are and how frivolous and reckless the previous tenure was. I suggest clicking on the tweet and reading the whole thread if you want to know how it was managed.
  8. Slowly but surely the steps are all in the right direction. It’s creates a hell of a lot of pride watching the methods being used to become competitive again. Much more than using the cheque book. It forces you to offer more patience and enjoy the small steps forward. It could’ve ended worse tonight with bad luck. But this time it didn’t and it’ll add more confidence to these kids.
  9. There’s even talk of brining back Marc Bartra... Their cluelessness knows no bounds. Barça literally need to look at Arsenal and realise they only have one way back which includes something very difficult for clubs the size of Barcelona to digest and assimilate... Patience! STOP SIGNING PLAYERS!
  10. Ferran’s registration happened with the weirdest of accounting moves. Umtiti was out, the club haven’t wanted him for a while but he has refused every single offer that’s come in. So Barcelona have come to an agreement with Umtiti where he can stay and adding an extra year on his current contract. His wages have been spread throughout the remainder of his contract with a lump sum paid in the final year of his contract. What a shambles, what a total mess! But I suppose Barcelona have achieved getting a really good young player, a player they really couldn’t afford.
  11. They don’t always leave but it is true that many of he ones that have left didn’t offer what they were at Barcelona. Quite an oddity. At Barça they’ll tell you it’s the system + some.
  12. That’s what you get for dressing up as Spurs. You become them!
  13. For sure RM had a great side, all winners. But you’ve mentioned ‘mentality’... You don’t get more winning mentality than the players Barça had because not only did they win the domestic honours and the Champions Leagues they did win... the large percentage of that side had the majority of the 2010 World Cup winners and two European Championships in a row. They were born winners! + Messi which isn’t a bad addition to all that. There was something that didn’t tick right, a small something because the most philosophical football minds have analysed that side and they don’t understand why they couldn’t win back-to-back Champions Leagues. Be it whatever it may have been, even a mental block when pulling on the Barcelona jersey as you say, it’s weird because for a long while opponents found it hard just to complete 90 minutes let alone compete with them. But then there was that odd anomaly of a certain fragility in the whole process.
  14. Barça have had financial problems for years even in the second half of the current president’s first tenure. Because the club was making a ton of money and the fountain of gold seemed bottomless, they were reckless and this is the result. Aside from all the financial issues, Barcelona have historically only ever been really successful when a golden generation of youth players have come to pass. Yes they’ve had pinpoint successes without that happening, but not lasting success or the sensation of dominance even if it didn’t result in the trophies it should. Barça are weird that way... The players and football they had in the last 20 years should’ve meant more Champions Leagues without a doubt because look at what Real Madrid achieved with half the quality. Barcelona really only dominated without being seriously contested in the domestic scene. Barcelona have MAJOR financial issues and it’s gonna take a hell of a job to cure that.
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