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  1. Competition - Last Man Standing

    Can't believe it! PSV 1-1 HEERENVEEN
  2. Agreed... Málaga should've got a lot more out of that and shouldn't have lost. That's been the story of their season though and the reason why they find themselves where they are in La Liga. But on the other hand that's the sort of game Valencia were constantly losing last season which is something Marcelino should be applauded for.
  3. That's different and very political mate. We can't go down that route in this instance with Arsenal... That debate we could have on another thread although I don't know how much knowledge we have here on the forum right now to make it a profiting debate for all. The Ultra Nazi (extreme right wing people that frequent football matches) phenomenon used to be rife in Spain also but thankfully it's been reduced massively to almost insignificance where football is concerned.
  4. Football fans have the same significance the world over and isn't exclusive to Spain. I already said the same situation is lived throughout Europe... All I said was that Bellerín comes from Spain and knows full well about fans showing dissatisfaction with demonstrations outside stadia, whistling at the ground and the unique white handkerchief message to whoever they find culpable of not doing what the fans know that can be offered, which means anything from the players to the coach or the board. Football is about the fans! How many games have you watched in an empty stadium and remember this... The players are the first before big games to call on massive support from their fans to push them along. They can't have it both ways! take for example your club and the You'll never walk alone club anthem. That isn't given unconditionally and where the fans show their passion an emotion, they want something in return which isn't criticism of how they feel when the fans deem they're being taking the piss out of which is what's been occurring at Arsenal.
  5. Neymar Jr. Discussion

    Le cosieron a patadas!
  6. Its utter madness to put all your eggs in one basket considering who Napoli are battling against in the shape of Juvetnus... This is where Sarri is failing massively and the ONLY reason Europe's biggest clubs are wary of fishing for his signature on a contract. He's a traditionalist though and I admire that tremendously.
  7. Too much expectation WAY too early. He is very talented but unfortunately it now seems he's been tainted with expectancy and will go down the route of others throughout history of in the same vein. It's sad really because he really looked complete although not a master of any football craft.
  8. Yeah mate, I've been reading in the Spanish sports press that it was a very professional performance. My problem with that when the Spanish press say it is because it's filled with all sorts of connotations like for example negative ones that the team may all of a sudden no be flowing like they were. Anyway, that aside, I don't care because everyone knows that this particular game was a hard nut to crack.
  9. Neymar Jr. Discussion

    Which documentary... I really want to see it an more because of what you said about Menotti because of how vocal he's always been against cheating. I'm a100% Menottista and digest everything and anything about him.
  10. No, never! Never if it's against the fans. They are employees of the club and they play for the fans. Nothing negative about any fan's opinion for me.
  11. For me anything that resembles any criticism of a fan's opinion by a footballer is something that should never occur and that was my first post. I maintain my initial comment that Bellerín being Spanish should know this due to how things are seen there and in most countries in Europe.
  12. I'll catch upon the game later because I was out for drinks with workmates this afternoon. But the result is brilliant because this fixture was a very very difficult one on paper and on top of that a clean sheet.
  13. Neymar Jr. Discussion

    He also scored possibly the greatest goal in history straight after. In all seriousness though, players cheat in one way or another all the time mate. They don't like Henry much in Eire.
  14. Anything to do with Arsenal Football Club and talking to fans is from a bygone era. What’s more, they veto questions for the few fans that have been able to afford to attend the shareholders meetings. In saying that, I don’t agree that Bellerin should talk to AFTV at all.
  15. It’s not about looking down on anyone and a fan is a fan but there is heirachy like it or not... But the essence of this is that the fans that go to the ground are allowed to show their disdain if they feel necessary. You can’t just have the nice things in life even when you aren’t doing what you should. Or is only praise a permitted expression?