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  1. SirBalon

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Unfortunately this has happened. For those that know Twitter, this usually means one of two things... You've either been blocked by the person or he/she has deleted the tweet. All the same I'll try and recover it which will be fun. This is my response to him and if you enter the tweet you'll see the original is now unavailable.
  2. SirBalon

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Yeah, the £100 was the signing on fee but then there was further investment. One of them that says he will continue to stand is claiming he has lost over £10,000 and that there are others that have lost even more. I'll try and recover his tweet where he is throwing a right old meltdown which I personally attacked him for because in my view it proves that it's all bullshit and that even they have been conned! Which they have as we all know Brexit is a very eerie fantasy story.
  3. SirBalon

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Some of them are intending to stand all the same as Brexit independents and screaming blue murder on having been robbed of differing amounts of money they've invested in the whole fantastical story. I can't believe they've gone public though as it shows they have no integrity and that it's all proof that Brexit is a bullshit story all about a certain few that stand to cream it in.
  4. SirBalon

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Right now both Labour and the Lib Dems are being stubborn and continue to attack each other more than show any sort of collaboration in any way, shape or form. The Lib Dems have managed to come to agreements with various other parties like the SNP in Scotland and Plaid Cymru in Wales where on either of the sides certain candidates have stood down so as to oave a more certain route to winning seats. This takes me back to the talks both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats had months back when organising an interim PM for a vote of no confidence in an attempt to take control of proceedings in the HoC, especially after the illegal prorogation enforced upon a sovereign government by Boris Johnson. It came to no avail and apparently it became a series of bitter debates... All of this leads me to believe that Jeremy Corbyn along with those unnamed above him have their own agenda which they blindly believe in and THIS is the reason for the current situation regarding the atmosphere and situation we currently have regarding these two parties.
  5. SirBalon

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    As good as Lampard was, having him there instead of a total legend like Iniesta is rather remarkable too. But they are his choices and they are all top players.
  6. SirBalon

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    Did you melt when you felt forced to add Messi? You almost almost made it!
  7. SirBalon

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    Hahaha... Was gonna say Brian! But you never know who may join in the future and this thread is resurrected. You forgot Lord Bentdner in your list of players. He reckoned he was on Messi's level!
  8. SirBalon

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    That's what I mean mate which means you're excluding anyone born in the late 90s through the early 2000s. They won't have witnessed or remember anyone playing in the 90s (and earlier obviously). Why did you cap the "till present"?
  9. SirBalon

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    Yeah I read that but it's too restrictive and eliminates people on one side of the age string (latest generations) and then the elimination of true greats like Maradona, Pelé, Di Stéfano, Best, Matthews etc... Makes it all pointless. I would've filled most of my XI with past greats and to be honest, the late 90s through the 2000s has been the authentic match-up with the generations of the past greats. Too restrictive and you get a meaningless XI.
  10. SirBalon

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    I'm gonna seem quite biassed here and if this is the case then I get it. But most of mine are gonna be that Guardiola Barça side because for me it is the greatest club side ever witnessed. Goalkeeper: IKER CASILLAS (Spain) Right Centre-Back: FABIO CANNAVARO (Italy) Left Centre-Back: CARLES PUYOL (Spain) Right-Back: DANI ALVES (Brazil) Left-Back: ASHLEY COLE (England) Defensive Midfielder: SERGIO BUSQUETS (Spain) Central Midfielder: XAVI (Spain) Central Midfielder: ANDRÉS INIESTA (Spain) Right-Forward: LIONEL MESSI (Argentina) Left-Forward: RONALDINHO (Brazil) Centre-Forward: DAVID VILLA (Spain) I know I've left out Cristiano Ronaldo and I fought long and hard between him and Ronaldinho, but in the end my love of fantasy and magic won through.
  11. SirBalon

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Anyway... Back to voting in the General Elections. We are campaigning hard for tactical voting in this one and from a remain point of view which is where I offer Gina Miller's tactical voting website where you enter your postcode and check how you should vote from a remain standpoint as there are 60 marginal seats that can have the Tories ousted. Some of us will HAVE TO lay any political loyalties to bed if you really want the Tory Party out of office and also if you want to remain in the European Union. New stats released this morning state that just 30% of remainers would have to vote tactically to deliver the amount of MPs to deliver remain ans oust the Conservative Party even if one ends up voting Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru, SNP or any of the other varying independent candidates. VOTE WISELY THIS TIME! https://getvoting.org/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsdaouO7h5QIVTbDtCh0_qAkSEAAYASAAEgLPTvD_BwE
  12. SirBalon

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    People hardly even read the articles in newspapers anymore and the newspaper moguls aren't stupid, they know this is the case on a large scale. Which is why they use billboard style front pages as the detail within tends to be baseless rhetoric with no factual foundations as we see just with yesterday's front pages of right-wing newspapers on the supposed £1.2 trillion Labour would spend over five years due to a statement made by Boris Johnson. Like that's "NEWS"! We cannot forget that within the conditioned retina of the billboard reader, those that take in such basic hard headlines will have all of their other conditioned sentiments and beliefs mixed in. It's marketing, professional marketing in the understanding of how the mind works. In the same way unnecessary "stuff" is sold as "necessary" and "vital" to the targets, then these are the same methods and they work! Hence why I call them (we are all susceptible on varying levels) victims!
  13. SirBalon

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    So the right wing newspapers yesterday made their front page dedication to attack what the Labour Party would allegedly spend during the next 5 years in power (1.2 trillion) which is baseless obviously, as UK Labour still haven't released their official manifesto as haven't the Tories. All the same... We do not know how Labour would finance such policies and one can only hope they can prove it all viable so as to help those that were forgotten for so many years of Tory destruction of the British social structure. Instead of focusing on the Government's scandalous hiding of the Russian Intervention reports on British politics with fraud, corruption, greasing of British politicians and manipulation of the Brexit Referendum. But the GROOMING by the right-wing in British newspapers inflicted on Brits goes back a long long time, the anti-European sentiment and the protection of the wealthy while using the working classes is as old as printed press. You have to wonder how newspapers (and the media) are used when the original objective was to report news... The front page of the Daily Express in 1945 LIES Wasn't it awful when Clement Attlee won the 1945 election and created the NHS, created 1000s of jobs, and built a million homes.
  14. Tremendous! Pity the music was absolutely ridiculous.