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  1. Now seriously... I like how you’ve mixed it when it seems (I may be wrong) you’ve mixed it in the first team so as to not go totally mental on the Barcelona players in one team They’re two very good sides from my pov and quite balanced due to the fact it’s always difficult to fit in all your favourite players while always intending to be exactly that. Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo in one team would’ve been very interesting indeed because they’ve both based their football on mainly one fundamental attribute which is physical prowess (this before Ronaldo became a fanatic of McDonalds burgers). In the first team with Iniesta, Messi, Ronaldinho and Romario... WOW! How much natural magic in one side!!!
  2. Even as a joke it's one of the stupidest moves ever seen due to the fact he has major issues in this respect all manufactured by himself. His only saving grace in all of this which has been mentioned by some senior journalists that follow Real Madrid inside out is that they state Gareth Bale is extremely dim, lacking practically any intelligence at all (there are various reasons as to this statement on his mental acumen) and that this should lighten any repercussions at the higher levels within the club as they are aware of how thick Bale is.
  3. So you stoppped existing in 1992? Listen! Keep to the point... You wrote a load of shit in a matter of hours and you've been found wanting. That in itself wouldn't have been a problem as I tend to ignore stupidity... But you then tried to be smart while you were swimming in your self-made puddle of nonsense and I went in for the kill. Stay on track, analyse what you write before posting it.
  4. No, you must stop being ridiculously silly (have no idea what to call you, your name is incomprehensible and too long)... You attacked Johan Cruyff because of some stupid notion you thought would entertain by stimulating that brain cell that's placed all of its iq on his nick regarding international club trophies. You were then found wanting (not surprising) by not knowing what he'd won at all and then decided to disregard domestic football. But with you it didn't stop there.... Seeing as you made a voluntary statement, I then cited the perennial international loser in the club football scene and you go and make another error of judgment (I'm beginning to think "judgment" and self awareness isn't your forte) by talking about people that "changed the game" while leaving a trail on the argument regarding one of the most important individuals in football history where this particular debate would be in question. Listen ruck sack! Go fuck with someone else before I ruin you and you end up tripping-up over the excessively stupid amount of letters in your name. Now, toddle on young man.
  5. Are you seriously suggesting Arsène Wenger is/was a hoax and possibly the most overrated coach in history?
  6. He won the Champions League / European Cup with Barcelona in 1992. Which Cruyff are you talking about?
  7. More in the realms of lesbian porn which holds interest for a bit I admit. @Carnivore Chris XI is full on gangbang with pissing in there too and even some of @Panna King finger licking satay sauce involved for a bonus round! I can't believe I've just written all that.
  8. Come on mate! Tell me that XI isn't the football version of porn!
  9. Of course Real Madrid didn't offer Cruyff the job because they knew what the answer would be and I would even venture to say that Koeman wouldn't do it either and that isn't even on the same scale as Cruyff seeing as Johan is the terrestrial representation of God himself to the Cules. And the bit about "loser"?
  10. Espanyol fans may hate Barcelona fans with all their might (the same isn't felt vice versa), but Pochettino holding those sentiments to the idea of taking one of the biggest jobs in football and refusing shows that club loyalty can be felt even by the lesser rivalries. Could Joaquín later coach Sevilla? I very much doubt that! But then again the Arsenal / Spurs rivalry is actually massive and George Graham travelled up the Green Lanes and up Bruce Grove to dirty his fingers.
  11. I'm waiting for the error to be an even bigger one so I can attack like a fucking wild puma on heat leaping out of a tree onto the neck of a prat that's decided to shit nearby.
  12. Because football is about the fans and even in today's business orientated era the managers and players play to the tune of the fans. Boardrooms come and go and when Alfredo di Stéfano was made President of Honour for life at Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabéu had been dead for 30 years. Now can you please elaborate on your first post to me and what the hell it meant?
  13. Can you elaborate on your single sentence which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and lacks the weight of coherence.
  14. A decent Scottish example would've been the possibility of Kenny Dalglish coaching Glasgow Rangers or Graeme Souness doing vice versa. Football had already become a business wile they were coaching and Dalglish himself won a league title with Blackburn with an early version of the Abramović effect.
  15. Without a doubt but there are still individuals who vocally seem to hold those old values and until now Pochettino is one of those and only time will tell if he honours his own words.
  16. I kind of agree from Mourinho's perspective on what you've just written. But according to Chelsea fans he said he would never coach them and as I said, football is about the fans. God only knows his (Mourinho) career's success is based quite substantially on using the fans to create a siege effect.
  17. Because it's about the fans. Johan Cruyff was sacked by Josep Lluis Núñez and I can guarantee you he would never have coached Real Madrid..
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