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  1. Most times these games live in their own stratosphere where all logic and the understanding of the universe don’t apply.
  2. That’s great news although 10 games? 10 games all season? Is there any point in what it costs for a studios setup for 10 events?
  3. Yes, but that was then and this is now. In any walk of life, what you regard yourself as has no bearing in the real world. Because nobody stands around waiting for you to be “yourself” again. Competitors have evolved around them in all sorts of ways (your club is an example), plus there’s the argument that he was also overachieving within the chaos that is Man Utd.
  4. Yeah, undoubtedly there’s a lot of all that in there. Ten Hag would find it difficult to fit into any Premier League head coach position for the simple reason that there isn’t any club in England’s top division that even slightly resembles the setup at Ajax. Like I’ve said before, this isn’t me knocking him, he’s a very good coach, but only in that sort of unique organisation. Man Utd have talented players there, but many of them do not fit a uniformed football ideal and even for those that don’t believe that to be essential, there is also a huge hole in terms of leadership... real leadership that knows that club. Manchester United have always been a huge name in football even when they weren’t successful (in essence) years ago. But they’ve literally become a brand name. The perfect example of the corporate world in football. To override that and delve deep into what football really is, needs someone that like you say, will be too loud and in your face which contradicts what the corporate world is all about. You need yes men or at least a beast that is willing to be controlled publicly.
  5. I don’t think he can call for an overhaul. Man Utd are a corporation... Corporate power doesn’t give an employee any power to demand those sorts of things as we’re talking assets (players) here. He can tell those directly above him who he isn’t counting on for the upcoming campaign, but then it’s all got to do with what occurs in the board rooms. Plus it isn’t an easy feat to offload players when your competitors both at home and on the continent know about your desperation to try and play the assets market. Any interested party will wait till contracts are running down and take the owning party out of the equation.
  6. I’m scared of developing an expectance where Arsenal are concerned. That’s a very dangerous drug to take considering past addictions and the fucking subsequent cold turkey. 3 points. That’s all.
  7. If I remember rightly, you said he was Jesus back in the day.
  8. Ten Hag is a dead man walking... and resulting mayhem has practically nothing to do with him aside from the part where he accepted the position. How this job’s foundations to work has absolutely any resemblance to the work environment where he came from is beyond me. It’s the brand name... Manchester United and right now that’s where it starts and finishes. But brand names aren’t holy sanctums that cannot be degraded and subsequently seen for what they are which is effective actuality. You are what you are now and those that are competing in the same market place don’t just want to win, they also want to make their brand name as big if not bigger than yours. The coach will get the ultimate mea culpa and even there United aren’t being different because that’s a given in sport, particularly football. The job required at this stage is too big to contemplate, but it’ll buy billions of clicks on social media, media in general and of course, the printed press which is a dying breed. They don’t even need a headline here... they just need a “read here”.
  9. I’ll get in contact with you and we’ll make some lists.
  10. I fu*king play for free... I play lots of things for free and even pay to play. Then there’s work.
  11. So, it’s €108m Orpheus Media has apparently purchased 20% of the media rights for Barça’s games being transmitted in south-east Asia for the next 6 years. I really don’t need to say anything here on this one apart from adding Jaume Roures’ statement just now when he was quizzed quickly as he departed the Camp Nou. (Not that his statement is required here) ”I’ve just given a helping hand to the socios who aren’t to blame. Not to this board or any board. This club needs to stay in the hands of the socios and they deserve to see this team play in full this year.”
  12. So, the latest news is that the fourth lever has been purchased by Orpheus Media which is behind many of Europe’s leagues (including Serie ‘A’) intercontinental tv coverage. The company is owned by Jaume Roures a Catalan/Spaniard that has been on the Barcelona board of directors on four separate occasions. I think Barça have pulled a fast one with this if it’s all true.
  13. Note that both Sergi Roberto and Dembélé were re-signed after the year’s cut-off period which means that they won’t be accounted for in the annual financial report for both the LFP and UEFA until season 23/24. This is a tactic that PSG have been using for a few years now.
  14. Apparently (just seen the alert on my phone so don’t know more than that as there is no article as of yet) Barça have pulled a fourth lever and will apparently be able to register the new players PLUS Sergi Roberto and Dembélé (who had both run down their contracts and were officially re-signed as new players under the rules).
  15. That’s more than 6 years as an Argentinian in waiting. You’re now eligible for your citizenship application I’m sure.
  16. Yeah, I watched it. Also watched his performance for PSG the other day. The chap has still got it.
  17. I announced myself Argentinian when I was a teenager. I’ve got family in Buenos Aires even though I’ve only ever been there once in my early twenties and I was too much of an twat to experience anything other than the churrasco and the nightlife.
  18. But that’s a whole different story to the one I was citing there mate. I don’t doubt Utd’s signing policy has been rather ridiculous in recent years. They spent a lot of money without thinking about what they really required some years back and now it’s all tight. What I was saying about this coach in particular is that his success was down to a club (Ajax) that’s set up in a whole different way. There are football people from the top all the way down to the pitchside. They live from their academy and their testing ground for how it can all work is the domestic game. It’s laboratory football with permission. He cannot go to one of the biggest football brands on the planet and function the way he know how to function. It just doesn’t exist there and he found out the day he was told there are certain names that have to play or chaos erupts. This guy is great for a Southampton or something of that ilk. Not because he isn’t a very good coach, but because he requires to be hands on and have slack to do it. It’s partly his fault for accepting the position mind you. But the blame really is down to the club... the same way you’re citing footballers that have been error signings, this coach is one of those for Manchester United imo. I just don’t know how many errors United can really permit themselves before they’re in real trouble tbh. Status isn’t an eternal given anywhere or in any profession.
  19. That really is simplifying the game then mate. Maradona was definitely a midfielder. There are functions depending on the attributes of the players the coach has at his disposal. Hence why coaches want certain players. Answer me this... Why did Mourinho dislike the fact he had Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale?
  20. Erik ten Hag is the most ridiculous choice as head coach Man Utd have come up with uptil now since Fergie. That’s not a slant on the Dutchman, but on not understanding how and why he became a name as a football coach. Man Utd isn’t Ajax. There is nothing about United’s club setup that resembles the Dutch club at all. Let’s see how long he lasts. Could be a quickie this one unfortunately for him.
  21. Holding midfielder is a defensive midfielder. Actually, that may be my fault on the definition although for example in Spain or Italy they’re called a “pivote”. I was about to reference the EA Sports FIFA game but ffs...
  22. Yeah, but those fouls don’t define the player unless you're Materazzi. They define their function, their role due to their talents or particulars about their athleticism. Diego Maradona wasn’t the same as Falcão mate.
  23. Makélélé and Busquets don’t play extremely deep. They have/had a way of interpreting the game and expressed that on the field. Pirlo for example didn’t even start his career in the position he eventually tied himself down to and which due to his lack of athleticism, required runners looking out for his forays past his midfield colleagues. With that I’m not looking to disrespect Andrea at all. That’s what he was capable of and his skills in other areas were so great that coaches executed compensations for this with other colleagues on the pitch. A defensive midfielder isn’t there just to protect the back line. That player reads his midfield colleagues and adjusts accordingly whilst his colleagues can work more freely so as to deliver to what’s in front. I get what you’re saying though and it’s an eternal argument that consistently turns up. But all great teams have a responsible midfielder that thinks about what’s behind them as a priority and not the inverse. What you do have are those “box-to-box” midfielders. That term is also very disputable as once again we’re talking how an individual interprets and executes his game. In my opinion where the error is sometimes made is with leadership qualities from a midfielder. No matter what, they get labelled with the term “defensive midfielder” when many times they’re not. Players get functions (instructions) from head coaches. In most cases there is one or even two midfielders that sit (more times than not depending on how the game is going) in front of the back line.
  24. This one is one of the most disputed football discussions around. A number of friends of mine and myself were discussing this the other day in the pub and an argument erupted (friendly of course) and nobody could make up their minds. Who is it for you... These were the names drawn up that day. Maybe it’s even someone that’s not one of the options.
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