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  1. A tremendous international window for Scotland. Very thankful for Craig Gordon. League A awaits!
  2. Craig Gordon rescuing Scotland again. Far too open down the left hand side
  3. Huge game for Porteous to come in for and, to a lesser extent, Ryan Jack to be thrown back in. Can't afford to think about only needing a draw and sitting back in this game. This team has far more quality in midfield going forward than in the defence.
  4. Was more a comment about their performance in the match, rather than them as players. They definitely looked more comfortable without the ball, playing on the counter, and were erratic and unable to maintain possession when Scotland pressed them high up the pitch in the second half. Honestly, I can't say I'm familiar with most of Ireland's team these days. Seem to be more akin to Scotland about a decade ago with most of their players pulled from the English Championship.
  5. I'm not sure Scotland are going to have any players left for this game. Almost every defensive option is out injured, and Ryan Porteous could have to make his debut tomorrow. Meanwhile Adams and Dykes are both I'll, leaving not many attacking options left. Quite concerning in all.
  6. Quite a nerve filled evening at Hampden last night. But Scotland probably just about deserved the win. But has come at the cost of losing two more full backs, and another energy sapping performance before the game in Poland on Tuesday. Having such a vocal away support brought a higher energy to the usual international matches. Ireland seem to have figured out how to get to Scotland, pressing very high up the pitch and stopping Scotland from having much opportunities in the first half. Unable or unwilling to try and beat their man marker, the Scotland midfield left the defence under pressure and exposed at several times. Seems only Aaron Hickey, the youngest player in the team, had the though and talent to try and break through from his line and open up the game further. Too often the ball would just been being cycled through Tierney, McGregor and back to McKenna without anything progressive. Billy Gilmour, at his best, was probably the ideal player for the midfield in this game, but his lack of playing time so far this season has probably cost him a start in any of these three matches. At a time when some rotation would be much sought after within this already stretched squad. Armstrong already looked off the pace in this game, and Scotland improved their attacking threat once Ryan Fraser was brought on. His pace and directness is something lacking within the rest of the team and hopefully can be put to use on Tuesday night. Ireland look very dangerous on the counter attack, but too often their lack of real quality showed thoughout. With Troy Parrott the best example, blowing a huge chance just after Scotland had levelled. Their general play is tidy enough but can see why they may have troubled breaking down teams happy enough to sit back, and play them at their own counter attacking game plan. A draw on Tuesday secures promotion to Nations League A, some glamour matches against Europe's elite teams and a guaranteed play off spot for the European Championships. The biggest game against Ukraine since June...
  7. Imagine playing Maguire and Dier instead of Tomori. That would be ridiculous...
  8. Allegri is under serious pressure as Juventus manager. Not helped by a defeat at Monza at the weekend. They have been painfully dull and have become quite predictable in their play, and for years have been bailed out by a talented No. 9 in their team previously Ronaldo and now Vlahović (although when you see how little touches he actually has in a game, it's remarkable that he has a goalscoring record quite so good). Often going entire halves of football this season without a shot on target and infamously the screenshot from their game against Sampdoria were they are all standing in a circle without any resemblance of a midfield. Their best performance this season was their opening half against Roma, and still almost lost that game if it wasn't for a goalline clearance by Vlahović (saving them at both ends of the pitch...). Rumours of Conte being lined up for a return are in the Italian press this week, but also the mind boggling amount of money it would take to fire Allegri.
  9. June was a low point in performances against Ukraine and Ireland. Clarke seems to have learnt that without Robertson and Tierney playing, there is little point in playing with a back five as no one is capable of playing the LCB role like Tierney does and offering an attacking threat at the same time. Especially not Liam Cooper, who I've yet to see have a positive performance for Scotland. Having Hendry and McKenna at centre back, with McTominay moved into midfield, still allows them to have players who can make progressive passing out from defence without compromising the midfield as much. Hickey, after he came on last night, had a much better performance than in June as well. Maybe he was not adequately prepared to play the RWB position then, and Ukraine going with a bold wide front three really took advantage of the wing backs in that game. His strengths are still his attacking qualities, but was very solid defensively at RB yesterday and does give merit to a competition between him and Nathan Patterson about who should be Scotland's RB/RWB in the immediate future. Although they ended up with three goals, attacking and creating opportunities is still Scotland's main struggle. No one can deny John McGinn's quality as a player, and he did create opportunities and score a goal himself yesterday (quite remarkably he's now on 15 international goals and in Scotland's top ten goalscorers of all time), but he does lack that creativity and spark that a quality No. 10 has. Same for Stuart Armstrong in his role drifting in from the right hand side. Very hard working players and good technically, but lack that special something to create out of nothing. Ryan Christie is probably the closest to being that player. I expect a few changes for Saturday's game against the Republic of Ireland. As it really only matters about avoiding defeat, as presuming Ukraine will handily take care of their game against Armenia. And sets up the crucial game 'at home' to Scotland next Tuesday.
  10. It would have been a sending off in a rugby game! Made it all the better seeing him fall over just before McGinn scored.
  11. I'm not sure whether to be happy or more depressed about what happened in June...
  12. Absolutely horrendous 'tackle' from Bondar on Che Adams. Somehow only a yellow. About the only interesting thing from the first 45 minutes.
  13. The Super League is dead. These clubs aren't going to quit the Champions League, but why are they still caving to them? It's horrendous.
  14. Paramount / CBS have agreed a new 6 year deal for the rights in the US, worth $1.5 Billion
  15. Seems mad they've spent all this money, whether they have it or not, and still have brought in any full backs.
  16. At least that's another embarrassment for Scotland avoided...
  17. Signs at 10am. Scores a thunderbastard by 3:45pm.
  18. Billy Gilmour not been given a squad number?
  19. Conmebol launches its official bid with a joint Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile bid.
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