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  1. Fairy In Boots


    BTK wasn’t caught till the early 2000’s so I imagine that will rumble on. Finished episode 5 yesterday and I found Manson & Watson refreshing I’d happily watch a David Fincher production on the Manson Family
  2. That was grim viewing, think you’ll be safe from relegation but a mid table battle is on the cards
  3. Keep laughing mate you would cry otherwise, it’s apparent very quickly that this league has moved on from the likes of Steve Bruce. “We gotta roll up our sleeves” and “dust ourselves down” and “give our all” just doesn’t cut it in the modern game. If you put a gun to his head and said talk me through “gengenpressing” he would reply “I don’t eat foreign muck”
  4. Fairy In Boots


    All the killers are brilliantly cast so far tbh
  5. Fairy In Boots


    Yeah I’ve done the first three episodes, Enjoying it so far
  6. Smith said when he came in in November after Bruce the players aren’t fit he was right Bruce is a knacker
  7. Technically very good although will take several weeks to adapt to the league as it can be ping pong in midfield at times in this league. On the whole dissatisfying result we were the better side I felt but Bournemouth are a good side and we’re bedding in and a bit naive with game management. The last 5mins Bournemouth just managed us throws, in the corners tackle fouls slowing it down etc. Think we should have brought another striker and winger as El Ghazi looks shit at this level. Also TomHeatoj great shot stopper abysmal distribution we’re a on the floor side and he’s just hoofing it all the time
  8. We’ve been the better side just 2 errors cost us, Billings shouldn’t be on the field what is the point of VAR if this nonsense stays in the game.
  9. Fairy In Boots


    Did you watch it?
  10. Fairy In Boots


    Season 2 is out, first episode done this gonna be good
  11. Arsenal 1-1 Burnley Aston Villa 2-1 Bournemouth Brighton 2-2 West Ham Everton 2-0 Watford Man City 2-1 Tottenham Norwich 2-1 Newcastle Southampton 1-4 Liverpool Chelsea 2-1 Leicester Sheff Utd 2-0 Crystal Palace Wolves 1-2 Man Utd
  12. You were runners up with Rodgers then 6th then you played 8 games and sacked him while you were tenth. You’re going on as if Klopp has done a Eddie Howe style job, you spent millions you should be where you are.
  13. Fairy In Boots

    Breaking News - General Chat

    No they’re now calling for a second referendum which has seen their polling tank. Brexit is quite simple, Tory heartlands aka “middle Englanders”and labour heartlands “industrial working class” want it. Those who don’t are London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester all the old industrial cities that have been overtaken by university hipster types gathered up huge debts while wasting higher education on needless qualifications they seldom use, who still persist with a perverted idea of socialism and an anti establishment sentiment to nationhood that seems to think we’re incapable of self governing mainly because they themselves are in real life. These are the people that infest our metropolitan areas, these people don’t have high vote turnout and they are the minority although they bleat on like you wouldn’t believe. A second referendum would have 3 options to split the leave vote, you know this. That’s not democracy that’s actively subverting it, you’d criticise the Chinese for doing similar in Hong Kong or the Israelis in Palastine. And you mentioned “Lib Dem melts” as if it’s a sub category of Lib Dem’s it isn’t every single Lib Dem supporter is a melt, a tour de force of snivelling cuntishness. The Greens are laughable anyone that votes for them must lack common sense or a subconscious compulsion for self harm, an absolute joke of a party in every aspect.
  14. Fairy In Boots

    Breaking News - General Chat

    Probably the Brexit party now as the London guardianistas who dominate the Labour Party have basically said “fuck em” to the working class who voted Brexit.
  15. Fairy In Boots

    Breaking News - General Chat

    🤣 When the socialists fall victim to their own class prejudices.