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  1. There is an Aston Villa thread in the football league section FYI Admin
  2. Think Steer is unlucky tbh
  3. Fairy In Boots

    Jack Butland - To Sign For Chelsea?

    Looks close I’m happy that takes us to £50m so far needs it though
  4. Don’t know much about Dunk tbh, heard Phillips & Butland Benteke was a top striker, a bad injury and going to play at Liverpool fucked him
  5. Fairy In Boots

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    I think money will talk mate, fine margins are so cruel it could be you cherry picking our best. I think you’re going to come up as champions next year I really do I hope you do anyway I’ll be cheering Leeds on, think you deserve it as a fan base even if you are a bit dirty 😉
  6. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.avfc.co.uk/News/2019/06/13/aston-villa-agree-wesley-transfer%3fview=amp guess that means no Tammy. that puts us @ £35m spent on 3 signings done now
  7. Fairy In Boots

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    It’s a position we need to address so I wouldn’t be surprised
  8. Stan pointed out its BS mate and I’m sure you’re aware there’s no good time to play us, agent Albrighton will see to that 😉
  9. I’m rusty I couldn’t say I’ve followed the league for 3 years tbh
  10. Leaked on Twitter villa v Leicester on The Sunday. Norwich away @ Spurs
  11. Fairy In Boots

    Neil Etheridge to Villa?

    Apparently we’ve moved onto other targets
  12. Fairy In Boots

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    Lol swapped for Jota & £4m
  13. Fairy In Boots

    Justin Edinburgh Dies

    Very young shame RIP
  14. Fairy In Boots

    Brexit Discussion

    I’ve not mentioned Muslims once you have though several times. The fact you’re answering your own questions on a forum shows it’s utterly ridiculous to even attempt to debate with you. You’re the forum equivalent of a university protestor, you have been for some time. Stans response warrants a reply, I’ll do that later when I’ve got free time.
  15. Fairy In Boots

    Brexit Discussion

    We can all go home now Balon has posed and answered his own question, there’s no need for a forum.