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  1. The only ones who talk about Greedish are the media, it’s annoying on commentary
  2. The problem is that city are traditionally a working class mid table support of a similar size to say a palace or Wolves. They would go in numbers throughout their history but that hasn’t transferred to the modern era, yeah they probably have picked up a few million fans globally but that’s not boots on the ground in and around the city. Nowadays they’re something 18 year old glory hunting kids on social media follow and that doesn’t equal full stadiums. It’s probably too much for a working class family from Stockport to afford and I bet there’s a minority that don’t like what they’ve become. United are the glamour club have been for 50 years and will continue to do so, we critics the fair weather fans but all the United fans I’ve known 20 odd years are still United. City’s new breed are a different generation and there’s still a massive element of father and son going to games making it habit. Also they win but it’s a team thing there’s no 1 superstar although I suspect they’ve tried to change tact with Grealish, but his appeal to a neutral was coupled with his boyhood club fairytale so won’t translate easily
  3. Think we really need to switch up this 3-5-2 because we came alive once we binned it.
  4. Think draw here we don’t have a great record against Benitez, first time we should have a full squad to select from. Bailey should get his first start along with Ings and Watkins, maybe Traore over Buendia. Ramsey and McGinn in midfield with Douglas Luiz in behind.
  5. I saw he blamed grass vs us a few weeks back, same old Bruce. He does pick up a player or two though and I rate willock he will do well for you
  6. You joke but they are that bad at present I’d love to see them in a dogfight as theirs no backbone in the whole squad really they would collapse. Thought poor keeping for both Ronaldo’s goal yesterday when I saw the highlights. A Geordie mate of mine is ready to throw cabbages, with Bruce 2 years in I expect you’ve still not got a style of play yet.
  7. I can’t tell you a favourite there’s just so many great tracks over their catalogue. On the fear innoculum song did you notice that it says mitosis at exactly the halfway point of the song? It’s little shit like that, that makes me love them.
  8. Typical Villa vs a Top 4 side performance play well don’t take our opportunities make slight errors get punished. 3-0 flatters Chelsea but I saw enough to know we’re gelling we will be ok just need a consistent 11 for 1-2 games
  9. Start at the beginning but for me they really kick into gear around Ænima then Lateralus to 10,000 days is a band at the peak of their powers. Lateralus is straight up genius, what’s so cool about it from a musical view is that the time signatures are all over the place, I never got this before but getting back into it and watching YouTube musicians breakdown songs i now appreciate these guys are just showing off. The actual track Lateralus is done to the Fibonacci sequence ffs they’re literally taking the piss and winning Grammy awards for it. don’t skip undertow though some good tracks to spiral out and listen to but start at Ænima. 13 years off comeback and deliver that is staggering, 7empest is technically such a great piece of work. I’d recommend watching this to see how clean it is and appreciate that these guys pushing 60 are still arguably the best in the game
  10. Massively into Tool at present I listened years ago but finally got round to Fear inoculum and my god listening bow with an older head I realise they maybe the greatest band ever, even their old stuff listening again is timeless genius
  11. Currently reading the last argument of kings by Joe Abercrombie
  12. Same agency as Greedish, Villa offered him a deal but ultimately signed a new deal at Saints as verbally he’s been told Liverpool will come for him next summer, Klopp rates him
  13. Not quite sure how that equates to seatbelts to be honest
  14. Just going to state I’m against vacation of under 18’s I see it as too much state interference
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