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  1. Fairy In Boots

    Returning Isis fighters

    Lol I told you to research it yourself (which you haven’t evidently), hardly a sweeping generalisation. The irony of you saying that is funny though Nah I like Evertonians they’re very warm welcoming folk often down to earth and capable of self reflection and self deprecating. Liverpool on the other hand, are different but they’ve been designed that way. Shankly was a socialist who tore straight out the socialist propaganda playbook to build “his” Liverpool. He created an “us” & “them” mentality which is deep rooted to this day. Hes also borrowed heavily from Catholicism and organised religion to mobilise his zealots. YNWA is the hymn, Anfield is a cathedral/shrine he actively preached holy trinity manager, players, fans (true socialist himself is part of it) All the managers after him were “disciples” It’s so deep rooted you can’t even see your doing it. All your “great” players are given religious based monickers St Owen, fowler was God, saviour Gerrard. Half the banners in the stadium have a religious meaning. Then you always start by singing your hymm. Ex players go out & preach the gospel of Liverpool. It’s why the vast majority of your fan base are thick zealots who see themselves as Liverpool above all else. Offended by absolutely everything and ashamed of nothing. The footballing equivalent of fundamentalists. Thats why nobody wants you to win tbh. Respect what you’ve achieved as a club but I don’t like the club one bit to be honest.
  2. Fairy In Boots

    Returning Isis fighters

  3. Fairy In Boots

    Returning Isis fighters

    Without going down the rabbit hole, just do a bit of research into radicalisation in UK prisons. Prefer Everton fans, the best type of scouser. Liverpool fans are the footballing equivalent of radical religious nutters, hence the reason they’re disliked.
  4. Fairy In Boots

    Returning Isis fighters

    The problem is it will cost the tax payer millions over the course of her life to contain her at her majesty’s pleasure. And you can get bet good money she’ll spend her time inside helping to radicalise them even further. It’s absolutely rude in our prisons at present.
  5. Fairy In Boots

    Returning Isis fighters

    I actually agree with Dodger she’s our responsibility, although I wouldn’t put her in prison if just send a ship to pick and chuck her overboard. Put her kid into care.
  6. Fairy In Boots

    Returning Isis fighters

  7. still have less members than the Brexit party, I think fragmented coalitions is the future of U.K. parliaments
  8. Fairy In Boots

    Returning Isis fighters

    Imagine being that hated 🤣
  9. Fairy In Boots

    Budget cuts

    The BNP were a far right party that had policies such as “end of immigration from Muslim nations and to encourage U.K. residents to return to their country of ethnic origin”. Basically white is right type stuff. The problem is that any criticism of immigration at all and you’re stereotyped as a BNP voter. UKIP is a great example although in its final hour (meaning the referendum) Farage focussed on immigration as it was the hot topic with traditional working class voters who traditionally vote labour.
  10. Fairy In Boots

    Budget cuts

    Well not strictly true, mainstream parties pretty much ignored immigration issues and that led fed up people to go to these parties where they’re concerns were heard, that doesn’t make everyone who voted for either racist. The parties themselves are different, the BNP was racist born out of shit like the NF. UKIP was a Euro skeptic party that gained momentum of the back of euro skepticism and anti immigration sentiments caused by the influx from the EU. Lol are you on about the nonce ex serviceman the mirror championed with the “thrown out to die” comment? Also real job creation by nationalising everything or swelling the public sector doesn’t work. Job creation & Corbyn in the same sentence 😂 But then they just move their money off shore and there’s a hole to fill. It’s a fundamental hole in the plan. Perhaps they can fill it with the money Corbyns son makes from renting out his housing association flat he brought on Airbnb. Although they’re arguing to ban that but it’s not like socialist to not practice what they preach.
  11. Fairy In Boots

    Ladies feet

    Blatant wind up but the best I’ve seen in some time 👏🏻 🤣 the pub section has gone to the dogs
  12. Fairy In Boots

    SirBalon's: Knowing Men's Fashion Trends

    Why am I only just discovering this thread now 🤣. Has to be the most bizarre “coming out” I’ve ever seen
  13. Fairy In Boots

    Returning Isis fighters

    Just wanted an excuse to post this really.
  14. Think he’s why we lost momentum think cracks are appearing now in the dressing room though. Probably got a few that know they’re not here next year
  15. It’s Grealish he’s that good, he knits it together and as a result we can tear teams apart. Take him out the equation and it’s 50/50 possession and Hourihane is slow and we get over ran in midfield. If jack stays fit it’s playoffs for us now hopefully Yeah in fairness most villa fans recognise he need’s time, unfortunately he started well and they’re not patient. I expect to lose tomorrow and pressure will be ratcheted up