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  1. V Sports which owns Villa are purchasing a significant stake in Real Union which is the club Emery owns in Spain and his Brother is president of, think City and all the restaurants he gets as sweeteners for being at City. This is the game now, United are being left way behind
  2. I don’t mind him, it’s sweeter when we win and he has to commentate on it
  3. I genuinely don’t think he’d go, he’s in complete control here with the keys to everything, his mission is to build us up so we can fulfil our potential. Why would you go to a situation where you don’t have complete control? He declined Newcastle because of work life balance, I don’t think money is an issue it’s a passion project for him at this point in his life
  4. Him Archer and Ramsey are all buy back clauses, it helps with FFP as we are selling academy players so counts as pure profit
  5. Think Everton will do a Burnley and put a run together near the end of the year
  6. For FFP academy players are classed as pure profit so we’ve generated £160m profit in the last two years with Jack, Chuck, Ramsey & Archer which allows us to spend. Buy backs on the later two and maybe JPB if he leaves this window, it’s how City have circumvented FFP now that they have a stockpile of players. They got to that position to do this illegally but once you’re there selling academy players is within the rules
  7. First time I’ve watched a BBC Scotland game and tbh it’s not a bad set up, we really need to just merge leagues and have a British League system, some big clubs in Scotland who just can’t compete with us at all, we were in 1-2 gear really
  8. Her dad pressured her to drop the charges because Mason is the meal ticket and she has his kid. He’s always been a scumbag, we’re not talking about a good bloke wronged here. There’s loads of stories about him being a right little C word. Now it’s PR spin but in reality, it’s about money, from United perspective and hers, she gets that baby daddy money if he goes on to have a successful career hence charges dropped and United don’t want to write off an asset, if he’s not sold it will be a loan in the hope that he goes away the hate dies down and he can be sold for a decent sum. United don’t give a fuck about public opinion in reality, they haven’t since day 1, this has always been about recouping losses. the term “yesterdays chip paper” is used a lot in football with regards to negative headlines with players, they underestimated the staying power of this story.
  9. We’ll be fine, just need 4-5 games to get new partnerships formed.
  10. Think Mings injury two days after Buendia’s shocked our players, as you could see from Konsa mistake for the third, normally you had Mings barking at him and Pau didn’t as that’s the first time they’ve played together no shout and Isak pinches it and it’s 3-1. After that the just looked shell shocked as you would two top players gone in 48hours for the year. The game was over our heads drop as they’re distraught. They’re not like the squad of yesterday there’s so much work going into the players socialising together, families socialising, kids play together etc so they’ve taken injuries very hard. 3-1 down Newcastle are overrunning us in midfield and they just wanted to go home you could see it. 5-1 looks like we got pumped all game we were actually quite competitive in spells. the club is cursed, last year ACL first game, this year ACL first game plus Buendia in training, we are fucked squad depth in tatters
  11. Won’t pretend I know anything about him, expect a back up GK and a Striker now, would like to see a RB to challenge cash too
  12. Local media suggest trouble with the owners being able to put funds into the club too.
  13. Like this business, rumours of it being around £31.5m in which case very good business.
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