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  1. Fairy In Boots

    Brexit Discussion

    They published a book several years ago setting out a view for Britain. But it’s attributed to her as if an actual quote last week. Also they’re not wrong, if you compare output or productivity from a Brit compared to an Eastern European we’re lazy most of the time. We are capable of hard work but the we are also capable of dossing. A great example is the fact most are reading this at their desk while at work.
  2. Fairy In Boots

    'Me Too' Movement

    Think it’s a issue The whole world over
  3. Seen a fair bit about Blues being scumbags at Elland road, thoughts @Lucas ?
  4. Fairy In Boots


    I don’t think we can write him off on stoke alone, there’s evidently problems there. I thought he was good at Birmingham and Derby
  5. In fairness we’re on 15 which is joint 5th with Spurs. Arsenal are on 13 which is joint 6th with Bournemouth. What I will say is that when we played them I felt the turnaround was more us than them. I thought for 60 odd mins we were the better side and I wasn’t impressed at all.
  6. Brighton are a good side I reckon they’re going to be ok. Defo think Watford & Norwich are going to struggle from now on
  7. Fairy In Boots

    Brexit Discussion

    Probably screaming abuse at Mogg and his kid no doubt. Also: https://www.comresglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/ComRes_ITN_Brexit-Referendum-Poll_Oct-19-2.pdf you and as many toddlers from around the U.K. can keep up your quarterly hissy fit March through London, it matters little the largest poll since the referendum suggests Brexit is still the preference. If they don’t split the Brexit vote (which they will) Brexit will win again. To anyone that thinks our MP’s aren’t actively hampering this process when the election comes it will be a bloodbath for those that didn’t do what the people want.
  8. Oh it’s just a natural collision it’s not intentional, you can’t start giving fouls for that. If that was against you you’re going to be livid, think Dyche is right to be upset with it. VAR gives refs a chance to bottle it and they increasingly are taking that opportunity. It’s getting worse to not better
  9. Scandalous that VAR against Burnley, Leicester have got lucky there
  10. Fairy In Boots

    Tyrone Mings to Villa

    Think he’s going to be adding value all the time now tbh
  11. Grealish starting to get to grips with this league now, motm display today
  12. 94th minute winner from the worst player on the pitch, Grealish created it and assisted
  13. Grealish makes it 1-1, but this should be 2-1 now scandalous
  14. They’ve just dissallowed a goal via VAR absolutely scandalous. It’s ruining the game this nonsense is and showing the incompetence of the referees massively
  15. Fairy In Boots

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    Too strong for a good Aussie side, they beat the all blacks in the 🏉 championship not too long ago