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  1. Yes In all honest I do take enjoyment when it comes to Smiley, he started on me as he usually does and I give it back. You can argue about being the bigger “adult” but I do that all day at work with kids etc, on here I can cut lose on the likes of him. See above, although I would ask why it’s ok for him to call me names etc and not me to call him stuff? I never see you police that? I think it’s because you’re more sympathetic to his opinion than mine. He constantly stereotypes me as some kind of NF / EDL twat, I’m not offended by it as I’m not like that. But it does show bias, because you have no issue with that kind of profiling presumably. I meant parental advisory in relation to bands like Nirvana, Korn, Nine inch nails, Slipknot etc. Context is key on the N word, my black mates use the N word to describe rude boy types, think Chris Rock bring the pain. My army mates who have served with black soldiers use it to them, cracking jokes about “operation get behind the darkies for South Park fans) and because it’s used in a context that isn’t aggressive or discriminatory it’s ok. That’s our circle of friends though. I’ve had abuse been spat on called “white fuck” and told to leave an area by a gang of Pakistani lads. The predominant feeling was fear initially because I was worried I’d get a kicking. Whites are discriminated against now though systemically in the UK in my opinion. I think any kind of positive discrimination is discrimination no matter how you cut it, I know we’ve taken on poor quality candidates because of pressure for diversification of the work force. Similarly with women, they’ve been “pushed” and more often than not they’ve not been up to it. It dilutes a talent pool, some ethnic or female colleges have made it off their own merit and because of that they enjoy respect etc, ones that get pushed just cause resentment. equality is equality, I agree you can’t discriminate but I disagree with quotas or initiatives that push one over another because of race. A good example is Asians having to achieve better scores to get into Harvard in the US, that’s not fair. See above about the N word. I do remember as 18 year olds as a gang of 10 lads 2 black 8 White the black lads would get searched a lot more on club doors etc but that’s individual prejudice of doormen rather than systemic. Although aged 18-20 almost all the drug dealers I knew were black, still are in Brum tbh.
  2. Oh come off it Stan he’s always happy to dish it out my way and massively generalise in the process and not see the irony of him doing that. I’m having multiple conversations here, genuine debate with 1-2 and I’m indulging in absolute shit housery with Smiley fuck him, he dished it out but can never take it back. I’m being offensive to smiley certainly, everyone else getting offended is oversensitive really. You’ve got to go some to get offended by my use there really
  3. Awe rattled so hard your neighbours think you’re fracking! And they changed in 1994 you spästic
  4. Yes but we’re adults, surely we’ve got to be able to parse information and decide on the context with which it’s delivered? I worry about 25 and below now they don’t seem to understand context and just go full outrage Spastics, see like a lockdown rave on a council estate scumbags like myself will find a way
  5. I remember when scope swapped from the Blubbering sunflowers society, words become fluid as a culture changes. Beard stroker, Blubbering sunflowers who cares have you never talked to a cerebral palsy sufferer? They will use it. context is the key in discourse, you can’t cancel words just weight up the context in which they’re delivered.
  6. Yeah I get that but it’s riled him so I’ll keep calling it him. Ok hear me out, back in the 90’s when something became offensive it actually drove people to it, rock and roll for example. If you start banning things you give them power, if you don’t it lessens it. case in point the 4th time I called smiley a spastic is nowhere near as shocking as the first time I did it, be honest it’s not.
  7. I just go back to great programs and music and the uproar, there was people trying to censor nirvana etc nowadays it’s the youth pushing censorship what has happened?
  8. Agree although I think given the right social situation and nobody is going to get offended spastic is used an awful lot in the uk.
  9. Context is what has to do with it. You’re not disabled so I’ve called it you in the context that you’re an idiot. if you were a disabled 6 year old child calling you it would be wrong obviously. on a forum 18+ 100 users talking about football I think you need to toughen up really.
  10. I’m so past caring about offence nowadays, people have a right to be offended and I have a right to not give a fuck. Late 80’s early 90’s as I grew up it was all about being offensive the more so the better. It was counter culture, now it’s cancel culture so sad
  11. Deserves a more considered answer, I don’t consume news corp product. Not all whites in Africa are Boer either. But to stop going off on a tangent, back to the US. I looked at FBI stats in the aftermath of George Floyd and although blacks commit 52% of violent crime in the states and account for 17-18% population they’re still killed less than whites by Police. We could discuss the amount of killing by police (which I’d agree is high)but from a federal level I’d disagree US police are actively targeting the black population via police brutality. I think there will be cases that are exceptions to that rule, but from a systematic point of view I’m not buying I’m afraid. anyway on topic, Ben Mee is a cunt and Dyche belongs in league 2
  12. Lol no actually if you want we can relocate to the Peru thread and discuss things there? after all this is a forum, it’s almost like one of those mythical places people could discuss various topics
  13. Do you have a disability? because I’m calling you a spastic in the context that you’re stupid. I think the struggle to process this adds weight to my claim that you’re indeed a Spastic
  14. No not a disabled joke, why do you have cerebral palsy? a spastic is a derogatory term nowadays for an moron or stupid person. Scope changed their name years ago because spastic had took on usage as a derogatory term.
  15. So where’s my racist remarks? I’m actually going to post a big post in the George Floyd thread in the next day or so, you will love that, you will completed disregard any points I make and say it’s racist and that’s because you’re a spastic