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  1. Brighton are a poor side we literally have no striker yet they still struggled against us
  2. Lampard is shit. Newcastle are a poor side
  3. No outlet and invites pressure ala city a mess
  4. 0-4-5 is our formation it’s a disgrace. 18 days into a transfer window
  5. Huge game and we have 0 strikers again
  6. Fairy In Boots

    Jack Grealish - Manchester Move for Midfielder?

    United if we go down £70m, won’t happen in Jan
  7. Replaces Heaton, just need a striker now
  8. Helps when he has a midfield in front of him. This is 15/16 all over again
  9. No we were haemorrhaging money last year, Xia ran out of cash and hadn’t we been brought by NSWE then we would have been fucked. NSWE probably pumped in £40m last year to keep us going. Suso has brought all these players in based on young with good potential, they’re being poorly coached. DS was like this at Brentford he talks a good game but far too passive and his team reflect that
  10. We didn’t chuck cash last year we were broke it was a patchwork of loan deals Decent and vocal although yesterday he was poor but no midfield to protect that back line and Neil Taylor against Mahrez, Drinkwater and Hourihane vs KDB and Silva. I reckon he’d wrote that game off you know scandalous stuff
  11. Think we’re down unless we sack him tbh
  12. I am Smith can get in the fucking sea, the ginger cunt is too passive and his side reflect that. No pressure all to soft shite. Imagine a wilder doing this
  13. Still no changes fuck off Dean
  14. Nobody to put a cross in for it’s just sit back and invite pressure. Frankly it’s abysmal. Why we have no striker in when it was obvious Wesley has been struggling is a disgrace. The lack of intensity is a disgrace, the passive nature of our play is a disgrace. Its not good enough regardless of where we are in the league. I’ve had enough of him I’d sack him.
  15. I would if I was there no intensity Yep I’d sack him