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  1. Nah I think perception and challenging is enough to grow as a brand, let’s face it Spurs won nothing but have grown off the back of Poch era, I don’t think they will have added new fans at the same rate in the last few years. In fairness they also have a great stadium which has helped them increase revenue massively. We are planning to expand Villa park as well.
  2. Spurs don’t have the kind of fanbase, not in the U.K. anyway it’s more the international fans that you get from being a champions league club year in year out. We need 2-3 years to sustain and close the gap. V sports that own us are wrath of god money now, we could sustain loses for a decade, need to box clever and play within the rules but you can already see NSWE are getting frustrated and looks like we’ll go the city route and start that fight. I disagree with city and I don’t think it’s healthy for football at all, the purist in me wants no closed shop at the top and the ability for teams to ride and fall on sporting merit. Don’t think it will happen now the cat is out of the bag now. This is perfect for City and their fight with the PL as they have done wrong but it’s another headache which will likely mean the PL amends demands long term and that benefits city. To be a fly on the wall at PL administration right now
  3. Despised within the game, however there is frustration amongst some about PSR as that’s a glass ceiling for the likes of Villa, Everton, Forest & Newcastle
  4. You don’t understand the legality of it all then if you think that’s the case. The Man City of old I’d have had sympathy for they were a proper club with proper fans whose club has been hijacked by a gulf state. Now I have no sympathy as the fans seem to be wind up merchants with little or no understanding of football administration yet tell us their victims will be funny watching those titles get voided. Imagine supporting the Lance Armstrong of the footballing world, a stink that will hang around your club for generations
  5. Delaying tactics, the PL have a small legal team and they will now be burdened by this. City have the best lawyers in the country, but they are done for and they know it now. Hence Pep will leave next year, shame the titles won’t be voided for the players and coaches too, just the club but we are entering the end game now. Within two years they will be brought to half justice, you will never get full justice they’ve delayed too long. But scum club and fans of theirs who defend them are rats, destroyed the game they have
  6. What have we done to our game with VAR and the offside rule, absolutely robbed Coventry there and robbed the competition of a great story so we can watch City dick United again. Who cares?
  7. We won’t win the league, that will be City or Liverpool and it will be a 90 point tally. I think we’ll end up about 10 behind as will Arsenal and Spurs so it’s just who finishes top 4 really
  8. December is a tough month, so many games in quick succession that you need to grind out results and we’ve hung in there arguably despite injuries and suspensions. I think we’ve done well. I think we need to have another run of 5-6 wins on the spin to get top 4 though
  9. Yeah it is vague, I think it was more to back Ollie out of the gate. I agree it’s weird. If it’s racist abuse then they should say that, but on the flip side it could tar the whole fanbase so I get the logic of not going into detail. Headlines would just be “Watkins racially abused at Brentford” when the statement specifically says it respects the majority of Brentford fans
  10. Bournemouth are one of the best teams we’ve faced this season, Dyche has got Everton firing too, it’s just the league you come against some tricky teams on their day, I’d describe neither side as dross
  11. Souness was right about Grealish, the game has moved on from two years ago and he’s not direct enough now. Will go Saudi or Italy in the summer
  12. That point against Bournemouth doesn’t look so bad, they’re well coached now and will do well this year.
  13. Great result, leggy at the end but we got it done. Brentford away will be tough though
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