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  1. Leeds look leggy and frustrated, a young side and the lack of experience does show a touch.
  2. Boro & Bristol have fallen away and all cement our playoff place.
  3. 10 in a row and a new club record. I’d take a point in the final 2 now because I can’t see us not making it now. 30 points out of 30 fucking hell thats unreal.
  4. Fairy In Boots

    Notre Dame on Fire

    They’re the largest land owners in Birmingham I believe, but in the U.K. they also run the most successful state schools.
  5. Fairy In Boots

    Notre Dame on Fire

    I did a tour of the Vatican and walked out to the pope saying mass (pope ratzenburger)I must admit the Mrs who is not of any religious persuasion wanted to stay for mass such was the draw. I know from experience that the Catholic Church does fund a lot of programs in Africa etc for education (of course they’re spreading its reach by doing so) that you can understand where the money goes. I bet if you went deep into the finances they’re probably better than some charities. Cathod I think was the main one, we built a school in some war torn African state with our diocese fund raising.
  6. Fairy In Boots

    President Trump

    Lol I thought I was supposed to be the unhinged nasty one. Trump is an egotistical moron I know that I’m not stupid but son sometimes you need a bull in a china shop to get shit done, on this occasion I think he suits America down to the ground.
  7. I think you’ve blown it now tbh your fixtures are just too tough. I think it’s playoffs for you now
  8. Yes by bombing churches they were attacking a multitude of faiths. Not really the basis for my comment, there were 2 incidents last year in the south I was referring to. I do appreciate that India is more of a complex beast than just Hindus hating Christians etc. Granted authoritarian states are biased against all religions. By it’s not a stretch it’s an opinion formed by a pew research paper from last year. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/06/21/key-findings-on-the-global-rise-in-religious-restrictions/ when almost 0 Christian states are currently at war compared to Islam I think there’s merit to my point.
  9. It’s on virtually every continent at present that in some way shape or form Christians are being persecuted. Nigeria for example still has high turnouts at mass as they believe it’s yhere duty to worship yet Boko Haram threaten. In India it’s hindu extremism and resulted in increasing attacks on Christians. In Sri Lanka it’s Buddhist extremists and that’s who I’d pin this on tbh. In China they’re persecuted, in North Korea they’re persecuted. North Africa and the Middle East I’ll let you guess. Just google Indonesian church attacks. The reality it we’re largely ignorant of it in the West because we’ve become secular or don’t want to appear intolerant of other faiths or favouritism of Christians although our system has grown out of Christianity so it’s getting swept under the carpet.
  10. Stan are you really that naive to believe a church is a place of safety outside of the west? Or as was Christendom? It’s not even safe in Europe anymore the attacks on French churches alone have been numerous.
  11. Fairy In Boots

    President Trump

    He’s still winning in 2020, hopefully doing long term damage to the dems
  12. it’s almost like there’s a long running genocide against anybody that doesn’t share the collective group think in Asia.
  13. If we win and make it 10 on the bounce it’s our best string of results in our history, 109 years ago we did 9 on the bounce.
  14. Fairy In Boots

    President Trump

    Nah not read it and don’t care, also not scared of brown people just lazy mudslinging at this point to call me racist every 5 mins.
  15. Fairy In Boots

    President Trump