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  1. It was refreshing initially when we went down, the problem is you’re suddenly no longer a “big club” in the modern fans perspective if you do. Your best players get cherry picked and you lose out on targets to the likes of fucking Fulham. However nice to win a league and get back but it’s a tough league and the stay can be more than a season. Personally I think the you’ll be ok
  2. China backing Russia then? Cold War 2.0
  3. On topic I find the seizing of assets without a court mandate bizarre from supposed free western economies, I laughed at Abramovich and still do but this has moved into weaponised form of national cancel culture now. That’s not healthy long term
  4. Tbh if your brain can’t compute that the actions of Russia in Ukraine today aren’t directly influenced by the ramifications of the events in 1940’s then well I’d make like your username and back out the thread because you’re embarrassing yourself. The lunacy of this comment
  5. Watch this, yes I get Ukraine is a sovereign nation but the reality is big countries bully little countries in the west and the east, this is more about the conflicts to come. Watch this it does a great job of explaining the military thinking behind Moscow’s play here. I’m not saying Russia are justified, I’m saying this is why it’s happening he’s not some unhinged loon, this is very much a global arms chess match.
  6. Lol mate he loves some club in London that he’s probably never heard of before he started looking to buy it, he’s fond now no doubt but it was always about being visible in a western free economy and able to cash in quickly if needed. They effectively stole billions then scattered outside of Russia as Putin has hunted them unless they did what he said. He’s in danger of losing EU assets so he’s cashing in on his insurance policy which is Chelsea, a two week deadline. He’s a billionaire that can’t get his cash so he’s cutting his loses and running. charity with net proceeds means he can dump all the profit not pay capital gains tax and amortise the profit against the charity so he’s maxing his return rather than pay the tax. Great PR though and Ukraine may get some of it but it’s more about him maxing out his profits and keeping what money he can while his world crumbles around him. it was always this way, he brought it to be visible harder for him to be taken out if big news in a western country. Face it you’ve been a front, trophies are tainted effectively you’re the Lance Armstrong of the footballing world, history will remember you as cheats
  7. Will be hands off looking for profit then
  8. Chelsea fans saying he loved the club, he’s on the list in the EU, they are going after his assets so he’s cashed in his insurance policy, you’ve always been a front for stolen money of the Russian people he didn’t love your club, your basically mafia fc a shithouse club top to bottom nobody cares about your achievements we think you’re scum this day is glorious
  9. Net proceeds to charity is a capital gains tax dodge he’s cashing in his insurance policy and great PR on one move, smart but he’s still a crook
  10. Good hope some venture capitalists ruin them because they were a large part in ruining the game.
  11. I’ve not even fact checked it, if you really think on the first day of an invasion a civil service sector can rename street signs across the land to say fuck off you’re having a laugh. Most probably tried to get out, I have a Ukrainian work colleague with a 21 year old brother at university in Kiev who has a Slovak mother, he tried to get out border was closed to men 18-60. So among all this contractors went out and changed street signs? Even more ridiculous than the Klitcho’s posing in army garb in snow when it’s not snowing in Kiev at present
  12. Both sides propaganda arms are in full swing the ghost of Kiev is fake snopes disproved that today but already t-shirts are being sold Lol because Farage used the term poking the bear you’ve chucked him in this, it’s precisely about Nato, Putin has said as much for 8-9 years. As soon as The pro Russian government collapsed due to protests when they aligned themselves with Russia over the west (still a valid term) he took action. He’s an autocratic ruler with a huge border and the expansion of nato concerns him because it weakens Russian influence and means a larger border would have to be defended which is poking a paranoid man even more. German and France were reluctant about Ukrainian membership of NATO back in 2008 because they saw this coming. Nato already border them in 5 countries now a huge land border to the south is encircling him, are we surprised he’s going in to foster regime change with a puppet similar to what he has with Belarus?
  13. More like if in 1939 Rep of Ireland would have allowed Nazi Germany to use its military bases. Of course the US aren’t the Nazi’s and the Russians aren’t us but would we have stood by? There’s plenty to take Putin to task over, this ironically until he went in arguably wasn’t one of them, in fairness Russia have a legitimate security concern, the west hasn’t listened after 8 years he’s had enough and escalated it. It’s why I said endgame is regime change/ no nato deal. I doubt very much he wants to get tied down occupying Ukraine long term, maybe just the Donbass area. Crimea was because it’s their warm sea port the Russian navy was there to suddenly have your Black Sea fleet in a pro NATO country was unacceptable to them.
  14. Long story short it’s about NATO and Ukraine joining NATO. NATO is effectively ran by the US, and a military alliance. If UKraine joins NATO it means the yanks can put troops on his border, Putin is not having it. Think Cuban middle crisis 2.0 except Kennedy had a brain and this senile old man is a front for the real people in power over in Washington the warmongering defence contractors. He’s not justified invading a sovereign nation but he’s been provoked by the impeding tanks on his lawn. Mexico for example can’t do fuck all with American approval, Russia wants the same from Belarus/Ukraine etc
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