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  1. In the grander scheme of things, you can have top strikers with goal stats galore (Aguero, Kane), but I’d say Drogba at Chelsea belongs in another category of equal importance as a forward. He’s synonymous with big moments and (after a quick google) he has a record of 9 goals in 10 cup finals which is actually bonkers when you compare that with his peers of the time and present day, who all seem to fold & flop in the big moments for their clubs.
  2. Proper signing that, things shaping up nicely for Brentford so far, really looking forward to seeing them in the Premier League.
  3. The Inter kit is incredible tbh, I see why people would dislike (i.e against tradition) but they’ve nailed the design and it’s Nike’s best for a while, given most of the clubs just get generic looking stuff, they’ve gone all out with Inter. That said, the new sponsor ruins it.
  4. They are looking to buy Ramsdale for £30m apparently, he’d be alright for us in the Championship but I’d bite their hand off for a fee like that.. Especially given our £18m fee was crazy money in the first place for him when Chelsea are signing Mendy for £22m and Villa signing Martinez for £17m, the English player tax just isn’t worth it.
  5. Aha good point, his dad’s most famous for being on the end of a Roy Keane challenge and you’d have to be pretty bang average to be playing for City pre-2008. his dad most likely wants MUCH better for his son, as most dads tend to want.
  6. Thought we would have had the mental advantage as normally the side that should have won in normal time (Italy) bottle it to the team that scraped their way to penalties. Should have took those with pressure off as reaching that stage was a bonus in itself and Italy should have seen extra time as failure after their 2nd half performance. World Cup being a year away is the best way to look at it but I fear the South American sides as they usually get the better of us.
  7. New home kit, not bad.. would prefer a bit more black, stripes on the back but it’s acceptable.
  8. Interesting to see the ones that started out at a big club instantly, they must have stuck out like a sore thumb as a kid, Rice directly to Chelsea, Walker here with us, Ben White & Sancho.
  9. The previous badge they had was one of the worst in football, like the very worst depiction of an owl you could conjure up; now one of the best.
  10. Both Foden & Mount have been underwhelming equally, especially given the lead up to the tournament was on them two from certain corners of social media. Although Mount could of had an assist tonight tbf to him. Proper Sheff Utd origins backbone to this team, what a performance from Walker! And Maguire really stepping up and showing his class.
  11. Couldn’t see him getting in the team even if fully fit, competition for places is so high, he’d continue his role of coming on for Kane in the final stages of the game I’d bet.
  12. Good point, I misread the headline actually and was just speaking on the idea of grouping semi-finals and the final as one big event type of thing.
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