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  1. Ndiaye.. hoping we get promotion otherwise this is his last season with us, what a player. Our back-line were pretty much faultless as well, Hecky brought his A-game tactics wise and this will give us a much needed confidence boost with Middlesbrough creeping up behind us. Still can’t believe it and with Blackburn next there is a real chance now of a semi-final.
  2. What a legend, he’ll galvanise them lot now, those relegation places going down to the final days.
  3. Well, that’s a relief, a replay would have been a disaster for our schedule.
  4. Nothing in it let’s be real, fucking ridiculous really.
  5. No surprise his name is out there, kind of player big data and modern scouting identifies, especially with January being difficult to get targets in for more established names. Not as vital to us as Ndiaye (zero chance of him leaving), but as with any club in our position in the league you weight up the £100m+ from promotion winnings with the insignificance of these transfer fees. Chelsea & Liverpool is too much of a leap, although he’d surprise them and be a solid squad player at worse, I feel Chelsea in particular are just being linked with anyone and there’s probably nothing in it, they have bigger fish to fry.
  6. Even with the current ownership situation.. selling our biggest asset and jeopardise the £100’s of millions from a potential promotion for what.. £15m? It’s unlucky for other clubs we are in the position we’re in, as otherwise he would have been gone January the 1st. With the situation we are in, there is absolutely no chance.
  7. Shit show off the pitch but all good on the pitch. Wednesday had an embargo on them in 2017, 2 years later it was lifted for a while then another 2 years went by until there were any consequences, so just need the club to be sold and we’re out the woods.
  8. Wonder what will happen to the coaching staff now, a lot of Lampard’s people he hand picked.. Ashley Cole, Joe Edwards, Paul Clement, Chris Jones.. I think there’s another he brought in as well.
  9. Surprised there was no room for Botman in the Holland squad, granted they’ve got Ake, Van Dijk & De Ligt but nonetheless.
  10. Typical Championship basically, one step forward - two steps back
  11. Will be a struggle for Potter with so many key players out for Chelsea, as good as Arsenal were.. Kante & Reece James make a massive difference in this game.
  12. McBurnie redemption arch continues. Massive 3 points, onwards and upwards.
  13. That Gnonot is a right player, what a game, what an atmosphere, fair play to Leeds.
  14. Always thought there was something between them.. Swear Pogba’s ego knows no bounds
  15. I thought the Gibbs-White, Lingard & Brennan Johnson combo looked great for spells in the game, a lot of technical errors elsewhere though, not a fan of their centre midfield setup. Having said that, no team with Dean Henderson is getting relegated.
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