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  1. DNA

    Everything Luton Town

    ‘Everything Luton Town’... sounds like the worst Amazon Documentary yet.. In all seriousness, great result today against the pigs, can’t see a way back now for them.
  2. With Barcelona on the verge of bankruptcy and Real Madrid almost 1 billion in debt with stadium upgrade costs and both clubs needing clear outs, Raiola might struggle to shift Haaland. Great opportunity for English clubs, Chelsea being the most cash rich in Covid times.
  3. Unreal performance, Conte really is an elite manager.
  4. It doesn’t matter who the manager is, Chelsea aside from Silva have the worst centre backs of the top 4/5/6 teams up there. Zouma was fast asleep for the goal.
  5. Do or die for us, but the part of me that knows we’re down anyway kinda wants Fulham to nick it just to make it interesting with Newcastle
  6. This plays out more like a parody rather than motivating . Then they went on to lose 3-0. Bournemouth in a promotion dogfight sidetracked with stars in their eyes, madness.
  7. DNA

    Refunds for Players

    All of our Premier League signings basically.
  8. Yea fair play to them, thought we had totally crushed their spirits at the lane.
  9. What a massive win for Napoli especially with Roma & Lazio now all level on points and games played and with Atalanta climbing. Gattuso lives to see another day.
  10. Allison is an abomination. Premier league hasn’t had an elite keeper since prime Cech and prime van der sar.
  11. Not really ahead of their time at all tbh, Chelski started that and City did the same thing. As for ‘the bad ones’, the Everton (Lukaku era) & West Ham are the clear misses for me, that forced squeezed in ‘London’ is abysmal on the latter. Man-Utd hands down the best for originality, every other club (even us) just a bunch of circles.
  12. DNA

    FA Cup 2020/21 - Fifth Round Matches

    Can we request to play Chelsea at Barnsley’s ground?, what a leveller... played on better pitches at grassroots.