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  1. DNA

    Left Back Vote!

    Only 3 votes for Alex Sandro... wow.
  2. If an owner comes in who wants to spend and compete you have to wonder if there is actually a spot available amongst the 'ambitious clubs', it seems so saturated now in the top half, unlike 10.. even 5 years ago. You've got Bournemouth spending and now seeing real progress, Watford's owners and their cut throat approach. The Leicester's & Everton's and now the likes of Fulham with their mega bucks, Wolves with a super agent; and this is not even mentioning the top 6 itself.
  3. This time last year we lost Coutts and was the main reason form dipped as we had no replacement. However, we can't seem to hold a lead and we've already thrown too many easy points away, the draw with Rotherham yesterday a clear indicator that we're going to follow the same pattern as last season. So frustrating, trying to remain optimistic though.
  4. DNA

    President Trump

    I worked in a barber shop, part time whilst in uni, we had to wear ridiculous 'peaky blinder' style uniforms too. Seen it all, hair wise.
  5. DNA

    President Trump

    It's definitely not a wig, a wig would actually look good for starters aha. He's just using a crazy amount of hair spray in what is a really advanced comb over to cover the areas where he's balding.
  6. It's the big one!, already licking my lips.
  7. A lot of reports coming out, from twitter mainly, that Spurs fans were chanting and singing during the minutes silence for the crash, you have to wonder if some of the more die hard minority fans harber any bitterness towards Leicester.
  8. DNA

    Burnley's Slow Start

    Horrible. Would love to see them go down.
  9. The video of it posted by the Sun from pitch side is crystal clear and truly horrific, wish I hadn't seen that, obviously from someones mobile phone.
  10. Yea, that does seem steep, high profile game.. but no consistency with the FA whatsoever.
  11. DNA

    Adebayo Akinfenwa The Movie Star?

    I wonder if KSI gets royalties from this mans non-football career.
  12. DNA

    Sheffield United

    Egan had a rocky start but has probably been cumulatively our best player over the past few games, really starting to lead the back line and justifying that big price tag.
  13. Other clubs taking the headlines whilst we screep up the table, now sitting top with 25 points, similar games as last season, where an injury to Coutts just seem to curtail the whole season. This time though.. who knows. With the focus on the yo-yo clubs and sleeping giants, we might just be able to keep plucking away enough to get over the line.. or am I dreaming?
  14. This look is more 'on trend' tbf, the more I look at the 2002 one and this.. I now see that as 'dated', funny how that works. It's normal if you look back at club crests, that they will change depending on the times they're in, so nothing new. Every major company has now redesigned their font and general branding to be minimalistic, so it's natural for football clubs to follow suit if you look at the bigger picture.
  15. Does anything that isn't negative come out of West Ham these days