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  1. With what happened at Forest, it was inevitable. Stewards are a fairly useless lot, anyone can get that job,, if the guys by the advertisement boards were at least night club doorman types you’d have less problems but not exactly realistic recruitment wise.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-61505835 6 pints apparently, coke would show up to 3 days in a urine test but no indication to whether this was tested or not.
  3. Jailed for 24 weeks, around £700 in fines, banned for life from Nottingham Forest and a 10 year general football ban; plus apparently his girlfriend can’t pay the mortgage without him now. What an idiot.
  4. He was in a bit of form to be fair to him before his season ending injury, at 22 years old there is hope but the problem isn’t even just his ability it’s also his inflated sense of self, that video of him having his haircut with the Champions League trophy round his neck just about sums it up. Probably both tied for biggest flops. Good old Chrissy Wilder, love him to bits but shouldn’t be anywhere near transfer strategy for a Premier League club.
  5. Yes, intentionally short for a reason, if what happened to Billy is anything to go by we can assume a lot. Having said that, can’t stand McBurnie, biggest flop in the clubs history; can’t wait till he’s off the books.
  6. The attack on Billy Sharp is so bad it almost justifies disqualifying them. Absolute vile scum and must be one of the worst unprovoked attacks I’ve seen on the pitch, tinpot reactions to scraping a semi-final win too. I’d still rather Forest go through over Huddersfield Town since that is an absolute nothing club but nonetheless.
  7. Kinda half right tbf, since the guy died. Anyways, look forward to seeing what he can do in the Prem.
  8. Best news of the year, delighted for him.
  9. It could go either way, Burnley’s fixtures look a lot better than what Everton & Leeds have left, depends how long this new no-manager bounce lasts. Those two games against Villa could flip the script entirely.
  10. Just realised Pogba is 29 years old now!… wow, was always under the impression he was like 25 at the most. Horrible club level career, absolute flop. Lucky he has that French passport, otherwise the state of affairs would be even worse.
  11. All in our hands now, as even if Middlesbrough win I doubt they will top our goal difference. Cardiff at home next, then QPR away, then finally Fulham at home. Getting past QPR will be tough, we beat them earlier in the season but given they’re in the mixer as well, there is a lot to play for there. Fulham at home, when they’ve already been promoted + we’ve beaten them already this season and that was away from home too, gives us some hope.
  12. Kane to Newcastle in 2024 as a free agent most likely, or Chelsea if they mismanage Broja. Can’t see him ever leaving England, barely speaks English as it is.
  13. Their new stand is starting to take shape now, do like the fact they redeveloped Craven Cottage rather than go elsewhere.
  14. Kante was really poor, he was Chelsea’s weak spot the entire game, makes you wonder whether players at this level should be out playing whilst fasting.
  15. Just seen that first touch from Kai Havertz, Bergkamp-esc that.. unbelievable. Hard on Newcastle but if you’re going to lose a game, lose to a goal like that.
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