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  1. Excellent today, there was VAR controversy the last time we played Spurs which went against us, so swings and roundabouts.
  2. There is not one centre back at Chelsea who would get into the Sheff Utd side, and this is a club who have made two marquee attacking signings of late.
  3. Hopefully Ings gets a light injury for that clash.
  4. The wheel's have come off for us now, the covid break was the worse thing for our momentum. Was going to say that maybe being at the Lane again will help, but it's our away record that's defined us this season.
  5. DNA

    2020/2021 Kits

    New Chelsea. Don't recall seeing black on their shirts before but I quite like that, probably wrong to assume it's a BLM tribute
  6. I've lost count how many 'must win games' there has been for Chelsea, United & Spurs now, can see it going right down to the wire. Hopefully ends with us in Europa league.
  7. Leeds would have been the right move for James and his career trajectory, United was too much of a jump.
  8. Aparently Michael Oliver's watch flashed GOAL while he was in the dressing room, incredible really.. And of course all will be swept under the rug, nothing will come of it and imagine if Villa stay up by a point come the end of it.
  9. Another for the list of failed attacking signings for Chelsea then, will take a while to offload him with those wages. Think they had a good thing with Tammy as the target man, with Pulisic and Willian /or a new signing on the wings. With Giroud signing a new deal I thought they would prioritise a new centre back or a replacement for William/Pedro.
  10. How would that change the formation... or do you think this is an expensive rotation option?
  11. Leipzig's formation and style seems to suit him, with Werner not quite being a central number 9 type it would seem he would maybe get in the way when he drifts wide at Chelsea with their setup?
  12. Lots of violence in the past and most recently for an FA Cup tie 2/3 years ago, big brawl in Manchester.
  13. Alan Knill sums it up nicely here, we have a unique style of play, a tight-knit dressing room with management in place which is maximising every ounce of the squad. You love to see it.
  14. You know you're mentally no longer a Premier League side when you start time wasting 20mins into a 1-0 lead. Some shocking antics all game and no wonder Wilder got frustrated (we were loving that btw). 30k attendance in a storm and players who just have that never say die attitude, Henderson superb, MOTM was Sharp but I'd give it to Basham for this one; Berge will take time to bed in.
  15. DNA

    2020/2021 Kits

    If money wasn't an issue, the Nigeria 2018 shirt should just be a permanent fixture for them, they're not topping that.