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  1. Wondered how we'd recover after losing that 3-0 lead to Villa but vital points today, we're quietly going about our business, albeit the odd bump in the road.
  2. Still only 31, feels like he's been around forever, assumed he was 35+.
  3. Brilliant. As for Lampard, he made a mistake here, for such an intelligent person, the cheating comments and drawing himself into the whole discussion was a miscalculation, he let the moment get to him, should have foreseen Bielsa's unpredictability.
  4. DNA

    Rio Ferdinand

    It's like a work of satire, especially the Key's response, dear me.. Interesting though what was said beforehand by Jake, regarding an 'exclusive' deal Rio has with Ashley with his tatty '5' brand in Sport Direct.
  5. Good PR all round I'd say, makes Derby look good, makes Biesla look good.
  6. DNA

    Hi Everyone

  7. DNA

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    It just is what it is and we'll have to deal with it, guys a total cunt but all my trust is in Wilder and even Billy Sharp gave Madine the dressing room green light apparently. @Stan Clarke hasn't been up to it this season, and is exactly why Sharp's re-emergence was vital and I can see Woodburn getting recalled by Liverpool, a complete waste of space, forgettable player, no skill or impact.
  8. Desperate move and it must hurt appointing the guy that ended your premier league dreams. Thankfully, from our point of view the next derby is in March, so that 'new manager effect' will have hopefully worn off by then, although I'd say they'll improve under him no doubt.. but at a cost, they were playing some decent football under Carvahal and have gone downhill since.
  9. Took a little while to settle in but he's now amongst the top 3 players (Sharp & Norwood included) that I'd say are the most important part of the team and most fans would share that sentiment.
  10. It's just so tight at the top and always too early to get excited, two steps forwards, two steps back.. even for the top two. Just hope we can pluck enough points together for a play-off push. It is looking good atm though, I must say.
  11. I was almost ready to write off Bill Sharp last season after the emergence of Clarke but he's proving the doubters wrong again. 220 goals now.
  12. They never recovered from losing the play-off final in 2016 and then the implications that had on their finances. Funny thing is, he's leaving them with that god awful new club badge that looks like a transexual harry potter house.
  13. David Brooks Napoli
  14. DNA

    Paul Pogba Likely to Stay At Man Utd

    Can Juventus afford him?, the numbers behind the Ronaldo deal are enough to be skeptical of that possiblity and if Barcelona also can't and if City don't want him, it can only really be PSG.
  15. Given Willian's age and decline, Pulisic can be a first team player at Chelsea, Liverpool don't need him and won't be able to negotiate in the same way with Salah/Mane both in their mid-twenties.