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  1. Alan Knill sums it up nicely here, we have a unique style of play, a tight-knit dressing room with management in place which is maximising every ounce of the squad. You love to see it.
  2. You know you're mentally no longer a Premier League side when you start time wasting 20mins into a 1-0 lead. Some shocking antics all game and no wonder Wilder got frustrated (we were loving that btw). 30k attendance in a storm and players who just have that never say die attitude, Henderson superb, MOTM was Sharp but I'd give it to Basham for this one; Berge will take time to bed in.
  3. DNA

    2020/2021 Kits

    If money wasn't an issue, the Nigeria 2018 shirt should just be a permanent fixture for them, they're not topping that.
  4. Who needs Amsterdam, when you've got Attercliffe.
  5. You're joking right?, not sure what quantifies a 'shithole' to you and what parameters of Sheffield we're talking about here but it is the 4th biggest city in England, so obviously with such land mass you're gonna get shit parts & 'estates'. Sheffield is now mostly a multi-millionaires play thing for the chinese, money everywhere, new china town being built next to the stadium, new accomodation and towers popping up all the time, new city centre, re-developed totally in the space of 2 years with The Moor project. Sheffield is the greenest city in England too, more trees than any city in europe. Oh, and the best nightlife in the uk hands down, plus.. a premier league team to boot
  6. With regards to Europe, 'Europa League' specifically, I think after 25 games the side has shown we have that discipline and the right mentality to see out wins or hard fought points against the big 6. The next 5 will really determine whether Europe is realistic, all sides (based on form) we shouldn't be fearing. It's so saturated up there.. either way, it will go down to the wire!
  7. Ruben Loftus-Cheek coming back soon enough for them, you'd think Mason Mount's days are numbered; or at least, 'should' be.
  8. NO ONE in the Premier League has more clean sheets than him.
  9. 3 massive points with the pack around us potentially dropping off later today and tomorrow. We came into the game in the 2nd half and even though the game ended with an OG, we had some chances to really punish them, especially from Baldock, who was also lucky not to be sent off tbf. Henderson for the Euro's surely!
  10. Can't be travelling to London... On my dodgy stream it seems Palace have the edge though, Berge mind.. has looked great! bar one mistake
  11. Chelsea's midfield looks an absolute mess. Mount doing nothing, always looks rushed, losing possession constantly, Kante running at lot but that's about it, Jorginho exposed in transitions and caught in dangerous areas time and time again.
  12. It's incredible really, not quite the heights of Southampton, Leicester or Bournemouth rises, but certainly up there, the sheer scale of the task Wilder had when he arrived and what has transpired is Fifa-esque for sure. We were 11th in League One whilst Sheffield Wednesday were in the Play-Off final for the Premier League. 'WAWAW' & 'mind the gap' being shouted at us... now look.
  13. He's got pace for sure, 6 month loan with option, can't go wrong really.
  14. DNA

    I love the smell of?

    Good quality toilet bleach.