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  1. Frank Lampard really is trying to 'shoehorn' Azpilicueta into the team now.
  2. DNA

    Sheffield United

    Nice to see when a pundit has done his homework on us, good bit of analysis.
  3. The most recent one is brilliant https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/nov/26/david-squires-on-which-jose-mourinho-will-tottenham-get Loving the Arry reference at the end
  4. I knew we wouldn't be crushed like some of the pundits seemed convinced of, ESPN was essentially predicting a Derby 2007. Still a long way to go to truly solidify survival but it's essentially like dream land atm, the bars and pubs around london road especially are making a killing, fans loving life; there is a buzz around the whole city. There was cynicism from some supporters in regards to the premier league in general and the nihilism that comes with yo-yo'ing to and from this division, witnessed by us towards other clubs from afar.. but it looks like we could really make a mark here.
  5. We started sitting too deep letting them come to us, holding onto balls, clock watching too early in the latter stages of the game. 2 points dropped but looking at the bigger picture.. what we're doing this season is incredible, so no complaints; Lundstram ran out of legs a bit and Jags looked knackered, no doubt Wilder will sort it out.
  6. You have to wonder what the objectives are for the season now with an 11 point gap, totally reliant on somebody slipping up and that's without even factoring in Arsenal & United's outside chance of doing that themselves.
  7. Man-United had picked up a bit of form before the break, hopefully the international gap will have 'reset' things a bit.
  8. Chelsea without Pulisic is a big loss, especially since Hudson-odoi has not exactly set the world alight, especially in his last showing for England. City will still be reeling from the loss at Liverpool and that factor I can imagine will just be too much for Chelsea's suspect defence. Either way, should be entertaining.
  9. DNA

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Labour's proposal for free higher education for adults is a real game changer for me wanting to do a Masters next year, hopefully not an empty promise.
  10. DNA

    England National Team Discussion

    Gomez looked a right twat man-handling Sterling in the game tbf, even his facial expressions just scream disrespect, seems like it would be plausable that he goaded a reaction from him.
  11. Unibet are certainly getting the most out of that sponsorship.. Walking billboard, in or out of the stadium
  12. Well, so far, this is set to be the worst Amazon prime documentary to date.
  13. That Napoli draw felt like a defeat, 2-0 up, then Atalanta level, even Ancelotti ended up getting sent off. Such a shame as this side/core group deserve a title, it seems it's going to be the same old same old, maybe not even the bridesmaid this year with Inter challenging.