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  1. Yea fair point, last season the forward line was more or less unchanged but it was still weak, only difference was how clinical we were, one clear chance came and that was it, we were so well drilled protecting the lead or withstanding pressure until we found it. Jack O’Connell’s season ending injury was a huge blow to us, he’s a bigger miss than Henderson.
  2. Literally no luck whatsoever, 22 shots and nothing from it, West Brom truly don’t deserve anything from that. Not buying the praise for their keeper Johnstone, we made him look like prime Gianluigi Buffon but he’s shite and will be in the Championship with us next season.
  3. He’s a pauper, 2nd lowest net worth after the Burnley owner, pretty much been spending money we’d generate anyway at this level 2 seasons in (last season we generated £132m). He got lucky in a legal dispute when he was only a joint owner last season with McCabe, now he owns the lot and although he’s not exactly bleeding us dry, the other guy (as reports go) was going to sell us off, maybe that could have ended with a more ‘PL-level’ owner.
  4. I’d say Kepa but he actually had a decent enough full season under Sarri, aside from that incident in the league cup final. Pepe however, what can you say....
  5. Chris Wilder is the fabric of the club and no better man if we do end up back in the Championship, as we can’t exactly overhaul the squad in January; we have the poorest owner in the league not even using his own money. Brewster had what should have been a lovely assist to McBurnie, excellent through-ball, a glimpse of what he’s capable of in a woeful game aside from a ‘promising’ start. Fulham, West Brom and Burnley need to go down for us to stay up, that sentence isn’t so crazy is it.... so still hope, but not looking good.
  6. Liverpool - VVD Man-City - Aguero Man-UTD - Dean Henderson Chelsea FC - Pulisic Leicester - Vardy Spurs - Kane
  7. There are small signs of improvement but we are missing O’Connell so much who unfortunately is out for the whole season and of course Dean Henderson is on another planet to Ramsdale. It’s a shame we don’t have a sophisticated scouting network that would span over the British isles at the very least, we won’t survive long without that anyway, not everyone can do a Burnley. Brewster has been a passenger so far, just not what we need right now regardless of his potential, and every other signing was a step down or not an improvement to what we have/had. As much as we all have faith in Wilder, I don’t like the attitude from him this season, the defeatist stuff in the pressers, so different from last seasons spirit.
  8. He’s had a perfect start for Chelsea, amongst all the signings they made, he is the one who has slotted right in and looked the part from the offset. Never understood the outcry I was seeing and even questioning of the fee, which was nothing in this market.
  9. Yep, we’re done in this division. Good ride while it lasted and at least we’ve managed to get the owner to upgrade facilities and give the stadium a lick of paint and build new training facilities in the process. Hopefully we can reinvent ourself a bit for a year or so in the Championship and come back with an extra dimension to our game.
  10. Just surprised there wasn’t more interest, West Ham essentially given a clear run.
  11. Shame he’s off to West Ham, doesn’t seem the right fit for him; suppose they are the only ones willing to give him the type of mad wages he was looking for.
  12. We’ve abandoned the attacking wing plays, nobody is bombing on anymore, no overloads.. just a back 5 devoid of the character we had last season. Ramsdale is error prone and the defence are more cagey now Henderson has gone to sit on ‘Man-Yoo’s’ bench. It’s going to the wire this season for us, was getting used to coming into these games with unwavering confidence of a result like Leeds this season. Now we’ve shifted back to a championship outfit, at least 2 sides are worse than us but it’s then banking on Burnley finally folding.
  13. He must be able to get in ahead of Rashford at least, for United too but as mentioned fair play to him for signing a new deal, Villa legend.
  14. The Chilwell signing seems to have worked out nicely for them after a lot of questions marks, most of which seemed unjust anyway. It's interesting to see this Chelsea team when Lampard isn't shoehorning Mount into the side.
  15. Calvert-Lewin‘s rise is incredible and hats off to the people at Everton for spotting... ‘something’, because he wasn’t even League One level, weak as shit, a light breeze would knock him over and had some absolute blunders in front of goal. ‘Steve Walsh” must be some sort of mystic meg, surprised we even bothered to add a sell-on. Hats off really..