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  1. 20 points now, nice for the stat-padding, keeping us away from those worst of all time lists. Jebisson only 17, could be huge in the future, we do have a history for producing top talents.
  2. I still don’t get VAR, why was it not checked for the Leicester goal but it was for the Chelsea one, they need to sort it out asap. Great to see the foxes win it though but I don’t get the inconsistencies in the use of VAR, just bin it.
  3. DNA

    Sir Alex Ferguson Documentary

    Was going to cancel my Amazon Prime, going to delay that for this, looks great.
  4. DNA

    2021/2022 - Kits

    Aside from the yellow trim on the sides, that Chelsea top is an abomination. I think I may be in the minority that thinks the new Inter snake pattern is actually nice, obviously the stripes are better but that is a nice design as a one season thing.
  5. £20m well spent, and he’s supposedly out with a foot injury too, incredible really.
  6. Aside from the obvious such as Mendy, Kante, Mount, Havertz etc, it’s Rudiger I’m still baffled with.. this guy looked like Chelsea’s biggest weak link whenever I saw him under Frank Lampard and even before that, now all of a sudden he’s turned into their best defender. Scratching my head on that one.
  7. Tuchel has Pep’s number so far this season, out-thought him already this season in a knock out one-off game, Chelsea would be a totally different animal to PSG in terms of setup. As for Real Madrid, their experience can never be ruled out or a spectacular moment from Benzema. Either way, should be an entertaining final.
  8. Given Atalanta, Inter Milan & Juve are almost guaranteed the CL places, there is essentially only 1 spot left and AC Milan/Napoli are miles ahead of Roma, then there is Lazio. It’s a really odd one for Mourinho, success here would genuinely be astounding given what’s in front of them.
  9. What is it with Roma and getting totally spanked in Europe by big score lines, 7-1 defeats to Bayern Munich and also United prior to this in recent memory.
  10. Our media will understandably be praising City but let’s face it, this was actually a game of fine margins regardless of how the 2nd half went. The KDB goal was a fluke and a massive goalkeeping error, Foden despite being in great positions never challenged the keeper, funnily enough Joe Hart probably cursed Navas by singing his praises pre-game. Looking forward to the 2nd leg though.
  11. I’d have said they have to surely go down next season but looking at the quality coming up from the Championship they’ll get to stink the place out some more.
  12. Well well well As much as Ramsdale has been slated, he was truly excellent today.
  13. Another yo-yo club, dear me, wishing Brentford luck in the play-offs now.
  14. The family is scum too, especially his mum, doesn’t speak to Ryan’s brother and hasn’t even seen his kids, her own grandkids since he got mad at Ryan for sleeping with his wife over an 8 year period. How mad is that.
  15. DNA

    European Super League

    Well, something has to happen, if they don’t get docked points.