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  1. I'd feel now, if Kane were to switch to United there would be a layer of awkwardness to the move, since the gap isn't big enough between them. Whereas 6/8 years ago, if Kane goes to United, there is a that hiding place (for lack of better description) that a 'competitive gap' provides after a big move where the switch can't be questioned.
  2. If 'personality' is what we're lacking, I don't want any of it
  3. We haven't lost a monday night game since 2010, 12 games unbeaten, probably a pointless stat.. but you know Our forward signings haven't quite worked out so far, McBurnie was caught drink driving a few days ago and has 1 goal in 10 appearances, also 1 between Mousset & Robinson and injury prone to boot. Still early in the season of course but we need them firing soon or something has to give in January. Otherwise, the team has looked great so far, certainly not looking out of place here and if Liverpool is anything to go by we'll put up a fight in these top 6 games.
  4. DNA

    Eric Dier - Aston Villa

    From the 'answer' to Mourinho's United... to not being wanted by Villa fans , 2 years is a long time in football.
  5. Surprised by Southgate favouring Mings over Tomori, wonder if that will be another 'Maddison situation', hope not for England's sake, although Chelsea's gain I suppose.
  6. DNA

    Where have all the Captains gone?

    There is an obvious lack of leadership in most teams now, yes. Although I can imagine why, with the current football climate and the generation of players who came through in the late noughties, as to why they wouldn't have these personality traits.
  7. DNA

    2019/2020 Kits

    Genuinely made me laugh at loud. Wow. The combination of 'home bargains' and the spotted/bus seat mess or whatever that combo is.
  8. DNA

    Ollie Watkins - Sheffield United

    It's funny because we're actually overloaded with strikers, the partnerships just aren't quite clicking atm and it remains to be seen if one of them starts to get a tally going.
  9. Cruel way to lose in the end, on the positive side of things we continue to look the part in this division, long season ahead mind.
  10. That was weirdly our worst performance but best result of the season so far.
  11. DNA

    2019/2020 Kits

    The Nike 'fashion' 3rd kits are quality, wish Adidas would do something like this but with their weed/retro logo
  12. Not what we wanted but hopefully it works out. Wilder reportedly has a good relationship with the prince, who signed off his new deal and even invited him to his home, so who knows. He also says he'll invest in keeping us up; but we'll see. McCabe was only going to sell the club anyway and that would have taken some time.
  13. DNA

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    I think it's Gary Monk's ambition to manage each of every team in the Championship. Tick them all off.
  14. Wilder and our backroom staff were encouraging all attacks to be down his right flank, Frank must have felt helpless, if we can see it on the touchline as fans, it would have been obvious to him. It's awkward for Chelsea because that's their captain and all but even at Derby, Frank himself 'targeted' this guy when they played each other.