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  1. Chilwell was a master stroke signing for Chelsea, whenever he isn’t playing it’s like they’ve got 10 men on the field.
  2. And even his stock had plummeted, surprised if we would receive anything of significance now. I’m sure aside from being someone who won’t complain they’ve got an eye on his expertise in the u23’s to blood through some players to cut costs. “They don't want to have Slav in place any longer as he wanted more players and crucially, whisper this these days at Bramall Lane, he wanted ‘wingers’; that's like saying "Thatcher really was a great PM, wasn't she, she sorted out the Unions" at the Orgreave Miners Welfare Club”
  3. The long contract is because he’s on peanuts basically. Only way of getting him to accept, as at least he’ll get a big-ish pay off when he gets the sack due to Brewster not being an actual footballer. Our Poundland owner has 4 other clubs he’s dealing with, so no wonder he just wants a yes man in place now like Heckingbottom, no complaining about the lack of transfers or shite at his disposal. We’re basically done now.
  4. We had our moment in the sun, back to the grim realities of Sheff Utd Hopefully our pauper of an owner fucks off soon, apparently the Newcastle regulation situation will effect money he can put in the club too now, not that he was doing that anyway.
  5. The fight for 4th itself is going to be heated as possible with West Ham, United, Arsenal & Leicester, who will catch up. Arsenal have a clear playing style and players who are starting to understand what Arteta is trying to do, they are a bit mentally weak but aside from that they will be there or there abouts. With Spurs you’ve got 5 teams fighting for one spot. Mad
  6. Rafa surely has wanted back at Newcastle since the takeover, appreciate the fact he’s settled in Merseyside but come on.. definitely been on his mind.
  7. Not to be that guy, but behind the instagram filters and heavy makeup, his genetics are still pretty prevalent
  8. Chelsea, City and Liverpool so far ahead of the rest, they’re already thinking of goal difference.
  9. Quite funny they didn’t show the Tottenham stadium on ‘new stadiums’, even snuck City’s ground in there.
  10. What an absolute cringe fest of commentary from Robbie Savage. Dear me.
  11. Man-city cleaned up their act but when they first came onto the scene they made some pretty sus moves, Robinho etc or just going for whichever higher level player was available to elevate their status. I think these clubs all have to do that in the beginning just to raise the clubs profile as a serious contender.
  12. The Sunderland forums are a good read atm
  13. Historic day. Going to be a fiery next few years in the prem, it seems so oversaturated at the top but I guess it always seems that way before it’s all changed and there’s a new status quo.
  14. The hill just got steeper for Leicester, Arsenal & Tottenham, seems they can’t lobby against this now.
  15. Last minute penalty or not we deserved the win regardless. I saw Rooney driving around in his Land Rover alone after the game, driving up Devonshire green where the clubs/bars are
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