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  1. Massive game now for Ajax and the returning 4 ex Ajax players.
  2. If Spurs get through, it will be the biggest Jewish semi, since Alan Sugar saw up Karren Bradys skirt!
  3. Ajax have already a replacement for de Ligt, they are signing Kik Pierie for Heerenveen another huge talent at 18 years old.
  4. That is Italian football on a whole and it is why Mourinho was so successful at Inter as its his way as well.
  5. Blind has been quality since his return to Ajax, he is so comfortable playing in this Ajax system as well as one of the leaders in the team.
  6. And Veltman looked world class against Ronaldo.
  7. I think the work of Marc Overmars and the Coach Eric Ten Hag are a huge reason of the rise of Ajax this season, considering last season the Ajax fans attacked their own team bus and wanting Ten Hag to leave as well as Overmars after a failed season that saw PSV Win the league.
  8. 800 Million pounds stadium and they get a guy from the Go Compare advert to open it
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    Off Topic

    I am going to retire from here, nice knowing some of you guys! @The Rebel CRS have fun in the Dam.
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    The Holiday Thread

    Meet you in the red light bar.