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  1. Panna King

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I am a bit fearful as I am starting to get a chest cough
  2. Panna King

    Mesut Ozil to Fenerbache

    And wasn't that the same cunt that told everyone we had all but signed Allegri as our coach?? And last season he said we had no money but ended up spending 150 million on Shite.
  3. Panna King

    Mesut Ozil to Fenerbache

    Yes i do.
  4. Panna King

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Has anyone been tested positive here? I have so just staying low.
  5. He runs a restaurant with David Luiz, its called Babbo in Mayfair.
  6. Pepe has to be one of the worst signings ever, he has offered nothing at all, makes no impact when he comes on as a sub, dreadful when he starts. I think Arsenal just need to cut their losses with him and sell him, it was such a bad deal that even people in the board have lost their job over it.
  7. This was like the FA Cup match, once we finally scored Newcastle just fell away, even though they didnt offer anything in this case as they had a few chances in the game last week. Parety makes a big difference in the middle which was good to see him start.
  8. Panna King

    Off Topic

    I was watching Naughty milfs and there was a hot 55 year old, so bad she was. Was quite a good storyline to the plot as well.
  9. Arsenal will struggle to breakdown Newcastle
  10. Panna King

    Mesut Ozil to Fenerbache

    My source said we paid Ozil 7 million to leave. Ozil is still owed 10 million for a loyalty bonus as well, this could go to court.
  11. Panna King

    Florian Balogun Leaving Arsenal?

    Apparently Lyon want him and ive heard that Bayern are interested.
  12. Panna King

    Emi Buendia Linked With Arsenal

    Sources say Arsenal only want to offer 20 million, Norwich are after 40 million So way off.
  13. Panna King

    Sokratis Leaving Arsenal

    My sources have said that he will be joining Liverpool on a 6 month deal
  14. Huntelaar will tell if he is Joining schalke after the Ajax v Feyenoord game today
  15. Panna King

    Mesut Ozil to Fenerbache

    Ozil be gone by monday, now need to get rid of Mustafi, Sokratis and Pepe.