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  1. Well we have to see, I am not impressed at all with Sule as well as his poor performances for the national team.
  2. Not in this current state of German football.
  3. Munich will get battered, they will be unable to handle the pace of Liverpool, Sule is awful and just another version of Hummels.
  4. Panna King

    Returning Isis fighters

    Her Husband is still alive, he was captured, he is Dutch a national Isis fighter.
  5. I shows how much Spain are so desperate when their top teams sell them selves like whores to the Middle East and even delete parts of their history and image to get investments, it's sickening.
  6. I have a feeling this Ozil and Emery fall out could cost us this season and also Emerys job in the summer.
  7. Ah well wasnt meant to be, Ajax at times played Real of the park.
  8. Ajax fans set fireworks off outside The Real Madrid hotel at 3am this morning.
  9. Panna King

    Mesut Özil to be Offered Inter Escape

    Ozil can just stay put, if he is not motivated to play, he has retired from International football he can just sit around at Arsenal for the rest of his contract. I have a fear that we are stuck with him.
  10. Ajax are in mixed form coming back from the winter break, I hope they can put in a performance against Real and win 2-1.
  11. Panna King

    Foreign Music

    Traditional Dutch Folk music from the Legend of Amsterdam, Andre Hazes This song also gets played before big International football games.
  12. I have said it lots of times, Arsenal just need a huge clear out of these average players but the thing is the players are on huge wages which no other club would offer them so the players only leave when their contract runs out. Is the owner going to reinvest the money back in to the team on better quality next season when we have no players to sell with no real worth. Arsenal are not making any money from the last 2 years and only showed a £50 million profit which was down to player sales of £120 million. The money from Adidas will help but the way the club is run, the wages are crippling the club as it nearly on the verge of the financial fair play limit, which was something the model of Arsenal football club were so keen to follow, now everything the board seem to do is nothing short of a shambles.