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  1. Panna King

    The Holiday Thread

    My place in Amsterdam is like 10 minutes from Anne Frank house, its on The Singel if you walked there?
  2. Panna King

    The Holiday Thread

    There are like 100s of Argentine steak restaurants in Amsterdam
  3. Panna King

    The Holiday Thread

    Utrecht is a great place to visit if you do not want the tourists like Amsterdam but I think Amsterdam has a more cosy feeling to it, Amsterdam people are very friendly but you need to understand their sense of humour with the way they come across, but of course if you meet the city workers they are rude and cold who only have 1 thing in mind that is to get from A to B. Rotterdam is actually a great city and is becoming one of the up and coming areas in Europe, really great modern things there but its a shame it did lose a lot of its real character thanks to the Luftwaffe
  4. Best game for years in The Champions league that was.
  5. Was late but not 2 footed. Ref has been shocking though.
  6. Basically what @SirBalon is saying, his nan could of played against Tottenham and still they wouldnt of won!
  7. Cillessen looked pretty sharp yesterday considering he is the back up keeper.
  8. They do not get played as much as the 4-3 defeat to Inter Milan when you were 4-0 down.