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  1. Never! You even say sirbalon is biased towards Barca
  2. I just watch them play alot so I know a lot about them but not biased really its just that I know what they can do as I have seen them do it.
  3. Nothing to do with that, he just is much better to what we have and is good at playing out of the back, also he has leadership qualities.
  4. Ake would be perfect for Arsenal, a left sided playing defender, seems calm on the ball.
  5. Panna King


    The hate is not so much with AJ its with his cardboard cut out cunt of a sidekick Eddie Hearn. Hearn is conning the public alot, they get roped in and AJ is his only heavyweight cash cow at the moment he has. The 2 Ruiz fights have been a joke for AJ's reputation. Lets see if AJ gets to fight Wilder as he will not be able to keep his distance from him like he did with the little fat Mexican who was partying everyday eating and drinking shit leading up to that fight.
  6. Panna King

    Group H - Matchday 6 - Tuesday 10th December, 2019

    Ajax losing at home last friday was a sign they would lose this game. They are looking tired now and picking injuries up to key players.
  7. Panna King

    Napoli Sack Carlo Ancelotti

    He be Arsenal manager at the end of the week
  8. Panna King

    Group H - Matchday 6 - Tuesday 10th December, 2019

    Promes and Neres were huge loses. The games against Chelsea were the costly ones as they got screwed over.
  9. Panna King

    Group H - Matchday 6 - Tuesday 10th December, 2019

    Promes has been ruled out for Ajax, along with Neres and Labyad. Very big blow not having Promes who has been quality since joining. The Ajax team should looks like this Onana Dest Vetlman Blind Tagliafico Alvarez Martinez Van de Beek Ziyech Lang Tadic
  10. BREAKING: Various reports are coming from Italy that say Max Allegri is learning English so that he can reject Arsenal!
  11. Everton has reached an agreement with Mauricio Pochettino... ... They’ve agreed It’s never going to happen!
  12. Well I am not sure what is there to stay at Arsenal for. They are going no where, unless they win the Europa league that is their realistic chance of Champions League. No decent players will stay at this club, it has been mismanaged for years off and on the pitch.
  13. Panna King

    Eredivisie - Netherlands

    Yeah he should be back as he had an Muscle injury. Hopefully Ajax were saving themselves for Tuesday.
  14. Panna King

    Eredivisie - Netherlands

    Yes i watched, very poor result, Ajax missed Promes alot. Very worried for Tuesday now Agaisnt Valencia.