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  1. Panna King

    Group H - Matchday 3 - Wednesday 23rd October, 2019

    Yes it did, the Dutch reporter Hans Kraay asked him that question.
  2. Panna King

    Group H - Matchday 3 - Wednesday 23rd October, 2019

    Ajax have a pretty full fit squad. They should line up like this, even though I do not like Veltman at centre back. Onana Dest Veltman Blind Tagliafico Alvarez Martinez Van de Beek Ziyech Promes/Neres Tadic
  3. Panna King

    Dani Ceballos

    No point buying him with Emery in charge he starts him on the bench, Emery prefers defensive minded midfielders.
  4. Panna King

    Group H - Matchday 3 - Wednesday 23rd October, 2019

    Lived in London for years near the area, was always a nice club with a good local community, nothing to what it is now. Plus i got to see my favourite player ever in Football play at Arsenal so was a bonus.
  5. Panna King

    Group H - Matchday 3 - Wednesday 23rd October, 2019

    Ajax but no one really to talk about them on here. Arsenal are disaster now if it wasnt for Ajax I probably would of gave up on football as it just isn't fun anymore.
  6. Panna King

    Group H - Matchday 3 - Wednesday 23rd October, 2019

    The Amsterdam City council has announced that it will prohibit the sale of alcohol in the Red Light District before Ajax host Chelsea in the Champions League on Wednesday. This decision was made in an effort to reduce the risk of any unwanted fan trouble in the city centre ahead of the European tie. The temporary 'dry law' will be applied between 12:00 and 18:00 local time, with the match kicking off at 18:55. If any establishment is caught still selling alcohol between those hours, they risk a fine of 1,200 euro
  7. Josh Kroenke will have to soon deal with why the 2 biggest assets at Arsenal, Pepe not performing who was a club record signing and Ozil on 350K a week not playing, to protect their investment which are at the moment been ruined by the Emery. Emery has turned in to a really bad coach with this awful slow style of football with no creativity in the team, starving the forwards of any decent service, I have no Idea what has gone on but Emery needs to go ASAP.
  8. Doesn't help when the manager is playing 3 defensive midfielders, shitty full backs, 1 young kid on the wing and the other wing is the biggest flop since the Red Bull mountain diving belly flop competition. Unless Auba does something then Arsenal will score if not they are so boring, so predictable and toothless.
  9. Panna King

    Group H - Matchday 3 - Wednesday 23rd October, 2019

    I will be at this game, looking forward to it alot, Ajax struggled at the weekend but I think they were saving themselves for Wednesday, hopefully Ajax will win this 2-1.
  10. When you buy players at the amount Pepe was bought for they have to hit the ground running, if the scouting is done properly the player should fit straight in to the team but he looks a mile off, selling Iwobi for Pepe looks very poor business right now. Pepe looks terrified and has no confidence what so ever, he needs to come out the team. Actually I think Arsenal signed Bebe not Pepe
  11. Everyone is laughing at Tottenham but they are only 3 points behind with more goals scored and less conceded then us and people are talking about Poch has lost the dressing room! Emery clearly has that is for sure.
  12. If the board really want top 4 with the investment they have made then yes I think he will get sacked. Gazidis is no longer running things.
  13. Ozil is just waiting for the manager to be sacked then he will be playing again and he might not have to wait too long.
  14. Emery is Dracula. that slick back over gelled haired cunt! who is sucking the life out of this team, needs to be put back in his coffin and nailed shut!
  15. it is ridiculous that some fans are wanking over him and want to sign him but he starts on the bench every game. When he does come on he just huffs and puffs with the ball to create fuck all.