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  1. You will find him in Haarlem stuffing his face in Italian restaurants, I would Pop his belly and then I will make him donate his millions that he has made from his life destroying deals and send it to grass roots football in The Netherlands.
  2. After getting off the phone with My source, tells me de Ligt will be a Barca player on the 1st July 100%. de Ligt will sign a 5 year contract and the transfer will be around 75 million euros with add ons.
  3. Ronald de Boer: “De Ligt to PSG? They don’t play the way De Ligt is used to. The philosophy fits him better at Barça or Manchester City. I think it would be best for him to go to Barça. It’s a club with the same character as Ajax.”
  4. This was a documentary following Raiola on how he did his business, when he just turned up at Munich and managed to get Van Bommel a transfer to Ac Milan.
  5. The problem with the players he is able to get from youth teams when they are 15, he can put any future demands in their contract. There is no way of telling if someone will make it but when they do then you get problems like this.
  6. Raiola has a deal that the club needs to pay him a large % whoever signs him.
  7. De Boer shouldn't really comment too much as what he did to force a move out of Ajax was a disgrace.
  8. It doesn't make sense for de Ligt to go to France at all as it isn't bigger step than the Dutch league, Ajax are probably better than PSG anyway if you take away their Arab money away, what has that club ever done, he might as well just stay Ajax. PSG are just getting used I am 100% sure of it to get more money like they were in the Frenkie de Jong deal unless Barcelona have pulled out of the deal due to renegotiations.
  9. It is true that Raiola is in Paris talking to PSG but from what I understand it isn't about de Ligt, it is to do with Lozano. Another player he is playing off against other clubs.
  10. de Ligt done an interview yesterday and he has said if he does leave he like to be with Frenkie de Jong and it would be amazing to play with Messi.
  11. Raiola preys on these kids and families when the players are probably around 14-15 years old, he has been causing havoc at Ajax since the early 90's ever since Ajax done the deals with Bergkamp and Jonk to Inter Milan due to his Dutch and Italian connections. He only does deals to Italian clubs from Ajax, he really hit the jackpot when the Bosman rule first came in, he told all the Ajax players that if they run down their contracts he will get them big moves to Italy like Bogarde, Reiziger, Davids, Kluivert all went to AC Milan for Free and Seedorf to Sampdoria. Raiola of course got a huge fee from Milan as they didn't have to pay any transfer fees but it cost Ajax way over 100 million at the time, that is why Ajax really suffered in the late 90's and early 00s because of that moment. Raiola was banned for a bit after that period for dealing with any Ajax players but he later came back on the scene again when Zlatan was at Ajax, he got him a move to Juventus and Grygera, plus a few other Ajax players moved in Italy like Urby Emanuelson went to AC Milan and Kishna not even playing a whole season, he got him a move to Lazio. Even last year with Justin Kluivert, Raiola forced him to Roma even though Ajax offered Kluivert a contract to stay but Raiola got in to Kluivert's head that they are only offering him a contract so they can get more money for him. So you can see the issues he has caused but is still allowed to do what he does, unfortunately de Ligt is stuck with him now through his career.
  12. He should stay at Ajax rather than going to PSG, I doubt that he has ever dreamed of winning Ligue 1. I think PSG are just getting used like with de Jong to up the price.
  13. Raiola destroyed Ajax in the 90s when the bosman rule came in.
  14. Raiola is great at making himself money, he is the worst agent to have.