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  1. Well what does Sirbalon know anyway, he said Bellerin was World Class.
  2. Different players but I say a Frenkie de Jong player is more important to the team as he controls the game.
  3. Barcelona have already been in contact with Ronald Koeman to take over immediately but he has refused due to wanting to wait after the Euro 2020.
  4. Panna King

    Best underdog story in Champions League

    Yes Lehmann saved it.
  5. City are resigned to losing Arteta and will not stand in his way, but are expected to be less than flexible when it comes to both the amount of compensation and the payment schedules agreed with Arsenal.
  6. Apparently Arsenal are negotiating over the 2 million man city want.
  7. He lived in Amsterdam also since he was 14.
  8. He has been crap, even Mourinho suggested he is not up to the other players in the squad, wouldn't be surprised if he gets set back in Jan. Tottenham actually had a very bad transfer window in the summer, none of their new players have come in to form.
  9. Well none of those names but Arsenal need stability. Lets see how well the players respect Arteta. It seems as soon as Steve Bould was taken away from the coaching staff it all fell apart.
  10. Just to the end of the season and then get a manager in for the long term.
  11. At this moment we do need an old school coach to come in and get the team organised. Wenger lost control in the end, Emery tried but failed and now the whole team look like strangers to eachother, the defence is getting worse as is the midfield and we have stopped attacking, we cannot even get shots on target let alone score goals. I have never in my life seen the team so bad and no team spirit whatsoever. Also for the mess in the board room which has finally now ended up on the pitch. Its like the board think getting someone who can play pretty football again will solve the issue but I am not sure that is the case as it seems this team needs to go back to basics and people are expecting Arterta to be like Guardiola with this terrible group of players. Hope I get proved wrong but this could end up as a disaster unless the bad apples are gone in January.
  12. That also has not helped but what world class manager wants to go through a 3 part interview process trying to sell themselves to the club. Surely Arsenal should be trying to sell themselves to the managers especially the state they are in. The people running the club are clueless which has created this mess with false promises.
  13. I think the interview process has offended the big name managers.
  14. Whoever is named the fans will get behind but if there is no improvement over the next 10 games, I do not know where this club are going apart from a relegation fight.