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  1. My horse dick just got hard!
  2. Ajax have been in awful form recently, they have a huge goalkeeper crisis for the past year, Pasveer is not good and made a huge mistake in the away game and now Onana who doesn't even want to be at the club made a huge mistake, Ajax need to get a serious goal keeper! This was an easy tie for Ajax consider how they have played recently in the group stage. I would really question Ten Hag after this, very poor tactical play by him and slow in making changes. The Ajax board also are in such a bad state after Marc Overmars exposed his Overmars Bar to the whole office! everyone has known about this for a long time and was swept under the carpet by Van der Sar due to the large amounts of money Overmars was bringing in the club. I expect Ten Hag and van der Sar to be gone soon, they really have handled the situation very badly and also with the news of Quincy Promes that Ajax hid their knowledge of his off the field behaviour regarding Drug trafficking and a stabbing incident with his cousin. The club is a fucking disgrace!
  3. Rumours at the time that they did take their own life so I have not followed it up since so can only say I had the wrong information. In any case they were both suffering from mental illness as it more published with Claude who tried to take his life a number of times. Robbie exploited these types of people.
  4. I think this channel has some serious answers to the people that have been part of it over the years and the issues that have happened. There have been 2 suicides with Heavy D and Claude, as well as Racist comments a number of times on the show that have been just brushed off until sponsors pulled out, severe bullying amongst members and now this with DT. Rumours have been circulating around on social media for a few years about him abusing his partner at the time, even jokes have been made on live streams and other shows on the channel. Is this channel really fit now as it seems Robbie who owns the channel has made money from using mentally ill people and turning a blind eye to many things for his own gain and greed.
  5. Who needs Pedri when Luuk de Jong is scoring to keep Barcelona alive at moment
  6. Yep it is, I would expect this from maybe Lazio due to their fascist links but not from Milan, maybe it was done as a joke but extremely distasteful.
  7. I loved AC Milan also as a kid when they had the Dutch Trio but I am not a fan of their Tifo after what they did against Ajax around 2011, showing a banner with Ajax players taking a shower in a concentration camp due to the Jewish heritage at the club.
  8. Eriksen can still play but at any level his heart issue will always be a worry.
  9. Yes thats correct, Italy have different rules though. Its quite worrying that several former Ajax academy players have heart issues, Erikssen, Blind, Kanu, Sno and Nouri who unfortunately died.
  10. Happy New Year!

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      Dr. Gonzo

      you too mate!

  11. In The Netherlands at my club Ajax, we have ultras called The F-side due to the stand they are in and a Capo with the mega phone, his name is Dani, the former leader called Carlo was killed in fight between Ajax and Feyenoord fans. The fireworks and banners are called Tifo.
  12. Panna King


    It is not allegations he has been convicted of Drug trafficking and was Jailed for 10 years in the 90s. I have been in one of his Gyms several times as a lot of MMA fighters train there and Kickboxers.
  13. Panna King


    I wouldnt trust Peter Fury who was part of the Dutch Mafia, exporting Drugs using his boxing links from his Gyms in Rotterdam.
  14. Panna King has now officially retired from the forum, I have quit following football due to the way it is going and will concentrate on MMA as its a sport I am also participating in.   It was good on here over the years and wish you all the best for the future. 

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      I bet they finger buttholes more in MMA, good decision Panna King.

  15. Jason Knight is contacting the police now about blackmail.
  16. He already has. Henk Fraser and Danny Blind are assistants.
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