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  1. Alvarez has refused to train this morning at Ajax, he wants Ajax to accept the bid from Chelsea.
  2. Ajax wanted to loan him as Kudus has not be playing but now Ajax have lost a few players and have not got enough time to bring replacements as their transfer window has just closed.
  3. He will just be used as a make shift left back and thats it for Arsenal! he is not good enough to play in centre midfield! he will just be a squad player. I dont rate him that much, I remember when he was at PSV a few years ago and he was so bad he couldn't hardly get a game in the first team!
  4. Just got off the phone from a source, loan bid will come in from West Ham, also Ajax are interested but wages are an issue.
  5. AMN has operated at both sides as well in the middle so I dont know the point of this signing at all, apart from Arteta knew he was able to get him from his Man City connections. Plus I would be worried Zincenko will be in centre mid! we are lightweight as it is and will be worse with him. I think some people are over hyped with this due to the wank fest from anyone that is from Ukraine at the moment.
  6. I think its a very poor signing tbh as we already have AMN who is probably a better player. Anyway its another squad player but we need to strengthen our forward line ASAP.
  7. Great so we are now getting the Ukrainian Maitland-Niles
  8. Bergwijn is quality, Tottenham have just not been able to get the best out of him, He will shine for Ajax and then they will sell him on to a bigger league again, like they have with Haller.
  9. Ajax have finally had a 30 million euros bid accepted by Tottenham for Steven Bergwijn.
  10. After speaking to a contact, de Ligt, is very unhappy in Italy, he will move anywhere to a Champions League team in Spain, England and Germany.
  11. The name they are mentioning on twitter does not live in that Area mentioned. Another 29 year old lives in the area mentioned playing for a team in red.
  12. Ake is linked also, if De Ligt is played on his preferable side he will be great, I think the move to Italy was a mistake that people told him but due to his agents connections he was always going to end up in Italy.
  13. Depends who you are buying and where they go to, a lot of Dutch players jump at the chance to play for most clubs in England even though it might not be the right suited club but moved due to the wages they will receive.
  14. He was very poor in patches of the season, mostly because he was played on the left side of defence, he is incredibly awkward on that side that makes him look extremely clumsy.
  15. My horse dick just got hard!
  16. Ajax have been in awful form recently, they have a huge goalkeeper crisis for the past year, Pasveer is not good and made a huge mistake in the away game and now Onana who doesn't even want to be at the club made a huge mistake, Ajax need to get a serious goal keeper! This was an easy tie for Ajax consider how they have played recently in the group stage. I would really question Ten Hag after this, very poor tactical play by him and slow in making changes. The Ajax board also are in such a bad state after Marc Overmars exposed his Overmars Bar to the whole office! everyone has known about this for a long time and was swept under the carpet by Van der Sar due to the large amounts of money Overmars was bringing in the club. I expect Ten Hag and van der Sar to be gone soon, they really have handled the situation very badly and also with the news of Quincy Promes that Ajax hid their knowledge of his off the field behaviour regarding Drug trafficking and a stabbing incident with his cousin. The club is a fucking disgrace!
  17. Rumours at the time that they did take their own life so I have not followed it up since so can only say I had the wrong information. In any case they were both suffering from mental illness as it more published with Claude who tried to take his life a number of times. Robbie exploited these types of people.
  18. I think this channel has some serious answers to the people that have been part of it over the years and the issues that have happened. There have been 2 suicides with Heavy D and Claude, as well as Racist comments a number of times on the show that have been just brushed off until sponsors pulled out, severe bullying amongst members and now this with DT. Rumours have been circulating around on social media for a few years about him abusing his partner at the time, even jokes have been made on live streams and other shows on the channel. Is this channel really fit now as it seems Robbie who owns the channel has made money from using mentally ill people and turning a blind eye to many things for his own gain and greed.
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