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  1. Definitely a red for Gordon imo, horrible tackle. Salt in the wounds that he went on to score so quickly afterwards Villa dominating Burnley though
  2. Not coming here it’s been said now. Paratici was the one that wanted him out of Juve ha
  3. Could definitely see him here, almost signed for us once before. Although not entirely sure where he would play for us
  4. Hopefully City, would be a travesty for football if Liverpool won
  5. Ah maybe it was pre your game then. They put the graphic up on screen during it
  6. Wouldn’t take Gomez over Ben Davies at LCB. Only one of them can stay healthy too
  7. That’s not true. Us and city have more points. PPG might be different
  8. ‘Easily’ is such a stretch. He’s proven nothing yet
  9. @OrangeKhrush @Honey HoneyI love you. Beers on me. (Watch us lose at Norwich #Spursy)
  10. Storts

    Off Topic

    So I kinda blew up last week.. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/angels/2022/05/12/uk-based-angels-fan-witnesses-reid-detmers-historic-no-hitter/9736390002/
  11. Well done City for the comeback - should have been all three but as long as it’s still in your own hands you can’t have any complaints and it is so I’m sure they’ll finish the job next Sunday.
  12. Actually really tough, could make a case for three or four of them without any of them being the stand out player. Tbh I’d give it to Salah or De Bruyne whoever wins the league
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