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  1. Not too often, maybe once a season, between Spurs and Stortford I don’t get much opportunity to go to other football, but my friend from uni was down as a Tranmere fan and since we were knocked out the cup it was perfect timing. Went a bit more frequently when I was around 15/17 as a few of my mates from school had season tickets
  2. Storts

    Trivia Thread

    Assume it was never passed into law by the Knesset
  3. Storts

    Declan Rice

    Oh the irony!
  4. Storts

    Trivia Thread

    This is completely false according to my friend in Israel.
  5. Storts

    Members Pictures

    Congratulations Harry, lovely pic
  6. So went to Cambridge vs Tranmere yesterday, finished 0-0 but it wasn’t the worst game First half was edged by Cambridge, particularly in the clear cut chances column. Davies in the Tranmere goal made a number of good saves, including a point blank reaction stop from a corner late in the half and a nice double save at the feet of Amoo although I think he should have done better with the first shot. He was also in the wars and went down injured about three times much to the annoyance of the home crowd Calderwood has done a great job steadying the ship since he’s come in and i believe they are fourth in the form table in that time so it’s a difficult place to go. Second half was edged by Tranmere with the best chance falling to James Norwood goal machine but who thrashed at a volley with his wrong foot when chipped through on goal but who had so much time to take a touch and fire home. Both sides settled for a point after about 70 minutes which was disappointing but all in all a relatively entertaining watch at a nice proper old school league stadium
  7. Storts

    Storts' TF365 Forum Hierarchy 2019

    Spot on again Harry, a need to have a nice environment is imperative, but unfortunately the time on this occasion certainly does not fit the crime, and if we are going down this route there are far worse posts that have gone unpunished because of who the poster is. A lengthy ban like these should be for racism etc. not for whatever phoney excuses they’ve found
  8. Storts

    Storts' TF365 Forum Hierarchy 2019

    Now they are censoring my posts too, although I didn’t really say anything at all, other than what a ridiculous double standard it all is.
  9. Storts

    Storts' TF365 Forum Hierarchy 2019

    Just don’t want dear Teso missing the big moment as he’s been looking forward to the final reveal for months.
  10. Storts

    Off Topic

    Don't worry @Azeem he will have forgotten in a couple of minutes
  11. Off to Cambridge tomorrow for the big one. SWA
  12. Storts

    Spurs New Stadium or Yours?

    Liked just for Chick King
  13. Yeah, I know what you mean, different cultures and all that. Eastern Europe is well behind the UK in terms of a progressive social outlook.
  14. In fairness, the same description could be applied to Chelsea fans