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  1. Saturday 26th September, 2020 Brighton 1-2 Man Utd, 12.30 Burnley 0-2 Southampton, 20.00 Crystal Palace 1-1 Everton West Brom 1-3 Chelsea, 17.30 Sunday 27th September, 2020 Man City 3-2 Leicester, 16.30 Sheff Utd 1-2 Leeds, 12.00 Tottenham 1-0 Newcastle, 14.00 West Ham 0-3 Wolves, 19.00 Monday 28th September, 2020 Fulham 2-1 Aston Villa, 18.00 Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal, 20.15
  2. Big game for you to see where you are imo. You lost the game you were expected to lose. You won the game you were expected to win. Think this one is the best indicator so far of where Leeds are
  3. Whaaaaat? Semedo was awful last year, truly awful. Doherty has consistently been one of the best full backs in the league since Wolves were promoted. To sell Doc for 15 mill and sign Semedo for double that is a bit whiffy to be honest
  4. Storts

    EFL - COVID19 Impact

    Honestly love my club. What a fanbase
  5. And potentially the same next week
  6. Enjoyed that second half. Kane is truly a special special player
  7. We are diabolical. The manager is diabolical. These players are still excellent going forward but there is no direction at all. Centre backs are a shambles though
  8. Saturday 19th September, 2020 Arsenal 2-0 West Ham, 20.00 Everton 2-1 West Brom, 12.30 Leeds 3-0 Fulham Man Utd 2-1 Crystal Palace, 17.30 Sunday 20th September, 2020 Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool, 16.30 Leicester City 2-0 Burnley, 19.00 Newcastle 1-0 Brighton, 14.00 Southampton 1-0 Tottenham, 12.00 Monday 21st September, 2020 Aston Villa 2-1 Sheff Utd, 18.00 Wolves 0-2 Man City, 20.15
  9. Today’s the day he’s coming home
  10. I hope so. As I said elsewhere before - this is the signing the club needs, the team too, but the boost to the club and to the fanbase cannot be overstated. Hes truly revered by our fanbase. The reaction to him coming back is like something I’ve never seen before. We’ve had two superstars here in the last decade. Bale and Kane. But they feel like very different eras. Now it looks like we are going to get them both together and that is ridiculously exciting There’s so much negativity around the club and the levels have dropped a lot Since the poch peak - so hopefully this will give the boost to the team and squad that we desperately needed. That and Reguilon are great signings. Get another striker and CB and I will be very much looking forward to the season Son Kane Bale as a front three too...wow
  11. Anything that means I don’t have to watch Ben Davies every week is good with me
  12. Definitely. Think he’s going to be so motivated and while he won’t have the electric pace that he had the first time around here, I think he’s got so much more to give still. Alli is such a strange one and would definitely feel like we are giving up on him so soon because you say he’s supremely talented. He’s forgotten what he’s so good at that though, his off the ball movement, his instincts, that nasty streak, he’s lost so much of it and tried to adapt his game but failed. I do feel like in some ways he may need a change of scenery to get the best of him because it’s been a while since he’s been the player that burst on to the scene and dominated but he needs to pushed up the pitch, the shackles taken off and just let him play that free role alongside Kane
  13. Not sure yet, sure details will come out in the next few days on exact terms. Madrid want him gone though. Apparently our Reguilon deal has helped with this too, and relations between Spurs and Madrid are excellent
  14. We are paying about 250k a week, so they’re going to be covering the majority. This is such a boost for the club
  15. Trying not to get excited, trying not to get excited, trying not to get excited. everything points towards this happening which mean it probably won’t