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  1. Saturday 4th July, 2020 Chelsea 2-0 Watford, 20.00 Leicester 2-1 Crystal Palace Man Utd 4-0 Bournemouth Norwich 1-2 Brighton, 12.30 Wolves 2-1 Arsenal, 17.30 Sunday 5th July, 2020 Burnley 1-1 Sheff Utd, 12.00 Liverpool 4-0 Aston Villa, 16.30 Newcastle 2-1 West Ham, 14.15 Southampton 0-2 Man City, 19.00  Monday 6th July, 2020 Tottenham 2-1 Everton, 20.00
  2. Exactly yeah. Poch warned of this too. We stood still when we needed to add a couple to win the league. Poch said there was going to need to be a painful rebuild but was ignored. That man deserved all the time and money to do what he needed to do and levy messed him around. Same as he did to redknapp before
  3. Yeah, that was nonsense too. I agree.
  4. Of course he would. He loves us. But yeah some in the squad were finished with his methods and would have to go, and would need to be allowed his own rebuild. No chance though. José here to stay on his 15 mill a season
  5. It’s hard to complain too much honestly because we are dire and the manager needs to retire. They had three chances really, our defending for all of them was abysmal. We still have excellent players in a lot of areas but they stand no chance under this manager and honestly we stand no chance under this chairman. Lucas Moura has to be the most overrated player I’ve ever seen off the back of one (incredible) hat trick. He’s an impact sub at best. Bergwijn Kane Son should be our front three every single game. Lo Celso should be playing 10. Wasted when he’s spending half his time having to defend. Sanchez just doesn’t seem to be improving. Aurier not got enough. Don’t have a competent holding midfielder. I hate watching this team. For the first time for the good of his career I think Kane should go. We are not good enough for him. And when you have to get rid of a club legend that loves the club and doesn’t really ever want to leave it’s the death of the club as you know it. Ah well. ps. Whatever I’ve said above VAR stilla shocker. First for the goal but also not sending Norwood off for a blatant arm to sons face - even after being on a booking
  6. unfortunately we are also a terrible football team with an awful manager, and I just want this season to be over
  7. VAR has ruined football as a spectator spot. Can’t celebrate any goal any more. That pathetic handball rule that’s come with it too.
  8. Storts

    Your FM Career

    You're welcome @Stan @Dan
  9. Saturday 27th June, 2020 Aston Villa 0-2 Wolves, 12.30 Sunday 28th June, 2020 Watford 1-2 Southampton, 16.30 Monday 29th June, 2020 Crystal Palace 1-0 Burnley, 20.00 Tuesday 30th June, 2020 Brighton 1-2 Man Utd, 20.15 Wednesday 1st July, 2020 Arsenal 2-0 Norwich Bournemouth 1-1 Newcastle Everton 2-1 Leicester West Ham 0-2 Chelsea, 20.15 Thursday 2nd July, 2020 Man City 1-2 Liverpool, 20.15 Sheff Utd 0-1 Tottenham
  10. Really got around last night
  11. No no you’re right unfortunately, I’m not singling chelsea out, just a bit of fun. I’ve been disgusted with some of our fanbase over the past few months on social media. Really awful human beings but every club has them
  12. Must have been taken down. Was some chelsea fans outside Stamford Bridge with an all lives matter banner and making their kids hold them whilst chanting ‘roman abramovich- we won’t take a knee’
  13. I am so incredibly jealous right now. I just can’t imagine what a feeling this must be. The meteoric rise under Klopp. The football you play. The achievements of the last year. Obviously you’re a massive football club and this should be expected of you. But to go 30 years without a league title. To win a CL and then the league back to back. To absolute tear apart the competition and win it so convincingly. What an incredible feeling this must be. The sort of moments and the shared unity you have across the city, across the fanbase - those euphoric feelings and occasions that really emphasise to yourself why you love football and why you love your club. Just enjoy it lads. It was heartbreaking to see you lift the CL last year. In some ways it’s heartbreaking to see what Klopp has done to your side considering where we both were a few years ago and what could have been for us. But this is fully deserved. One of the best PL teams of all time. The only one that is really doing the league justice right now. Even if this isn’t the way anybody wants to win it - that feeling I’ve seen all over her, social media and the tv shows that it doesn’t matter how you win it, it’s just so important that you have. Well done to you all on here. We may disagree at times but you’re all top lads and deserve the success.