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  1. Yeah, especially not if the Grealish deal goes through. I think we have him one more year and he’s going to be pissed off but he will crack on
  2. Yeah but good luck getting Harry Kane out of Tottenham with 3 years on his deal. Levy wants huge money to even consider at this point
  3. This is amazing btw, probably my favourite thing about the whole race. Huge for Williams and for the sport, even if the circumstances helped them massively they both drove superbly
  4. Max owes Alonso massively for stopping Lewis winning that race
  5. Hamilton had the best start to this race, qualified fastest. Nonsense dragging him into this. ‘trots off into the lead’ - saying stuff like this completely invalidates your point. He was deservedly leading Also harsh on Stroll too, went on the grass to try and avoid a collision
  6. Lloris Tomiyasu Romero CB Reguilon Lo Celso Hojbjerg Ndombele/Skipp Bergwijn Kane Son Something like that anyway
  7. Toby has officially left and gone to Qatar. The rebuild continues
  8. Done deal. Can’t seem to post any links though, failed for post 5 times
  9. He’s one of the most talented young players in Spain. He’s young and raw though, will take a while to settle and will lose the ball a lot trying to make things happen so have to be patient with him, but it’s an excellent deal
  10. Should be announced tomorrow - although Gil is at the olympics. But Lamela doing his medical in Sevilla today
  11. Feels like the much needed overhaul of the squad is going to happen. Lamela going to Sevilla Alderweireld off to Qatar Sissoko and Aurier likely off Possibly Sanchez, Dier and winks too. Gil and Romero look like happening, Gollini in, probably Tomiyasu too. Probably another striker too. All go
  12. Only if someone pays the money, club still pretty adamant he’s not going anywhere this summer with 3 years on his deal, I’m not convinced either way yet, but we shall see. It’s pretty heartbreaking though for sure, makes you want to give up on football. People complain about a lack of competitiveness but they (media) won’t be happy until all the best players are at a very limited number of clubs. It’s the same with Grealish. Hope he stays at Villa
  13. I don’t believe this will happen but would be a sensational bit of business if it came off
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