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  1. Klopp moaning now about United parking the bus is why he’s such a dickhead.
  2. They’ve definitely turned a corner from earlier in the season - this is a different city team to what we are used to seeing from Pep too
  3. Definitely, but point away at Liverpool is great. Performance wise too. Could and should have nicked. Bit annoying not to win but certainly happier than them
  4. As usual with this game, a terrible spectacle. United got to be the happIer with that
  5. This the 3-5? Might watch the first half
  6. Yeah enjoy that one. You’ll always have the memories x
  7. Man like Tanguy. He’s absolute class to be fair. What a player. Sheffield United are as bad as anything I’ve ever seen in the Prem though. That was a training match,
  8. I know they lost but wow, let’s just take a minute to admire the football Leeds play
  9. Saturday 16th January, 2021 Wolves 2-1 West Brom, 12.30 Leeds 2-1 Brighton West Ham 2-1 Burnley Fulham 0-2 Chelsea, 17.30 Leicester 1-1 Southampton, 20.00 Sunday 17th January, 2021 Aston Villa 2-0 Everton, 12.00 Sheff Utd 0-2 Tottenham, 14.05 Liverpool 2-1 Man Utd, 16.30 Man City 3-0 Crystal Palace, 19.15 Monday 18th January, 2021 Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle, 20.00  Tuesday 19th January, 2021 West Ham 2-0 West Brom, 18.00 Leicester 2-1 Chelsea, 20.15 Wednesday 20th January, 2021 Leeds 0-2 Southampton, 18.00 Fulham 1-4 Man Utd, 20.15 Man City 3-1 Aston Villa, 20.15 Thursday 21st January, 2021 Liverpool 3-0 Burnley, 20.00
  10. Poch’s 2016/17 side would be winning the league this season. How that team didn’t win something I’ll never know. Most goals scored, fewest goals conceded.
  11. Absolutely. The lineup was so negative. 4 CMs - Sissoko on the right wing. Sanchez is a liability at the back unfortunately. Dier not much better when he isn’t with Toby. oh it’s very split yeah that’s totally accurate although there has been a bit shift tonight. Not sure why it’s only tonight they’ve reacted so badly because it’s been the same in all the games above recently where we’ve sat back on a lead and paid the price but so many more people speaking out. I’m sorry but for me, no league cup win makes up for how awful it is to watch 80% of the time and the lack of ambition. Exactly. He has the tools. So many good attacking players - but he won’t use half of them and can’t get the best out of the others. He’s been bailed out by how good Son and Kane are but it’s totally not sustainable. Particularly because the style of play doesn’t suit a defence like ours where they always have a mistake in them. He keeps trying to hold these leads with defenders that just can’t do it the majority of the time.