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  1. Storts

    Times When Your Club Blew It

  2. Storts

    Your Canine Image Of Other Members

    Superb @Lucas
  3. Storts

    Are you missing Football?

    Not in the slightest
  4. Storts

    Members Pictures

    Should have gone with the "my mug" shouldn't I Tommy
  5. Storts

    Members Pictures

    Teso used to get a bit jealous when I shared my pics with other guys. Ha what were you expecting? Not anymore 😭 honestly just naturally broad, used to be a swimmer when I was younger hence the shoulders, it’s definitely not all muscle though, let myself go a bit. Isolation is a killer for the lack of exercise hating it - been going for some runs but running for the sake of it is really not my thing.
  6. Storts

    Members Pictures

    I'm a chameleon
  7. Storts

    Members Pictures

    Since it’s probably been years since I posted a pic - heres a simpler one of times before the lockdown, and a nice quarantine selfie for you
  8. Storts

    Sheep - Season 7 - All Things Retro

    I'll try it
  9. Storts

    Member Opinions 2019

    This is actually a good time for this
  10. COVID-19 - not having to watch Spurs every week
  11. Yeah Levy is already using it as an excuse as well - in our record revenue results today which show us bringing in the most money in London.
  12. Storts


    Less than the going rate round here
  13. Can we get Mafia Wars to show up on the topics bar please. Would make it so much easier to view 

    1. football forum


      Have done this temporarily given there won't be much footy chat these days! :D

    2. football forum
    3. football forum


      I was wondering what the hell happened. I like it though. 

  14. Genuinely can’t be bothered to go. coronavirus a good excuse but honestly not sure I’d go anyway. Just want this season over