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  1. Hackney Wick is a better shout yeah, really enjoy some of the bars around there
  2. Storts

    Who's the best goalkeeper in the world?

    Well done to Berserker and Machado for getting the right answer - it is in fact Jan Oblak. Ter Stegen is no better than De Gea, Neuer or Ederson.
  3. Hahaha - using the word 'earns' loosely I hope.
  4. Exactly - please do suggest they rotated and played some of their back up first team squad members, that's fine. Don't suggest, as was posted, that these were nobodies from the far reaches of the Barcelona youth squads. They weren't.
  5. That's not what you said. You said this "in some cases Barça had players that haven't even ever trained with the main squad in their lives. Some of them were brought in straight from La Liga 1|2|3 (Spain's second division) with a few players on the bench that not too long ago weren't even in the Barcelona 'B' team but in actual fact the Barcelona 'C' team that plays in regional football." - which as I've just pointed out was just a blatant lie. I have no problem admitting it wasn't a full strength Barcelona team of course, we were fortunate they had qualified and were able to change things up - but I'm not having this lie perpetuated that these were players from regional football. That bench was probably the greatest bench I've ever seen. To suggest it had players from Barca B and C was disingenuous.
  6. This is just absolute nonsense Balon, expect better from you, but it’s just a blatant lie The bench last night was: Ter Stegen, Pique, Busquets, D. Suarez, Messi, Alba and Vidal Apart from Alena and Miranda they were all established players from the first team squad. Im starting to think you didn’t even watch the game because you don’t have a clue.
  7. Only because it launched Bale to super stardom - and set up the return fixture where we smashed them
  8. Or the 3-1 win against Inter, or the knock out 0-1 win at the San Siro against AC... Milan clubs only You forgot smashing Madrid last season
  9. Glad Liverpool got through - great for English football to have all 4 qualify again for the knockouts, it's how it should be. Looks like they should have scored a hatful like us tonight, but ultimately got what they needed and job done. Congratulations. Out of interest did Klopp mention that Van Dijk tackle yet studs up on the ankle after getting the ball? I think this is where people get pissed off with some of his comments, because that tackle was a potential leg breaker, and he moans about Burnley but won't comment on his own player. If he has then fair enough, I haven't seen any post match coverage.
  10. Agree - there's better teams in it than us, but just like Liverpool last year, you just never know. Got to believe we can beat anyone.
  11. Maybe - we were fortunate our lack of composure with the final ball/finish didn't cost us, because it should have been comfortable, but on a night like this and after our start to the group it was all about qualification - and it came with a performance I didn't know we had in us. On to the last 16, that's all we can ask.
  12. Happy to agree to disagree Financial clout certainly plays a part. Some of their back up players are still absolute stars that would get in most sides in the world. What do you mean it isn't a fair judgement? We played them off the park! It's just an accurate description of the game we've just played. Any neutral that actually watched the game tonight would say the same. We dominated from start to finish. Here's just one example for you Proud of these players - didn't know they had a performance like that in them - but massive for the club to progress.
  13. Of course it can be written as an achievement. Barcelona are one of, if not the best sides in the world, regardless of changes. This is hardly a C team either. Semedo, Lenglet, Arthur, Rakitic, Dembele, Coutinho - combined cost of around 350 million. I'm sorry but not having you write this off. Dread to think what your reaction would be if Everton ever qualified
  14. You didn't watch the game did you. Played them off the park. Coutinho and Dembele both cost more than our whole team Messi was on for half an hour.