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  1. You’re right but I think for those exact reasons they’re calling the PLs bluff. No way can they afford to expel these 6 clubs and lose such a huge part of their products
  2. There’s not a chance Skipp is sold Might get loaned back to them though
  3. Storts

    EFL Cup Final Date Moved

    Think we were anyway tbf
  4. Who knows. His ankle got rolled again as Richardson landed on it as he was jumping to clear a corner. I’d be shocked if he didn’t play next week even if he’s injured though
  5. Storts

    EFL Cup Final Date Moved

    Kane’s injured now so might not even bother. At least I can boo Mourinho
  6. Everton We are so bad yet they’ve done that Apart from Harry who is phenomenal
  7. Sack him now. Can’t put into words how diabolical this is and those subs. He’s pathetic
  8. Our players just don’t care though, not playing for the manager, not playing for each other. Club is broken
  9. Dreadful half of football between two terrible teams. We can’t string two passes together That pen decision is a joke, another failure of VAR and the refs in this country but the telling point is how little protest there was from our players. They don’t care at all
  10. This is two truly abysmal football teams.
  11. How the fuck has the VAR not overturned that?! What is the point of it. He kicks the floor and goes down.
  12. Storts

    EFL Cup Final Date Moved

    We did it on loyalty points, which with only 2000 tickets was the fairest way to go imo.
  13. Storts

    EFL Cup Final Date Moved

    Definitely this one, the nurses outfit is a personal choice