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  1. Oh yeah - and I'm not even saying he's a better player, but defending I actually think Godin might have been better. Puyol was obviously outstanding for Barca and Spain, and his track record speaks for itself, but Godin was truly brilliant in his own right.
  2. Genuinely think Godin was a better defender than Puyol
  3. Storts

    Off Topic

    Not even an age thing, just find the day really miserable, especially this year with everything going on in my life, but generally too, for no real reason
  4. Saturday 18th January Watford 2-1 Tottenham (12:30) Arsenal 2-1 Sheffield United Brighton 2-0 Aston Villa Man City 3-1 Crystal Palace Norwich 2-0 Bournemouth Southampton 1-1 Wolves West Ham 1-2 Everton Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea (17:30) Sunday 19th January Burnley 1-3 Leicester (14:00) Liverpool 3-0 Man United (16:30)
  5. Storts

    Off Topic

    Does anyone else find their birthday really depressing
  6. Storts

    SFA to Ban Heading for Under-12s

    This is spot on - no reason whatsoever for kids to be heading the ball. Well done Scotland, hope the rest of Europe follows suit
  7. Storts

    The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

    Nutella is awful. Team @nudge
  8. Just responding to another one of your silly blinkered comments It's a forum after all
  9. The thing now is that they're back on an upward trajectory and we are very much going the other way. But we've been far better than them during Eriksen's time here. It wasn't the huge step up he was preparing for ala Madrid/Barca. He's going to an inferior league, with a team that has been pretty poor recently - so yeah it's pretty sideways.
  10. He’s studs up, above the ankle, out of control, endangering his opponent. It’s a pretty clear red and if it was the other way round we wouldn’t hear the end of it
  11. Agreed. It’s going to be a sideways move for him now. Madrid don’t want him, Barca doing. Think he will end up at Inter. But he just wants a new challenge and climate. Just a shame he’s become such a fraud of a player and the fact we are still starting him
  12. Yeah played well great debut ive been telling you all season about this - he’s diabolical. Downed tools, refusing to risk injury, pathetic that it’s ending like this