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  1. We’ve let him go on a free cause we are at our max 8 international loans. Confirmed to Atletico
  2. To be fair Trippier excelled over there and he couldn’t defend either
  3. I think so, although maybe not under Conte. He’s going on loan to Rennes for the rest of the season with no buy option. He just needs games at this point. A shame Conte hasn’t trusted him cause the other options are not very good. Doherty going to Atletico Madrid too
  4. On his way to us. Conte gets his RWB. Great attacking stats, paying 5 million loan free with obligation to buy. Will end up being about £40 million when all is said and done.
  5. Always spurs, but it won’t be so disappointing if we lose. But will be typical spurs to go and win this one
  6. Yeah there is absolutely no chance that happened. The whole statement from the board yesterday was a joke and is further justification for the protests of the fans. They are so far removed from the reality of the situation it feels like. They just don’t seem to get why the fans would be feeling like this.
  7. This sounds exactly like us with Conte and Mourinho to be quite honest. I have a lot of sympathy
  8. That was a disgrace as well. And what a silly comment
  9. Not really in the game to be honest
  10. Biggest stitch up going, if you’re Wolves you should be furious
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