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  1. Wasn’t a head injury and our players got the game stopped for a Newcastle fan
  2. Both had false positives which is nice. Still never look forward to our games anymore, and glad to be boycotting this one
  3. Son and Gil out with Covid, four South Americans probably not available, Nuno still in charge. Big defeat
  4. How I feel. I don’t feel anywhere near as strongly against this as I used to honestly
  5. Not really, feel fully justified being critical of them, as I have been in my day job also. Fully disagree with you on your point about the new stadium. We built it on the high road right at the heart of the community. Our ownership do many things wrong but community engagement is not one of them, the amount of jobs that new stadium has created, the new community facilities, the income it brings to local businesses and families. Tottenham needs the football club. This is just such whataboutery now though - not sure the financial inequalities in the premier league are the same as the human rights violations of a nation state using sport to improve their image. An appreciation of Jewish people is exactly why that word was and is chanted. You’ve never been in our ends when we still experience anti Semitic abuse to this day. In the 70s and 80s it was obviously horrific and owning that word and solidarity with the Jewish community and identity lessened the impact of that abuse.
  6. I will not be attending. This is just a lot of words to try and justify that regime taking over a club and a city, and a fanbase celebrating something they absolutely should not be. You’re defending the indefensible in my opinion. It’s sportwashing pure and simple, just like Man City, PSG, but the Saudis probably the worst of the lot. Newcastle fans with Saudi flags, with tea towels on their head etc deserve as much condemnation as they get, and I hope that this continues to be highlighted by the press. And this goes for everything outside football too, the more noise and media around the actions of the regime there the better. Clearly we are not going to agree on this, but it’s extremely disappointing to see
  7. Couldn’t disagree more. It’s exactly the time for Newcastle fans to stand up and challenge new ownership… clearly a lack of investment in the club is worse than murdering journalists and treating women with utter disdain. They should absolutely be made to carry the burden for celebrating these people taking over their club and the city of Newcastle. There are things bigger than football, for me human rights are definitely one of them, and the message this adulation and heralding of the Saudis as saviours is sending is an awful look for the league, fans, city and the country. Id love new ownership, but not at the expense of values. We’ve turned down Middle Eastern investment regularly, and I’m very proud that the club hasn’t gone down that path, and I know the vast majority of fanbase would be extremely uncomfortable with it, particularly with our Jewish roots.
  8. This is really sad that someone I generally consider to be excellent on these issues would be so welcoming of an abhorrent regime It shows the power of football I guess, that triumphing over humanity. To have your arms wide open to a regime with a horrific human rights record, using the club and the league in their power struggle with another gulf nation doesn’t sit right with me.
  9. Another sad day for the premier league letting in a horrific regime who purely want access to the league to compete with another nation.
  10. Storts

    Off Topic

    Someone just sent me an actual text, really weird
  11. You know what, i was going to go for Leeds but wanted this round to be over so decided to pick someone different to the other two. You’re welcome
  12. Proper Tottenham legend. This greatest goal scorer this country has ever produced
  13. Friday 17th September, 2021 Newcastle 0-2 Leeds, 20.00 Saturday 18th September, 2021 Wolves 1-1 Brentford, 12.30 Burnley 0-2 Arsenal Liverpool 3-1 Crystal Palace Man City 4-0 Southampton Norwich 0-1 Watford Aston Villa 2-2 Everton, 17.30 Sunday 19th September, 2021 Brighton 1-2 Leicester, 14.00 West Ham 1-2 Man Utd, 14.00 Tottenham 0 Chelsea 2
  14. Yeah, obviously I’m only joking with Nuno out already, but honestly can’t see any improvement in style just yet. Will give him a chance but we are just so dull to watch again. The knock against potter was for all the plaudits for the football the results have never been there. If Brighton have a good season this year then I think he will be snapped up by a bigger club.
  15. I said in the summer i just wanted someone to get us back to playing progressive attacking football. I’d take Potter 100%
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