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  1. Uruguay disappointing but what a player Bentancur is. No idea how we’ve got him so cheap. Majestic
  2. Yes, why wouldn’t I? Weird flex His record for Brazil is outstanding. That’s how he should be judged at international level.
  3. @6666 in the mud Richarlison always delivers for Brazil. 9 in 7.
  4. I was agreeing with you until the last sentence. It was a foul. I’m surprised we’ve got away with it. But its nothing to do with bias, it’s just bad officiating and more inconsistency. Because it wasn’t given on the field he didn’t overturn it. We’ve had so much bad luck with VAR and inconsistencies this year also. Nice to get one to go in our favour but that ref yesterday was an absolute shambles. One of the worst I’ve ever seen.
  5. But that's the thing with these state sponsored clubs, bidding wars don't matter to them. Nothing does. It's impossible to compete with them long term
  6. It is true. I can’t really be bothered to type a long post but no way should we have lost that. Thought you were so far off the levels we’ve come to expect. We gifted you two goals. We hit the post, the bar, had a few just go wide. Couldn’t hit a barn door all day but second half we dominated and even first half we had a very good spell in between goals. Very disappointed to lose honestly but individual errors are going to cost us and can’t give a player of Salahs quality those sort of opportunities.
  7. That’s not the game at all. Liverpool very fortunate to win.
  8. Saturday 5th November, 2022 Leeds 2-1 Bournemouth Man City 4-1 Fulham Nottm Forest 1-1 Brentford Wolves 0-1 Brighton Everton 2-0 Leicester, 17.30 Sunday 6th November, 2022 Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal, 12.00 Aston Villa 1-2 Man Utd, 14.00 Southampton 1-2 Newcastle, 14.00 West Ham 2-1 Crystal Palace, 14.00 Tottenham 1-2 Liverpool, 16.30
  9. So BaDlY wRoNg I was about 10 seconds from being spot on An absolutely horrific first half performance devoid of any quality whatsoever. Thankful they rallied and just about did enough. But anyway, tell us more about coming back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 always means a winning run after!
  10. Reverse jinx works every time. Nobody has asked you to listen to them. You just don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. You also think Lucas Moura is a good player despite last night being one of the worst performances I’ve seen from any player ever, and that’s just standard for him. You have a weird vendetta against Richarlison, and I don’t really want to know the reasons why because I’m scared to hear them…but claiming vindication is absolutely bizarre. Anyway, glad we won, first half performances are abysmal and doesn’t feel sustainable yet we keep going. Need to get through the next three games hopefully with 4 points minimum. And rest everyone in the league cup
  11. What on Earth is he talking about?! Vindication for what exactly. Since he got injured we’ve got worse. Got battered at United, lost at home to Newcastle. Struggling without his workrate and that outlet. It’s just absolute nonsense. Bissouma has been very poor to be honest, had high hopes but he’s yet to deliver. Lenglet is fine, I like him, but nothing spectacular. Spence cannot sniff the lineup despite us having the worst RWB known to man playing every week. @Stan
  12. Not a chance we win tonight unfortunately. Terrible away from home in Europe, hostile environment. No conte. No kulusevski, Richarlison or Romero. Zero faith
  13. VAR has just ruined the enjoyment of football. What is the point anymore
  14. Saturday 22nd October, 2022 Nottm Forest vs Liverpool, 0-2 Everton vs Crystal Palace 1-0 Man City vs Brighton 4-0 Chelsea vs Man Utd 2-1 Sunday 23rd October, 2022 Aston Villa vs Brentford 1-1 Leeds vs Fulham 0-2 Southampton vs Arsenal 0-2 Wolves vs Leicester 1-0 Tottenham vs Newcastle 0-1 Monday 24th October, 2022 West Ham vs Bournemouth 2-1
  15. Hahah behave yourself. Precedent is set that what Gabriel did is a sending off. Should never have reacted and kicked out like that and he’s very lucky. First pen was a different phase of play. You’ve been so fortunate with VAR this year - everything going your way
  16. Tuesday 18th October, 2022 Brighton 2-0 Nottm Forest Crystal Palace 1-0 Wolves, 20.15 Wednesday 19th October, 2022 Bournemouth 2-1 Southampton Brentford 1-2 Chelsea Liverpool 2-0 West Ham Newcastle 1-0 Everton Man Utd 0-0 Tottenham, 20.15 Thursday 20th October, 2022 Fulham 2-0 Aston Villa Leicester 1-1 Leeds, 20.15
  17. I don’t think that’s right. It was a foul on the arsenal player by Bamford so no penalty. But after that he kicked out, which should have been red. He got it right overturning the penalty imo but not the red
  18. They’re horrific. Bloke just isn’t funny. Taking the piss out of someone with a speech impediment just isn’t my idea of humour
  19. Lucky lucky VARsenal but they won’t care at all. Wins all that matters but Leeds battered them second half. No idea how that Gabriel red was overturned. Although right decision not to give the pen
  20. We don’t need him to be! Kulusevski is. We needed a fourth player of similar quality that can play all along the front three. That’s exactly what Richarlison brings. He was the perfect player for this squad
  21. You’re right. Good job he’s injured now. We can get a chance to see some of those real talents like Lucas Moura or Bryan Gil
  22. Yeah and where has that got us over the past 30 years? We are in excellent form, our best ever start to a premier league season, Conte has a 63% win percentage over 50+ PL games for spurs which is sensational. You seem to have remarkably high standards that are impossible to reach. Yes it’s not always pretty, and always room for improvement but we are so organised, so well structured and have plenty of goals in this team. I’m more than happy with how things are going currently
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