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  1. Arsenal fans are some of the worst people on the planet. Most of my ‘neutral’ friends are supporting City I’d say.
  2. Yes. They can and will Stan. It’s inevitable. Nobody can stop them. Not a chance they drop another point let alone lose again.
  3. Last resort. Got some lasagne sitting out on the side
  4. Arsenal already got this thing in the bag. No way City catch them now, not consistent enough. Would have to take a monumental failure from Arsenal not to win it from here.
  5. Great to bounce back the way we did after the Leicester debacle. Two big home wins in London derbies although to be honest couldn’t have really asked for easier games. As soon as we scored today that was it. Chelsea never looked like scoring. The worst and most dysfunctional chelsea team I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t know what Potter is trying to do with them but even after all the money spent there’s some players in that lineup too. Wolves next week for us is going to be a test. Unfortunately Conte is due back so I’m not confident but players like Skipp and Royal are really stepping up with the injury absences and the Porro signing. Royal is playing a lot more central and giving Kulu space out wide and it’s working better. Romero has been unbelievable last few weeks too. Imperious. A lot more tests to come and to be honest we are a very inconsistent team but we’ve got a reasonable run over the next month so need to capitalise before a tough April. Sheffield United on weds is a must win
  6. Ha, they’ve been diving all over the shop recently. Nothing nice about them. Pretty pathetic. But that’s what football these days. That’s the point. Every team has them. Just silly point scoring when you look across the league and it happens up and down the country. You can’t respond without throwing around insults either which just shows a lot about your character.
  7. Bit rich considering what Saka and Nketiah have been up to recently. Best to stay out of this one
  8. Saturday 18th February, 2023 Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal, 12.30 Brentford 2-0 Crystal Palace Brighton 2-1 Fulham Chelsea 3-0 Southampton Everton 1-0 Leeds Nottm Forest 0-3 Man City Wolves 2-0 Bournemouth Newcastle 1-1 Liverpool, 17.30 Sunday 19th February, 2023 Man Utd 3-1 Leicester, 14.00 Tottenham 2-0 West Ham, 16.30
  9. Our season has fallen apart in a week. Bentancur ACL is devastating. Out for the rest of the year Bissouma broken ankle out for months Lloris knee ligaments out for two months Even Sessegnon out for 6 weeks. I hate this club
  10. Saturday 11th February, 2023 West Ham 2-1 Chelsea, 12.30 Arsenal 2-1 Brentford Crystal Palace 0-2 Brighton Fulham 3-1 Nottm Forest Leicester 1-2 Tottenham Southampton 0-1 Wolves Bournemouth 0-2 Newcastle, 17.30 Sunday 12th February, 2023 Leeds 0-2 Man Utd, 14.00 Man City 3-0 Aston Villa, 16.30 Monday 13th February, 2023 Liverpool 2-0 Everton, 20.00 Wednesday 15th February, 2023 Arsenal 2-1 Man City, 19.30
  11. Wasn’t even facepalming that part of your post, it was the rest of the shite beforehand.
  12. Yeah Chelsea broke football but annoyingly not sure it was illegal at the time. They also seemed to build the income/sponsorship side of things more organically
  13. Absolutely. Haaland is a brilliant goalscorer, that combination of pace/power/finishing is spectacular and he’s going to go on to be one of footballs greatest ever goalscorers Right now though the all round game just isn’t there and he doesn’t particularly suit a city game that is a lot of possession and link up play. Especially when they seem incapable of playing quicker balls to match the runs he’s making. Kane would have been absolutely perfect for them, and to be honest still would be. No reason why he couldn’t play behind Haaland to be honest
  14. Can see why Pep was desperate for and adores Harry Kane. Would be such a better fit for him
  15. Get in thereee. Best performance in absolute ages. Absolute warriors today. We were up for it, Royal was superb, Dier and Romero pocketed Haaland. Lloris didn’t have a save to make. We looked really dangerous on the break and probably should have had a couple more. Just a very complete performance from us. Will post separately about Kane but what a player. A true legend of this football club. If I was a city fan i think I’d stop doing Tottenham away. 5 games, 5 defeats, 0 goals score at the new stadium. We absolutely have their and Peps number. Strange how football works
  16. Friday 3rd February, 2023 Chelsea 2-0 Fulham, 20.00 Saturday 4th February, 2023 Everton 0-3 Arsenal, 12.30 Aston Villa 2-1 Leicester Brentford 2-0 Southampton Brighton 3-0 Bournemouth Man Utd 2-0 Crystal Palace Wolves 0-1 Liverpool Newcastle 2-0 West Ham, 17.30 Sunday 5th February, 2023 Nottm Forest 2-1 Leeds, 14.00 Tottenham 1-2 Man City, 16.30 Wednesday 8th February, 2023 Man Utd 3-1 Leeds, 20.00
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