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  1. He will get plenty of playing time. But either way not our problem. We need to be ambitious. This is that. Well done Spurs
  2. Why does that concern you? City do it, Liverpool do it. Chelsea do it. It’s what you need to do if you want to actually compete for and win stuff. I’m delighted we are finally looking to build a squad that can compete
  3. Absolute nonsense. This is what big clubs do. You need quality throughout the squad, not a first 11 then massive drop off. He can play up top (Brazil’s number 9) - he can play wide. He can play in a 2 or a 3. He works ridiculously hard. Scores important goals. He’s a super signing for what we need and about time we starting acting like the club we want to be. We are financially in such a strong position these days with the new stadium and incomes and we need to act like it
  4. Yeah disappointed with this. Been dreadful for Barca. And had one good season with Sevilla. but ultimately we are building a squad and a) think we are hanging on for next year when our preferred targets Bastoni/Gvardiol likely more available and b) we are backing Conte. If he wants a player then we are supporting that. Lenglet should be reasonable competition for Davies at LCB in this system and he’s very good on the ball. Not happy but got to just trust the manager
  5. I’m very happy with this. Perfect for the squad. Can play up front if Kane needs a rest, can play out wide if Son needs a rest or can play with both of them. Excellent acquisition for us at a pretty reasonable fee
  6. That’s a shame, hope he doesn’t go hungry
  7. Top 6 comfortably next year. The rest of the league is so average
  8. Agree to disagree. De Ligt is massively overrated imo. Been a real disappointment for Juventus and would struggle in the PL.
  9. All well and good but if you can’t defend you’re in trouble. Will be eaten alive in the Premier league. Same as Pau Torres imo if he comes
  10. I don’t think we are actually that interested. We don’t follow up on our initial conversation with his agents weeks ago. Think it’s United vs Brentford
  11. Incredibly overrated - been poor in Italy. One of those players that got a reputation early because they came through so young and were fully developed but hasn’t really kicked on at all. Seems to make a mistake every time I watch him
  12. Hahah it’s what gets him going for sure . Let’s see. Have a feeling he ends up at Chelsea though
  13. This sounds like something we’d be trying to exploit. Although weirdly vibe I get is they’re more interested in Raphinha
  14. Yeah that’s my thought. Obviously wouldn’t turn my nose up at him cause he’s a fantastic player but just think it doesn’t quite fit what we need as we basically need a forward that can fill in through the middle and play wide
  15. I don’t want him. Much rather Richarlison. Excellent player but not flexible enough for us. Richy can play through the middle as well as wide
  16. It sounds like from our end that you may get your wish. Think he’s coming back to you
  17. We play 5-3-2 - he can’t play in the 2 in a Conte system imo. And not good enough now to play out wide compared to what we have. He’d be a great squad player but he’s an impact sub for us and the main man in your team
  18. I think it’s the best thing for him. He doesn’t get in our team, doesn’t really fit the system, and will have to work harder.
  19. He wanted to play champions league football. Mentions it a lot in his interview. Think it was so important to him hence why we were his first choice.
  20. As a high profile, practicing Muslim, yes he does
  21. He has to doesn’t he, as a practicing Muslim? One of the pillars
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