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    Peter Whittingham Dies Aged 35

    Cardiff legend really he was their best player for a good few years. So sad RIP.
  2. I will be disappointed if we dont win the league obviously but if the games can't be played then i will accept the season being null and void as people's health is more important. Plus if our players are hungry enough they will come back next season with a point to prove.
  3. I remember 4-3 game from a few years ago where Karius was in goal, We've come a long long way since then.

    FA Cup Fifth Round Matches - 2-5th March, 2020

    Im just saying mate he's been absolutely shite every time I've seen him play, He didnt really offer anything tonight although he's not to blame because the whole team were off form yet again. Obviously i hope he can come good but so far he's not done anything and warrants the criticism. Klopp has given him a few opportunities to start games but he really hasn't taken them. Hopefully next season is when when we will see the best of him because he showed for Salzburg what a good little player he is.

    FA Cup Fifth Round Matches - 2-5th March, 2020

    Minamino has been diabolical from the moment he arrived hasnt he? Offers absolutely nothing.

    FA Cup Fifth Round Matches - 2-5th March, 2020

    Been a very good end to end game so far, There will be quite a few goals in this i think. Im gonna go with 3-2 Liverpool.


    Thought Revolution was great, My favourite match was Darby allin vs Sammy Guevara. Dont think Cody vs MJF lived up to the hype but i will say that the right guy won. Jericho vs Moxley was good too nothing special but a good match with the right guy winning again, It will be interesting how they book Jericho and the inner circle now that they dont have the belt anymore. Can't wait for Dynamite this week.


    What are your thoughts on Jim Cornette? Most modern wrestling fans dont like him anymore because he's so outspoken about todays product. i dont agree with a lot of what he says but that doesn't stop me from listening to his hilarious rants every week, His rants on Omega in particular are great although i quite like Omega myself.
  9. When i saw Lovren on the teamsheet i said to my Dad we would probably lose. I know its harsh to use him as a scapegoat but i knew today would end in defeat. Every team has off days no matter who it is and how good they are today was that day.
  10. Oh well this is all planned so we can win the title at City or Everton
  11. They should induct a full starting 11 every year
  12. Never really seen much of baggio except clips from international tournaments with Italy. I still voted for him though because he was considered world class during his prime.
  13. Pedro during that Barcelona era of dominance was class, seems like people have forgotten because he has been bang average for a couple of seasons now at Chelsea.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    A few people have caught the virus and they're being treated in the Liverpool royal hospital just down the road from me, Scary stuff.
  15. Beautiful to see, Who knows how his career at Liverpool would have worked out if it weren't for the injuries. At least he scored a winner in the derby.