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    MMA & Combat Sports

    All that money completely changed him, its such a shame. The young hungry Conor from 2013 onwards who tore through the 145 division with ease has gone forever.

    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - 2019 Tarantino Movie

    I went to see it alone like a weirdo, I didnt like how they portrayed Bruce Lee but other than it was a great film.
  3. What a terrible half of football that as, I was bored to tears i think we will lose this now we dont look comfortable at all and Chelsea are winning the midfield battle without even trying.
  4. Friday 9th August, 2019 Liverpool 5-1 Norwich, 20.00 Saturday 10th August, 2019 Bournemouth 3-1 Sheff Utd Burnley 2-2 Southampton Crystal Palace 1-1 Everton Tottenham 3-2 Aston Villa, 17.30 Watford 3-0 Brighton West Ham 1-3 Man City, 12.30 Sunday 11th August, 2019  Leicester 2-2 Wolves, 14.00 Man Utd 0-0 Chelsea, 16.30 Newcastle 1-2 Arsenal, 14.00

    Dejan Lovren - Liverpool > Roma

    Can you name these "iffy" calls? Obviously you're going to mention the handball in the final so let me just say that was a stonewall penalty, doesn't matter if Mane intentionally hit the ball at Sissoko's hand his hand had no business being so high in the first place, how anyone can look at that and say it was a bad decision is beyond me.
  6. Already watched this earlier, They do upload some amazing content at times. The hip hop quiz is brilliant too.
  7. Didnt realise how good he had it at Liverpool.

    Dejan Lovren - Liverpool > Roma

    What a load of absolute nonsense
  9. I know mate, if Klopp wants to sell him then i trust his judgement. Jordan Ibe looked like a world beater in the championship and i was a bit disappointed that we let him go at the time but he's turned out to be absolute shite at Bournemouth.
  10. I would like him to stay and be used as backup for Mane and Salah, with no sign of any new players coming in it would be a shame to let him go without giving him a real chance to prove himself here. He showed his class at Derby last season so he must be pretty pissed off if we're looking to get rid of him.
  11. Fair play to Kolasniac, I wouldn't have been that brave. Ozil had his missus with him too which makes it worse. This sort of thing is happening in London every day to normal people i think the mayor needs to do more about this.

    The Weather

    There was actually 2 spells of rain and thunder lightning in a couple of hours the second 1 came with massive hailstones as well, It was very weird. Soon as it stopped the sun came back out and it went back to being very hot again.


    The worst thing about this Dillian Whyte situation now is not only will Wilder continue to duck Anthony Joshua but now he has the perfect excuse to duck Whyte again. To be honest im not really bothered that the fight went ahead when they knew he had failed the test 3 days prior because i had been looking forward to that fight for weeks but the fact that Oscar Rivas and his team were not informed about the failed test is disgraceful.


    Dillian Whyte has tested positive for a banned substance. Bit strange considering he's been calling out Joshua and Fury for being on PED's. No news yet on what the substance is.

    The Weather

    We've had a bit everything today were i am except snow, scorching temperatures followed by rain and thunder and lightning and hailstones.