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  1. Gerrard going through a very tough spell at the moment, i hope the board and fans stay patient with him as he's still learning on the job.

    Centre Back Vote!

    Voted for Lovren, im so sorry may i have my vote back please?

    Joe Gomez Fractures Leg

    I expected worse after seeing him come off last night, Bit of a blow for us but Lovren has been very good so far this season so not to worried. Trent will probably have to play a lot of games in his absence.
  4. Sturridge and Keita have had very good games tonight, Shaqiri sealing a good performance with a goal too
  5. Missed most of the first half, what happened to Gomez, Does it look like a bad injury?
  6. No we beat them at Turf moore last season, i think it was a last minute winner. We do seem to struggle every time we play them though. Klopp has made too many changes tonight and it looks like we're paying the price. 1-1
  7. Fuck off, knew our first defeat would come against someone like Burnley. Seriously need to up our game here we've been awful.
  8. I actually hope Origi gets more game time after this, especially with Firmino being below par this season. Think he needs dropping as a wake up call.
  9. They could easily bypass the 100m premium by offering Suarez as part of any potential deal
  10. How many times in a game does Neymar go down almost in tears. Fucking embarrassing.


    Copying the governor of modern boxing Eddie Hearn.

    Patrice Evra

    Somewhere on his smartphone he's got a video of himself fucking those chicken thighs.

    Reality TV

    Frosty nickers are not so frosty afterall.
  14. The viewing figures were probably poor on the Brazillian games, Thats why they wont show more Copa Libertadores games too unfortunately.
  15. I thought that was entertaining, i Its clear River plate play the better football but Boca have more quality, This is the first South American game i have watched in years so im just guessing. Its just a shame that BT Sports will probably only show a one off game because i would watch a lot more of the Copa Libertadores if it was available on TV.