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  1. The absolute definition of a show pony, Dutch league signings mostly never work out in the premier league. I can’t really talk though Gakpo has had 4 stinkers on the bounce.
  2. Arsenal are gonna do it aren’t they, I genuinely thought they were gonna retain the title of Banter FC but they have been phenomenal.
  3. If he doesn’t make team of the tournament its a travesty he’s been excellent throughout. Looks a solid well rounded midfielder i think we need more than that though, A goal threat from midfield is something we’re lacking and have been for a few years.
  4. I called Kane skying that penalty as soon as he grabbed the ball, i believe in rotation of penalty takers when the first choice has already taken one. You can second guess yourself and that’s exactly what happened.
  5. Ban this man, I can’t take the ridicule its too close to the bone.
  6. Moment of silence for the England and USA fans in attendance who had to watch that without a drink. Possibly the worst game of football I’ve ever witnessed.
  7. Not only that his substitutions this season have left me completely baffled, The West Ham game in particular.
  8. Completely outplayed by brighton, Alisson MOTM in a 3-3 game We’re fine though FSG our saviours!!
  9. Liverpool were never in the race then at that fee! Journalists made it sound like it was a done deal.
  10. I love and respect the Royal family, By that i mean the family in the legendary TV show.
  11. Soon as he took Coutinho off it went to shit. Still love you though Stevie
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