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  1. Yeah he's clearly talented but this bad start he's had is definitely effecting his performances now. Maybe still a bit too early to write him off completely but he's done fuck all today.
  2. Love their managers attitude as well, Every time i hear him speak i get the feeling they will stay up rather comfortably.
  3. Pepe, biggest flop of the season easily. Now we know why a lot of clubs weren't too keen on him with the huge price tag.


    I will be buying PES this year as iv heard good reviews about it this year and most reviews about Fifa that are not from shill websites like IGN have been terrible.
  5. Matip is also a better footballer than he gets credit for, I like his ability to bring the ball out from the back and start attacks. One of the better free transfers ever.

    Paul Pogba - Man Utd Future In Doubt

    You are so blindly in love with Pogba that you are talking complete horse shit about one of United's greatest ever players. Pogba will never go down as one of the greats. Cant stand that boring prick scholes either.

    FIFA The Best Award

    Apparently boxer Carl Froch believes the earth is flat, i read an article about it today. I also seen an interview from him talking about smart meters and tap water giving you cancer
  8. Great to see such a young side put out, We know by now that Klopp doesn't take the domestic cups seriously unless its against Man City. I thought most of the lads had good games and can definitely see Jones, Elliot and Hoever getting a fee more chances this season as well as Brewster as klopp seems to be high on him.

    FIFA The Best Award

    I nearly burst out laughing when Marcelo was picked
  10. Iv got Bernardo Silva, Periera and otamendi in my fantasy team so a fantastic day for my team.
  11. I reckon a comfortable 1-3 win for Liverpool, We should be winning at places like stamford bridge if we want to win the title.

    Question a Member: Dr Gonzo

    If you had access to a time machine and could observe any period from human history where would you choose to go?
  13. Firmino is just brilliant and gets better each season, He's one of the least selfish strikers iv ever seen. Always has his head up looking for the pass even when he could shoot and score himself and thats what makes him so important to this team. I would love to see him up there in the scoring charts with ageuro and kane as the highest scoring strikers at the end of the season.

    Breaking News - General Chat

    Huge search after mysterious ‘glowing object’ falls from sky over Plymouth Police launched a huge search for debris after neighbours reported a mysterious ‘glowing object’ falling from the sky over Plymouth. Devon and Cornwall Police deployed two helicopters to search moorland outside the city after the bizarre sightings. The force was inundated with calls at around 6am from spooked residents who described seeing a bright object ‘break in half’. Initially it was feared the object may have been a light aircraft involved in a crash, with helicopters searching Dartmoor areas around Yelverton, Cadover Bridge, Tavistock and Princetown for downed planes. Police now believe it was related to a ‘meteor shower’ over Devon. always shit myself when shit like this happens.
  15. Its hard for me to dislike Owen because he was my first ever hero as a kid. Always remember the joy i felt when he won us the FA Cup against Arsenal. No denying he's a fucking prick though.