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  1. The everton fans would love to take credit for robbing us of the title at the end of the season but if we dont go on to win it personally i would blame it on the back to back draws we had against West ham and Leicester, we should have won both of those games. Against Everton they played well and probably deserved the draw out of that game.
  2. Its a clear penalty because you cant man handle a player like that in the box did he go down a little easy at the end? Of course but we are trying to win the league here so i forgive him
  3. Think we could absolutely beat Barcalona, Even if we were to lose no chance of them just strolling past us without a fight like they did to United here, Hopefully we can get the result against Porto tomorrow because i have wanted to see how this team would perform against Barca, it would be a HUGE tie and make us one of the elite teams in the world if we were to beat them.
  4. Hopefully Kane becomes just as injury prone as ledley king.


    Brock Lesnar is mad if he thinks he has a chance of beating any top 5 heavyweight in the UFC, The way he lost the title tonight though makes it obvious thet he's heading back to the UFC and will probably be fighting Cormier so good luck pal. That was a bit of a underwhelming match for Rollins to win the title but they clearly just wanted to get it over with and get the title off Brock so i was fine with the match, the low-blow was unnecessary though Really looking forward to the main event i have so much faith in the 3 women, they will deliver and exceed all the hype surrounding the match, it will steal the show.
  6. I was shitting bricks from 1-0 onwards, when Salah broke forward i was screaming at the TV for him to pass then he just flicks 1 casually inside the post like the savage he is. I love this team.
  7. I would like to think Cardiff will turn them over bit its not very likely that prick Warnock will do us any favours.

    Strongest Accent In Your Country

    The accents that stand out the most for me are Geordie or brummy, Soon as you hear somebody with either of those you dont have to ask we're they're from. Its probably mine though (scouse) Kensington born and bred, no watered down over the water accent 😆
  9. 9 assists for the season which is just brilliant, Absolute world class left back no question about it. There's been a lot said about pur performance saying we didn't play very well but i thought we were easily the better team overall and deserved that win. Its getting a bit stressful now though watching our games.

    The Gareth Southgate Appreciation Society

    Its great to finally have a manager who can get the players performing well as a team, The lads clearly have a lot of respect for him as well which is great to see.


    These things This one in particular

    MMA & Combat Sports

    The UFC have fucked Till over big time, They try to rush young prospects to the top way too early. That was fucking brutal though even though Till looked good until that point.
  13. That was piss easy, Didn't expect Bayern to be so shite. Sailed through to the last 8 and i hope we draw United or Barca.

    Michael Jackson

    Watching that documentary i felt sorry for Michael Jackson, There was just zero emotion from these accusers throughout that whole thing and what little emotion they did show came across as forced to me. I still believe he was set up and killed but i do love conspiracy theories.
  15. I fancied United to go through because PSG are bottle jobs in this competition, I put a tenner on them at 7-1. Not a bad nights work thank you VAR