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  1. Not enough money for what we bring in, They also paid for the training ground and stand with loans. They need to be gone if we want to compete again.
  2. I would say this is a chance for Konami to take advantage but they are completely useless at this point.
  3. He’s the man, a mans man, a ladies man, a man of the people.
  4. His heel run in 2000 was excellent, i hated him so much as a kid.
  5. The fans turning on Cody so much coincided with the information that there was backstage tension between him and the elite so the fans backed the elite. Wrong decision they are poisonous to the product. What they did to FTR was a clear act of sabotage.
  6. I enjoyed it, It is the first WWE show I’ve seen in a while so maybe thats why. Highlights for me were Ronda’s return but her performance in the match was quite tame. Heyman leaving with Reigns again, Brock didn’t really need to win the rumble to get a shot at Reigns. Sorry about spoilers i don’t know how to hide posts.
  7. Mane loves throwing a strop every now and then but it’s usually because he’s frustrated with his own performance or he’s not happy he missed an easy chance rather than him being a prick for no reason.
  8. Call of duty: World War 2 I forgot how good it was killing some Nazi’s.
  9. Happy for the Newcastle fans, They will now be able to compete at last.
  10. You never know what number Raw or Smackdown is gonna do these days though, its up and down. WWE’s viewers are completely fed up with the product and are much more likely to switch allegiance than they were like 10 years ago. I don’t think the loyalty is there anymore and they’ve already driven away so many viewers in the last couple of years. The idea of AEW taking away like a half a million viewers from WWE doesn’t seem to be that much of an ask anymore. Maybe im underestimating WWE though.
  11. To be honest they wont do this but a Punk vs Bryan feud right off the bat would be amazing for me. They will probably want to keep them away from each other for a while though. Obviously depending on if the rumours are true that they have signed both, if it is true that is massive for AEW and the TV war will officially begin.
  12. Conor first round KO
  13. I don’t know much about their players except for Ivan Toney, Who else is likely to step up and do well in the Premier league next season?
  14. Gerrard would be very interesting but it would be a snakey move to leave Rangers right now, He’s building something there and should stay for at least another season. If Gerrard does go to Spurs will Kane and son be willing to stay and start from scratch again because thats were they are after this season.
  15. Go to your local homeless shelter for free soup and bread. They may even let you stay the night
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