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  1. Beautiful to see, Who knows how his career at Liverpool would have worked out if it weren't for the injuries. At least he scored a winner in the derby.

    The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

    Great film, I watch it at least once a year and it never gets old.
  3. Got a feeling we will finally give these a good twatting, And its about time we did. 4-0.

    Your Club's Worst XI of the Decade

    Remember that flying volley Coates scored back in 2012 or something.
  5. This will probably be our toughest game of the season, coming off the back of all the traveling and playing 120 minutes in the club world cup final. if we can come away with the win then surely the title is ours.

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    One of the best deliveries of the ball in the world already. Its quite brilliant at his age!

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    Yeah they have been comfortably the better side for me, Whether thats because we've underestimated them i dont know. Will be a nightmare if it goes to extra time with all the games coming up, i sense a late winner coming though. Hopefully.

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    Think Monterrey are a lot better than given credit for, They have a few very lively players.
  9. Signed up to Amazon last night and got the free monthly trial, Something good i noticed is you can turn the commentary off and just listen to the atmosphere of the crowd.
  10. 31 games is something special that will be hard to surpass for any team, and we're not even finished yet
  11. Yeah and even then in Febuary everybody was expecting them to impload and finish the season in 4th or something like that. As we know winning lots of games brings belief to the team which is what they relied on at the back end of that season. I for 1 am not writing them off at all despite how good we are.


    Recently started a career mode with Leeds, Anybody know any decently rated players you can get in on loan? I had loan offers accepted for Alena and Hudson-Odoi but the stupid fuckers rejected the move, i was furious because its hard to sign decent players in the Championship who are rated like 72 and up wirh such a small budget.
  13. City continuing to drop points all over the gaff, Long may it continue. A lot of people aren't really taking Leicester seriously in the title race which is a dangerous game after what they were able to do just a few seasons ago and now they have a better team who look hungry.
  14. Maybe Arsenal could have a cheeky punt at getting Poch in