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  1. Liverpool were never in the race then at that fee! Journalists made it sound like it was a done deal.
  2. I love and respect the Royal family, By that i mean the family in the legendary TV show.
  3. Soon as he took Coutinho off it went to shit. Still love you though Stevie
  4. Put £200 on City, im willing to pay that to win the league. If it doesn’t happen i get a decent profit.
  5. Ah well, Well done Everton and fair play. It was fun while it lasted.
  6. Definitely but Leeds have looked useless for months. I also think Everton getting a result against Arsenal is more likely.
  7. They’re ok i reckon Leeds aren’t winning at Brentford.
  8. I would say this is a chance for Konami to take advantage but they are completely useless at this point.
  9. West Ham can still qualify for the Europa league again, Another motivation for them is demoting Manchester United to the conference league. im clutching straws i know.
  10. He’s the man, a mans man, a ladies man, a man of the people.
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