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  1. I needed Chelsea on my accumulator ffs every other score correct. Fuming that they got back in to this now.
  2. I started a PES master league with Newcastle and finished in the top 4 with Callum Wilson winning the golden boot and player of the year with 33 goals and 17 assists. Pointless post.
  3. Klopp is obviously happy with the state of the squad right now, Im sure if he wanted new signings he would get them, I don’t see how the board could say no to him after all he's done over the past 3 years.
  4. Has he really? Klopp has hardly even played him this season. I think there’s a reason for this, a player with his talent should be playing way more than he has this season. I don’t think Klopp is particularly fond of him behind the scenes.
  5. Players like Shaqiri, deulofeu, Ozil even Martial who only turn up when they feel like it.

    Best Television Coverage

    My favourite is Jon Champion, im surprised he isn’t the main commentator for ITV or even BT.
  7. RIP, such a young guy.
  8. Its a shame we didn’t keep hold of Ings but i think it was right for him to move as he had absolutely no luck at all during his time here. Glad he is having a great season and proving you can bounce back from two major ACL injuries. Its amazing what he has done this season really.

    Playstation/Xbox Username/Gamertags

    codeineking01 PS4 I play Fifa, F1 2019, GTA V, Rocket league and Gran turismo sport.


    Career mode usually gets really boring really fast, But i started 1 with lyon last week which is the most fun iv had on fifa for years. They are an interesting team with loads of young players with high potential.

    Peter Whittingham Dies Aged 35

    Cardiff legend really he was their best player for a good few years. So sad RIP.

    Coronavirus & The Premier League

    I will be disappointed if we dont win the league obviously but if the games can't be played then i will accept the season being null and void as people's health is more important. Plus if our players are hungry enough they will come back next season with a point to prove.
  13. I remember 4-3 game from a few years ago where Karius was in goal, We've come a long long way since then.

    FA Cup Fifth Round Matches - 2-5th March, 2020

    Im just saying mate he's been absolutely shite every time I've seen him play, He didnt really offer anything tonight although he's not to blame because the whole team were off form yet again. Obviously i hope he can come good but so far he's not done anything and warrants the criticism. Klopp has given him a few opportunities to start games but he really hasn't taken them. Hopefully next season is when when we will see the best of him because he showed for Salzburg what a good little player he is.