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  1. I watched the match fixing documentary on Netflix recently which was a bit shit really i was expecting it to be much worse than it actually was.
  2. Gerrard managing England is something i would like to see to be honest, His heart is set on the Liverpool job which will definitely come eventually, Another 2 or 3 years managing in the premier league would set him up perfectly for the Liverpool hot seat but Gerrard as England manager is really interesting.
  3. Rangers was always a stepping stone for him and it seems like most people knew except rangers fans.
  4. The recent update isn’t bad, its actually a playable game now gameplay wise but they delayed the big update until spring next year which is just laughable.
  5. Im just saying what was clear to see to anybody with eyes, We don’t have the legs in midfield and it should have been strengthened in the summer. The excuses for this shit board have to stop, every team needs a re-up. Especially a team thats fighting for big trophies.
  6. Think Robbo and Mane need to be benched for a couple of games. The former was awful today. The midfield was rotten as well.
  7. Mane loves throwing a strop every now and then but it’s usually because he’s frustrated with his own performance or he’s not happy he missed an easy chance rather than him being a prick for no reason.
  8. Should have taken 3 points here but its not the end of the world. Can’t get complacent against a decent side like Brighton who know how to get results. Chelsea firmly in the driving seat now.
  9. Call of duty: World War 2 I forgot how good it was killing some Nazi’s.
  10. This may be harsh but Ox has no business being at a top 10 club anymore.
  11. Happy for the Newcastle fans, They will now be able to compete at last.
  12. I think at this point they are trying to kill the franchise off completely, i would prefer Konami to sell the franchise to 2K see what they can do with it going forward because Konami have clearly giving up with this effort. Even the stadium and crowd graphics are laughably bad.
  13. Anybody actually played it? I was playing it yesterday thinking it was just a demo but no it is the actual game. Possibly the worst game i have ever played and it hurts as a PES loyalist.
  14. Salah is just unreal isn’t he, absolute goal machine. What a result and performance.
  15. an emphatic 3-0 win and a clean sheet, Konate had a very good debut and also Keita bagging a goal. A great day all round with City dropping points.
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