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  1. If there's 1 thing i like about Rooney its how he took a shite on Everton twice.


    "Rats" on netflix, Disgusting yet fascinating look at how rats operate. I only recently got Netflix so im sure i'll give that Ted bundy documentary a watch.
  3. a mate of mine is the most bitter of Evertonians he wanted City to hammer them the other night which would be fine if he didn't attend or watch the game on TV but the fact he actually still went to the game with that mindset is ridiculous. He went home that night drunk and singing head off asif Everton just turned them over
  4. Did i hear it right on MOTD, Everton haven't won back to back league games all season?
  5. That game made me fume, no big deal though we still got a point and that will do nicely. Really should have put more pressure on them when we had the opportunity.


    Groves always had the best entrances, When he walked out to spitfire it never failed to get me hyped for his fights. You could say his fights with Carl Froch were the start of the huge resurgence of British boxing we have witnessed over the last 5+ years.
  7. I have always loved Rafa Benitez even more so after this result, Liverpool simply have to win the league from here. The thing that gives me confidence that we can do it is the fact we have a manager who has won league titles before going up against a better team in Bayern Munich, he is in a similar situation now with Liverpool going up against Man City.
  8. What a horrible way to go i cant even imagine the terror himself and the pilot must have felt as the plane was failing. Their bodies will probably never be found which must be horrific for the families as they cant give them a proper funeral
  9. Hope he turns out to be a good signing for Newcastle because thats a lot of money for them to spend on 1 player, if he turns out to be a flop Ashley probably wont give Rafa anymore money. I recognise the name because he was a fantastic free transfer on Fifa 18. Used to sign him with every team on career mode


    Im getting a ticket for the matchroom show in liverpool in March, Its actually not a bad card a lot of local talent on the undercard like Anthony fowler, David Price, Robbie davies jr, Scott Fitzgerald and Liam Smith vs Sam eggington is the main event.
  11. Marco silva continues to be the biggest fraud in english football. Really dont see anything in him that makes him one of the most sought after candidates when ever a job becomes available. He had a few good months at Hull and he's still living off that now.

    Everton Discussion

    Do you stand by this statement? Im baffled when people say he did a good job at Hull, he had a good couple of months with them were they got a few shock results against the likes of Liverpool and then it all went down hill from there. Kinda like Carlos Carvalhal with Swansea last season.

    Maxi Gomez

    I think he's worth the risk, They will be getting most of the fee from the arnautovic transfer anyway so why not spend it on a promising youngster. Dont know much about Gomez but i know there's talent and potential there.


    That opening segment on monday with Vince was an absolute train wreck. It felt so scripted and forced because thats exactly what it is. I would love for Balor to beat Lesnar just to have something interesting and unpredictable happen for once.

    Liverpool Discussion

    Gomez is back soon as well, Great news to have them both back because they will be needed for the run in, Ox could be a useful and important replacement for Wijnaldum when he needs a rest.