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  1. Dont forget we got Antonio Nunez as part of the deal

    Soccer Aid 2019

    Piers Morgan is such an annoying prick, Made it all about himself for some reason.

    Bruno Fernandes - West Ham Offer £20m

    He is a beast on Fifa
  4. My Dad always told me Ian Rush was our greatest striker so i voted for Rush. If we're basing it on strikers i have actually witnessed in my lifetime i would go with Torres, he was unstoppable for 3 years straight as soon as he arrived until the moment he left really.
  5. Why can't he just stay loyal to Ajax for a few more years, I don't know if its him who wants to leave or Ajax are trying to cash in on him though but i would like to see him stay then get a big move in a couple of years. Same with De Jong and Van Der Beek.

    Group D

    Alex greenwood is actually a second cousin of mine, Growing up playing together she was always better than me at football. She could also do keepy ups for days. The family are so proud of how far she's come playing for Man United and in the World cup for England. Would love England to win the world cup because she would be a hero to aspiring young girls who want to play football.
  7. John Stones still making mistakes like that is embarrassing, think he's in his mid 20's now as well and still hasn't been able to cut the stupiditity out of his game, why would he take a chance like that in a nothing situation. Probably the most England thing iv ever seen.
  8. If he's smart he woukd choose Liverpool, We're building something big here and he will have Virgil beside him who he knows inside out from playing in the national team together. not even being biased here i think the Liverpool move would be a fantastic 1 for him.
  9. If this is real and Ashley robs the fans of this takeover then you can only laugh, if you're not a newcastle fan of course.

    Liverpool Discussion

    The parade yesterday was incredible, I usually get very anxious in large crowds of people but i felt at home, everybody was relexed and in a great mood.
  11. That was a peach of a finish by Origi. Love the guy.
  12. My Youtube stream is an absolute disgrace, Probably because there's so many people watching but its been unwatchable so far apart from the first few seconds. I thought that was a harsh penalty but by the letter of the law they had to give it because his arm is in the air moving towards the ball.
  13. Just been in to town and Concert square is absolutely chocker already. Might actually go back to watch the game there later.

    José Antonio Reyes Dies Aged 35

    Wow, remember that season he had with Arsenal thought he was gonna be the next big thing. RIP.
  15. Just praying Brighton can score first against City then anything is possible. Hopefully its not done and dusted by half time i want it to go to the wire like 11/12 season only this time City will be the ones getting fucked, i mean what goes around comes around...