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  1. an emphatic 3-0 win and a clean sheet, Konate had a very good debut and also Keita bagging a goal. A great day all round with City dropping points.
  2. I just tried to transfer him on PES 21 but there was no such player, maybe the u in his name is in spanish.
  3. Im agoraphobic so don’t really feel the need to get the jab, im not gonna be leaving the country or attending nightclubs any time soon so i think i will pass on it. May be a bit selfish of me but i also have an irrational fear of needles, i cant see 1 without gagging.
  4. John Henry liked a tweet from a few months ago which said “i am once again asking your forgiveness” as soon as the transfer window closed last night. i have got to say i admire the set of bollocks on him.
  5. Gonna be very hard to beat this Chelsea team, excellent defensive display really. Fair play. Also Thiago does nothing but frustrate me.
  6. Chelsea lost their heads completely, should be easy pickings in the second half really.
  7. Arsenal are so shit its unbelievable, like Liverpool under Hodgson shit.
  8. Tottenham looked good man, Nuno is a very very good coach and got the game plan perfect.
  9. There’s not many options available unless he lowers his wage demands.Can City even afford him now with FFP in play. I would say Liverpool but not in a million years., God i wish we had Arab money.
  10. You never know what number Raw or Smackdown is gonna do these days though, its up and down. WWE’s viewers are completely fed up with the product and are much more likely to switch allegiance than they were like 10 years ago. I don’t think the loyalty is there anymore and they’ve already driven away so many viewers in the last couple of years. The idea of AEW taking away like a half a million viewers from WWE doesn’t seem to be that much of an ask anymore. Maybe im underestimating WWE though.
  11. To be honest they wont do this but a Punk vs Bryan feud right off the bat would be amazing for me. They will probably want to keep them away from each other for a while though. Obviously depending on if the rumours are true that they have signed both, if it is true that is massive for AEW and the TV war will officially begin.
  12. Well he doesn’t have to wear gloves in the middle of march anymore...
  13. Kane > Lewandowski for me but not by much. Maybe it’s because i watch him more than Lewa.
  14. I was always a PES kid until they fell off after the PS2 era, I switched back to PES like 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. Its a much better game than Fifa once you get the shitty Fifa gameplay out of your system. Im worried about this new development thought i love the master league even if it is limited thats why i buy PES.
  15. Conor first round KO
  16. Hopefully England aren’t just there to take part, They can actually beat Italy in style for me just need to believe in themselves and take the fucking game to the Italians. Can’t believe im sitting here just hours ahead of watching England in the final of a major tournament. Its unreal.
  17. This team is different than previous ones thats for sure and im loving it. About time we had a team we can be proud of. Semi finals here we come!
  18. 2-0 surely game over unless we completely crumble like the Iceland game.
  19. There’s a lack of urgency with this team, its worked out so far in the tournament but i would like to see them move the ball quicker and actually counter attack and take advantage of the opposition being out of position instead of passing the ball back to the defence.
  20. Come on the Swiss, they have some great set piece takers takers in their team Shaqiri, Xhaka, Rodriguez so they still have a chance of getting through here.
  21. Think England will lose the final to Belguim, hope im wrong but Belguim seem to have our number when ever we’ve faced them recently. This is why im hoping for an Italy win tonight.
  22. Yes, well it was the full strip. The socks cost £14.99 alone. https://store.liverpoolfc.com/lfc-nike-junior-home-match-vapor-jersey-21-22 £84.95 just for the shirt.
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