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  1. Hope you're learning, but you just sit there burning, lying in his fire
  2. I will feel you in everything
  3. He's been underwhelming all season really. One of my favourite Chelsea players for quite some time last season but ever since the Euros, he's been average at best, surprised his form hasn't got more coverage but then again he's English and a bit of a media darling.
  4. Whilst I don't agree with those who tout penalties as a lottery, I'm personally not too critical of Kepa or those behind the decision making process in bringing him on. It's worked twice before, the staff at the club have the best data and see first hand both keepers in training, I understand it and despite what happens in the game everyone knows it's going to happen. I think we should be more critical of the chances we missed during the game, people like Pulisic and Mount missing sitters which would have changed the course of the game. Kepa deserves criticism yes but so do a lot of our forward players who missed big chances today and who for the most part have been below par all season. Kepa deserves some stick, if you're going to miss a penalty at least get it on target but yeah it's important we look at the game as a whole. It's probably not going to do Kepa's confidence any good, who before this had quietly been impressive in recent times or even just under Tuchel in general. People forget that. Congrats to the Liverpool lot on here.
  5. I like that tune as well. Whilst I like some of his tunes, I find him overall however to be a bit bland and boring. I like this one as well from his album, even if it sounds like a complete rip off of Fleetwood Mac.
  6. I know it purely depends but for those in relationships, how long were you seeing each other before it became official?
  7. Fekir's taken the headlines for Betis this season but Canales for me is the best to watch.
  8. No it won't. Could be one of the best Betis teams in their history, just need to cap it with a trophy, would be perfect in Joaquín's last season. I'm off to the Betis game tomorrow.
  9. Sometimes there's more to a manager's reign than trophies, league position and win percentages, particularly at the clubs where the expectation is higher and success is measured on trophies. I'll say one thing to Everton fans though, Lampard may not have won anything with us but he did a lot of good things, a lot of which were the reason we won the Champions League, maybe Tuchel's Ranieri. That said, he did have his flaws as well, I hope this move works out for him and wish him all the best except against Chelsea of course.
  10. Yes, there's love if you want it
  11. We were just up for it because it was Spurs and the fact that Conte doesn't want to go past the half way line in these sorts of games. Shame we can't find this sort of motivation against other teams in the league.
  12. Yeah mate, it seems to be a mixture of things with us but more than anything, we look unmotivated. The cups are providing the players with fresh impetus. Brighton wanted it more but they're also playing the European Champions and have nothing to lose. It's not good from us.
  13. This and I've been thinking it ever since the first half since when we played them at home earlier this season where it was both Werner and Lukaku. I don't know why Tuchel insists Lukaku, perhaps the price tag, his status, the pressure in and around him. In the home game earlier this season you could perhaps forgive Lukaku a little as he had little service. Today, there was no excuse, he has to do better given his price tag. I'm never sure what he's going to do with the ball when he has it at his feet, looks so awkward and clumsy. I think Lukaku is a good striker for certain games and matches but he wasn't bought for that, he was bought to be the main man, really isn't delivering at all and he probably deserves more criticism given his comments the other week. Costa was the last world class striker we had, carried us in that first half of the title winning season under Conte. Two of Tuchel's biggest mistakes so far as manager for us have been these last two City games. We had beaten them three times in a row playing differently previously. Why throw that away? Today I did see us play higher and there were some good opportunities on the counter so I did see a plan that could work but execution of it was dreadful. Pulisic, Ziyech and Lukaku all dreadful.
  14. Nearly 100m for Lukaku, who this season has offered a similar level if not worse than Tammy Abraham.
  15. On first viewing I thought the same mate, will have to see it again though. Kepa’s positioning looked off.
  16. Yeah, we’re too negative for my liking, that being said we well could have been leading if our final ball and attacking play was better. Alonso is a big worry on the left, that’s where the goal is coming from for City. This game is far too fast for Alonso.
  17. Conte made the game easy for us, didn’t want to engage us or press at all, was happy just to sit in. Honestly that starting eleven for us was a car crash waiting to happen, particularly with Saúl and Jorginho in midfield which could have easily been overrun and outfought. They looked good because they weren’t pressed the whole game. Conte’s tactics in games like this, are a significant weakness of his and it doesn’t get talked about enough.
  18. What have been your favourite songs, albums or artists in 2021? Also, what is Spotify saying? I'd be quite interested to see some of your 2021 highlights from there.
  19. Mount's end product, be it final pass, finishing or general decision making recently has been dreadful as well. I can probably think of more situations where he's fucked up in recent times than Hudson-Odoi. Hudson-Odoi's moments have been more heavily criticized considering what they meant for the game, the United chance, the chance today against Brighton as well. Ziyech constantly gives the ball away and it's hard to think of anything worthwhile that has come from his supposedly talented left foot since he's been here. 33M pounds, 28 years old. Makes Willian look like Messi. Pulisic gets injured every two minutes, runs into brick walls, constantly loses the ball or gets muscled off it. Nearly 60m pounds. Mount's been good here and there this season but nowhere near the standards of the last two seasons, his goal tally and assists are relatively good but his performances in general haven't been what they were. Havertz has perhaps performed better than Pulisic and Ziyech but is also very inconsistent and probably puts in more average or bad performances than he does good. Hudson-Odoi deserves criticism, I'm not saying he doesn't but he's offered more in the games he's played this season than the others, maybe Mount aside. I'm not defending him because he's young, with the amount Callum is earning he should be treated like the more senior pros, I just think at times he's easily scapegoated in comparison to some of the dross he competes with. Hudson-Odoi is capable of performing better but he's comfortably offering more to the team than those around him. I want him to play with more personality and purpose, that frustrates me about him but overall I think at times the others around him get away with murder.
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