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  1. I assume the "double role" is because Bobic is leaving for Hertha. I feel bad for Frankfurt considering the season they've had.
  2. Coma

    German Beer

    Ha, I tried them last time I was there but I wasn't impressed. It's still beer, although I think @Rucksackfranzose blasted me for using that designation earlier.
  3. Coma

    German Beer

    I stopped by my international market over the weekend looking for something different. Unfortunately, I could find on the shelf were Bavarian beers and a couple Koelsch beers. I ended up with Ayinger Urweisse and Weihenstephaner Vitus. Will post more when I've cracked them open.
  4. Is this the end of Hansi Flick at Bayern? My gut feeling is he's going to the national team. He seems really unhappy with the recruitment at Bayern and his fallout with Salihamidzic has been public knowledge for months now. Edited to say, I really like Hansi as a coach, and he seems like a nice guy. Doesn't seem to fit in with the arrogance of some past and present Bayern personnel.
  5. Perhaps, but in the depressed transfer market who is going to spend the kind of money to lure those players away? I'd guess that Hutter will still hang on to most of his core. I could see Neuhaus and Thuram leaving if only to raise funds for Hutter to invest.
  6. True, but they have a lot of good footballers there and you could almost name 2 quality players for each position. I think they're the deepest squad in the league, which makes it even more disappointing that they've laid an egg this season.
  7. Frankfurt scare the shit out of me anytime we play them. Now at Gladbach it will be even worse. They'll be awesome.
  8. Leeds and Bayern...oof. Best look into 1975. One of the biggest reasons I don't like Bayern.
  9. Gisdol should have gone weeks, if not months, ago. Considering how bad the bottom of the table clubs can be I wouldn't say they were sunk yet. I thought they had a chance yesterday... they fielded their strongest line-up this season with Kainz and Andersson returning, but defensively they are abysmal. I think the glaring difference in the game was the amount of fight Mainz have in them since Svensson took over. I'm starting to pull for Bielefeld as they continue to pull themselves out of the muck time and time again. Not sure what their run-in looks like but I'd love to see Bielefeld stay up at the expense of Hertha.
  10. Kiel back in quarantine again. The keeper this time. There's going to be so much pressure on them with all those games in hand, not to mention having to play so many mittewoche matches. Paderborn spanked Bochum. Keeps Hamburg in the race.
  11. Given that he'll be potentially going up against Dortmund in a down year, I'd expect them to be the favorites to win the cup. So yes, I'd call it a failure if they didn't win it at this point. No offense to Bremen or Kiel fans.
  12. Coma

    DFB-Pokal 2020/21

    Bummer. Hard to see Bremen winning it.
  13. I hope Mainz destroy Koln. I'm so tired of watching their brand of fussball. You'd never know Gisdol was a disciple of the RB style of play.
  14. Would a DFB cup count as a major win?
  15. Coma

    DFB-Pokal 2020/21

    Based on the Pokal winner getting a Europa League place? If Bremen win today I think that's correct. Assuming Dortmund beat Kiel and both Dortmund and Leipzig keep their positions in the table.