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  1. Considering it's all I really watch anymore I'm fine with a lot of sport on TV. All the other shows I've enjoyed watching over the years are in syndication so I can see them anytime I want. I don't make/have time for new shows so I don't bother.
  2. Good shout on Mamardashvili. He's been flying under the radar at Valencia for a few years now and finally got to show his worth on a big stage.
  3. Bologna away and Roma third are shit hot.
  4. Sorry mate, Klopp is taking the USA job.
  5. There's no doubt that England have excellent players and they should be benefitting from playing with the best players in the world in their own home league. Is this just a case of foreign players propping up the league though?
  6. A part of me still thinks this was staged. Trump obviously discounted the lives of security and staffers during the insurrection so why wouldn't he do the same now? It would not surprise me if it came out that there were some far-right motives behind this. Edit to add that the unfortunate father that lost his life at the rally is being touted as a hero. I'm sure his family will double-down for Trump, which would be the exact reaction that lunatic would want.
  7. Possibly the fucktards standing there pumping their fists and chanting USA don't have the necessary motor skills or the requisite minimum number of firing neurons to recognize their lives were in danger. Or maybe they're just used to gunfire considering there are probably one billion guns registered to the mouth breathers that attend these events.
  8. You are an absolute fucking crank.
  9. I think I won. I actually won something.
  10. Pole Position - Which driver will post the fastest lap in Q3 AFTER MAX VERSTAPPEN IS REMOVED FROM THE RESULTS? Norris Podium - Which drivers will finish the Grand Prix in the top three positions AFTER MAX VERSTAPPEN IS REMOVED FROM THE RESULTS? Norris Sainz Piastri Random Driver - Predict the finishing position of this week's random driver, Zhou Guanyu. P16 Bonus Question - Who will be highest in the Drivers' Championship after the British Grand Prix out of Perez (currently 5th with 118 points), Piastri (6th with 112 points) and Russell (7th with 111 points). Piastri
  11. This was a few days ago. No movement since.
  12. I had Greifswald confused with another club. I thought they were in Berlin.
  13. I like saying "Feucht". And you didn't give me the dates.
  14. Some good matches in there. Wiesbaden - Mainz is a local derby. Ulm - Bayern will be interesting. Greifswald - Union is an old DDR showdown. Any dates on these yet?
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