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  1. Hoffenheim 2-2 Bochum Union 1-1 Gladbach Frankfurt 2-4 Bayern Wolfsburg 2-1 Freiburg Bremen 3-3 Augsburg Heidenheim 3-1 Darmstadt Dortmund 1-2 Leipzig Stuttgart 2-2 Leverkusen Köln 1-1 Mainz
  2. Hannover 2-1 Karlsruhe Wehen 3-2 Braunschweig Hamburg 3-3 Paderborn Lautern 2-2 Hertha BSC Fürth 2-1 Magdeburg Osnabrück 1-3 St Pauli Düsseldorf 2-2 Kiel Rostock 1-1 Schalke Elversberg 3-1 Nürnberg
  3. GOP Rep. George Santos told CNN after the House voted to expel him that "it’s over." “The House spoke that’s their vote. They just set new dangerous precedent for themselves,” he added. When asked if he would still stay and use nonmember privileges because he is not convicted, Santos said, "Why would I want to stay here? To hell with this place.” Pressed if he knew this was how it was going to go, Santos said, "I had no skin in the game." And then he said, "You know what? As unofficially no longer a member of Congress, I no longer have to answer your questions."
  4. George Anthony Devolder Santos is was an American politician who is was the U.S. representative for New York's 3rd congressional district, serving since 2023. A member of the Republican Party, Santos was elected to Congress in 2022 after running unsuccessfully in 2020 against incumbent Democratic representative Thomas Suozzi
  5. I couldn't give a fuck less about changing team names. As if that is the biggest problem in this country lol. For Washington and Cleveland it seemed like the right thing to do if people were genuinely upset about it. The travesty here was the new team names were so bad. The Guardians and the Commanders? I could eat some alphabet soup and shit out better names.
  6. Darmstadt 2-1 Köln Bayern 3-1 Union Leipzig 2-1 Heidenheim Gladbach 2-2 Hoffenheim Bochum 2-2 Wolfsburg Stuttgart 3-1 Bremen Mainz 2-1 Freiburg Leverkusen 4-2 Dortmund Augsburg 2-1 Frankfurt
  7. Schalke 2-2 Osnabrück St Pauli 2-1 Hamburg Kiel 3-1 Wehen Nürnberg 1-1 Düsseldorf Braunschweig 1-2 Fürth Magdeburg 2-2 Lautern Hertha BSC 2-3 Elversberg Paderborn 1-2 Hannover Karlsruhe 3-0 Rostock
  8. This club can roll over and die. Nothing about it sounds friendly or accepting. I can't believe players of color or creed even bother going there to play. If my agent worked a deal for me to go there I'd fire him.
  9. I must've missed this. Stupid of the club to think that they were going to stay up after letting all their talented players leave in the summer after promotion was achieved. Same bonehead shit that Schalke did when they were promoted back to the Bundesliga. All the players that got them there were sold off.
  10. Most of the same stuff applies to the US. I'd add the constant meddling in other countries foreign affairs by our government and the gun issue. Just had a shooting at a Walmart about 30 minutes north of me. Fucking depressing.
  11. Pole Position - Which driver will post the fastest lap in Q3? Verstappen Podium - Which drivers will finish the Grand Prix in the top three positions? 1. Verstappen 2. Norris 3. Hamilton Random Driver - Predict the finishing position of this week's random driver, Daniel Ricciardo. P9 Bonus Question - Mercedes go into this weekend on 392 points with Ferrari breathing down their neck on 388. Which team will secure 2nd in the Constructors' standings this weekend? Mercedes
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