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  1. Easy now. I think the stripes and badge are yellow, just hard to see in the pic.
  2. What about others on here @Rucksackfranzose @Faithcore , have you been able to or are you planning on getting to a game in the near future?
  3. https://twitter.com/LUFCOOC/status/1420084597925294085?s=19 @Lucas
  4. Seems to be hit and miss for me. I just tried quoting and it didn't work, but I quoted earlier and it was fine. Same with posting tweets, etc.
  5. Are you able to go to Bremen matches @nudge? Haven't heard anyone else on here talking about getting back to games besides @Tommy.
  6. He's worth a lot of money. I'm sitting on Roland Sallai and his value keeps climbing. It makes you think hard about how much you like a player.
  7. Going to Outer Banks for beach vacation with my wife's family. Lots of beer and seafood.
  8. Just announced Düsseldorf v. Bremen is on ESPN+, so English broadcast available. I just realized I'll be on the road to North Carolina that day so I'll have to catch the replay later.
  9. All aboard the Hannover hype train. Let's do this @Ploughendplonker
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