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  1. Quick question. The use of "ins" is a shortened version of "in das" or no? Same with "im" and "in dem"?
  2. I read something on Twitter last night about Weinzierl going to Hoffenheim.
  3. Dammit. Stupid Google translate trying to run my life.
  4. Wtf, I typed Köln and it translated it to Cologne.
  5. I love Özcan. This is a deal that I am excited about. I am a bit surprised that he would consider leaving Köln though. Might be my new fave BVB player if this happens.
  6. You've won enough. Give someone else a chance.
  7. Lovely city that's all. I've been researching places to live in Spain and Granada is high on the list.
  8. Pole Position - Who will do the fastest lap in Q3? Leclerc The Podium - Who will finish the race in 1st, 2nd and 3rd? Verstappen, Leclerc, Sainz Random Driver - Guess the finishing position of this week's random driver, George Russell. P4 Bonus Question - Five races into the season, there are only three drivers on the grid who are yet to beat their teammates in qualifying - Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo and Guanyu Zhou. HOW MANY of these three drivers will break their duck and out-qualify their teammate this weekend None
  9. Paqarada is a great player as well. Sounds like Freiburg have met with Kyerah but nothing finalized. I'd imagine there will be a fee as I don't believe he's out of contract. Just read that Burgstaller wants out of St. Pauli. That team is being taken apart... the cost of missing out on promotion .
  10. Rumor on Kicker that Freiburg are interested in Kyerah at St. Pauli. Very good player and I'd love to see it.
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