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  1. So is now around the time that Hamburg start to lose it? Big match tomorrow.
  2. Mateta is linked with Crystal Palace. Are Mainz in financial trouble? I'd have thought that keeping Mateta would be paramount to their survival hopes.
  3. They should've gotten something out of that game. And now they're down three CM's with Santamaria and Abrashi injured and Hofler on a suspension. On another note, anyone know why David Abraham retired ? Seems odd to walk away from the team mid-season.
  4. I figured Osnabruck would be up for it considering HSV stole their manager.
  5. I'm at work. Probably watch it on delay when I get home.
  6. Schalke came out looking like a completely different team. I've been rooting against them for awhile now but I have to say that performance was inspiring. Congrats to them and I hope that they can pull away from the relegation zone. On another note, how bad are Hoffenheim?
  7. Completely different team in the second half. I was sure they would choke this game away. Shame about Witsel, though. Commentators called it when he went down without anyone near him. They reminded me of the Dortmund of old with that performance.
  8. Complete demolition job that. 5 wins in a row now, a Bundesliga first for SCF. Someone on here was talking relegation... who?
  9. That's 4 wins on the trot for Freiburg! Pulling away from the relegation battle, although we have Bayern still to play in the next couple weeks. That'll send any club crashing back to reality.
  10. Looking forward to Schalke - Bielefeld. Who wants it least?
  11. Was it not clear that a penalty is already a deadball situation? At no point did I say stop play when any save is made. What is clear is that no one likes this idea, so I'll bin it
  12. As I said, it's controversial... and yes that would obviously nix any counters. I just hate to see easy tap-ins after the goalkeeper has done his job. The odds are already stacked against him so why not reward his efforts. I'd be curious to know what percentage of saved penalties end up as goals after the rebound.
  13. Dortmund played better but got bailed out by Pavlenka's bone-head challenge. I'm not sure I'd have given that as a penalty in all honesty but that's just me. This is controversial I know but I'd like to see penalties that are saved be rewarded. I think if the goalkeeper makes the save it should be a dead ball and a goal kick awarded. Pavlenka's save was brilliant and he got burned because of where the rebound fell.
  14. I hear what you're saying, I'm just not sure they get that new manager bounce just yet considering they just axed Favre on Sunday. Add to that they have attacking players out and no confidence right now. I heard that after the match on Saturday defenders blamed attackers and vice versa ...to be fair, they both sucked.
  15. If ever there was a time to play Dortmund, that time is now. Hard to say what they'll look like with Tercic in charge. I reckon it'll be a draw.