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  1. In all seriousness, the guy seems to be made of glass. Very concerning.
  2. Bavaria ruling today to allow 10k fans back into stadiums. Essentially said fuck the rest of the country. Good for them.
  3. What a dumb move by Stuttgart. Every time I've seen him play he's their best defender and leaves it all out on the pitch. Don't understand their thinking at all considering their defense has been awful this season. https://www.kicker.de/kein-platz-mehr-fuer-stuttgarts-ex-kapitaen-kempf-ist-auf-dem-weg-zur-hertha-887550/artikel
  4. Coma


    Just realized I forgot to take pictures, but last night I had BBQ chicken, Japanese sweet potato, and a salad. Will do better.
  5. Haaland has a torn muscle. Out for a few weeks. That's what you get for bragging.
  6. Opened this thread expecting some insider tips on sneaking into the American military facility in DC.
  7. I have a fetish for losing teams. I watched almost every Mainz match last year when they were awful and I feel like Bo Svensson and I nurtured them back to health. If anyone's club needs me I'm willing to whore myself out. H96 are doing just fine under my watch right now.
  8. Coma


    I'm too fat for mine.
  9. Coma


    Wouldn't mind seeing the Bengals knock KC again, although the odds are against them now. They beat KC in the regular season but I feel like Cincy has used up all it's luck in the postseason just to get to this point. Still nice to have 2 playoff wins in one season after going 31 years without any.
  10. I ended up watching the Fürth - Mainz match on playback yesterday. For being a bottom feeder in the Buli I don't really feel like GF play badly at all. The created some great chances and were definitely the better team over the 90 minutes yesterday. It was nice to see them get a win but it's going to take a Mainz-like turnaround for them to avoid relegation. Also mentioned yesterday that Bo Svensson's 1-match ban was a precedent in Germany. I assume they mean because of yellow card accumulation. I think they said he's on 4 yellows for the season.
  11. Coma


    I've just found this thread. It's on now.
  12. Middle class for me, 40+% if I recall correctly.
  13. I thought that it might be time for me to take a step back from being so good at predicting and let others have a turn. Go ahead everyone. I'll be here if you need me.
  14. Dortmund in another slugfest. Who needs a defense anyway? Just score more goals! Management needs to be looking for a CB and a CDM before next season.
  15. Anyone see that goal by Skarke for Darmstadt? What a fucking strike that was.
  16. To be honest I seem to be taking more of an interest in 2. and 3. Liga anymore. I'm fine with scrapping the Bundesliga thread .
  17. This is the thing for me. The matches are on live between 9AM and noon for me, which never used to be a problem but now I have a 2-hour German course right smack in the middle of that window. Couple that with zero coverage of 2. Buli over here means I'm playing catch-up all weekend with YouTube streams and match replays. Posting live during the match just isn't an option for me all the time.
  18. Coma

    Show us your pets

    It's a two-pet job to clean the dust from under the cabinet.
  19. Coma

    Prog Thread

    I'm not gonna wimp out and only post the 6-minute radio edit of this one. This is a prog thread and we don't shy away from epic-length tunes.
  20. I've seen him quite a few times in MLS. He was always the best player on the pitch, but that wasn't saying much considering the quality of the league. Apparently the bid has been upped to 20m now. He wants to work with Bielsa but is torn because he also wants to finish the CL season.
  21. I have a feeling that this team is going to be dismantled at the end of the season. Too much talent to be performing this badly. Ginter and Zakaria are already gone. Neuhaus likely to be sold. Rumors of Plea and Thuram moving on as well.
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