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  1. Coma

    The Holiday Thread

    I watched a few street tour videos on Toledo. Would love to see it if I get to Spain. Zaragoza is on that list as well, although it's hot af there in the summer. Would need to do spring or fall.
  2. Not saying other countries don't have a problem with it either, but wow Italian clubs are in the news daily for racism. The league has become known for it now, which is a shame.
  3. Just a reminder to everyone, free coffee and donuts over at Discord.
  4. Hamburg 2-2 Düsseldorf Paderborn 2-1 Schalke Karlsruhe 2-3 Kiel Hannover 2-0 Wehen Rostock 3-1 Braunschweig Hertha BSC 1-3 St Pauli Nürnberg 2-1 Magdeburg Elversberg 3-2 Fürth Osnabrück 1-3 Lautern
  5. Hoffenheim 2-2 Dortmund Wolfsburg 3-1 Frankfurt Mainz 1-4 Leverkusen Köln 1-3 Stuttgart Bochum 2-1 Gladbach Heidenheim 1-2 Union Leipzig 3-2 Bayern Darmstadt 1-2 Bremen Freiburg 2-0 Augsburg
  6. Coma

    The Holiday Thread

    I didn't have a lot of experience with rental cars and this is exactly what happened to me. Won't make that mistake again.
  7. Coma

    The Holiday Thread

    Don't use Enterprise/National. I'm still fighting with them over mystery damage to the car. Going back and reading their reviews this seems to be a common theme with them.
  8. Baraja has injected some pride into the club and I agree that the youth players have a lot to do with that as well. 5th in the table is certainly over-achieving though. Until Lim leaves the club will be handcuffed.
  9. Yeah, I meant Baden Wurtemburg
  10. I'm partial to die Schwaben.
  11. Stuttgart 4-1 Darmstadt Bayern 3-0 Bochum Dortmund 2-2 Wolfsburg Union 2-0 Hoffenheim Gladbach 1-3 Leipzig Augsburg 2-2 Mainz Bremen 2-1 Köln Leverkusen 3-1 Heidenheim Frankfurt 2-2 Freiburg
  12. Magdeburg 3-1 Paderborn Osnabrück 0-3 Hamburg Fürth 2-3 Karlsruhe Braunschweig 1-1 Nürnberg Wehen 1-2 Elversberg St Pauli 2-1 Schalke Düsseldorf 2-1 Hannover Kiel 2-0 Hertha BSC Lautern 2-0 Rostock
  13. Karlsruher SC for me, thanks.
  14. I knew you'd come around.
  15. On a similar topic, I started buying the "all-natural ingredient" soap called Dr. Squatch and that stuff is awesome. Yeah, it costs more but I like the texture and the scents. Maybe we need a new thread for that.
  16. I want to get behind a small team doing well but the fact that they are owned by the City group just sickens me. I wish them nothing but pain and suffering.
  17. Pole Position - Which driver will post the fastest lap in Q3? Verstappen Podium - Which drivers will finish the Grand Prix in the top three positions? 1. Verstappen 2. Sainz 3. Leclerc Random Driver - Predict the finishing position of this week's random driver, George Russell. P6 Bonus Question - At his home race, how far through qualifying will Yuki Tsunoda progress (Q1, Q2 or Q3)?. Q2
  18. I sure hope this doesn't backfire. Nagelmann is a polarizing figure with players. Personally, I think van Gaal would've been the safer appointment... Germany need to get back to basics.
  19. According to the Athletic 777 has already loaned Everton "tens of millions" to keep them afloat. They can't invest in the club yet because they aren't approved owners, so they are loaning money in the interim.
  20. He'll be gone next summer. Hopefully we get 50-60m out of him. He just signed a permanent contract this summer after being on loan from France. It was either Rennes or Lens, can't remember which. Or was it Reims?
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