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  1. This weekend was the start of Oktoberfest Zinzinnati so the German section was pretty thin. Seems like the Hofbräu beers are the most popular here.
  2. My haul today was Weihenstephan Korbinia, Augustiner Maximator, the Rothaus, and 3 different beers from Kloster.
  3. I haven't tried any of the Schenkerla. Honestly, I couldn't read the label so it was a bit intimidating
  4. I was very surprised to see Rothaus today so I grabbed that. They did have Kloster so I bought some of those as well.
  5. I subscribed to both DuoLingo and Babbel initially. I liked DuoLingo better due to its ease of use, although I think Babbel had a larger variety of exercises. The issue I am having is that my listening and speaking skills haven't developed as well as I'd hoped, hence why I signed up for an actual class. Both apps give you a free trial period so I'd try both and see what you think. I do think that my reading and writing is pretty decent. I signed up for a beginner class even though I'm probably further along than that. I wanted to hear from a native speaker how the language works. I also found that the apps teach you to memorize words and phrases (how), but you don't really get the foundations of the grammar (why).
  6. My wife pointed this out to me. I'm wondering what I've just put my body now...
  7. @Michael you'll be happy to know that @Stan and I both put in the minimum bid for Hannes Wolf and the computer randomly decided that I don't get the player.
  8. Just curious, does anyone think Regensburg are for real? They seem to have come out of nowhere this season and I'm wondering if it's legit or if they've just had a soft schedule to start the season. Looks like they thumped Schalke but other than that I don't see any impressive wins.
  9. I think I read the first 3-4 books and then put them down, probably 15-20 years ago. I recall being pissed off about the character development, or lack thereof.
  10. The American version of The Office was crap. Never saw the UK version.
  11. Grease was on television last night and I found myself totally enthralled again. Love that movie.
  12. The only way to sort it out is a head to head matchup. @Bluewolf and @Toinho have to slap-fight. First one to cry loses.
  13. One of them is actually a music box of sorts.
  14. Anyone have a nice collection of steins or is that just an American obsession with German culture?
  15. I'll take a photo of the selection next time I'm there. I remember seeing a bier from Stuttgart that I wanted to try.
  16. Only authentic bier (and Radler) in this thread.
  17. We have a great selection of Ayinger here. I'll probably hit the bier markt this weekend to refill. This was my last one.
  18. I have never heard of it. Had to look it up. Looks like a cool trip, have a good time!
  19. Actually there is a great Indian place up there, Aab. Best Indian food I've ever had, so I'll give them credit for that.
  20. I used to make regular trips up there to the brewery district. We'd hit the beers then go to Shadowbox for a show. Those were good times. Been to Schmidt's a few times and the OSU campus once or twice.
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