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  1. Does this take place before the original trilogy and the sequels? (fell asleep during the first episode)
  2. Danke euch! Es ist jetzt natürlich keine Überraschung mehr und irgendwie war es auch eine logische Entwicklung, wenn die handelnden Personen gar keine sportliche Kompetenz haben. Ich hoffe einfach, dass jetzt wirklich mal ein Ruck durch den Verein geht und man einen Neuanfang starten kann. Ich befürchte aber, dass wir genau eine Saison Zeit haben, um die Rückkehr in Liga 3 zu schaffen. Ansonsten gehe ich davon aus, dass wir im Amateurfußball festhängen, so wie schon so viele Vereine vor uns.
  3. Hi. It is very important for me to make clear that this statement of yours is not true (that I'm even using my one post per month I am still allowed to make).
  4. Well. I think it was obvious that I did not really use Discord either. Even when this place was shut down.
  5. Thanks for all the effort but I fell in love with Discord during our time there and I feel like I can't go back.
  6. I've been told the same thing at work today
  7. Happy birthday, Inga! Sorry. That title belongs to @Stan.
  8. No. You shouldn't. The others are utter crap compared to the first one.
  9. That sounds good, but since i won't be watching any of the world cup games I certainly won't be watching a documentary about it either. I won't support this whole crap in Qatar and quite honestly under all those circumstances nothing could interest me less than this winter event.
  10. I'd like to see some more activity in the German section from you guys. Can't run this place on my own.
  11. I'm fine, thanks. From here you can reach Emmerich relatively quickly via the A3, but it's still some distance. But still. Crazy to see those videos from Emmerich.
  12. In the latest quiz there were two questions where I knew the song but of course those questions came without any bonus I don't know how but somehow she knew...
  13. It's SPD together with "Die Grünen" and FDP which is imo by far the best possible option after this election. Would hate Laschet to become Kanzler. He's just not qualified for the job and it would be good to see the CDU getting a break.
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