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  1. Will watch it next......
  2. I may have forgotten about this
  3. Considering I knew nothing going into this Ill take it. It was fun to follow along with even from afar.
  4. Yeah I definitely forget to keep tweaking for most of the season, I think I ended with like €4m unused Let @Michael have his fun. Its a competitive for the rest of us... kind of like the Bundesliga
  5. And sure enough Khrus's next post is pure garbage and full of misinformation. I guess you have to give the retrumplicans credit for turning blatant lies into every day vocabulary that somehow people believe. Im going to go ahead and block him but I hope people here are smart enough not to believe it. Thats just it, it used to be a thing I dont know what happend. I guess when someone you deem as a leader of your country constantly lies and spreads bullshit and a partisan major networking cloaking itself as news people just believe what they spew. Humanity is doomed when it gets its information in the form of unregulated Twitter and TikTok.
  6. Im with you man. Thats why im partly so invested in this because it is absolutely fascinating to see this all play out. I do also have the vested interest as naturally it has started seeping down here, at least to start out its a very very marginal fraction of people. Youre damn right though it is scary especially when its weaponized in the form of essentially manufacturing outrage.
  7. Yeah thats a good one, there was nothing good that came out from players once he was gone. Combined with his seemingly no tactic plan back then I wouldnt want him anywhere near a club I like. That being said maybe hes learned a bit since then, he was always a likeable guy
  8. You already upgraded your defence in a pretty big way, Im gonna miss the big lug a little bit.
  9. Yeah hes the perfect complimentary player for your midfield....but also ours so I hope we get him
  10. I applaud your optimism but people that spout the non stop easily disprovable garbage hes repeatedly spouted dont want facts, they dont care. CNN, ABC and even MSNBC do a pretty good job fighting back and fighting misinformation but the people that need to see that stuff simply dont, the other side is their simply dismissed by the coined term of the infant orange orangutan "Fake News" which essentially means any story they dont like or dont agree with and much like many of his idiotic buzz words his donkeys lap them up... replacement theory is just another one. But back on track these people are far too beyond help just read his response, theres no accountability theres no acceptance or even an attempt to learn its just double down. Sounds familiar yes? The Republican party almost in a nutshell these days. I wholeheartedly agree with you and I think it was Bill Maher that said the number one problem with disinformation is noone fact checks anymore - hes partially right in that far too many people see something on Fox News for example and just dont think for themselves and take it as truth. They dont do any research themselves or question anything that sounds outlandish because Fox doesnt give a flying fuck about news and most of their consumers arent even aware or understand they barely report any news. The other side of this is what you bring up, it was just like when the idea of Trump running was floated. Most people thought it was a joke and he'd never make it. He did far more then that and ended up being essentially a lightning rod for the nutjobs and bigots and racists. Its to the point where they cant be ignored anymore as they are too large of a movement and too many moving parts now. Tbh the Dems should have been able to crush them but their far too weak but thats another discussion im just ranting now.
  11. Dont feed the troll, hes too far gone friend.
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