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  1. Would be interesting to see what he can do with this current crop of Dortmund players.
  2. Mainz 1-2 Köln Bayern 3-1 Union Hertha BSC 1-2 Hoffenheim Freiburg 0-2 Leipzig Schalke 1-3 Dortmund Paderborn 0-1 Düsseldorf Leverkusen 2-2 Bremen Wolfsburg 2-1 Augsburg Gladbach 2-1 Frankfurt
  3. Saturday 26th October, 2019 Western Sydney Wanderers 1-1 Sydney FC, 09.30 Sheff Weds 1-2 Leeds, 12.30 Gil Vicente 1-1 Portimonense, 15.30 Genoa 1-0 Brescia, 19.45 Sunday 27th October, 2019 Wellington Phoenix 0-1 Perth Glory, 05.00 Swansea 2-1 Cardiff, 12.00 Granada 1-1 Real Betis, 13.00 Ajax 3-0 Feyenoord, 15.45 Roma 2-1 AC Milan, 17.00 PSG 2-1 Marseille, 20.00
  4. Viva la FCB

    Bayern München Thread

    Apparently Gnabry played through a knock, Javi Martinez had muscle hardening? no idea what that is and Lucas Hernandez suffered a partial rupture to a ligament in his ankle - he will be out for sometime. Javi and Gnabry will be ok but Jesus.
  5. Viva la FCB

    MTG Chat

    I agree on both parts. I started getting back into it a little after you so between past standard and my modern cards I figure ive got at least a playset of all the staples anyways, so barrier to entry should be almost nothing. The ban list is going to be interesting, supposedly they will be managing it closely for the first little bit, i imagine DRS, DTT and TC will be closely watched, people are a little bit hesistant with marvel but I think theres enough answers it will be fine but im excited for the idea well see what happens. I was already planning to go to GP Portland so this makes it a little more exciting. Personally I havent played in a little while either for various reasons; I sold my condo and moved all within a month, definitely some fatigue with Hogaak summer and all that followed I havent played any modern since that basically but I will get back into it again soon. Horizons has been a weird time with so many cards getting injected things where very up in the air, I dont think looting needed to be banned personally but thats another story. Standard however has been complete ass imo since core set so I havent been touching that. Its probably been ass since Guilds which was absolutely fantastic and without a doubt the best standard Ive played so maybe Im a little jaded. Im going to try a few FNMs before the GP but If nothing changes in the overall meta and Pioneer ends up capturing my heart I hope to drop standard entirely.
  6. Viva la FCB

    The Cringe Topic

    Youre absolutely right and maybe thats the biggest travesty in all this is that the idea itself is great but using it in that way definitely comes second or even further down.
  7. Viva la FCB

    The Cringe Topic

    To further this I think social media as whole is so cringey. My better half is always scrolling on instagram and the shit people like and post ugh I just die a little bit more inside everytime and lose a little bit more faith in the humanity.
  8. Viva la FCB

    Germany National Team Discussion

    Humme.... oh right, Boa..... damn never mind I give up.
  9. Viva la FCB

    MTG Chat

    Are you as hyped for Pioneer as I am!>?!!!!!!?!!??!?!???! @Devil-Dick Willie
  10. I have a harder time finding Sol around here these days, maybe DE beat it out Im not sure but I can find DE everywhere. Grolsch is an easy drinker, little better taste then heineken imo but all somewhat similar.
  11. But the problem is within those categories theres just better beer, coors and sol are fairly average beers. Within light beers dos equis or heinekin or grolsch imo are far better beers.
  12. fair. But they have a point though, budweiser is so bad. If it makes you feel any better our Canadian and Kokanee is trash too
  13. I actually enjoy drinking Kölsch thank you very much, but much like drinking a stout theres a time of year for it.
  14. Viva la FCB

    Star Wars

    The new trailer just dropped man it looks gooood.
  15. Viva la FCB


    Im kawaii baby. Dont pressure me I know a handful of other phrases and words.