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  1. Oh god Nah its not a custom plate, just a "park" plate. Someonthing our province introduced a few years back where I pay a yearly fee of like 38$ and they donate to it to the BC Parks commission.
  2. I think this is why hes the perfect signing. With how Nag's setsup we basically deploy Davies as a winger in possession and rely on his speed to come back and defend on the break. Having a threat from the right which we haven't had will pay dividends, especially as teams sit back and we've struggled to break them down at times.
  3. Finally got the new shoes put on. Will have to get some better pics when the weather's nicer and I insure her. Actually forgot to take one from the back these tires are fat I likey. Basically done nearly everything I've wanted. Few small things I've got planned but not until I have the garage space when we move. Going to be painting the calipers and engine cover/coil covers but yeah this is nearly her final form.
  4. Its just brilliant. I just love the absolute mixed reactions from either being a masterpiece to lgbtq agenta pushing garbage. Theres no in between in any of the reviews
  5. Viva la FCB


    Magic the gathering
  6. Augsburg 1-2 Leverkusen Dortmund 1-2 Freiburg Union 2-0 Mainz Köln 1-2 Leipzig Frankfurt 2-0 Hertha BSC Bochum 1-2 Hoffenheim Gladbach 2-0 Schalke Stuttgart 1-2 Bremen Wolfsburg 0-4 Bayern
  7. Paderborn 2-1 Düsseldorf Sandhausen 1-3Darmstadt Regensburg 1-2 Bielefeld Braunschweig 1-3 Heidenheim Lautern 2-1 Kiel Fürth 1-3 Nürnberg St Pauli 1-2 Hannover Rostock 1-2 Hamburg Magdeburg 1-1 Karlsruhe
  8. Saturday 4th February, 2023 Perth Glory 2-1 Newcastle Jets, 11.30 Norwich 1-2 Burnley, 12.30 Aberdeen 1-0 Motherwell Elche 0-2 Villarreal, 15.15 Troyes 1-3 Lyon, 18.00 Sunday 5th February, 2023 Magdeburg 1-1 Karlsruhe, 12.30 Feyenoord 1-2 PSV, 13.30 Galatasaray 2-1 Trabzonspor, 16.00 Inter Milan 2-1 AC Milan, 19.45 Barcelona 3-0 Sevilla, 20.00
  9. Yeah thats fair. I was surprised when we only paid around €18m euros a season ago.
  10. With no buy option I would expect its the opposite. If he does well whether its you or someone else he will command a decent fee.
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