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  1. I dont believe anyone has ever really said he doesnt possess world class skill. The biggest problem has always been consistency and whatever goes on between his ears. He had an excellent first season with us and we where guranteed to activate his buy out clause. Then that second season happens in which there where constant rumours of him wanting to go home and he looked completely disinterested whenever he had starts or sub appearence and did absolutely nothing. It was an excellent signing by you guys with relatively no risk so im glad its working out so far.
  2. Viva la FCB

    Comunio 2020/2021

    My best points total yet... lookout nudge
  3. Viva la FCB

    First Goal - Season Two

    game 1 - 12 game 2 - 36
  4. Viva la FCB

    German Football Quiz

    Right on course for my 1 point per quiz.
  5. Viva la FCB

    Comunio 2020/2021

    You know the good thing about doing so poorly is I have no money and no lineup changes to make
  6. Viva la FCB

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    It only went 9 episodes, once you get there its definitely wrapped up. Seems like an odd number but yeah.
  7. Viva la FCB

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Alright i finished it. Read on when you have as well.
  8. Viva la FCB

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    We'll reconvene when its over
  9. Viva la FCB

    First Goal - Season Two

    12 26
  10. Viva la FCB

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Yeah thats kind of how I feel so far too. Like the back stories are interesting much like the original theyve done a very good job at building characters but there really isnt the horror element much at all outside of a handful of events really. Hill House just had the creepy feel and vibe to it the entire time where this definitely doesnt. I dont know like I said I wont judge it in full until I see the end but im not too optimistic.
  11. Hoffenheim 0-2 Dortmund Freiburg 2-1 Bremen Hertha BSC 2-0 Stuttgart Mainz 0-2 Leverkusen Augsburg 0-2 Leipzig Bielefeld 0-3 Bayern Gladbach 3-1 Wolfsburg Köln 1-2 Frankfurt Schalke 2-3 Union
  12. Viva la FCB

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    What episode is currently released? I dont have netflix and just finished episode 7. Ill reserve full judgement until its finished but definitely enjoyed Hill house a good deal more.
  13. Viva la FCB

    German Football Quiz

    Swiss was actually my first guess, I really should have done better on that question though argh.
  14. Im still hopeful the wage demands are all a bluff and he will eventually sign an extension. We'll see how this plays out here.