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  1. Im going to try it this weekend but that was kind of my initial impression about the graphics. From what Ive heard theyre are quite good though so idk maybe it was just the videos of beta but Ill reserve judgement until the weekend. As far as mmo's I havent really been into any since I played WOW a bunch of years ago, just dont have time to devote anymore but eh well see.
  2. A nudge Jeopardy and Mafia W ars starting up in the same day!?!?!
  3. Karlsruhe 2-1 Darmstadt Paderborn 2-1 Nürnberg Hannover 1-2 Rostock Regensburg 1-1 Sandhausen Ingolstadt 2-1 Heidenheim Düsseldorf 2-0 Bremen Kiel 1-1 Schalke Hamburg 2-1 Dresden Aue 0-1 St. Pauli
  4. Viva la FCB


    What an absolute ride this last week has been holy hell. ] In canucks news GM JIMBOB has been on a terror. I absolutely love the moves hes made and our forward group is looking real, real good. The D is definitely better but alot of this relies on how and if OEL can have a bounce back season and hopefully get some semblence back of what he used to be. Massively all in on this season either way, These moves are a make or break for JIMBO 100%. I love it. In the rest of the NHL news theres been so much to happen. The Kraken lineup is shaping up a little bit more but it still seems kind of a mystery what Francis's plan was here. Clearly he took 0 players with term/dollars/risk leaving a tonne of cap space flexibility. BUT at the same time he made 0 trades to take on dead money or short contracts or flip players while retaining salary meanwhile look at what fucking phoenix did thats exactly what I would have expected the Kraken to be doing given the roster they chose to take. We'll see theres still time I suppose but this team looks far less dangerous then it could have.
  5. Saturday 7th August, 2021 Dundee Utd 1-2 Rangers, 12.30 Luton 0-3 Peterborough Zenit 2-1 Krasnodar Lyon 4-0 Brest, 16.00 Leicester City 1-2 Man City, 17.00 Sunday 8th August, 2021 Toronto 2-2 New York City FC, 01.00 Fulham 1-1 Middlesbrough, 13.30 Metz 0-0 Lille, 16.00 RB Salzburg 1-0 Austria Vienna, 16.00 FC Porto 2-0 Belenenses, 18.00
  6. Im sorry to hear that man i really am. It does sound like alot of the same shit you where dealing with what, 6 months ago? a year ago? at the end of the day you could try and explain calmly exactly what you've said here to her. Bring up exactly how history is repeating itself and how you dont want that to happen or get to that point again but you she has to meet halfway or something with at least and recognize. At the end of the day if its going to be like this it isnt healthy for you or your daughter for that matter in the long term.
  7. Anyone checked out Amazon's long awaited New World? I pre ordered it so I have access to the beta for about a week and change here, havent got to it yet but I will soon!
  8. Man I was already excited but that looks soooo goooooood.
  9. What does trainingruckstand mean? translation doesnt really help me here.
  10. If there was no coaching change Id tend to agree but Id be a little more optimistic with Rose coming in. You could wait it out for a little bit if the financials dont matter as much and see after say half a dozen matches how much he plays. I like the idea of hedging you bets on him though at 6 ish m thats a decet gamble.
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