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  1. Saturday 1st October, 2022 Hearts 1-2 Rangers, 12.30 Sunderland 2-1 Preston Inter Milan 2-0 AS Roma, 17.00 Sevilla 1-1 Atletico Madrid, 17.30 Colorado Rapids 1-2 FC Dallas, 20.30 Sunday 2nd October, 2022 Stoke 0-1 Watford, 12.00 Sassuolo 2-1 Salernitana, 14.00 Toulouse 2-0 Montpellier, 14.00 Celta Vigo 1-0 Real Betis, 15.15 Besiktas 0-2 Fenerbahce, 18.00
  2. Paderborn 2-0 Darmstadt Hannover 2-3 Hamburg Fürth 2-1 Sandhausen Kiel 1-1 Rostock Düsseldorf 2-0 Bielefeld St Pauli 2-0 Heidenheim Karlsruhe 1-2 Nürnberg Magdeburg 2-1 Regensburg Lautern 2-2 Braunschweig
  3. Bayern 3-0 Leverkusen Leipzig 2-1 Bochum Freiburg 2-1 Mainz Köln 0-2 Dortmund Frankfurt 0-1 Union Wolfsburg 1-1 Stuttgart Bremen 0-2 Gladbach Hertha BSC 0-3 Hoffenheim Schalke 2-1 Augsburg
  4. Number of Goals in Game: Boca v Quilmes 1 (3) Hull City to score v Luton NO (3) Saturday & Sunday - GK Clean Sheet Yann the wall Sommer (sorry nudge ) A red card to be shown in the Manchester Derby NO (2) Griezmann's first minute on the field for Atletico (v Sevilla) 60-65 (3) Result - Nashville v Houston Dynamo DRAW (3)
  5. Thats why I said we were always going to struggle replacing him and I didnt mean to understate it, even if we did get another number 9 to try and replace him. If nothing else the system we've tried to employ is what plays to our strengths so i dont really have a problem with it. The early signs show it can work and work well but how patient is management going to be? I dont think very but well see.
  6. Any team that loses Lewy is going to miss him but I think the narrative is far over played. Mane isnt a like for like replacement and never was meant to be. The system has changed consequently and we saw the good parts to that; the first four ish matches we had bundles of goals now were seeing the other side of that. If you're void of ideas and creativity Lewy could win matches still and without a proper number 9 thats definitely missing. We'll see, somethings got to give here and I still believe we have the talent to sort it out and if it doesnt probably Nag's is the first head to fall.
  7. Viva la FCB


    Yeah I agree. But that's what you go in expecting right? And we got very little of that. He was still funny but it was strange. Like the show ended with a classic 80/90s kinda karaoke with the crowd
  8. Viva la FCB


    Continuing my live comedian tour this year my better half and I saw Joe Koy a couple weeks ago. One of the stranger live comedy shows Ive seen. His 5th (I think?) Netflix special just dropped like a few days prior and so what he did was basically entirely an improv show. He said he didnt want to offer the same thing you can stay at home and watch with a subscription. Im kind of torn...On the one hand that is kind of unique but like his best material is obviously on his specials and thats what we where paying to see. He was funny dont get me wrong but I dont think I would ever pay the 100$ ish each again to see that. Anyways maybe rate him a 7/10 overall for what we saw. So far this year we've seen Chappelle, Joe Koy, Jimmy Ouyang, Bill Burr, Andrew Santino and Annie Lederman. Still have Chris Rock coming up next month as well!
  9. That is basically it The best thing about the games was the story so this should translate very well. Pedro Pascal also makes me all warm and fuzzy. Also I did watch Boba Fett finally and im almost done Obi Wan...will post more on that soon... Ive been off sick for a few days so I had some time!
  10. It gets better theres now a class action lawsuit against De Santis by the migrants god he deserves this blowback.
  11. Result - Hebburn Town v Stockton DRAW (3) Goals into Points - League Two - Saturday Northampton Team to Score First - Plymouth v Ipswich PLYMOUTH (4) UEFA Nations League - Team to Win - Monday Only Germany Grimsby to win by 2+ goals v Carlisle YES (2)
  12. Goretzka and Neuer headed back to Munich, both tested positive for the Rona. Brandt reportedly left the team hotel as well. Baumann has been called up as well as Arnold.
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