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  1. As well as Hummels played hes still 35, if that was really the case Dortmund was probably already half inclined to be moving on from him regardless I would figure, no?
  2. Kicker's saying we have paid a little less even, good stuff. And its official.
  3. Looks to be happening. I like that this came out of nowehre seeing as alot of the garbage I've been reading hasn't sounded promising at all. Hopefully a sign of things to come.
  4. Very late breaking but a target that actually makes some sense in that hes left footed/sided.
  5. Sad for Pav's but he will have more chances to come and hopefully play a role in the future.
  6. Im not super excited if this is what involves our defence shakeup. As much as Im done with Upa I dont really see this as an upgrade.
  7. Seem to be re circling back to the failed January move. Exactly the profile of midfielder we could use. I cant imagine the price quoted get its done, considering the rumoured agreement before was more money but we'll see what happens here.
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