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  1. Bayern 3-1 Bremen Leverkusen 2-0 Nürnberg Augsburg 2-1 Stuttgart Mainz 0-1 Düsseldorf Gladbach 2-1 Leipzig Schalke 1-2 Hoffenheim Freiburg 0-3 Dortmund Hertha BSC 2-0 Hannover Wolfsburg 1-2 Frankfurt
  2. Viva la FCB

    Last movie you watched?

    John Wick 2 - 9/10 Had to rewatch it in anticipation of the 3rd installment coming out. Just as good as I remember, almost as good as the original. Fucking love John Wick.
  3. Viva la FCB

    Guess the Movie

    Alright stay on theme one of my fav's in the genre.
  4. Viva la FCB

    Guess the Movie

    Arrival! Really enjoyed that one.
  5. Viva la FCB

    Game Of Thrones

    That quiz was fun. I liked the one about playing darts with your dead servant Primary: Khal Drogo Secondary: Stannis Baratheon Tertiary: Olenna Tyrell
  6. Viva la FCB

    Poll: How do you experience TF365?

    Mostly on computer, mostly durring work hours
  7. Saw this in the morning its got to mean international retirement, no? apparently the conference was schedule before he picked up the injury. Not too surprising if thats the case anyways.
  8. Viva la FCB

    Game Of Thrones

    Yeah the first episode was the first episode. Reunions and some half decent lines, alot of bad one liners, Bran is still weird as fuck.
  9. Viva la FCB

    The Players' Tribune

    Ill have to check out the KDB one. Ive posted a few throughout the years a couple I remember sticking out; Kimmich - talked about growing up and rising up through his system and meeting Pep, Robben - covered a bit of everything, even his time at Chelsea and The Ranieri one as well. Generally some great reads.
  10. Viva la FCB

    2019 MLS Match Chat

    Unfortunately I went to that Galaxy game, Whitecaps still look awful and that penalty attempt was something. Zlatan looked disinterested but is still clearly a cut above everyone else, easy goal and set up the other, I think the most running I saw him do was when he was celebrating his goal.
  11. Viva la FCB

    Bayern München Thread

    Yeah I dont even know, let the inmates run the asylum I guess. Ive read alot of comparisons to how Ancelotti used to run things, the team does look very similar in alot of ways.
  12. I swear I would have forgotten every week if it wasnt for Rucksacks reminders Nürnberg 0-1 Schalke Leipzig 2-1 Wolfsburg Stuttgart 1-2 Leverkusen Bremen 2-0 Freiburg Hannover 1-2 Gladbach Dortmund 2-0 Mainz Hoffenheim 2-1 Hertha BSC Düsseldorf 0-3 Bayern Frankfurt 3-1 Augsburg