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  1. Viva la FCB

    Matrix 4

    To be fair the fact that it was a trilogy is an abomination as well. Its still one of the single best movies ever imo even despite the sequels.
  2. Saturday 24th August, 2019 Bolton 2-0 Ipswich Leyton Orient 1-2 Crawley Parma 0-2 Juventus, 17.00 Real Madrid 3-1 Real Valladolid, 18.00 Sunday 25th August, 2019 Real Salt Lake 1-1 Colorado, 03.00 Swansea 1-0 Birmingham, 12.00 Celtic 2-0 Hearts Sampdoria 1-2 Lazio, 19.45 Barcelona 4-0 Real Betis, 20.00 Vasco de Gama 0-3 Sao Paulo, 20.00
  3. Viva la FCB

    Question a Member: Pyfish

    So Ive never seen brooklyn nine nine but ive seen this clip multiple times and I still laugh my ass of Also where abouts in Canada have you been!?
  4. Viva la FCB

    Question a Member: Pyfish

    What are your top 3 movies of all time? Favourite Tv shows? If money was no object where would be your top 3 travel destinations? If you could live anywhere else in the world where would you?
  5. Viva la FCB


    I will have to start back into this again the first season was fantastic.
  6. Yeah that number is in the region I would have expected. Im on board with it, we get a full season to decide if its worth it.
  7. Thats what im curious about as well. I cant imagine its as cheap as James but well see.
  8. That is the way it sounds, it would make no sense otherwise from our perspective as well. Brazzo just confirmed in an interview with ZDF that is the way the deal is structured. Deal is almost reached "1 year loan with a buy option in favour of Bayern" was his claim.
  9. This came about real quick here and as you guys mention Im fairly happy. Much like the James move; with a loan there is almost 0 risk with some huge potential upside.
  10. Viva la FCB

    Last movie you watched?

    Yeah I liked that the movie just briefly touched on that aspect but didnt go super deep on and lose focus.
  11. Viva la FCB

    Last movie you watched?

    Interesting.....do go on
  12. Viva la FCB

    Last movie you watched?

    Oh I know, i saw in the credits, I just meant I bet the book is quite good.
  13. Viva la FCB

    Last movie you watched?

    I can see that, I had heard nothing but good things about it I dont know why I took so long to finally get to it. I bet it would be a really good book.
  14. Viva la FCB

    Last movie you watched?

    Children of Men - 8/10 Finally got around to watching this for the first time. Great cast/collection of actors and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Takes a few to set up the back story and the bleakness and then shifts into gear fast with some edge of the seat suspense. Unique idea and well done by the end of it, highly recommend checking this one out if you havent yet.
  15. Viva la FCB

    Bayern München Thread

    Not only that but Kovac apparently thinks pretty highly of himself if he thinks he was plan B