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  1. That was an excellent watch. You guys didnt hide, lots of back and forth and you where right in it for most of the match. I love it.
  2. Im going to buy this 100%, just gonna wait till the price drops The Left 4 Dead series was so much fun back in the day.
  3. Viva la FCB


    Yeah thats fair, if it was up to canucks reddit Green would have been fired into the sun 100 times so far this season because we arent 5-0-0. Yeah, well said. I do forget that Toews had a year off in between all this too, he isnt the player he once was for sure.
  4. For what its worth theres been a lot of bullshit headlines out this way too. In the day in age where Fox News gets away with what they do on a daily basis facts no longer matter. Clickbait rules the world now. The worst I saw: "From a parking spot brawl and homophobic slurs to battles with anger management, drink and drugs: How movie set shooting tragedy is latest dramatic episode to hit Alec Baldwins turbulent career" - Dailey Mail. Just fucking christ.
  5. Viva la FCB


    @Spike I got to see most of the game last night. Hawks off to rough start, all day on our local radio and even the broadcast (corey hirsh whos awful for what its worth) where saying Colliton's jobs in jeopardy and most hawks fans I see on r hockey arent happy with him either. What says you!? I think your squad on paper looks better then your record shows, should be good enough to compete for a playoff spot anyways, no?
  6. When people scratch their arses and other crevices and smell their fingers...Löw is not alone unfortunately...
  7. Man I cant believe noone helped you out with this, its Stir of Echoes of course! With Kevan Bacon too. Youre welcome
  8. Colour me curious! Love me some Cillian.
  9. I need to rewatch this again, super movie. My favourite scene:
  10. It seems much easier to compare Benzema as they play the same spot but I havent watched Real enough in the last few years to really say much on that front. What I can offer about Lewy is not only are his numbers what they are its just how he scores. Take last weekend against Leverkussen as an example, he scored 2 in a 5-1 beat down. His first goal off a cross was a perfectly executed back heel flick. Second was a poachers toe poke in the box as it was bumbled accross the goal right into his path. Point is the guy scores all types of goals, he literally doesnt have a weakness. Headers, inside the box, outside the box, backheels, volleys, you name it hes scored it. These last two years in particular hes been nigh unplayable.
  11. Saturday Blackburn 2-1 Reading Dundee Utd 2-2 Motherwell Sassuolo 2-0 Venezia Fluminense 0-1 Flamengo Sunday NYCFC 2-1 DC United Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid Ajax 2-0 PSV Zenit 3-1 Spartak Moscow Inter Milan 0-2 Juventus Marseille 0-3 PSG
  12. Paderborn 3-2 Hamburg Aue 0-0 Ingolstadt Kiel 1-2 Darmstadt Düsseldorf 2-1 Karlsruhe Nürnberg 2-1 Heidenheim Schalke 2-0 Dresden St Pauli 2-0 Rostock Regensburg 0-2 Hannover Sandhausen 1-2 Bremen
  13. Mainz 2-0 Augsburg Bayern 4-0 Hoffenheim Leipzig 2-0 Fürth Wolfsburg 1-2 Freiburg Bielefeld 0-3 Dortmund Hertha BSC 1-2 Gladbach Köln 2-4 Leverkusen Stuttgart 1-1 Union Bochum 0-1 Frankfurt
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