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  1. Viva la FCB

    Things You'd Do Differently If You Were 16 Again?

    I did alot of dumb shit but as nudge says the memories and experiences are worth doing those things probably. The one thing I would not have done is work my first real part time job at training wage; at the time we had a wage for first time labourers (dont remember if it was just our province or country wide) which was 6.25$ an hour until you accumulated something like 100-120 hours. Which when your in high school at the same time and playing two sports took something like 6 months or longer to hit
  2. Freiburg 1-3 Leverkusen Wolfsburg 1-2 Frankfurt Hertha BSC 2-0 Augsburg Mainz 0-1 Hoffenheim Schalke 0-2 Bremen Bayern 4-0 Düsseldorf Gladbach 3-1 Union Paderborn 1-4 Dortmund Köln 1-3 Leipzig Bremen 1-2 Frankfurt
  3. Viva la FCB

    NHL Season 2019/20

    A proposal was put forward yesterday I think about a playoff type format. Basically 24 teams would be the cut off for the start of this fest. The top 4 teams in each conference play a round robin style set of games to determine seeding. The remaining 8 teams in each then play a best of 5 qualifying series. The result of both of these will then be the start of the playoffs. The games are to be played in 2 hub cities (1 east 1 west) which are still to be determined from a shortlist of like 8 or 10 cities still. City 1 – Best-of-5 Qualifying Round #5 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. #12 Montreal Canadiens #6 Carolina Hurricanes vs. #11 New York Rangers #7 New York Islanders vs. #10 Florida Panthers #8 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. #9 Columbus Blue Jackets City 1 – Round Robin for Seeding in First Round Boston Bruins Tampa Bay Lightning Washington Capitals Philadelphia Flyers City 2 – Best-of-5 Qualifying Round #5 Edmonton Oilers vs. #12 Chicago Blackhawks #6 Nashville Predators vs. #11 Arizona Coyotes #7 Vancouver Canucks vs. #10 Minnesota Wild #8 Calgary Flames vs. #9 Winnipeg Jets City 2 – Round Robin for Seeding in First Round St. Louis Blues Colorado Avalanche Vegas Golden Knights Dallas Stars
  4. Viva la FCB

    First Goal

    Game 22 - 28th Game 23 - 31st
  5. Dortmund 0-3 Bayern Leverkusen 2-0 Wolfsburg Frankfurt 2-1 Freiburg Bremen 1-3 Gladbach Leipzig 2-1 Hertha BSC Hoffenheim 2-1 Köln Düsseldorf 1-1 Schalke Augsburg 1-0 Paderborn Union 2-0 Mainz
  6. Viva la FCB

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Sandy Cohen is the one standout character/actor imo. He carrys alot of episodes.
  7. Viva la FCB

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Funny enough Im watching it now.... I wasnt going to post here and admit it but seeing as you took the first leap.... My girlfriend owns all 4 season on DVD and its one of her favourite shows, she rewatches it every couple years and I figured id tag along this time. I did watch until around mid season 3 as a teenager. Its definitely alot of cringe but its got its moments, some decent characters, just something easy and fairly brainless to watch.
  8. Viva la FCB

    First Goal

    Game 1 - 32 Game 2 - 16
  9. Viva la FCB

    Last movie you watched?

    Those movies are great. The last Judge Dredd remake reminded me alot of the first Raid as well. Solid movies.
  10. Viva la FCB

    Your Top 10 Video Games?

    Ok so disregard what i said I was just thinking about it and im like wait a minute there was a 3rd installment. Mafia 1 and 2 where both great and thats what made me preorder 3.... Its definitely 3 I was thinking of and I erased that piece of shit from my memory.
  11. Viva la FCB

    Your Top 10 Video Games?

    I still maintain season 2 was one of the top couple seasons of anything Ive ever seen. I actually never finished it though, it lost me in the last couple seasons I think I got 3 or 4 into the final season and finally gave up. I have not played that one, Ill have to check it out then. I dont know how deep you went on it but I remember there where was a bug where you could mass level characters from like 1-90 in a matter of an hour or so. I pvp'd alot, I think that was one of the major draws for me. My first entrance into PVP and smack talking and camping people
  12. Viva la FCB

    Your Top 10 Video Games?

    The driving in Mafia 1 was so fun, it was so rigid and awkward kind of like driving those cars these days I bet. The soundtracks where something to behold, I dont know if you ever watched Boardwalk Empire but watching that show reminded me alot of that game and era.
  13. Viva la FCB

    Your Top 10 Video Games?

    Alright Ill try and do a list in no particular order as well: 1) Zelda - Ocarina and Majoras mask where both fantastic 2) Age of Empires 3 - I played the shit outta this game growing up 3) God of War - ive played the entire franchise but the latest game was an absolute work of art. 4) Red Dead Redemption 2 - almost a perfect game 5) Diablo 2 - wasted way too many hours on this hunk of shit but I loved it. 3 was a massive let down. 6) Hitman 3 Blood money - played all of the hitman games but bloodmoney is still the perfect hitman game and still holds up to this day imo. 7) Overwatch - Still play it and still love most of it. 8) The Last of Us - the perfect game. 9) Uncharted series - all the games where good, but the 4th is really, really good. They seemingly got better every installment imo. 10) Wow - Frozen throne/Catacylsm where amazing times to play that game. Havent played in a long while but those where good times.
  14. Viva la FCB

    Your Top 10 Video Games?

    I absolutely adored Mafia 1. I just could not for the life of me get into 2 though. I tried multiple times and just couldnt do it. Its literally the last game I preordered and I was so disappointed I hadnt done a single preorder since until now... The Last of Us 2.....
  15. Viva la FCB

    Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Cheers guys/gal. A bunch of great advice, I appreciate it.