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  1. Saturday Aberdeen 1-0 Motherwell ADO Den Haag 1-1 FC Emmen Cheltenham 0-5 Man City Real Sociedad 2-1 Real Betis Monaco 2-2 Marseille Sunday Brentford 0-3 Leicester Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool Internacional 2-1 Gremio Atletico Madrid 2-0 Valencia St Etienne 1-3 Lyon
  2. Viva la FCB

    David Alaba - Wants Real Madrid Transfer

    Sad the way it all played out but still a club legend
  3. Viva la FCB

    First Goal - Season Two

    21 16
  4. I did not have the second g, idk I tried different variations around that until I ran outta time.
  5. So i definitely couldnt spell vincent van gogh and I definitely looked it up after wtf I would have never got that right.
  6. Viva la FCB

    First Goal - Season Two

    14 26
  7. Viva la FCB

    LMS League 2020-21 Round 5 (Ligue 1)

    Thats quite the body count.
  8. Man I thought i did well. I didnt realize I was up against @nudge though
  9. Viva la FCB

    If you could meet any famous person...

    Tom Hardy no reason, no homo.
  10. Viva la FCB

    Must-Watch Movies of the Last Decade

    Get your marvel shit outta here. But there was alot of good mentions here, ill try to add some others. Dunkirk is my number 1 probably - part of it was the theater experience as well.. its one of those. The Gentleman Interstellar Edge of tomorrow Hell or Highwater The Babadook Ex Machina Predestination
  11. Viva la FCB

    Last movie you watched?

    Reminded me I watched it about 6 months ago anyways I agree. Super weird.
  12. Viva la FCB


    Sent in a 10er, cheers guys.
  13. Viva la FCB

    Bayern München Thread

    That definitely could be the case. The highline has been continually exposed.
  14. Viva la FCB

    Bayern München Thread

    Tolisso has always been very divisive. His problem just seems to be consistency and thats not an easy thing to fix. One match he looks like a worldbeater and giving Goretzka a rest or cover while injury hes great. The next match hes invisible and I think basically sums up his years at Bayern. Its a tough one, because what your asking for (in replaceing him) is someone that wont start every match because our 11 is fairly set in midfield. Im not arsed either way, I think at this point we know what we have in Tolisso and if he wants to move on in the summer thats fine. Martinez is definitely near the end of his career I wont say anything there. We really do need coverage for Kimmich albeit this is his first real major injury (and he came back quite fast really) Its definitely why they picked up Roca but the jurys out on that one still. Defence is a toughy. This is the exact same unit that looked unbeatable last season, Boateng looked revitalized, Pavard was a revelation and continued on his worldcup form, Alaba was a rock in the center, Süle was excellent whenever called upon. Hernandez was the odd man out and out of form. Its just had to look at it and say now all of those guys bar Hernandez isnt good enough but they definitely havent been this season. If not for Neuer regaining his form we could be in alot worse shape. Anyway Im kinda rambling but I do get it, there needs to be a reaction to a cup loss like this because it just shouldnt happen. It was definitely apparent how much we needed Coman and Goretzka I thought though. The problems have been evident most of the season to, the 8 straight matches conceding first, the amount of goals conceded is just not acceptable, there does need to be some change.