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  1. Claret and Blue


    Millionaire though? Anyway that's enough of that shit I'm off. Not getting into the ins and outs of a tennis player.
  2. Claret and Blue


    Money makes people less hungry and she could be 1 of them. Stop in the spotlight for 20 years doing what. Presenting.
  3. Claret and Blue


    Still had 10 it 11 fights after the tyson win. holyfield smashed him inside 3 rounds too I think. Raducanu is getting turned over far too easy and doesn't look to have the heart for thy fight. Still young time to turn it around Not sure how much dedication she's got. Needs to get a solid coach and stick with them and listen
  4. Claret and Blue


    Yeh buster Douglas
  5. Claret and Blue


    Murray out best thing to happen so far
  6. You'll be waiting a long time. Thousands of posts and I'm still waiting for you to say something funny.. We live in hope though..
  7. Yeh or post a 100000 paragraph post and say absolutely fuck all but hey whatever floats your boat
  8. Said it before they are all full of shit and out for themselves in the main. Same with the the clowns running this shit hole. I won't be voting for any of them Starmer won't so any better.. America and England run by tossers
  9. Biden of course is the preacher of the gospel.
  10. How long was trump in charge of America when covid got Biden said they'd master it. I'll be honest I couldn't give 2 fucks about either of them. I'd rather have trump though
  11. Lowest unemployment under trump. More blacks employed too
  12. Give me trump who gives a fuck about his own people over that lame coffin dodger who's more arsed about letting as many criminals into the county as possible..
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