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  1. Were not it doesn't get that deep. Long story short. She called me the milk man. Because i always delivered
  2. Claret and Blue


    Millionaire though? Anyway that's enough of that shit I'm off. Not getting into the ins and outs of a tennis player.
  3. Claret and Blue


    Money makes people less hungry and she could be 1 of them. Stop in the spotlight for 20 years doing what. Presenting.
  4. Long story but I know his mum
  5. Claret and Blue


    Still had 10 it 11 fights after the tyson win. holyfield smashed him inside 3 rounds too I think. Raducanu is getting turned over far too easy and doesn't look to have the heart for thy fight. Still young time to turn it around Not sure how much dedication she's got. Needs to get a solid coach and stick with them and listen
  6. Claret and Blue


    Yeh buster Douglas
  7. No worries. Sounds like a decent plan to me
  8. Good signing that. If he settles in England he'll be a top player for spurs Made some good signings conte Are spurs signing the Swedish kid they had on wing he was class
  9. You got that right. You can be part of it too if you like
  10. Think me and Spike are best buds
  11. Nah it was next level. It was in China Town Manchester High class city slickers. Trust me With some ballers..
  12. Tried sushi one time. Got food poisoning. Never went there again
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