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  1. If you are a man and watch this you probably spoon other men and pay for the pleasure
  2. I'm happy enough with that reckon he'll do well under Kompany. Decent on free kicks too
  3. They've ended up with 5 players. He's pissing in the wind staying any longer. Rooney could have walked away far sooner. Good luck to him think he'll do OK elsewhere
  4. He he doing world Cup with Wales too won't he especially if he has a good season. Nothing against Fulham myself apart from that smug twat they have as manager can't stand him
  5. Fuck me a scouser actually being honest about him.. Your the only one who I've seen saying exactly what I think. Of course he could prove us both totally wrong. Looks solid enough but not enough to a regular in a team challenging for trophies on every front. Decent signing for forest. Personally I think forest will do better than Fulham
  6. Two decent midfielders that I'd have liked at Burnley. Surprised they stuck with Bruce to be honest..
  7. Apparently pope passed his medical and signed till 2026 Goodbye and good luck pope. ..
  8. Anything by Aiche or however you spell his name the skinny manc kid who thinks he's gangster and still lives with his mum.
  9. Burnley being strongly linked with this lad. 2m Millwall fans seem to rate him.
  10. All good in the Hudd for us first. Won't be easy bastards in November
  11. I'll stick with what I said thanks rather than being wise after the event like many will do if they manage it.. We'll see
  12. Yep 2 or 3 seasons. You watch. They had form under edddie howe more or less plus wiith all that money they'll improve massively. Outside Liverpool and City I think the rest are fairly average and consistency isn't the best. It was like nobody wanted the 4th spot last year...
  13. I know he's a good keeper. I just think once pope gets into the team he'll keep it. We'll see. Good luck to pope besides being a good keeper he's a class guy
  14. Pope be number 1. He had decent competition at Burnley with Joe Hart and Tom Heaton and ended up number 1
  15. Think united will be stepping backwards this season in order to move forward. Give big Erik time to sort the shit out previous pricks have left behind including Ole.. I'm not expecting them to finish top 4 that's for sure. Think it's a bonus if they do. Wouldn't be paying 85m for De Jong though
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