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  1. Honestly I have no idea but I hadn't watched him much up until he came here with the exception of the odd match back in his Bundesliga days. All i know is when he stepped up when Lewy got injured is when he showed hes capable. I think his success is partly do to the service and that cant be ignored but this team just functions way better with a target man up top playing with Müller. Its a marriage of convenience for sure as he really is our only out and out striker but its definitely mutually beneficial. I dont mean to do him a disservice because hes scored some bangers, good interchanges and good finishes not just being in the right place tapping in rebounds or setups that anyone could finish, hes genuinely looked like he fits in.
  2. From the outside I can see DDW's perspective. When Id heard of the show I definitely avoided it and thought what a daytime tv trash North American idea. That being said once I started watching its far better than you think its going to be and maybe far better then it has the rights to be. As Tommy mentions how they touch on actual quite dark and serious topics while having the comedy angle is probably what makes it so endearing and enjoyable and relatable.
  3. Saturday Cardiff 1-0 Bristol City Monza 1-2 Empoli Millwall 0-1 Norwich Ross County 0-0 Motherwell Sunday Inter Miami 2-1 Philadelphia Union Macarthur 1-2 Brisbane Roar Greuther Furth 1-2 Hannover Real Valladolid 2-1 Espanyol Toulouse 1-0 Clermont Rapid Vienna 1-3 Salzburg
  4. Dortmund 2-1 Leipzig Union 2-0 Köln Mainz 1-1 Hoffenheim Gladbach 0-2 Freiburg Bochum 1-2 Schalke Augsburg 1-2 Bremen Stuttgart 0-4 Bayern Leverkusen 2-0 Hertha BSC Wolfsburg 1-2 Frankfurt
  5. Paderborn 3-1 St Pauli Magdeburg 0-2 Lautern Hamburg 1-1 Nürnberg Sandhausen 2-1 Kiel Regensburg 0-3 Düsseldorf Heidenheim 1-1 Darmstadt Fürth 1-2 Hannover Rostock 0-2 Karlsruhe Braunschweig 1-2 Bielefeld
  6. According to google 8337km approximately I hope to get to Germany one day to see many games but naturally Bayern is at the top of my list. I was able to see them in Portland when they came to play the MLS allstars... I think it was 2014 ..was after the World Cup. The national team contingent played a non zero amount of minutes with a standing ovation for a triple substitution of Schweini, Lahm and Müller I remember most. Also Henry was still there for the MLS!
  7. Hes a face painter! any reason for a seinfeld drop. Jk, great picture though!
  8. Play now (bets) has been having the odd promo code giving you a free 20$ bet once in awhile (you keep what you win) so this is round two for me. I got hosed during the worldcup for my winnings because I misread the final bet but anyways the point of my ramble is my current accumulation is going all in on Werder v Augsburg. Im now a Werder fan for a day. That is all.
  9. Theres just something beautiful about a snow match. Great viewing.
  10. Maybe its the characters I liked more in season 1.. definitely Daddario because I love her. I was pretty over Jennifer Coolidge's character at this point and didn't really care alot for the 2 rich couples they had in season 2 either. The whore's however where fantastic. Maybe Armando still takes it but they would be a close second for the best character's in either season. Either way both are excellent watching and something different for once.
  11. Its god damn incredible. I never really believed in the bogey team concept before but idk man. When they're almost in relegation they hand us one of the largest defeats I can remember in recent years. I'd like to believe the last match would have gone different with competent reffing but would it??!?! My psyche's gone.
  12. Man the sounds are intoxicating.
  13. In the wise words of Lady Gaga , Justin Timberlake and some other dude I dont know from Lonely Island;
  14. They've done it here already. Think we got the alert a few weeks back. Naturally we were using a friends pw so had to clear all that up. Man I totally forgot how fucking shit that season of Arrested Development you've stirred me up again. Even the first few I watched was just kind of like.... how is this the same show and it just never got better until I quit.
  15. Man I think I made it about 4 episdoes into the Netflix season before throwing in the towel. What an absolute mail in of a final season. Yeah I agree. The fact that they turn out shit movie after shit movie with massive budgets and let real gems like this go just goes to show you shouldnt give them your money. Its the pirate life for me....
  16. David Fincher finally breaks the silence. I dont understand how the show could be "too expensive" that seems kinda crazy. Anyways this seems about as close to confirmation that its done as we'll get.
  17. That was my first thoughts! Im like adding up along the way, damn this goin be an expensive ass night
  18. Being out West it doesnt get that cold here but the last few winters have been pretty cold. It hit about -10 this year, the main difference is its a wet cold as we're by the water. Much colder then the -20, -25 Ive dealt with in Calgary (AB) for example or even Edmonton. Kind of off topic but I actually plan on getting winter tires as its been a more common trend in the last 3 years or so of getting decent winters with snow. Used to only happen maybe once every 5 years or so and maybe a few days or a week of dealing with the snow but not anymore it seems.
  19. NBA and MLB ticket prices are a big attraction. Last NBA game I saw was in Portland a few years back and I wanted to say we got middle tier seats for like 20$ a ticket, Baseball's pretty similar too. Last time I was in Seattle we checked out NFL tickets and they started at 200$ a ticket so we passed. That was the first NBA game Ive been too in quite a few years, probably since the Grizzlies left actually and I have to agree it was alot of fun live.
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