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  1. Schalke 1-2 Karlsruhe Nürnberg 2-0 Rostock Kiel 1-2 Hannover Düsseldorf 2-0 Regensburg Sandhausen 1-1 Heidenheim Bremen 2-1 Hamburg Darmstadt 1-1 Dresden St.Pauli 3-1 Ingolstadt Aue 1-2 Paderborn
  2. Hertha BSC 1-0 Fürth Bayern 4-0 Bochum Mainz 1-2 Freiburg Augsburg 1-1 Gladbach Bielefeld 0-1 Hoffenheim Köln 1-2 Leipzig Stuttgart 0-2 Leverkusen Dortmund 2-1 Union Wolfsburg 2-0 Frankfurt
  3. Pretty solid performance overall. I'll take it.
  4. Fantastic shot that he purposefully smashed off the defender to mask his true intentions and completely wrong foot Ter Stegen. I prefer it my way.
  5. Not the most exciting 45 mins ever. Vintage Mueller goal is about it. Also I still hate Barca until the last few ratfucks are gone.
  6. Couple outfits reporting it being done. Good news everyone?
  7. Saturday 18th September, 2021 Aberdeen 2-0 St Johnstone Millwall 0-0 Coventry Alaves 1-1 Osasuna, 20.00 St Etienne 2-1 Bordeaux, 20.00 Sunday 19th September, 2021 Real Salt Lake 2-3 Seattle Sounders, 02.30 PSV 2-2 Feyenoord, 13.30 Internacional 2-0 Fortaleza, 15.00 Juventus 2-0 AC Milan, 19.45 PSG 3-1 Lyon, 19.45 Valencia 1-3 Real Madrid, 20.00
  8. Viva la FCB


    As I just went through this with mine (hes 68 fyi) it was fun but season 1 was definitely hard. It doesnt help that we watched an episode or 2 every week and I think the first season we had a couple week gap sometimes. So as Im tying to keep track of all the characters and relationships hes asking every episode whos who and I almost couldnt blame him Not saying it got easier but once you recognize the characters and mostly the timelines myself I could at least help him follow along. The funniest part for me was watching the first 2 episodes with english dub luckily I got him off that... I hate dubbing anything period but he also does still speak/understand German...old people man. Anyways enjoy it, Im sure the rewatch with be just as rewarding tbh ill definitely have to do it at some point again.
  9. So couple takeaways from the RB match and just some overall: Musiala is a real gem. That Laimer goal was a screamer. Most importantly for me was emphasizing the tactical flexability available now. Wasnt the greatest debut for Sabitzer overall but again flexability. Resting Müller and Goretzka for a large stretch of the match. Sabitzer comes on for Goretzka around the 60 ish min mark - straight swap. Müller comes off with Stanisic replacing him - Sabitzer takes Müller's spot up front and Stanisic replaces him beside Kimmich. Its a beautiful thing.
  10. All I know is the US is fucked. When you have a large amount of idiots tripping over themselves to take horse worm medication that even the company that makes it releases a statement saying stop taking it for Covid 19 there is no hope. The most ironic part is being anti establishment and big pharmacy...Merck is one of the biggest 4 pharmaceutical companies in the US. Dont worry though youll never learn something if you firlmy bury your head in the sand and follow idiots like Joe Rogan and the retrumplicans.
  11. Viva la FCB

    Matrix 4

    He is never not John Wick. As much as our Devildicked friend is right, Im still gonna pay the money to see this in theatres.
  12. Dad joke of the day: I just learned the German word for constipation Farfrompoopin
  13. That looks gorgeous. I kind of wish a destination wedding was feasible but it just isnt.
  14. Kind of random but you would absolutely love Ghost of Tsushima.
  15. Leverkusen 3-2 Dortmund Union 1-0 Augsburg Freiburg 2-1 Köln Hoffenheim 1-2 Mainz Fürth 0-3 Wolfsburg Leipzig 1-2 Bayern Frankfurt 2-1 Stuttgart Bochum 0-0 Hertha BSC Gladbach 2-0 Bielefeld
  16. Karlsruhe 2-0 Kiel Hannover 1-2 St. Pauli Ingolstadt 1-2 Bremen Hamburg 1-1 Sandhausen Heidenheim 1-2 Dresden Paderborn 2-1 Schalke Aue 0-3 Düsseldorf Regensburg 1-0 Nürnberg Rostock 1-1 Darmstadt
  17. Cruella - 8/10 Surprisingly good. Emma Stone is a rockstar and she carried it well but the story was surprisingly good on its own merits. Fun flick, worth checking out.
  18. I forgot about the dlc Ill have to check that out. I do agree on the side missions, the main couple I thought where pretty well done but others felt rushed and not so impactful. I thought the ending was perfect personally; You get the satisfaction of dealing with the main protagonist but you also deal with the underlying issue of basically what Japan ultimately goes through itself. Fighting tradition vs modernization. I love how you get the choice in the end too and I dont necessarily think there is a wrong choice either way.
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