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  1. It was breaking the other day that negotiations where done and he was to move on. Still kinda sad to see him go but he's completely replaceable, played solid this season but he's been all over the map. The ACL injury stunted his growth and he never really made the step to take a starting role. Wish him luck.
  2. Just wrapped up Mr Robot. Man what a series. This is definitely one of the top couple series ive seen in recent years. I love the unpredictability of it all and the end reveal is just chef's kiss. Highly, highly recommend. Rami Malek is so, so good.
  3. Viva la FCB


    I have not but I do know the story about his parents if that's what this is. It's absolutely crazy.
  4. This is probably the answer on both Wirtz and Schick unfortunately. I feel kinda off admitting it but its the most Leverkussen matches ive watched in years, their just a fun team to watch.
  5. Pretty good source on this one, traces back to Kerry Hau and hes rarely wrong. Sad to see him go but definitely replaceable. He never really made the jump to demand a starting role...if he never had the ACL injury I wonder what could have been. Anyways wish him luck, well find a replacement.
  6. Saturday 29th January, 2022 Ross County 0-3 Rangers, 12.30 Aston Villa Women 1-3 Chelsea Women, 13.00 Fulham 2-1 Blackpool Hull 1-2 Swansea Celtic 2-0 Dundee Utd Sunday 30th January, 2022 Sydney 3-2 Central Coast Mariners, 05.05 Newcastle Jets 1-3 Adelaide Utd, 07.45 Gent 1-0 Antwerp Liverpool Women 4-1 Lincoln City Women, 14.00 Cardiff 2-1 Nottm Forest, 16.00
  7. Honestly I just rarely watch matches live. The schedule sometimes lines up on weekends but occasionally it does other then that I work Mon-Fri so any weekday matches im watching after work. Hard to pick up and keep convo's going 8+ hours later. I still will post ocassionally like when its the Dortmund match and there is a whole bunch of controversy....or we get shitcanned by Gladbach once again I think merging makes more sense, why make two seperate topics if there less active anyways.
  8. Premier League - Home v Away Wins - Saturday HOME (4) Number of Bayern Munich goals v Hertha Berlin 3+ (1) Ben Brereton-Diaz to score for Blackburn v Middlesbrough NO (3) Bottom of the Football League on Tuesday at 22:00 COLCHESTER (3) Angers v St Etienne - Result DRAW (3) Red Cards - Asia World Cup Qualification - Thursday1-3 (3)
  9. Viva la FCB


    The athletic just released an article about it apparently the victim was 12 at the time and he knew her age what a sick fuck. Also two more girls came forward one similar age one 17 that said he had tried to solicit pictures from them as well. I hope they look at that sentencing Jesus Christ.
  10. Lets get this rolling! I have basically a week to do absolutely nothing.. takehome test came back positive for covid for me yesterday so... give me something to watch please
  11. Viva la FCB


    Yeah I saw that story. He was a part of our AHL team for the passed several years, being a perenial AHL allstar and had a handful of games for the nucks in that time. I absolutely cannot fathom how the victim feels see him basically get a slap on the wrist for what he did. Disgusting is the right word.
  12. Frankfurt 2-1 Bielefeld Leverkusen 3-1 Augsburg Gladbach 1-2 Union Freiburg 2-0 Stuttgart Hoffenheim 1-3 Dortmund Fürth 0-2 Mainz Bochum 1-2 Köln Leipzig 2-1 Wolfsburg Hertha BSC 1-3 Bayern
  13. Hamburg 2-3 St Pauli Düsseldorf 1-1 Nürnberg Paderborn 2-1 Bremen Rostock 2-2 Heidenheim Ingolstadt 0-2 Darmstadt Aue 1-2 Schalke Karlsruhe 2-1 Sandhausen Hannover 1-0 Dresden Regensburg 0-1 Kiel
  14. Idk maybe it's just me but I almost didn't really think of it as a classic gangster type film. It was more of a coming of age story and the friend group growing up together and what they built together. Ultimately yes they did become bootleggers and where definitely cold blooded bastards but that was secondary if that makes sense?
  15. I think personally thats why it was such a great choice to rekick off film club (despite being 40 hours long) is that it is absolutely going to be polarizing. Its absolutely not for everyone but that creates alot more dialogue imo.. that is of course is if more people do end up watching it
  16. To be fair I think its the only way it does make sense. Like you said the entire "twist" of James Woods character having pulled one over on noodles for seemingly no real reason to torture him for 30 years and then ask him to kill him doesnt really add up. However it does make alot of sense it how noodles would try to come to grips with getting all of his friends killed and trying to rationalize it in his own head. Personally I think that entire end sequence with James Woods is what ties everything together with the opium. It almost doesnt seem real simply because it isnt. The garbage truck scene at the end where he may or may not have gone in to the clearly very vintage cars driving by afterwards. The entire reason for jumping around in timelines also supports it imo. If you rethink and go through everything that transpires thinking about it in this way I think will change alot of peoples perspectives.
  17. Saturday 22nd January, 2022 Bristol City 1-2 Cardiff, 12.30 Lazio 1-2 Atalanta, 19.45 Atletico Madrid 2-0 Valencia, 20.00 Sporting Lisbon 2-0 Sporting Braga, 20.30 Sunday 23rd January, 2022 Brisbane Roar 1-1 Adelaide Utd, 07.45 Man Utd Women 3-2 Tottenham Women, 12.00 Hannover 1-2 Dresden, 12.30 Standard Liege 1-2 Club Brugge, 12.30 PSV 2-3 Ajax, 13.30 AC Milan 1-2 Juventus, 19.45
  18. Davies said to be out a couple of weeks..supposedly a mild case.. hopefully thats all it is here, thats a tad worrysome. Also should mention Kimmich was named Germany's men's player of the year. Well deserved.
  19. Chris Wood to score for Newcastle v Watford YES (2) All teams to score in the Premier League on Sunday YES (5) Fiorentina v Genoa - Result GENOA (3) Time of first goal in DfB Pokal on Tuesday 11-25 (2) Number of goals in Ligue 1 on Wednesday 6-9 (3) Arsenal or Liverpool to progress LIVERPOOL (3)
  20. This is what I was trying to say but im far dumber and far less articulate
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