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  1. Some of these VAR decisions have been absolutely mind boggling. What's the point of having VAR if these are the conclusions they come to with absolutely all of the information, all of the angles, full speed & slow motion. Its atrociously inconsistent. I still think the Witsel non penalty call against Canada is the worst of the bunch but how can there be this many shit calls.
  2. Its really still unfortunate how much of a let down the sequel was in comparison. I agree with you the first one is a near masterpiece.
  3. Thats a funny one to miss. They mentioned they where going to hang his body in the town center as well, although they didnt show it.
  4. Excellent finale to sink our teeth into. I think after wrapping all of it up its easily the best Star Wars series and it probably isnt that close. The writing is superb as you guys have mentioned.
  5. Seems like this has always been in the works. Definitely gives us something in midfield we dont have but it is a little curious with an already fairly packed midfield. We've already seen public comments from the Gravenberch party he isnt happy with playing time, right or wrong adding another option is going to be interesting.
  6. Was a beauty under 2 mins in.. dont worry about the rest of the match
  7. Tuesday 29th November, 2022 Group A Ecuador vs Senegal 1-2 Netherlands vs Qatar 2-0 Group B Iran vs USA 0-2 Wales vs England 0-2 Wednesday 30th November, 2022 Group C Poland vs Argentina 2-1 Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 0-1 Group D Australia vs Denmark 0-2 Tunisia vs France 0-3 Thursday 1st December, 2022 Group E Costa Rica vs Germany 0-4 Japan vs Spain 0-2 Group F Canada vs Morocco 2-1 Croatia vs Belgium 2-1 Friday 2nd December, 2022 Group G Cameroon vs Brazil 1-3 Serbia vs Switzerland 1-2 Group H Ghana vs Uruguay 1-2 South Korea vs Portugal 1-2
  8. Tough go, Croatia's midfield basically controlled everything from what 15-20mins onwards? Eustaqio going down we were super limited in the middle. Hutchinson needed to be subbed off but there just isnt much there. The fact that we could have and probably should have gotten at least a point off Belgium is the difference at the end of the day. Croatia was full money and we were never really in it outside of that first minute magic. Time to try and go out on a high and beat Morocco.
  9. This is the funny thing with Germany, they've basically operated with a striker up front for what? the last 10 years anyways at least? Ive been watching the same with Bayern all fucking season. All of a sudden we start a striker in the middle of a rut of 4 draws and a loss and what happens? the attack looks fluid as fuck. Choups mother fucking Magoops. You cant tell me hes the lynchpin of that fucking team but thats the point, it almost doesnt matter who the striker is. They just need a god damn true #9 to lead the line. I Honestly think you start Musiala in Müllers place too, hes got to drop to the bench at this point. He was injured and not in form before all of this as well is a point that gets lost, Musiala's been better then both Gündogan and Müller and he should occupy the central spot where hes at his best. Flick trying his best to Jögi this damn team.
  10. Those subs where great, still unsure why it took 25mins of the second half before he made them but fuck me. I still dont get why he tried Müller up front, its literally never worked for Germany before. Sane has to start if fit, Füllkrug should have started from match 1, Müller and Gündogan need to start on the bench, its that simple. Kehrer looked bad, try Klostermann or Hoffman thats my only other wish. Füllkrug Sane Musiala Gnabry Goretzka Kimmich Raum Rüdiger Süle Klostermann/Hoffmann
  11. I mean its kind of weird for me to some degree still because Ive just always cheered for Germany. I dont identify as German but my dad was born there so I do have dual citizenship and I grew up watching and following the German national team and the Bundesliga. It is definitely cool to follow Canada in football for once though and Ive never really had to think about it before as Canada is never in the conversation let alone qualifying Yeah about 20 games in now. Definitely id say at least 3/4's of the radio shows (which usually run in 3 ish hour blocks) still talk about hockey. They do actually have insiders and some coverage which is amped up a little bit from what the WC coverage usually is. Previous WC's id say maybe one show would have one insider on maybe once or twice a week to cover it kind of thing in the past. Hockey will basically always be #1 here and that isnt changing anytime soon. Although I will say summer is usually a bit different as the hockey season is usually done. This is a bit of a special case.
  12. Theres no movement to boycott it over here for thats worth either. I listen to local sports talk radio in and out of my work day they have covered some of the issues and even fifa corruption at times but thats never going to stop the masses. The men's national team has basically never been relevant to put it in some perspective so I think its just easier to put it out of mind and be excited for this I suppose. Im guilty of it for sure as well, I had a blast watching the Belgium Canada match.. although small victory I streamed it....
  13. Welcome aboard! Always good to see some more Bayern fans. What are your thoughts on the season so far?
  14. The heart of this german contingent plays for Bayern. The same team that just went undefeated yet again in their CL group - twice thrashing Barca while not conceding. I dont say this to brag I say this to put it in perspective. This Bayern team isnt unbeatable and went through spells of shit this season already BUT when we played a true #9 (Choupo-Moting in this case) the team looks completely different. Füllkrug is Germany's Choups Magoops. I dont care that he isnt Kane or Benzema it doesnt fucking matter. The sum of Germany's attack is much, much better with a #9. Also playing Gündogan who plays in you're beloved league beside Kimmich is absolute nonsense. They are redundant as fuck. If you play Gündogan more forward so be it but he absolutely has no business starting beside Kimmich. Its even more offensive when Kimmich plays his club football beside the guy that fucking should be starting and gives Germany much like he gives Bayern a different type of player they do not have otherwise in the middle of the park (Goretzka)..
  15. Surgery on ACL - not explicitly mentioned but pretty much rules him out for the season. Devastating man. Brazzo saying we will not be active in January basically. Better news on Maz it sounds like at least.
  16. Everything worked out pretty well overall I would say. Took a little bit of time by boat but relatively no hitches! Just in time to watch the Canada Belgium match Big thanks again to @Tommyn without him this would not have been a thing! I would bet theres a very small amount of people with these kits on this side of continent! It looks even better in person, I love the colour and badging. Also a bit special to finally get a Davies Bayern kit. I was fortunate enough he played in MLS for my local team (Vancouver Whitecaps) for a few seasons . I was able to see him break in and take the league over and then watch his growth with Bayern and now even the Canadian National team. Anyways I'm super stoked thanks again tommy my man!
  17. Friday 25th November, 2022 Group A Qatar 0-2 Senegal, 13.00 Netherlands 2-0 Ecuador, 16.00 Group B Wales 2-0 Iran, 10.00 England 3-1 USA, 19.00 Saturday 26th November, 2022 Group C Poland 2-0 Saudi Arabia, 13.00 Argentina 1-1 Mexico, 19.00 Group D Tunisia 1-2 Australia, 10.00 France 3-0 Denmark, 16.00 Sunday 27th November, 2022 Group E Japan 1-0 Costa Rica, 10.00 Spain 2-0 Germany, 19.00 Group F Belgium 3-0 Morocco, 13.00 Croatia 1-2 Canada, 16.00 Monday 28th November, 2022 Group G Cameroon 1-0 Serbia, 10.00 Brazil 2-1 Switzerland, 16.00 Group H South Korea 0-2 Ghana, 13.00 Portugal 1-2 Uruguay, 19.00
  18. In my wildest dreams I would never have expected that type of match, let alone against Belgium. We deserved better if anything but clearly the finishing isnt up to par out of all those chances, half chances and attempts only made Courtois make what 3 saves? That penalty was dreadful, I feel bad for Davies but he probably shouldnt be taking them. I still do not understand how that Witsel play was Var'd and deemed not a penalty, how the fuck is that not a penalty. I would love to know what rule they used to look at that play and deem it a goal fucking kick. Overall nearly all positives to take, we controlled most of the match and most of the play. One lapse in defence and thats the difference between a real class side like Belgium. It does leave me thinking we have a real shot to get out of this, who knows.
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