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  1. Ive only watched the first episode but it was an excellent start! very much Last Samurai vibes. Also they filmed a bunch here locally to me
  2. Finished off Narcos. Overall pretty excellent. Love me some Pedro in everything he does.
  3. Thats what I remember! It feels like it was forvever ago now but in theatre's it was an awesome experience. Cant wait.
  4. Absolutely! Not all movies are made to be academy award winners or blockbusters. Im here for it. It actually releases today in theatres... dont worry its at the top of my list to see here in short order. I wanted to rewatch the first but I just dont know how it will hold up outside of theatres so I never ended up doing that.
  5. I too saw The Beekeeper and completely agree with nudge. The perfect Bee movie. It was full of puns and corny lines and over the top action. What more can you want or expect from this going in!?! Even the sales team in the beginning ripping off his neighbour was just so diabolical putting her on hold laughing as he drains her account, man it was just so good.
  6. Hes actually been fine in his limited minutes tbh. As for what should be 4th choice CB I honestly dont think we could ask for more. Reminded me alot of the Daley Blind January transfer was it last year?
  7. You remind me I still need to watch For All Mankind and Silo at some point too.
  8. Top 5 is tough. I dont remember If I answered back then or not but Ill try one for now anyways 1. The Wire 2. The Soprano's 3. The Bear 4. Penny Dreadful 5. Dark HM: Rome, Black Sails, Hannibal, Peaky Blinders, Mr Robot. Hard to not mention limited series like Chernobyl and Band of Brothers too.
  9. Schalke 1-2 St Pauli Hertha BSC 2-1 Kiel Hannover 2-1 Düsseldorf Rostock 2-2 Lautern Nürnberg 2-0 Braunschweig Karlsruhe 2-1 Fürth Hamburg 3-1 Osnabrück Paderborn 2-1 Magdeburg Elversberg 2-0 Wehen
  10. Freiburg 0-3 Bayern Union 1-2 Dortmund Mainz 1-2 Gladbach Bochum 0-2 Leipzig Heidenheim 1-2 Frankfurt Darmstadt 0-0 Augsburg Wolfsburg 1-2 Stuttgart Köln 0-3Leverkusen Hoffenheim 0-1 Bremen
  11. I lied. I couldnt break so I started a third playthrough of Cyberpunk and am now like 45ish hours into this playthrough. The world building is too amazing, trying different builds and playstyles, different quest choices. I just love it. Also a good chunk into TLOU2. I cant wait to see what they do for season 2 and 3 of the show, this just hypes me up more for it.
  12. Neuer's comments in particular I think are pretty candid and spot on. Thomas Tuchel: "We played a very good first half, but couldn't take the lead. The second half was a bit complicated. We scored the opener when Leipzig was on the rise. We reacted well after the equaliser. All in all, it was a deserved win. The win today is good for the players, it’s good for all of us at the club." [@SkySportDE ] on Leroy Sané: "With his qualities, he's judged by goals and assists. It's a difficult phase for him at the moment with a lot of ball losses. He had to come off because he was in pain. He's not completely free at the moment and is biting his teeth" on Kimmich at right-back: "Josh was the only one in the squad who played several times at right-back. He did well. The likelihood that we'll need him again there against Freiburg is very high" Manuel Neuer: on Tuchel's departure: "It's bitter that we couldn't build anything . I also feel sorry for the coaching staff. In the end we screwed up together. I think you don't always have to look at the teacher when you get bad grades" [@MartinVolkmar] on how the team reacted to Tuchel's departure in the summer: "It casts a bad image on all of us, on the team, on the players, because we didn't manage to be successful with such a top coach. It is also our responsibility when a good coach is dismissed. We want to continue the path professionally until the end. There was no sign of [the decision] today in the speech or in the preparation for the game. He did everything extremely professionally and we were really prepared for the game." [Sky] on why top coaches at FC Bayern have repeatedly failed recently: "It's difficult to say. There are different players in this team than before when things happened a bit on their own. Teams change and I believe that we haven't had the self-confidence recently to put on this shirt every time, go onto the pitch and beat teams. We have to work on getting that back." Thomas Müller: "It was a win for all of us. We're all in the same boat. It wasn't an easy time for us, after three defeats in one week - especially against Leipzig, an opponent that can hurt you. We played better in the first half, but we weren't efficient enough. We totally dominated Leipzig in the first half. We didn't let them get a chance. Even though we were a bit lucky to get a late goal, we are happy that we won" [@SkySportDE] Harry Kane: "I think we played a good game today. From start to finish we were the team with the better chances. Especially in the first half we probably should have scored a couple. We played against a really good side. Of course we had to show a reaction after last week. It's really nice to score a couple of goals and help the team get the win" "As a team we felt like we could create more chances with the players that we have and that's what we did today. Especially the first goal was nice - me and Jamal were working on that in training just yesterday. It's really pleasing it came off as it did. That's what we need. We need more connection among each other. Hopefully we can build on today" [@SkySports] on Tuchel's departure in the summer: "The club made a decision. We players have to show our responsibility to the manager, our responsibility to the club, to give everything we have for the season. We knew as players we haven't been performing as well as we can. You can't just sit there and talk about it. You have to fight and work hard at every moment and that's what we did today" Eric Dier: On Tuchel: "It's disappointing. He brought me here, we have a good relationship. Regardless of that, it's a pity because he's a very good coach. We haven't done enough as a team in the past few weeks, the results don't lie. Now we have to finish the season as well as possible" [@kerry_hau] Herbert Hainer: on the title race: "We'll never give up." On the team and Tuchel: "I wouldn’t say that the team is uncoachable. We reacted because we're not satisfied with the development. Of course Thomas is disappointed." [@georg_holzner] "When FC Bayern lose three times in a row, we all have to question ourselves. That is not our ambition. We will draw the conclusions from it." On the many coach dismissals in recent years: "The expectations are very high at FC Bayern. There's pressure on everyone, but in the end that is the formula for success at FC Bayern: we are never satisfied" [Sky] on Tuchel's departure in the summer: "I'm very sorry. Thomas has invested a lot and put a lot of energy into it. We now all have to work together to ensure that we spend three more nice and successful months together." On Xabi Alonso “That’s not a topic for us now.” [@kerry_hau] on Alphonso Davies' comeback: "We hope he can resume team training or at least parts of it next week" [@julianbuhl] Dreesen: on Tuchel: "We've seen in the past few games that things are not working. That's why we decided to go separate ways in the summer. The team is now just as responsible as the coaching staff." [@_kochmaximilian] Thomas Tuchel has hinted that he would have liked to fulfill his contract. Was the decision to part ways in the summer really amicable and mutual? " Thomas is, as you have also written or reported, someone who does not mince his words and says his opinion. If he hadn't been of the same opinion as us, we wouldn't have said together in a press release that we were parting ways amicably" on Max Eberl's imminent appointment: "If things turn out the way we all think it will, we will have a new board member next week. More competence and quality in management can only be good. I believe we will achieve a lot together as a team" [@dpa]
  13. Saturday 2nd March, 2024 Western Sydney 1-2 Sydney FC, 08.45 Huddersfield 0-2 Leeds, 12.30 Dundee 1-1 Kilmarnock Getafe 1-0 Las Palmas, 17.30 Inter Miami 2-1 Orlando City, 21.30 Sunday 3rd March, 2024 Verona 0-0 Sassuolo, 11.30 Arsenal Women 2-1 Tottenham Women, 12.30 PSV 2-1 Feyenoord, 13.30 Besiktas 1-2 Galatasaray, 16.00 Porto 1-2 Benfica, 20.30
  14. Also the latest on Davies is apparently hes asking for €20m a season for a wage to extend. Think thats probably about that, sell him in the summer and move on. Will be sad to see him go on the one hand as I have an attachment to him but objectively looking at it Id sell him in a heartbeat if the asks and rumours are even half true. He hasn't hit the same heights from a few seasons ago, whether that's injuries or not probably a mix of everything. Will wish him the best at Madrid either way I suppose.
  15. Eberl official. Will work with Freund I suppose. This is a pivotal moment with him going forward. The squad needs a reshape and a new coach. Interesting to see how this all plays out. https://fcbayern.com/de/news/2024/02/entscheidung-aufsichtsrat-fc-bayern---berufung-von-max-eberl-ab-1.-maerz-zum-sportvorstand-sowie-schaffung-einer-schlanken-organisationsstruktur-mit-drei-vorstaenden
  16. I do in my storage locker somewhere ahahah
  17. What a great match for a change. Hard fought from both sides... I havent been able to say that for a little while. Pavlovic is getting better and better, its great to see. I want to see more efforts like that to close out the Tuchel era.
  18. Id imagine he would choose you over us anyways if it does come down to it.
  19. I dont think Tuchel has worked but I also really dont think alot of it is on him. Theres far too many underperforming overpaid players on this bloated roster for too long. Go down the list, and its been for several managers at this point now.
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