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  1. Nkunku extension until 2026. Conflicting reports about an exit clause.. sky is claiming there is one Kicker says otherwise though.
  2. I dont know anything about this source but there is this now: https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea-fc-de-ligt-ake-transfer-latest-bayern-munich-b1010300.html Harry Kau of Sport 1 is now saying we've agreed personal terms with De Ligt and he prefers a move to Munich. Well we'll see how this plays out.
  3. Top 3 teams: ( 3 points, if you predict a team and their position correct; 1 point, if you correctly predict a team, but get their position wrong) 1- HSV 2- Nürnberg 3- Düsseldorf Bottom 3 teams: ( 3 points, if you predict a team and their position correct; 1 point, if you correctly predict a team, but get their position wrong) 16- Sandhausen 17- Regensburg 18- Magdeburg Teams involved in the win with the largest gap of goals: ( 3 points if you get the winner or loser right; 8 points if both of them are correct) Winner- HSV Loser- Magdeburg Top Scorer: (5 points) Hrgota
  4. Both Bild (Falk) and Kicker have now gotten in on this one.
  5. Thats kind of what I figured too. I wouldnt rule it out entirely as adding Pavard to the block of potential sales its certainly possible and then theres the pressing need for another CB, Id still say its an outside chance though with that kind of fee.
  6. Yeah its kind of emerged as apparently Pavard might want out. Would make more sense. Plettenberg was the one who broke the Mane news first for us too fyi...been fairly good this transfer window thus far.
  7. Pretty decent Bayern source. Theres some merit to it as our interest was there before he moved to Juve. I just cant see us paying those prices though unless some sales are in the works at the same time.
  8. This has seemed much harder to fill my team then Comduo... I still have like 4 starting spots left
  9. What could have been if not for injury after injury. Wish him the best.
  10. What the fuck did I just read through
  11. I know he keeps repeating that he will run again in 2024 but I love how the question keeps coming, its like "are you sure? " I dont see how he runs again but If he does im not sure thats a good thing.
  12. I got to play around with my buddies steam deck a couple weeks ago, they ordered first day. It seems pretty great. Even booting up Epic Game store and loading games like GW2 or with steam actually worked pretty seamless. They got the mid range one and I have to say the FPS and overall performance was very impressive. He did say the battery is kinda so so was his only complaint so far. Apparently Q2 emails have all been sent and Q3 which im apart of is starting to send out reservation emails by the end of the month.
  13. This is probably going to get done here fairly soon if this is true, multiple reports about an offer close to this anyways.
  14. Save your sanity man. It is the exact opposite of hearsay - shes under oath and in the perfect position to observe all of these people. Also guess what? most of this was not a revelation, most of this has already been corroborated by several other people under oath, she provided extra clarity on the situation with a first hand recount. The mental gymnastics to deny these facts at this point is hilarious ...when even Fox News couldnt deny it anymore..im speechless. The long and the short of this is the DOJ is doing their own investigation and whether they bring forth charges or not on the Orange wonder is somewhat irrelevant. Its not in that it would set a dangerous precedence going forward with what can be done in plain sight of everyone but it isnt in that the damage has been done to the Republican party and Democracy in general. Whether the Orangutan is in the picture or not this is the blue print going forwad.. theres no dial to bring this back to reality. The thing im most afraid of is someone much smarter then the stain such as Ron DeSantis replaces him things will only get worse.
  15. This is great stuff, small summary of what happened and opens with Fox News because they couldn't even deny it anymore
  16. @Coma that reminds me alot of BC, looks gorgeous. Anyways im booked off to mexico Mayan Riveria area again for 10 days with my better half and another couple. Time to relax.
  17. The hearing today is absolutely mental. It wasnt planned originally and I see why this was put in. White House Aide to Mark Meadows (Orangutans chief of staff) testified in person about everything surrounding the white house and the events of January 6th. No wonder the retrumplicans keep downplaying the day and the committee there is literal 0 defence to what occurred otherwise. I would love to see the testimony of Pat Cipollone (white house counsel for the former president) it seems like hes in the middle of many of the testimonys and I can see why he hasnt complied so far but man what a story he would have to tell.
  18. Quality of life improvement blocking that guy I tell you.....
  19. The States is so far fucked I dont know what can repair it at this point. Just plunging deeper down the black hole.
  20. Viva la FCB


    Seider was great. Bright, bright future for him.
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