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  1. I'm sorry Now you are making me feel bad about it, even if I never kept any hoodies of my exes
  2. A while ago I realised that I regularly talk to more people from this forum than my actual "real life" friends.
  3. To my defense, I always ask beforehand
  4. Yes. "Stealing" a comfy hoodie is also one of the first things I do after getting into a relationship
  5. Didn't expect that, where in Lithuania? Do you still speak the language? When did your family leave?
  6. Good stuff. Just checked the squad list, not a single Werder player
  7. nudge


    I'm having a dejavu, that chicken is stalking me Looks seriously delicious...
  8. f @Stan we did it, we are world champions! Kinda gutted I missed that one race, could have probably finished in P2 or P3 overall... Thanks for running this, @RandoEFC!
  9. Spring = hope for me, as silly as it sounds. Watching the nature waking up, everything starting to bloom again, birds returning after the winter, sun feeling warmer again; it's all kinda magical. As much as I love summer and warm/hot weather, spring is actually my favourite season and I do miss it a bit. Summer - well, I love everything about a proper summer. The heat, the amount of sunshine, long days, short nights, and the way it just fills you with optimism. The time to get fun things done, for sure. Autumn - not a fan, as it starts getting cold, wet, windy, dark, and gloomy. I do love Indian summers though, that's a good way to enjoy a nice sunny weather while seeing the beauty of all the colours in nature. That's more of an exception though, as where I come from, autumn basically means the beginning of getting depressed. Winter - I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I love a cold, sunny winter day with a lot of snow, or a quiet cold winter night where even the sounds feel dampened somehow. It is absolutely beautiful. But instead, what you usually get is cold, windy, wet, dark, gloomy kind of winter where you just want to curl into a ball and die.
  10. That's only because it's not my country...
  11. Welcome aboard, Hannah.
  12. Lithuania: I mostly hate how close-minded, conservative, and provincial most of the population is, especially those over 30. Miserable, unfriendly, judgemental, and plain boring. The weather: mostly gray, cold, wet and windy for most of the year. Just depressing. Cold winters, cool summers, with maybe a month of proper summer weather. Fucking supermarkets everywhere, seems that shopping is the main attraction instead of culture and arts. More so in recent years - cost of living. Wages were always relatively low, but living was still very much affordable. In recent years, it seems like the cost of living increased significantly and largely caught up with Central and Western Europe, while the wages are still behind, with the exception of some specific industries.
  13. No it's all good, I already got all my money back, thankfully. Definitely agree with the part in bold though!
  14. I canceled my subscription as my bank card data has been recently stolen and used for unauthorised transactions online. Will re-subscribe once I receive a new card...
  15. For some reason I read that as "the dictator" and that really confused me...
  16. Not quite sure, but it's something stupid like "brand ambassador" for Bayern...
  17. Pole Position - Which driver will post the fastest lap in Q3? VER Podium - Which drivers will finish the Grand Prix in the top three positions? 1. VER 2. LEC 3. NOR Random Driver - Predict the finishing position of this week's random driver, Daniel Ricciardo. P13 Bonus Question - Mercedes go into this weekend on 392 points with Ferrari breathing down their neck on 388. Which team will secure 2nd in the Constructors' standings this weekend? Ferrari
  18. Looks like they had to choose between plague and cholera.
  19. nudge


    Release date moved up to March 1st now!
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