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  1. I mean, you could have gotten a job at a car repair shop and learned how to build a car from scratch by yourself before volunteering at an oil refinery in order to learn how to make gasoline out of crude oil, doh.
  2. Yep, I still use it, too! Hope you found the night mode faster than I did when I first got it, makes the world of difference in observing
  3. I've seen all four of the Galilean moons, and they are easily identifiable as in you can clearly see how they are all lined up on one almost straight line bisecting Jupiter (unless some of them are behind the planet or too close to it to be visible). Granted, they still just look like small spots of light, but it's very easy to spot them and impossible to confuse with any other objects. As for correctly identifying which moon is which, that might be a bit harder, but still very straightforward if you use one of the apps. Without the help from an app, it is good to know that Io and Ganymede are the brightest ones, while Callisto is the dimmest (very easily noticeable). Europa is pretty bright too, but it's usually possible to see the difference and correctly identify it. So the biggest confusion comes from trying to distinguish which one is Io and which one is Ganymede...
  4. For Jupiter, I always get my binoculars out, simply because the most fun part of Jupiter for me is spotting four of its moons I've heard you could even see them with a naked eye under certain conditions, but my eyesight is way too fucked for that haha
  5. Yeah, I'd say that the very concept of international sports competitions with teams representing each country is inherently political in nature.
  6. It's also the most popular sport in Nepal, and fairly popular in the Philippines. I looked at some stats earlier today, India's TV viewership of both domestic and international football is said to be at around 60 million. The average attendances in the Indian Super League are around 15.000, with the best supported club having an average attendance of almost 35.000, and the worst supported club of almost 5000. That's actually decent and more than I expected. I think the only country on that list that truly has little interest in football is Sri Lanka.
  7. Brilliant image that, breathtaking... Mars is so clearly visible with a naked eye now! Noticed it first two days ago, a non-mistakable reddish glow.
  8. Well you have to count them in, considering that it's mostly those migrant workers who get paid to attend the matches... It's not only relevant for football either, the same issue has been plaguing volleyball in Qatar as well. And no, I am not really wrong about attendances, either. Your "sources" is literally a single article from the official Qatar Stars League website from 2014, which has been taken down and only the archived link is provided by Wikipedia. In fact, only available figures for average attendance in QSL is from 2016/2017 season, and at that time, it was a whopping 672. After that, there's absolutely no indication of official attendances. Gee, I wonder why. And no, my basic argument is not that "smaller countries shouldn't host a World Cup". My basic argument is that countries that have no football culture, existing football infrastructure, active domestic fans, suitable conditions and only just bribe their way throughout the bidding process shouldn't host a World Cup. And yes, South Africa shouldn't have hosted the World Cup either, because they bribed their way to it, too.
  9. Also, I don't get how people can seriously talk about separating football and politics. Ideally, yes, that would be the case, but professional sports have always been political, and football is probably the most politicised sport ever! It's a reflection of society. Origins of hundreds of football clubs are political, entire fanbase identities, fan friendships and rivalries are heavily rooted in political leanings and ideologies, FIFA is political, the game is regularly used as a platform for political messages.
  10. But that's exactly the point... it doesn't make sense for a country with 300.000 citizens (as apparently expatriates and migrant workers do not count, for some reason) to have an 89.000 capacity stadium, and the same way it doesn't make any sense for the said country to host a World Cup. As for attendances - average attendance in domestic league is around 500, and even that is largely made up of migrant workers and paid fans. In fact, the presence of paid fans has been cited as one of the reasons why they do not like attending local games by the Qataris themselves... So what kind of football culture are we talking about here? Watching Premier League on the couch in an air-conditioned palace while sipping tea doesn't count.
  11. Sure, refurbished/new stadiums is normal for bidding countries, and if I'm honest, I always found it a bit controversial, as on many occasions, the construction displaces thousands of people and has a massive impact on environment, while the stadiums have no use once the tournament is over. The point I am trying to make is that the only reason Qatar got the chance to host the World Cup was because they bribed FIFA with crazy amounts of money, and then they had to completely change the footballing calendar because the country's climate wasn't even suitable for having the tournament there in the first place. So no suitable climate, no stadiums, no fans, no culture.
  12. I meant football infrastructure. At the time of the bidding, they had a single football stadium available, and even that one had to be refurbished, then they built eight new ones. Doesn't sound like a great football infrastructure to me... As for culture... Sorry, but if you have little to none supporters in the stands in domestic league and have to import Lebanese Ultras to support your national team, it says all I need to know about their football culture.
  13. FIFA doesn't need to be very restrictive, it just needs not to be a corrupt piece of shit organisation that sells the tournaments for the highest bidder with no football culture and infrastructure. I know, I know, that's too much to ask.
  14. The same journalist who was threatened for simply filming in public before the World Cup started. @Dr. Gonzo
  15. nudge


    Their new songs do nothing for me, think they are significantly worse than their best stuff. But the videos are nothing short of incredible. Maybe they should consider a career change and move into movie-making full time
  16. Full trailer: Helen Mirren is badass
  17. That makes two of us! But his Wikipedia entry is pretty interesting Apparently, he's the son of one the US famous zoologists and educational children's TV shows hosts, had trials at Bayern, trained with La Masia academy and then played for Barcelona's US academy, before joining some university and then going to Germany to play for SSV Ulm's U19 last season. He is joining our reserves, we'll have to see if he makes it to the first team in the future...
  18. Did he score??? EDIT: Nevermind, of course he did
  19. Yep, fantastic! Here's a better angle/quality:
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