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  1. Divergent (2016) Not great, not terrible. Quite a predictable story, and has some serious pacing issues, but overall, a decent watch. Hunger Games-like, but I actually enjoyed this one better. 6/10
  2. Once we conceded in the 2nd minute of the game, I knew immediately that you were watching it
  3. https://shopfinder.schlenkerla.de/Haendlersuche/http/shopfinder-schlenkerla-de/shopfinder-91356.html?search._f=horizontal&search._digest=true&search.city=düsseldorf&submit=submit
  4. Seriously, give it a try if you can find it. Not something I'd want to drink regularly, but definitely worth trying just for the unique taste alone. Campfire, BBQ, spare ribs, bacon. First things that come in mind It surely isn't for everyone, similar to smoky, peated scotch.
  5. Palm is Belgian, so no surprise there It was one of the main choices for parties in our student halls in Holland, and we used to get cases of it from the nearby Spar just a few meters away Quite surprised you haven't heard of Schlenkerla though, to be honest! A very traditional brewery with a very unique taste profile. Literally like drinking a BBQ
  6. Have you tried Schlenkerla Rauchbier yet? Also, Palm brings back some great memories...
  7. nudge

    Who do you support?

    Porsche factory team in all motorsport series. Kevin Estre, Ye Yifei, Ferdinand Habsburg, Herberth Motorsport in GT/endurance racing. Max Verstappen and Mick Schumacher in F1. Theo Pourchaire and Jüri Vips in F2. David Schumacher, Jack Crawford and Jonny Edgar in F3. Rinus VeeKay in IndyCar.
  8. Real-time marine traffic in Yellow Sea and East China Sea. Mind-blowing
  9. I'm one of those weird few who actually prefer humid heat over dry heat
  10. 16 shots compared to 6 by HSV, still not a single goal for us. So frustrating.
  11. Can't complain much about the score, as at first we failed to create any goal scoring opportunities, and then later we missed every single one, but I'm extremely disappointed as I expected a hard, intensive derby, but it was pretty much ruined by inconsistent refereeing that decided the match outcome in the first 30 minutes.
  12. Stegemann can fuck off, completely unbalanced refereeing. No yellows for at least two HSV players for going studs up, and yet our players get booked for their first, non-dangerous fouls in the match. Not even a review of Schonlau holding and fouling Ducksch in the box. Disallowed goal is because of the stupid rule change, I think, but it's still frustrating as fuck.
  13. What a shitshow. Early 0-1, and then Groß gets sent off. Silly foul on the keeper to get his second booking, but frankly, Stegemann is a bit of a tool to book him earlier for his first foul in the game. Should have also been a penalty and second yellow for Schonlau for the foul on Ducksch just now.
  14. Already have a few beers in me, really excited for the derby! @Chadwell are you around?
  15. Köln take the lead against RB Leipzig! Modeste scores; very emotional and crying after scoring
  16. And as you say that, Gladbach take the lead against Augsburg
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