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  1. Don't just like my post, you numpties. Talk to me
  2. nudge


    Wordle 222 3/6 Niiice Wish I would have guessed it on the 2nd go though...
  3. Haha, no CD drive in my laptop either, I'm afraid... You'd have to wait until I settle down in one place and get a desktop PC
  4. Just Google it, it's not rocket science
  5. https://store.steampowered.com/app/286160/Tabletop_Simulator/ Well, it's a...tabletop simulator Pretty much all board games you can imagine available at the workshop.
  6. Buy an empty CD-R, download Tekken 3 ROM and burn it onto the CD.
  7. Episode 5 what a surprise...
  8. Club Brugge v Royale Union Wurzburger Kickers v Freiburg II Marseille v Montpellier Hearts v Motherwell Cardiff v Nottingham Forest Meppen v Manheim Portsmouth v Charlton Valenciennes v Nancy
  9. nudge


    Not too shabby... Wordle 221 4/6
  10. Does anyone else read the methodology of the test?... It's not supposed to tell you which class you are, but rather which class the British public thinks you are based on certain aspects of your lifestyle...
  11. I have no idea why you quoted me, but that actually looks like an interesting series... Have you watched it?
  12. Yes I know, but Jedi: Fallen Order didn't have any loot boxes nor microtransactions or "live service" passes, and Squadrons followed the same path. In fact, ther was absolutely no post-purchase monetisation whatsoever in both games, so that gives me hope!
  13. Yeah, Jedi: Fallen Order was class though, and Squadrons wasn't bad, either (if you don't count me being shit at it)
  14. Understandable in a way, considering that he didn't want to extend his contract last year, and would leave on a free transfer in summer. So that was the last opportunity for Stuttgart to get at least some money. Great transfer for Hertha, though.
  15. Three new Star Wars Games in the works... That's not counting The Eclipse which will come out this year.
  16. Wtf. It's properly confusing. Duels? What is this, fencing?...
  17. nudge


    Wordle 220 4/6 Better... Although I should have probably guessed it on my 3rd attempt.
  18. Yeah, I kinda have this general image of Leverkusen in my mind where they are closely associated with entertaining, attacking football in the last few decades. Soane is surely doing a great job so far...
  19. Saturday 29th January, 2022 Ross County 1-4 Rangers, 12.30 Aston Villa Women 1-3 Chelsea Women, 13.00 Fulham 2-1 Blackpool Hull 1-2 Swansea Celtic 3-1 Dundee Utd Sunday 30th January, 2022 Sydney 1-1 Central Coast Mariners, 05.05 Newcastle Jets 2-0 Adelaide Utd, 07.45 Gent 1-2 Antwerp Liverpool Women 3-1 Lincoln City Women, 14.00 Cardiff 1-3 Nottm Forest, 16.00
  20. Orbital insertion burn is complete! JWST has successfully arrived
  21. How's your squad looking? Any potential talents?
  22. Does anybody use it? Pros/cons?
  23. So they are basically saying that a man on foot is faster than Formula E cars? Really great marketing In all seriousness, the video looks great, but I'm honestly not sure if showing a massive crash from last season and then drivers outrunning their cars is a great way to advertise the series...
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