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  1. Now that the stress is over for you lot will you be wanting Lampard to stay or make way for another Manager???
  2. This is where I feel a bit for Tuchel.... You can't blame the tactics when we have most of the possession and had 20 shots to your 2.. what can you say when players like Pulisic miss chances like that, it's been the story of our season, players that are supposed to deliver in those type of moments failing to do so.. Lot's to sort out...
  3. Wasteful as fuck but we got the point we needed to secure 3rd...
  4. Pulisic about as accurate as a Rebekah Vardy statement...
  5. So with all the evidence now in... who do we think is the guilty party?? From what I have read and seen that Vardy woman looks guilty to me...
  6. Well taken that and really poor defending from Rangers... should have done much, much better there
  7. Probably... It's never been an easy job but with onside monitors and VAR in use at least if they make an informed decision and it's right a ref would be respected for that even if the losing side are not happy with the result, As it stands though they still come in for criticism for having all that technology and not using it properly...
  8. Clear and obvious was laid out at the beginning but for some reason over here at least we have reduced it to millimetres to make decisions... Giving refs microphones could be a way forward like they do in Rugby or at the very least have both the ref and whoever is looking after VAR be available at the end of the match to discuss the decision making behind it. All the time they are not being challenged they are effectively being given a free pass to carry on as they see fit and as we know from experience this leads to erratic calls from one game to another.. I don't know how well implemented it is in other leagues around the world regarding the offside rule?? Is it the same or does it vary from league to league?? I appreciate that in European competition it has to be the same across the board for fairness but in the respective leagues it may be being managed differently... I don't watch enough Spanish/German/French football to comment in that regard..
  9. Fake news.... That's just a Red Herring, It's the minions entrance This is the front door... They will need to shout though because the doorbells not working at the moment..
  10. Is that right what I have just heard about the fans ticket allocation 10,000 each for a Final??? are they taking the piss...
  11. 2 things... Don't be shy and name names... and secondly, can we all stop saying things that will attract MUFC in here...
  12. I certainly don't think it's improved at all.... I would expect there to be issues in the beginning but season on season you would expect improvements no matter how small they are but some of the decisions or lack of in some cases are baffling... Also these elbow/toe offsides need to go as it does nothing for the good flow of football... clear and obvious should be clear and obvious, not 5 minutes of running a line down the screen to prove an attacker had his earlobe in an offside position...
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    I can imagine...
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