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  1. Glad it didn't go unnoticed... I am getting the feeling that every time I put up my predictions you are all like...
  2. Does make you wonder if this could be a potential banana skin for Pool... Everything going well for them against a side that is struggling, Just be like United to show up and put in a 10 out of 10 performance here to ruin Liverpools day.. I was almost tempted to chance 2-1 United in the prediction league as well
  3. Central Coast Mariners 2-1 Newcastle Jets Newport 2-0 Scunthorpe Rotherham 2-2 Oxford St Mirren 2-1 St Johnstone Atletico Madrid 2-0 Valencia Metz 0-3 Nantes Melbourne City 2-1 Adelaide Alaves 1-1 Celta Vigo Philadelphia 1-2 New York Red Bulls Flamengo 2-1 Fluminense
  4. Aston Villa 2-1 Brighton Bournemouth 2-1 Norwich Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle Crystal Palace 0-3 Man City Everton 1-1 West Ham Leicester 2-0 Burnley Tottenham 2-0 Watford Wovles 2-0 Southampton Man Utd 0-2 Liverpool Sheff Utd 1-3 Arsenal
  5. Frankfurt 1-1 Leverkusen Leipzig 2-2 Wolfsburg Bremen 2-1 Hertha BSC Düsseldorf 1-1 Mainz Augsburg 1-3 Bayern Onion 0-2 Freiburg Dortmund 2-1 Gladbach Köln 1-0 Paderborn Hoffenheim 1-2 Schalke
  6. Bluewolf

    The Circle

    Yea.. people really need to just try and be themselves for a while, How would the police be able to find you if you are coming across like a Kardashian in your filtered photos online and look like Smeagle in real life??
  7. So pretty much the same things Hazard had to do then??? Just I didn't see Hazard feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of it all.. he came out and gave it his best shot every time as you might come to expect from a world class player... Pogba will get out of it what he is prepared to put into it, nothing more nothing less...
  8. That's pretty much all you need to know right there... You can have all the skill in the world but if you never apply yourself to the task at hand then it's meaningless... If he imposed himself more in games and gave 100% each match then you might be able to point out that the players around him were not of sufficient skill to compliment his efforts but if you just come out and trudge around for 90 minutes then you can't really point the finger at anyone else for not performing well... Hazard is a good example of a big player that showed it week in and week out.. There was a period under Mourinho where the whole team took a bit of a nose dive him included I admit but for the most part you got a buzz of anticipation that the bloke could turn a game on it's head when he came on, he made things happen, influenced the play and created and scored goals,, you just don't get that same vibe from Pogba..
  9. Bluewolf

    Werder Bremen Thread

    This was an interesting read.... didn't realize that Pizzaro was 41.. god that makes me feel old.. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7568377/Still-going-41-Werder-Bremens-Claudio-Pizarro-records-sight-retirement.html Second most goals scored by a foreign scorer in German football history Sixth all-time top scorer in Bundesliga (197 goals) Oldest player to score in Bundesliga history Oldest player to score a hat-trick in Bundesliga history Top scorer in Werder Bremen history (152 goals) More than 200 goals and 18 trophies... not a bad haul for an old boy..
  10. Bluewolf

    Chelsea Discussion

    Caught them yesterday... great future ahead of him Thumbs up for Nketiah who grabbed a hat trick as well... currently on loan to Leeds from Arsenal
  11. Bluewolf

    The Sci-Fi Thread..

    Just sourcing a few possible gift ideas for Nudge for Xmas...
  12. Bluewolf


    Turned out that way it's true but in fairness it took you a long time to work out the calculations...
  13. Bluewolf

    Off Topic

    My missus is driving me round the bend.... If I say I will fix something then I will fix it! No need to keep reminding me every 3 months...
  14. Bluewolf


    And that magic number my friend is the exact amount of fucks I give that I am near the bottom....