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  1. So poor and predictable from us all through the back to the final third, such a great positive start to the game as well... totally lacking focus at the back, creativity and calm up front and above all the clinical finishing needed to take what chances do come... hard to believe that we were playing against 10 men.. utterly frustrating once again
  2. We certainly don't deserve to win this, Arsenal have shown good fighting spirit this half..
  3. For fucks sake...useless fucking defending once again We are so fucking shit at the back...
  4. So bloody wasteful, 12 corners and we have mustered just one decent effort on goal...
  5. Luiz junior... like father like son
  6. For all our one man advantage and all the possession we have had we have only managed 3 shots on goal and only got a goal through a penalty, our final third performances have killed us just as much as our defensive ones...
  7. What the fuck!! A Gerrard style fuck up there from Kante…
  8. We really need a second goal...
  9. Toons draw level.... well I REALLY never saw that coming..
  10. Some credit to CHO who was looking a shadow of himself a few weeks ago really looks sharp now and up for it in recent games...
  11. Newcastle 2-0 down??? Never saw that coming...
  12. Been a good half for us this has... 1-0 and Arsenal down to 10
  13. Really positive start from us...
  14. Agreed, still a long way to go yet so no point in pushing him into something that could turn more serious
  15. Bluewolf

    Show us your pets

    Well that's the dilemma isn't it, If you don't let it decide then when it grows up it could blame you for it's poor life choices citing a poor upbringing, lack of opportunities, male trapped in a female body or vice versa, then next thing you know it will be sniffing pond weed and hanging about in the shady part of the tank and you won't see it from one day to the next... then one day it will be found floating at the top of the tank dead and people will ask... Could you have done more Nudge??