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  1. Bluewolf

    The jeopardy of landing on Mars

    Ha ha ha.. I have run out of positive reps for the day...
  2. Bluewolf

    The jeopardy of landing on Mars

    Definitely a good way to get the kids interested in space.. they could maybe do a summer camp type experience for a week where they have to achieve certain objectives in a certain amount of time and sort out a leader and assign duties to help run the base properly during their stay.. Then they could let them pick an area to explore and they could go out in a rover or something... make it fun for them
  3. Bluewolf

    The jeopardy of landing on Mars

    It is very cool though as you say... especially given the landscape around it, makes it feel like the real thing...
  4. Bluewolf

    The jeopardy of landing on Mars

    It's like we are already there.... bagsy bunk 5 in case we get an alien sneaking in, they always go for the first bunk, and my freshly awoken comrades screams will give me chance to get away... also fancy some light duties ( watering plants ) in the botanical section and get myself on the exploration team asap... Just for a second there I had a flash of a potential Alien story but naa!! been done to death, doubt I could add a new twist to that theme..
  5. Bluewolf

    Picture to Words

    Ain't that the truth...
  6. Bluewolf

    Picture to Words

    I am going to twitter Stephen King and find out if he got negative reviews when he first kicked off... Christine was not exactly a fairytale ending was it.. Anyway you can blame @Dr. Gonzo for the last one.. he set the challenge bar
  7. Happy is a good un... I know he pisses about a lot with some of his comments but he is sensible really... which is a very rare thing among Manchester fans..
  8. Bluewolf


    It's a fake Stan... The internet is getting on my nerves with all these fake photshop pictures people are sticking up just for likes.. attention seeking mother fuckers.. let's not worry about the truth of things as long as people feel popular.. In other more worthy news though they have found a Mermaid Skeleton in Bulgaria.. WOW!!!! totally believable, I knew they existed and now we have the proof...
  9. Bluewolf

    Away goals rule

    Agree with Artful, the idea was to get teams to be willing to play more attacking football away from home, the fact that City played it safe in their first game was their downfall, Spurs had nothing to lose last night by attacking and everything to gain and they succeeded and why we got that drama and all them goals.. leave it alone I say.. those that want to take advantage of it will, those that don't risk the exit..
  10. Bluewolf

    Last movie you watched?

    The good news is I am not at that age where I am suffering from that brain rotting disease where you forget stuff... can't think of the name of it off hand.. Anyway, at least I am not suffering from that brain rotting disease where you forget stuff...
  11. Bluewolf

    Last movie you watched?

    I am like an elephant... I don't forget stuff
  12. Bluewolf

    Last movie you watched?

    Thought that might have been a bit immature for you son??
  13. Bluewolf

    Guess the Movie

    Yes mate.. spot on
  14. Bluewolf

    Picture to Words

    The dog had to survive... Nudge would never have spoken to me again if the outcome had been any different..