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  1. Not a terrible result for Liverpool.... Bayern will need to be wary of conceding the away goal now which adds a little bit of pressure to them.. would have been better if Pool could have got at least one goal tonight just to give them the edge going into the second leg but alas it was not to be..
  2. You know the tune.... Tonight's the night we couldn't make it happen Tonight we'll put most of our shots well wide Give in this time and show me some deflections We're goin' for that 0-0 draw tonight.... I'm so excited..... not
  3. Some of these attempts at goal are like watching Chelsea play....
  4. Your about to lose control but I think you'll like it...
  5. Hoping for a decent game tonight... Great atmosphere
  6. Bluewolf

    Returning Isis fighters

    Pleased with the decision in the end... They have been trying to drum up support based on the fact she has a child now or represents no threat but for me the fact she went off to join a terrorist organisation and would be bringing back those ideals is what is wrong for me... Anyone associated with such organisations should not be free to return to this country... As has already been pointed out here she made her bed now has to lay in it..
  7. Bluewolf

    Trivia Thread

  8. Bluewolf

    Trivia Thread

    Weird when you see stuff close up like that.. We used to have a healthy lot of water snails in our little pond up until last year, there were hundreds of them all different sizes, when they got really big they just died off only to be replaced by loads more little ones growing through, for some reason they all died off completely?? I think we picked them up from a water plant we got at some time or another but not sure why they all perished..
  9. Bluewolf

    Trivia Thread

    Ok then... The Carolina Reaper, Dorset Naga, and Trinidad Scorpion are better known as what???
  10. Bluewolf

    Trivia Thread

    Really?? didn't know that.. I was going to plump for Mole or something but when you said Aquatic it threw me off that trail.. That explains why they can destroy my young plants overnight.. I always thought it was because there might be lots of them attacking one plant but now I know better..
  11. Bluewolf

    Trivia Thread

    A Snail then?? they can live both on land ( in the garden ) and in water ( my little pond ) I know they can munch the shit out of my plants and cardboard for that matter.. leaving little trails of cardboard poop everywhere they go..
  12. Bluewolf

    Trivia Thread

    Water or Land Based??
  13. I had to go up to 150% to able to read that...
  14. Bluewolf

    Trivia Thread

    That's a lot of teeth!! Following on from the Stan school of answering.. I would guess one of the following 1. Shark of some kind? 2 Squid of some kind? 3. Some type of old dinosaur? Just take my first answer... Is it a Shark of some type??