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  1. Bluewolf

    Star Wars

    Yea, right!!! as if Han Solo the smuggler is going to bother with Insurance...
  2. Bluewolf

    Mobile Phones

    It's been ok so far... I don't use it for apps or a lot of internet etc just phone calls, photos and such and needed something with a lot more space and this had 128GB so seemed fairly decent for the monthly cost, I will let you know if I start having any issues with it though...
  3. It is poor, What's worse is we have now lost games against Bournemouth, Everton & West Ham who are struggling and not got the best defensive records, I am surprised at how all these sides despite their form were able to not only score against us but keep a clean sheet, and yet we were not able to do the same?? Our hopes of being able to stay in a top 4 or 5 position in the league do not rely on us beating the likes of City or Liverpool but being able to make the best of it from 6th spot down and when you are throwing away points against sides we should be at least scoring once against we have no chance of holding on to it.. We have taken a sudden dip in form, We all knew our defence was not great but at least going forward we were very creative and scoring goals which gave us the edge but it's noticeable that Mounts form has dipped and CHO just seems well off the pace since coming back as an example and in general we are lacking that killer instinct or composure in the final third. I think the honeymoon period is over now and Lampard is struggling tactically... it's great we always have a lot of the ball but no good if we can't get goals with it... I won't be too down about it as we knew this season was going to be more experimental than those that have gone before and the younger players have to have some adversity to learn how to overcome it but it's runs like this that have always raised question marks over the manager and I wonder now that the transfer ban has been lifted will they stick with Lampard regardless or bring down the sword if things don't get any better?? We all know how Chelsea operate in that regard and him coming on board was a nice cosy fit for all parties given the circumstances at the start of the season but when we crash out of the CL which we will, and then maybe start looking like we won't be in a qualifying spot for next season then what I wonder??
  4. We are not going to be there much longer anyway.. despite our promising start I think we will end up where most of us predicted we would be, around 6th or 7th come the end of the season..
  5. Got what we deserved from this today... nothing, zero creativity up front and it's been awful to watch...
  6. Bluewolf

    2019 Post of the Year

    You know what.... When I finally shuffle from this world and on to the next, and trust me I will be shuffling because I am not going to be running toward it with open arms no matter what fucker is behind me pushing I am going to have a few people at the back of the funeral service whispering and nudging each other saying " who's died like??" and people will be saying it was Joe... and they will be like "who?" " You know Joe, the bloke that always used to give his seat up on the bus for the elderly folk, gave money for the RSPCA every month, carried that old lady up 3 flights of stairs with 2 bags of shopping when she twisted her ankle and then stayed with her for 2 hours until the ambulance arrived " They be like " You must know Joe, Gave blood every week and helped out down the homeless shelter on Wednesdays and weekends, the same bloke who saved those kittens he found in the woods by taking off his shirt and sleeping cuddled up to them outside on that freezing winter night then found homes for them all, The one that gives blood to help with cancer research, that Joe, the bloke with 4 kids... you know, the one that builds stuff in his back garden for his grandkids?? " And they be like " You must know him.... he once set light to a town and torched a load of people during an online mafia game in a small corner of the internet somewhere " " AAAAHHH Right, NOW I know who you are on about... " Move on people... move on
  7. Perth Glory 2-1 Western Sydney Wanderers Birmingham 1-2 West Brom Hearts 2-1 St Johnstone Napoli 1-1 Parma Vitoria Setubal 2-0 Desportivo Aves Hellas Verona 1-1 Torino Motherwell 1-2 Rangers Sivasspor 2-1 Fenerbahce AZ Alkmaar 1-2 Ajax Lyon 2-2 Rennes
  8. Burnley 1-1 Newcastle Chelsea 2-1 Bournemouth Leicester 3-0 Norwich Liverpool 4-0 Watford Sheffield Utd 2-1 Aston Villa Southampton 2-2 West Ham Arsenal 1-3 Man City Man Utd 2-0 Everton Wolves 1-2 Tottenham Crystal Palace 2-1 Brighton
  9. Hoffenheim 2-1 Augsburg Bayern 2-0 Bremen Hertha BSC 1-2 Freiburg Mainz 1-2 Dortmund Köln 0-3 Leverkusen Paderborn 1-1 Union Düsseldorf 1-3 Leipzig Wolfsburg 2-2 Gladbach Schalke 2-1 Frankfurt
  10. Bluewolf

    Ad Astra

    Saw it this morning and to be fair it was better than I had been led to believe it would be.... not for everyone and I can see why my daughter probably didn't enjoy it that much but well worth a look, the opening scenes alone were amazing.. Toward the end you did get the sense of how lonely it would be during deep space exploration.. not the ending to it I was expecting either
  11. Bluewolf

    Good News Thread....

    https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/11/amazing-boss-ever-gives-10000000-198-staff-average-50000-11652828/ Quality….
  12. Felt sure that Ajax were going to get the result they needed tonight
  13. Got through then... played really well in the first half then lost all our intensity in the second and allowed them back in it, harder than it had to be
  14. Shocked.... Not Nervous last 15 up and coming....