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  1. Bluewolf

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Got that on my list to watch next couple of days..
  2. Probably good news for Spurs given they are playing Thursday as well... If they can't sort the replay it will be awarded to them as well I understand..
  3. Bluewolf

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    It's shameful that Johnson continues to avoid answering any questions or genuine criticism by throwing back at people that they are always trying to undermine the great work the NHS are doing... This must be the 5th or 6th time he has said the same thing.. The bloke needs to start wearing a plant around his neck to give back some of that oxygen he keeps wasting...
  4. Bluewolf

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    The good news is the episodes are not overwhelmed by them making them the main topic of conversation, just enough to provide a WTF moment here and there...
  5. Bluewolf

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Don't really know how best to describe it... It has horror related stuff in it but not the kind of horror that would put you off, although maybe episode 3 you might find a bit creepy but then again maybe not... Such a mix of strange things that seem to blend really well together... Basically it's about a black man called Atticus Freeman who returns home from the army and embarks on a search for his missing father in 1950's America.. and along with trying to overcome the racist attitudes of the time they also end up fighting monsters and magic along the way.. Might all sound a bit odd but it has one long running story and little stories in each episode that help fill in the blanks while they piece together the mystery... Has treasure hunting elements to it and I have also heard a couple of Marylin Manson tracks already... It also stars Michael K Williams who you may remember played Chalky White in Boardwalk Empire... Would suggest watching the first 2 and see what you think... personally I am enjoying it
  6. Didn't City have 8 players out for this one as well... still running riot over Wolves who are normally very capable of pulling something out the bag in these types of games..
  7. Bluewolf

    The Sci-Fi Thread..

    R.I.P... Also note that his involvement in the Alien films was that he was credited with coming up with the Alien having acid for blood... such a shame
  8. If a player goes down and there is no contact it should be an automatic booking....
  9. Bluewolf

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Actually yea, Thought it would be along other lines as I didn't see any previews for it or anything... but it's very interesting, I am enjoying it.. On episode 4 as we speak..
  10. Bluewolf

    First Goal - Season Two

    7th minute please
  11. Bluewolf

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Just finished watching the first episode of Lovecraft Country.. Not what I was expecting at all... Anyone else seen this yet??
  12. Just when you think your day can't get any worse...... then it does
  13. Oh well... I am off to help my Granddaughter retrieve a ball from next doors bushes, it will be far more interesting than watching the rest of this unfold...
  14. Enjoy it while you can mate that's all I can say... We will get better, defeat today was a bit of a no brainer and that was before the sending off...