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  1. Puss in Boots and The Last Wish.... Hats off to this villian...
  2. The Missus and me used to watch this every Sunday night once we had the kids settled, it was the highlight of the tv week for us back then... Also the fact they had great chemistry between them that still shines through now.. I have seen a lot of shows that tried that type of combo and failed simply because the connection seemed forced..
  3. I can't see it working any other way... not even convinced he could carry it off as another character to be honest not in this type of series..
  4. I was reading elsewhere that Matthew McConaughey might be taking over... Yellowstone: Kevin Costner out, Matthew McConaughey in, reports claim (msn.com)
  5. I reckon when people think they might survive in the wild against Wolves they underestimate how big they are... but by the time they realise it's too late..
  6. How unusual.. sees something someone else does then copies them... Just finished season 2 on a cliffhanger and all I can say is that after everything she has gone through I am shocked Scully has not quit the FBI yet!!
  7. Right, I am off the leash... I will start watching this tonight!
  8. Been on my watch list for a while now and just ordered it... one of the best covers I have seen for some time
  9. I filled out all the ones for the weekend but just about 5 seconds before I could post the topic got locked... I couldn't be arsed to do them all again for a PM..
  10. I don't understand how they didn't see this coming??? with all the modern quake monitoring equipment they have these days there must have been some signs of it's arrival?? I appreciate that they can do little about it once it hits but surely there was some activity prior to that??
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