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  1. Willian comes off and Pedro comes on then Vidi go and score again with a very well taken quality goal... 2-1
  2. Such a difficult one this to only pick 3 because loads of members on here have had me laughing about one thing or another across the year... Nudge Harvsky Batard
  3. Caac - John AMG Marc
  4. Nudge DrGonzo Rando
  5. We went 1-0 up from a Willian free kick, nicely taken but the free kick should never have been given in my opinion and then Vidi went up the other end got a corner and Ampadu deflected it into his own net to make it 1-1 Not great entertainment but we have the most of the possession but as usual struggling to do anything meaningful in the final third..
  6. Nürnberg 0-1 Wolfsburg Hoffenheim 2-2 Gladbach Stuttgart 0-2 Hertha BSC Augsburg 1-1 Schalke Hannover 0-3 Bayern Düsseldorf 0-1 Freiburg Dortmund 2-1 Bremen Leipzig 2-1 Mainz Frankfurt 2-1 Leverkusen
  7. Bluewolf

    Alvaro Morata Transfer Listed

    Some of his misses have been so bad that I might be inclined to check out family and friends for suspicious betting patterns... At the end of the day he has had a decent run of game time to put things right and show he at least has the ability to be hitting the back of the net on a reasonably regular basis but even the dead simple ones he is bungling badly.. Not even on target with only the keeper to beat...
  8. Bluewolf

    SirBalon's Knowing Men's Fashion Trends

    Yea it will, so you know will know if it's safe to answer the door or if you need to quickly duck down behind the sofa and pretend you are not in...
  9. Bluewolf


    This made me laugh the first time I saw it....
  10. Bluewolf

    Brian's 3D Modelling

    Are you going to tell us what it is then or are we supposed to keep guessing until someone gets it right???
  11. Bluewolf

    Brian's 3D Modelling

    Is it a ornate table leg???
  12. Bluewolf

    Space: the Final Frontier

    Yea.. Should be in the Sci-Fi section really....
  13. Bluewolf

    Space: the Final Frontier

    Yea you laugh but....