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  1. Bluewolf


    It's about as close to Lost as I am to being 24 years old... but good job suckering Nudge in there mate.. top work
  2. Bluewolf

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    Well that's where you misunderstand me as a person completely..... I was indeed raised in a time where offensive language and racist comments were common place but where have I ever said anywhere at anytime that that was not offensive??? It was commonplace but not ok... I was lucky, my parents were never racist and I never heard a word uttered from their mouths in that regard and maybe that is what helped, On the other hand it could just be that I am a fairly decent bloke who just treats people from all walks of life regardless of race, gender or standing with a bit of respect... It's only right that these things are being dealt with but let's not pretend I was in a majority of people back in the day that behaved like I did, I have heard it all in my lifetime from football matches, pubs, clubs and in the workplace and trust me a lot of it was ugly, real ugly.. It was never acceptable then and still isn't now so it's good that we are looking to try and eradicate it but as @nudge pointed out the essence of my post was about going too far in a direction that does nothing for the cause... We are now going from what is offensive to what used to be offensive and now we seem to be digging up stuff that may have been offensive and at what point do we all stop??? You can't just have a runaway train on everything... people need to reign in the silly stuff and start focusing on the real issues. I said the same thing in another post a while back, At what point will it be enough for everyone to be happy?? Not allowing a lot of the types of words you mentioned above is fine, totally on board with all of that and no-one needs to be hearing any of that and if a few statues need to be taken down because the world is changing it's overall views on our past then to a degree I am on board with that as well because change from what people are used to is often hardest at the beginning but we have to start somewhere right? We just seem to be on this crazy ride where we are banning the use of words, films, books because they are deemed offensive but then when we run out of stuff that clearly is offensive we start digging deeper to be offended by things that are not even offensive... My generation are a lot more thick skinned and not so easily offended by stuff it's true but the older i get the less patience I tend to have for the silly stuff....
  3. Bluewolf

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    I am not shocked at that... I mean you couldn't be arsed to even write couldn't be arsed properly...
  4. Bluewolf

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    I was going to put this in the Snowflakes thread but as it's come off the back of this I will put it in here.... I was reading and article this week where they are saying that Sky Sports are no longer allowed to use the words 'Nitty Gritty' because someone has claimed ( although unproven ) that this is somehow linked to slavery ( maybe, but they are not sure ) from 1740 or some time way back when @CaaC (John) was a nipper... Just waiting for them to tell us that the word 'cotton' is no longer allowed to be uttered or the phrase " wait a cotton picking minute"
  5. Bluewolf


    It seems worth watching but it's weird as well, As Tommy said it has to be given the full attention it deserves just to keep track of what's going on all the time... starting on episode 1 and then waking up on episode 4 is probably not doing me a lot of favours though...
  6. Bluewolf

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Well that's good news for a lot of our lot then travel wise, they have been waiting all week to see what was going to happen... On another note I see pubs are being opened and gatherings of up to 30 people will be allowed and yet nail salons, tanning places can't open??? Not that I care much for tanning salons being shut because if I see another fat necked orange head in pyjamas walking around down the shopping parade I might just let loose but really don't understand how they can give one place a 30 people max and not a place that will not even have a third of that amount the heave ho??? And as for people behaving themselves... do me a favour
  7. Bluewolf

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    Like watching the Benny Hill show....
  8. Bluewolf


    Twice I have tried to watch this and both times I got sidetracked or fell asleep... It seems really good but I start to watch it then nod off because I am tired on a workday watching episode 1 and wake up at silly o clock seeing stuff from episode 4... I am off now for 4 so need to knuckle down and get my act together...
  9. Bluewolf

    First Goal

    7th minute for both
  10. Well, not what I was hoping for but all the pressure will be on Heidenheim in the second leg...
  11. Strange then that they didn't even review it, but nothing can be done about it now.... Bremen need a couple of goals tonight but they are not really making the most of home advantage so far...
  12. Has this game got VAR tonight or do they not use it for a play off match??
  13. Thought the new rules stated if your arm was in an unnatural position then that's handball??? Clearly moves his arm out from his body and blocks the ball... or do you play by different rules in Germany??