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  1. I feel like a grain of sand in a jar of pebbles... the more 'shaken up' it gets the further down the bottom I move..
  2. I get what you are saying but you can't make a decision based on what if's... It was a fact that the goal that was scored should have stood so they could justify that.. How a sending off might or might not influence a game is pure speculation, Sometimes it favours the team with the extra man sometimes not, If any Red cards are found to have been given incorrectly then at least they can be appealed and reversed so that a player does not serve a ban unjustly.. As it stands there are zero options to appeal a perfectly legitimate goal and as long as there are no real repercussions for the officials then it will continue.. Taking someone off that duty for a period of time does not solve the problem as we already know..
  3. If they know they have made a serious error then they should just award the goal and change the result to a draw...
  4. Have to say that was pretty shitty luck there... Liverpool worthy of a point and still not convinced their goal was offside either..
  5. He has put in some decent performances when I have seen him this season...
  6. Top!!! That was a surprise.. I see @nudge rushing in early with her homework and an apple for teacher really paid off then..
  7. I reckon we should combine the two...
  8. Aston Villa 1-2 Brighton Bournemouth 0-2 Arsenal Everton 3-0 Luton Man Utd 2-1 Crystal Palace Newcastle 3-0 Burnley West Ham 2-0 Sheff Utd Wolves 0-3 Man City Tottenham 2-2 Liverpool Nottm Forest 1-2 Brentford Fulham 1-1 Chelsea Luton 1-2 Burnley
  9. Hamburg 1-1 Düsseldorf Paderborn 2-2 Schalke Karlsruhe 1-0 Kiel Hannover 2-0 Wehen Rostock 1-0 Braunschweig Hertha BSC 2-2 St Pauli Nürnberg 1-1 Magdeburg Elversberg 1-0 Fürth Osnabrück 0-3 Lautern
  10. Hoffenheim 1-1 Dortmund Wolfsburg 1-0 Frankfurt Mainz 0-3 Leverkusen Köln 0-3 Stuttgart Bochum 1-0 Gladbach Heidenheim 1-1 Union Leipzig 1-2 Bayern Darmstadt 0-1 Bremen Freiburg 2-2 Augsburg
  11. We all see it mate, just didn't want to mention it..
  12. What a poor place we are in at the moment.. Just not happening
  13. Great... Just as he gets back from injury he will go straight to a 3 game ban..
  14. I did know someone who won £100 pound on a scratch card once and thought he would be clever and go and buy another 100 with the winnings and ended up with about £30 quid from all of them.. I think it's safe to say they are designed to recoup any winnings paid out.. If you win say £20 on one of them then I reckon they wouldn't have another winning card for the next 20 in a row until that has been recouped or the amounts paid out in those 20 would be very low like a £2 quid or something...
  15. Bluewolf

    Off Topic

    Everyone thinks they are gangster until the kid with a bigger imagination strolls into the hood... One man giant army - 9GAG
  16. I think we should put an appeal in and ask Newcastle to hand over at least 3 of them goals to us...
  17. Sheffield United will be hoping it's only 20 seconds added time...
  18. I appreciate it's a work in progress and we do have a lot of injuries but even so the teams we have played so far it would not have been unrealistic to have done far better than we have, It only gets tougher and if we are dropping points against lower table opposition we are in trouble.. That pre-season bounce seems to have evaporated really quickly, good possession and some good chances but again as last season no goals to show for it..
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