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  1. Outrageous accusation... whatever happened to trust???
  2. If you are all over that report like Nudge was cooking my Steak dinner I doubt it will even see the light of day....
  3. Abramovich only tends to react when the team loses it's ability to challenge or be competitive and when you have ploughed so much money into the club it's the least you can expect. As @Lucas said earlier, you could accept not winning something if you give it your all and got beaten by a better team across a season or just had some bad luck in a cup but you can't really accept sleepwalking through a season and hoping it all pans out.. Much as though Abramovich's cut throat approach might annoy some it works and in that regard he is just as unhappy to accept second best..
  4. Just seen the post match comments from him... Love his attitude and this is clearly rubbing off on the team, A very down to earth individual who accepts his own mistakes like he did when he played Niguez. He is also very good at being constructively critical of the teams overall performance without throwing individual players under the bus... Tottenham Hotspur 0-3 Chelsea: Thomas Tuchel's side win London derby to extend unbeaten run - BBC Sport
  5. But when they do.........
  6. Fair comments... We didn't start the game that well especially in the final third where we were limp.. Kante coming on gave us that extra energy and raised the overall tempo which as you say spurs couldn't cope with... Surprised they never had more fight in them to be honest but the ref only dished out 1 or two cards I think which is clearly not a sign of the passion and commitment this fixture normally brings.. If Spurs end up having a bang average season then it will just fuel Kane even more to be getting out while he still has something to offer, if not he will one day glance back over his shoulder and see an empty cabinet where winners medals and cups should have been..
  7. Agree with @Cicero Thought spurs were well up for it in the first half with them shading the chances and it was just the kind of game we could expect from them but second half after we scored they slowly faded away when I expected them to come flying back at us to have a good go of it but it never happened.. In the last 20 odd minutes we could have added a couple more but our finishing was a bit suspect and rushed..
  8. Clearly Werner is going to be one of them players where nothing goes right... We have had them before
  9. I thought the issue was about not filling it for CL games in midweek???
  10. Hard to tell what the rules are in games this season, seem to be worse than last season and we thought that couldn't happen...
  11. What a tit.... why couldn't I just keep my big mouth shut..
  12. Bringing Lingard on is almost as good as giving West Ham another player...
  13. Seems the norm in games this season and last... getting fed up with seeing it and it not being dealt with.. Remember this one..
  14. Make their boots heavier.... they would be grateful for the breather... It would never work though because like a throw in they would just edge bit by bit further and further and the ref would be blind to it as normal not take any action and on we go... You would also get players claiming they didn't hear the whistle etc..
  15. I think they should introduce a rule change for fouls... If a foul is committed and the ref blows his whistle then everybody has to 'freeze' where they stand like we used to have to do in infants/junior school then the ref goes and gets the ball and gives it to the player fouled and then they can proceed from there.. that would stop players doing tactical fouls and then having the chance to regroup defensively. Any player found moving after the whistle has been blown can be singled out by VAR and issued a yellow card at least that way we could get some use out of VAR because it's a pretty fucking useless tool as it stands now.. or should I say it's in the hands of useless tools..
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