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  1. If you want to watch it more often, just use a VPN. Weekly on TV in Germany.
  2. Wouldn't know, where this financial issues should come from. They play regularly CL, are the second most valuable as well as the second biggest club in Germany; and I got a sneaky feeling they were eager to have that shitftorm associated with them being sponsored by Rheinmetall remunerated generously.
  3. Given Füllkrug is still on contract til 26 15m appear really cheap.
  4. If you define it an achievement not needing to wear diapers anymore and having your adult teeths, that's up to you. Agree to disagree.
  5. The the bolded part: Exactly! That's what I meant, when making that: "Who said being successful would be easy?" post.
  6. Nope, qualifying for a tournament isn't a achievement, it's only the necessary condition to achieve something.
  7. Carefully! It's a bit exagerated the call a team with exactly no silver ware overachievers, since they achieved just as expected- nothing.
  8. Something not mentioned, yet: I beg you to be specific here: How is having done a fault in the past a sensible reasoning for continuing committing this fault? At recognising Talinan regime because of recognizing Israel.
  9. Absolutely in support of reparations to Namibia. This being recognized that late has a lot to do with racist feeling of superiority over African autuchtone inhabitants that#s not unique with Germany. Doesn't it make less wrog, of course.
  10. Can only speak for my nation: We recognized Israel, since the politics in the years 1933-1945, specially the deeds from "Nürnberger Rassegesetze" in 1935 on, led to an historic obligation to support the wish of Jews for creation of conditions such attrocities might never happen again. Be sure many Israeli would have been offended for it, if you suggested Germany were their friends, those then, some might be still, understandably. This kind of historic responsibility doesn't exist towards Afghans from a German point of view.
  11. Israel is a country, with a government democratically elected by their citizens. Saudi Arabia is autocratically ruled by a monarch, who can't be held responsible for their deeds by their subjects. Granted not the only one in the world, yet I just used the first Muslim example that came to my mind.
  12. Nothing to do with an anti-Muslim agenda. There's absolutely no reason to recognize an undesired government that violates the human rights just because you already have recognized another one. Actually they should be thankful, since we help them to follow their religious beliefs, specifically Qran surah 5:51.
  13. They're pretty strong at the moment, as shitty as it is. It's even even foreseeable they might become the second strongest party, if, what's not excluded, they won't not even become the most votes in the three East German regional parliaments, that are to be elected this year. Not as popular in the Western parts as in former East Germany, though, therefore they're polling around 16%. Which is still much too much for a fascist party. Edit: Their parlamentary work has been abysmal, two of their leading figures are suspected to have been spying for China and Russia respectively, they're accumulating scandals like no other party. Still about 14% of the electorate are apparently thinking they were a sensible choice to vote. If it wouldn't be so seriously problematic, it had an amusing potential.
  14. Created an account , they wouldn't let me in to the fantasy game and bombarded me with newsletters instead, therefore deleted said account, will probably try again in a few days.
  15. When was the last time Israel executed the capitol punishment by stoning, again? With all due respect to your opponence towards Israel and its zionism as well as your being Muslim: Comparing Israel with the Taliban, or Saudi-Arabia, while we're at it is ridiculous.
  16. Congrats, curb your enthusiasm, though. Preparation matches don't mean anything result-wise.
  17. Who the fuck said it would be easy to be successful? And there's another interesting question, England were the bookies favourites to win Euro 24? How can not winning it be seen as a success giving this fact?
  18. Disagree on the bolded part, since you play tournaments to win them, the only way to be successful in them is by winning them. England are claimimg to be a big football nation, then fucking think like one, and leave that Olympic spirit "partaking is everything" nonsense to football dwarfs like Bhutan, or Gibraltar.
  19. Matches played fom 2nd to 4th of Aug: Köln - Hamburg Karlsruhe - Nürnberg Hannover - Regensburg Hertha BSC - Paderborn Magdeburg - Elversberg Schalke - Braunschweig Darmstadt - Düsseldorf Fürth - Münster Ulm - Lautern
  20. op 3 teams: ( 3 points, if you predict a team and their position correct; 1 point, if you correctly predict a team, but get their position wrong) 1- 2- 3- Bottom 3 teams: ( 3 points, if you predict a team and their position correct; 1 point, if you correctly predict a team, but get their position wrong) 16- 17- 18- Teams involved in the win with the largest goal margin: ( 3 points if you get the winner or loser right; 8 points if both of them are correct) Winner- Loser- Top Scorer: (5 points) First match will be played on August, the 2nd, at 20:30 CET. Please get your predictions in until then. Good luck everyone!
  21. Here's a short overview over this season's rules: Correct score: 3 points Correct winner and margin: 2 points Correct winner, or correct predicted draw without being the correct result: 1 point. This year's edition will have a bonus round again. For the points to gain there, see its thread.
  22. Matches played on 23rd and 24th of Aug: Gladbach - Leverkusen Dortmund - Frankfurt Leipzig - Bochum Hoffenheim - Kiel Freiburg - Stuttgart Augsburg - Bremen Wolfsburg - Bayern Mainz - Union St Pauli - Heidenheim
  23. Top 4 teams: ( 3 points, if you name a team and their correct position; 1 point, if you got the team right but on the wrong position) 1) 2) 3) 4) Bottom 3 teams: (3 points, if you get the team and their position right; 1 point, if you get the team right but on the wrong position) 16) 17) 18) DFB-Pokal winner: (5 points ,if your teams is the eventual winner; 3 points, if your team will be runners-up; 1 point, if your team reaches the semifinals) Top scorer: (5 points) The first match will be played on Friday, the 23rd of August, at 20:30 CET, Please get your predictions in until, then. Good luck, everyone!
  24. Although the rules haven't changed here's a reminder: exact score: 3 points Correct winner and goal margin: 2 points Correct winner or correct predicted draw with wrong score: 1 point For the bonus round points- see its thread!
  25. Congrats on the win @Michael Edit: And thanke for running this, of course @Stan
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