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  1. Nice one John, yer some man
  2. This thread is the reason I started using forums.
  3. Another piracy age is upon us. aXXo returns
  4. Legend, thank you
  5. Legend, thanks Stan.
  6. Hey everyone, Any help towards this March goal would be appreciated. March is when the majority of the yearly subscriptions renew which helps beef up the account for the hosting costs over the course of the year. Don't feel like you need to do it as everyone has their own financial budgets. If you can it'll be appreciated. Thanks, Rab.
  7. All good now. The SSL certificate expired which I usually get an email about,.
  8. Nice one, merry christmas John.
  9. Is this Joey Barton the same guy that struggled big time in Scottish football and then called it poor quality when he left? That essentially renders his opinion invalid on all matters.
  10. Should be fixed. Let me know if it happens again.
  11. Looks like they're about to employ the biggest fraud in football, Michael Beale.
  12. Yeah it's pretty unexpected tbf I didn't think we'd win tonight. We seem to find an extra gear in the Europa League which i can't complain about.
  13. Lost a sloppy goal but then scored a winning goal. Topping the group is massive.
  14. Exciting start to our game. Hopefully can keep the performance up and not lose a sloppy goal.
  15. Rab


    Just a heads up that anyone voting yes will be banned for the entirety of 2024. See you in 2025.
  16. I've already spoke to the server support today about it and because they can't replicate it themselves they won't do anything about it. The best thing to do when you have the download issue is just to clear your cache for the site. The download isn't malicious it's just an annoying server error that I've been trying to get them to fix since June.
  17. Imagine doing that to someone Scottish where kicking fuck out of each other is part of our normal childhood.
  18. 8 minutes of me just banning people.
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