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  1. Guess that's better than when they sung that they hope he dies in his sleep.
  2. What about now? There was a pending invoice on your account that I've deleted
  3. I changed some settings around. Is it still saying the same?
  4. Thanks for letting me know. Had no idea the server wasn't sending emails properly.
  5. Not sure, I just looked at it and it's only showing up as a single recurring month thing. I'd maybe try deleting your cookies incase it's somehow added 6 to the basket by mistake. Let me know if it's still showing 6 after that.
  6. Can remember he left us cause the commute to Liverpool was too far.
  7. Feeling good about this season so far. Getting the signings in that we need fairly early although still waiting on a striker which we'll need two of minimum. Roofe has finally had an operation which is apparently the reason he gets injured while sleeping, so hopefully it has worked but I can't see it making a difference tbh.
  8. Rab

    Do you tip?

    I typically just round up to the nearest whatever if I'm paying cash. Barber charges me £13 so I say take the £15 etc If he was charging me £15 he'd be fucked tho
  9. The forum had a bug this morning that was downloading a file instead of loading the site. The file is completely harmless although you need to clear your cache to get back onto the website if it happens again. I've created a support ticket with the hosting company to see if we can prevent it from happening again.
  10. Been monitoring the server and the changes seem to have made a difference. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to help with the server costs.
  11. Rab

    Off Topic

    I reckon a few of my shits have made people feel how that toilet looks.
  12. Thanks for all the support homies.
  13. That's the subscriber group.
  14. Tbf I didn't really think about it but I could set it up for the year too if that's your preference.
  15. Appreciate it John. Just incase it's unclear, it's an automatic direct debit so once it's set up you won't need to touch it unless you're cancelling.
  16. Signatures are enabled for subscribers.
  17. Should be working automatically now. Thanks @nudge
  18. Thanks for the heads up. The payment is on the account and the forum has recognised that the payment is there but there's not been any sort of automatic acceptance. I've done it manually while I figure out why it's not working anymore.
  19. Pro tip: You can unrep me and give it to someone else. Rep management is key.
  20. 100% not gonna see this since it starts at 6am on a Sunday
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