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  1. It was essentially two years ago people were saying he's sacked by Xmas, and now he's in the prem. Amazing. What's the general Celtic vibe with this news? Sadness? Or meh?
  2. Just insane news. Very proud of big Ange. However, Spurs seem like a poisoned chalice. He could've stayed in Glasgow and continued to wipe the floor with that Rangers side. He is ambitious, he backs himself. And this opportunity is huge. If Kane leaves, he needs to be given extra time and patience by all because Kane is Spurs as far as I am concerned. If he is backed in the transfer market and the players are on side, I think he will do well. I do expect a really tough first 3 months, and he needs to be supported as building a side, especially at a club where essentially THE WORLDS BEST MANAGERS have done FUCK ALL, only fair to give time to a relative unknown. But, oh boy am I proud, right now. Spurs are my soft spot as my grandad was a huge fan, just wish he was alive today to see this monumental moment for the EPL and Australian Sport. I don't think non-football people here realise how utterly huge this is.
  3. Toinho

    Do you tip?

    Just saw poll results that’s a lot of tippers especially if the country doesn’t have a tipping culture. Would you tip your kids teacher for helping them? Hope so lol
  4. Toinho

    Do you tip?

    Must be different in our version of Texas… lol
  5. Toinho

    Do you tip?

    Never seen it? We at least include tax within the price. Absolutely bonkers when countries don’t do that, what is the reason? Japan used to have “two prices” listed. I would guess it’s a legal thing?
  6. Toinho

    Do you tip?

    No. I can’t believe the tipping culture in places like North America. Sort it out.
  7. From 3-4 minutes to 6-7minutes. 1 or 2 songs on Spotify. Could make it shorter to save money and water too…
  8. No idea what a courgette is sounds like a made up word. zucchinis are good though
  9. I’ve slept with someone 25 years older than me. Some experience that.
  10. I have seen some that I think are borderline dodgy such as a 17/18 year old dating someone in their mid to late 20s…. Other than that whatever
  11. I transitioned to non alcoholic beer during my longest steak (only 3 months) and found that helped. Recently, I just have a mineral water or water if I’m thirsty. Had a couple of beers since the last stretch. But have found having a replacement drink lined up helps in social situations.
  12. Thought I would finally log back in to acknowledge the fans after another trophy. "We couldn't have done it without you. From relegation spots to top 6, it's been a wild ride. Thank you for staying loyal. Glory HUNTED."
  13. My bad re: staff. Happy to admit any mistakes I’ve made. Definitely apologise there.
  14. I don’t think I ever said that you need to do your research. I said people in general. I don’t think your post shows a lack of understanding I just said I would rather read Brian’s posts. That’s hit your privileged nerve. Typical yank. Take some deep breathes. There’s been no direct attack on you. I just stated I would rather read Brian’s posts. Not sure why that upset you so much. Go pledge your allegiance and come back a better man.
  15. Starts from an early age the discrimination without people realising it im sure. Brian, maybe leave this thread for a bit mate. I can’t see how this is helping you right now?
  16. If Brian is diagnosed ASD, then the term narcissistic is a little harsh, considering those with ASD see the world differently to those without it. People need to educate themselves. How about people just say hi or not?
  17. I disagree. Can’t see how having Brian here is an issue. Jokes about autism though is low.
  18. I’d rather read Brian’s posts than yours…
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