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  1. Have sent @Stan a PM. You get it?
  2. Agreed. It’s been a good “rivalry” to watch. I missed most of yesterday’s but I do enjoy watching the swimming, probably up there as some of my favourite events to watch. .
  3. Nah she smashed Ledecky in two finals that’s all
  4. Btw suck my Titmus America.
  5. I know you were having problems not that long ago (not sure when time goes crazy quick doesn’t it?!) but hope this is all okay now mate. Not entirely sure what to suggest as it seems complicated/can be amazing/can be tiring. I mean no relationship is perfect but there’s only so much someone can “take”. All the best
  6. My lord! 10 cups! Would put me in hospital. Love coffee though - pretty much always have it black. As for the title, I can’t really think of anything except maybe first starting to drink at 17… (I was late compared to so many friends as I really wasn’t interested and was focussed on football and other stuff).
  7. Perhaps COVID has affected it this time.
  8. Well I get it’s not huge for football but every side there is playing to win, and it’s arguably gonna be the biggest tournament for so many of the footballers that they’ll play in so I honestly really do not understand your comment.
  9. True I knew it was amateur for a very long time and I agree with you to some extent. Imagine that now though, it’s a bit hard to unfortunately.
  10. I don’t mind the football at the Olympics - under 23 World Cup is basically what it is. And we beat Argentina 2-0. Thanks.
  11. Can’t click on members profiles either. How bizarre. In Rab we trust.
  12. No rush. Just wanted to say we beating Argentina. Pass it on.
  13. I can’t post in the Olympics thread wtf @Rab any idea mate?
  14. I recall going to our tour of duty in Brisbane in 2011 I think it was, and after our 4-0 loss (we played them again in the final thst season but let’s not chat about that haha), the next day we needed to fly out but had time to check out the youth team game before we left. I couldn’t see one senior glory staff there…but who walked past and stopped for a chat and watched the youth team? Big Ange. Hope he does well.
  15. Married to this forum. Oh god imagine him posting even more now because he will be hiding in the toilet so he doesn’t have to do the dishes.
  16. Toinho

    Social Media

    Just message her without accepting. I had my principal add me last year. I don’t want admin on my FB but felt compelled to accept.
  17. Toinho

    Social Media

    Everyone wants a bit of devil inside of them.
  18. Toinho


    We recently got roller shutters on the bedroom and front living room windows. Can’t wait to try them out in summer. Bloody expensive though.
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