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  1. https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjoiZjJkNzA5MmEtZTJmNy00NGRjLWJiNWUtNTljNTVhYmU2MGZlIiwidCI6IjhkMmUwZjRjLTU1ZjItNGNiMS04ZWU3LWRhNWRkM2ZmMzYwMCJ9
  2. I did say major codes. Swimming numbers are the highest I believe, comfortably.
  3. Depends where you are in the country, but being out Saturday night before, during and after the game versus Tunisia, there was a decent amount of excitement, a lot of self-proclaimed non soccer fans were interested. Participation wise Soccer destroys the other major codes, media wise we get very little to no coverage, I've seena bit more now, some hyped up, some not giving justice. I don't think it's expected that we will go through, but tbh I have avoided mainstream commercial media for a long time.
  4. I hope they're playing someone else today. They'll be tired for tomorrow.
  5. We start well and we will possibly do enough to get through. Didn't think we would be in this position. Head says 1-0 loss. Heart sings 1-1.
  6. I’m just imagining drinking a pint at the pub and taking a sip with my eyes closed… 1) would look weird as fuck and 2) would probably have my wallet stolen
  7. Tuesday 29th November, 2022 Group A Ecuador 1-1 Senegal, 15.00 Netherlands 2-0 Qatar, 15.00 Group B Iran 1-1 USA, 19.00 Wales 1-2 England, 19.00 Wednesday 30th November, 2022 Group C Poland 2-3 Argentina, 19.00 Saudi Arabia 1-2 Mexico, 19.00 Group D Australia 1-1 Denmark, 15.00 Tunisia 0-1 France, 15.00 Thursday 1st December, 2022 Group E Costa Rica 0-1 Germany, 19.00 Japan 1-3 Spain, 19.00 Group F Canada 1-2 Morocco, 15.00 Croatia 1-1 Belgium, 15.00 Friday 2nd December, 2022 Group G Cameroon 1-3 Brazil, 19.00 Serbia 0-0 Switzerland, 19.00 Group H Ghana 1-0 Uruguay, 15.00 South Korea 1-2 Portugal, 15.00
  8. Haha, I don’t choose to post stuff half the time. But my football brain was my biggest asset while playing I’ll take that over some forum comments…
  9. A nice big France win here will be good, if we somehow win that’ll make it a fun game next round.
  10. On the train as I head to the live venue of choice in Perth. Head tells me 2-0 Tunisia, heart desperately cries out a 1-0 win lolz.
  11. Bit different than the Isle of Man. All the best.
  12. Due to my younger energy, I'd be on top.
  13. huh? Why do you have to play in the colours of your flag?
  14. Another thread that makes my possible gluten intolerance hurt more
  15. I don’t drink beer anymore which makes me sad. As I’d have sampled 100s of types.
  16. I too clicked the wrong answer as it’s worded like a non native speaker I meant 4-5 times a week not every 4-5 days which would mean like twice a fortnight.
  17. Loved southern Indian food when I was there - and yes all meat free of course.
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