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  1. The English as a second language must be the issue here. None of my last 4-5 posts have been serious.
  2. Oh thank god glad to hear it. Thanks mate happy to get on with my life now.
  3. Your hand must count in Germany. Fair play!
  4. I just made a comment on some of your posts and have actually apologised. Let it go. Head outside. Talk to a human face to face x
  5. Imagine how I felt after your comments about me. Equally confused! At least we are finally on the same page!
  6. Very impressed with Celtic’s possession
  7. I haven’t levelled up in ignoring certain posts though! I’ll get there.
  8. Aye. I shouldn’t have called him sad.
  9. I think you said it far better than I could have. Anyway, back on topic. Apologies lads and lasses of the free world. None of my business in here anyway as I’ve levelled up.
  10. May wanna rename this thread “Tommy’s Jokes”.
  11. It’s just a forum mate. I don’t need to post jokes daily or need your approval thst I’m “funny or very serious”. However, not going to argue as it’s pointless just recheck the definition of self-conscious as I’m very happy with who I am, what I am and where my life is. That’s your own identity problem, and I hope you get better, I truly do.
  12. Toinho

    Metal and Rock

    Yeah born in England, as was his dad, and his mum is American born but with English family I think.
  13. An easy bite! But I expected better from you I highly doubt it though, this is merely just a forum and not a true representation of how we are in real life. For example I’ve met @Danny. Hilarious in real life, boring here!. Anyway, I have German ancestry so maybe you and I are related. Fun fact.
  14. Somehow still watching Ted Lasso weekly. I like it…(once I got over the whole football thing not looking too legit). I then watched the first episode of Mr Corman last night. Thought it may be interesting, a 5th grade teacher who should feel happy with life but doesn’t, has some good bits but not sure it’s gonna draw me in.
  15. Literally reads the relationship or parenting thread and comes in here and posts the opposite, people think he’s funny but I think he’s sad.
  16. Will it go for a week? Enjoy mate
  17. Best way to get them to stick around is to ensure @DeadLinesman doesn’t post. I get your point though, I’ve been around since 2004. Which is insane when I think about it. But, perhaps forums are losing out to other social media avenues these days. There’s possibly more thst could be done and perhaps new members can get photos of Stan upon arrival which should help? Or at least some other “member benefits”? Not sure what we could offer though.
  18. Done my ACL. Sooo probably surgery at some point
  19. I agree with all of the above but glad to hear @Devil-Dick Willie is still knocking about tearing up vaginas.
  20. I believe it’s Manchester United. Use the correct name.
  21. I was willing (willying) to give them just the gold. But I suppose all three would be acceptable.
  22. Might attend but have already been asked to pose naked so they can display my photo in the distance of some archery contest. Apparently hitting my knob will be worth the gold medal.
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