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  1. Yeh first movie I think you’re talking about haha
  2. The Kingsman: Secret Service 9/10 Had seen it when it came out but wow what a movie. Got everything I love in it. (Except No Tim Cahill). Just a pure brilliant film. The Kingsman: The Golden Circle 6.5/10 Had not seen it before and I was so hyped but I just didn’t love it. Had its moments but I didn’t like the whole arm thing. King’s Man 7/10 Better than the second. I’m legit still in shock from one scene.
  3. Toinho

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    Having met Dan twice, that’s great disrespect to Trigger.
  4. Toinho

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    Which member is that? @Danny?
  5. Free Guy 7/10 Not bad, quite predictable with the whole boy and girl fall for each other thing, and I was also a bit unimpressed with how easy the conflict was resolved. However, I enjoyed the idea of the film!
  6. Toinho


    You’re gonna make some girl super happy one day
  7. I don’t. It wouldn’t look appropriate with my profession.
  8. Must enjoy the vagina tickle.
  9. Tempted to go to this, depending on life situations! I have always wanted to go to a world cup and would've done Brazil if I didn't move abroad. Qatar is a no chance, fook that. Russia wasn't good timing for me, so although I have no real desire to go to USA, a world cup is on my dream list!
  10. In your own link it has Hong Kong have qualified previously in 1968. I always find it bizarre how South Korea have only won it twice, and they were so long ago!
  11. Haven't had any fast food chain stuff since about January due to some dietary stuff I am going through. I feel so much better, however crave a burger without GF shitty bread haha.
  12. To be fair, their youth sides have been great in recent years right?
  13. England getting shown up for the bang average side that they are, yes not their best line up, but 4-0 at home. lolz.
  14. The nonsense that we have to ensure from middle eastern sides and south american sides made it brilliant.
  15. He’s our knob. Although still home grudges for simile antics in the grand final between us and Shitney in 2019.
  16. Horrendous stuff though hey. I walked through a dodgy street and saw clearly young girls(my guess is 15-16?) being led around by older women trying to get them to take blokes home.
  17. Number of world cups qualified for since 2015:
    Italy 0
    Australia 2

    1. football forum


      Yea, but have Australia won the Euros? :ph34r:

    2. football forum

      Dr. Gonzo

      Iran > Italy, confirmed

    3. football forum


      @Tommy if Italy is so good and won World Cups, why can’t they win the Asia Cup like Australia?

  18. Possibly versus Tunisia, we still are lacking a quality Right Back and Striker in my opinion.
  19. Come on, his comment is pretty accurate against a much fancied Peru (who were fuckign dreadful against half an a-league side until the 106th minute - mainly thanks to Australia's setup.)
  20. It’s a shame that we have two of the same countries as we did in 2018… (denmark and France) and the other being…Peru. Boring haha
  21. Yesssss tears of joy. Grey wiggle does it. Yessssss
  22. I’m crying already. He can save penalties but why take off Ryan!
  23. I don’t think I can go through penalties!! 15 minutes to go.
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