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  1. @Spike, @Toinho, @Devil-Dick Willie Are we going to have an Aussie invasion on the new forum or what?
  2. Fuck it, I'm going to download it and see what it's about. Are there any filthy chat rooms on there? @MUFC
  3. The worst day on the internet since MSN died
  4. To the people I get one with most on here, you'll have to send me your numbers for WhatsApp as I don't do Facebook anymore and I doubt I'll be making the move(to discord) on this occasion. To the rest, it was good speaking to you over the years.
  5. 1. Walking 2. Strolling 3. Brisk walking 4. Jogging
  6. We aren't all as rich as you though Inga with your apartament that comes with a swimming pool. Business class to the rest of us is getting the front seat, with extra leg room, on a jet2 or easyjet flight .
  7. It doesn't surprise me with Cumbrians to be honest, they are a different breed .
  8. "Flour wars, Greece" First time it has taken place since COVID according to the video.
  9. Jon Dahl Tomasson is settling in well now with a solid run of results lately. The best result now would be Fleetwood beating Burnley and then drawing Fleetwood. 1/4 final is a good run whatever happens and especially with a win away against an established Prem team and 2 fellow Championship sides
  10. That won't be possible, since Leicester are going out this evening
  11. It was originally the Milk Cup if I'm not mistaken, but that's before my time. That's more @SirBalon's era.
  12. I was saying I don't like it more due to the "getting too old" part rather than the misogyny. I grew up listening to 90s hip hop so I'm sure I don't get offended by lyrics mate. Another reason is because it's like what pop music is in English. It's just catchy type of music.
  13. Yeah I'd say that's why I don't like it myself. As for the misogyny though, it seems as though women like the genre the most ironically . In saying that many of the new and popular artists actually tend to be women. So it's likely changed in that regard.
  14. Carnivore Chris


    Maradona's music from the 80s was great, but from there on, not to my taste. I personally hate pop type of music, but the 80s was actually a decade where that specific genre was good(and to an extent the 90s) and she put out some great tunes to be honest. Such as this one:-
  15. Atl├ętico playing quite well so far to contain Real, hopefully they can keep it up and also grab themselves a goal.
  16. What if you were the only one on the plane with 2 air hostesses?
  17. I don't really like Reggeaton if I'm honest mate. It's generally pretty terrible, but some songs are good. Such as this:- It's very popular in many parts of Spain these days in the clubs, etc(atleast on the coasts), as there are more Latin Americans there than ever. Personally I would say the best music in Spanish are the more traditional types of genres. One for @Dr. Gonzo:- On a serious note, that's actually a fantastic song and very true. Mexican music from Sinaloa is very catchy to be honest. You have become too "Londonised" mate
  18. It's not about the lyrics mate, but the actual tune itself. I love it haha.
  19. I'd give him an extra 20 years for the sufferation caused to the millions who had to endure listening to his music to be honest.
  20. Now, this is a tune. @SirBalon
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