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  1. I was just looking at both of those last night, funnily enough. The original Streets of Rage was a classic on the megadrive. I've got both saved on my favourites on Amazon. The most addictive game so far is probably Need 4 Speed to be honest. It plays really well on this.
  2. I was thinking about getting them but I'm not sure I'll play them enough for the price, that's the problem. I've started playing GTA III. I remember this being my least favourite of the series but gathered playing them in order would make sense. The gameplay is fine and they are still excellent games. It plays well on the TV too. Unfortunately the only boxing game is the Creed one, which seems more like Ready to Rumble than Fight Night, but I still might get it since it's going cheap on Amazon. I'll be bothering you for a list of Xbox Series X games(unless I can get hold of a PS5) early next year mate, probably March .
  3. When was the last time an east Lancashire derby had so much significance? In modern times, one side has usually been superior to the other going into the games, whereas if things stand as they are now(i.e Sheffield United lose mid-week), them the winner of this game would top the league going into the world cup.
  4. Fifa 2023 legendary edition Mortal Kombat Ultimate edition Need for speed hot pursuit Grand theft auto III Grand theft auto Vice City Grand theft auto San Andreas Sonic 1 Sonic 2 They are the games I have accumulated so far. I bought Grand theft Auto trilogy today. Obviously the 3 games on it(GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas) are outdated in terms of graphics these days but there aren't many games to buy for the switch and besides, they are still very playable games that are legendary. I will definitely have fun on them. I downloaded Sonic 1 and 2 from the shop, more for a laugh, but I ended up completing both last weekend in 1 day. They brought back memories from being a kid on the megadrive . They seriously need Flimbo's Quest. Need for speed is a decent enough game, fifa is disappointing but still good enough for the manager mode and Mortal Kombat is good fun as their games always are. The Switch is a decent little console. You don't really buy handheld consoles for super graphics, that is what the Xbox and PS5s and for. It has its purpose, it's just a shame their aren't more games for it. Even more remastered older ones like the old fight night games, before they stopped making them.
  5. What a great group. 4 teams of similar quality all going into the last game where anyone can still finish anywhere in the group.
  6. South Africa and Brazil were just as bad. Obviously having it in Brazil has that romantisism, given how it's the true home of football, but it wasn't the right time. It's not what their people needed in that moment. I also remember in South Africa when the documentary was aired on tele and it was showing how people were moved from their homes to areas "out of the way", so they could build new stadiums, stadiums which I'm guessing aren't even being used now.
  7. That was ridiculous skill by Neymar. It's pretty clear Messi and himself are currently the best 2 footballers in Europe right now. By a distance too. The French league obviously isn't the greatest, but then they are also playing in a team who don't have an identity or style of play, meaning they are practically doing everything. It'd be interesting to see what the 2 would be like under Pep Guardiola, playing with Cancelo, de Bruyne, Haaland, etc, and in a team that win 5-0 more than anyone else. There's been alot of quality around like Haaland, Lewandowski, de Bruyne, Valverde, even Mbappe himself, but none of them are playing on the allround level that Messi and Neymar are currently playing on, for both club and country, especially Messi, who has been a bit more consistent. Barcelona wouldn't be in the Europa now if they still had those 2, or even one of them. Funnily enough Messi, Lewandowski and Neymar would be the oldest front 3 in Europe, but still the most deadly.
  8. I've never owned an xbox machine ever. The first ever console/computer I remember playing on was the Commodore 64 and short after, the Sega Master System and then after that, the Megadrive. I then had a Sega Saturn, but the PlayStation was better, so I ended up with one of those. Anyway, since the PlayStation 1, I've had 2, 3 and 4. I've always been a Sony Man since their first console. However, I'm seriously considering the Xbox Series X this time instead of the PS5. What do you think? @Bluebird Hewitt. I won't get it until around March sort of time though. Microsoft and Nintendo are consoles I had never owned previously, but now I have a Nintendo Switch, maybe it's time for a change in terms of the main console? Also how fucking brilliant is this? @Stan and @Lucas will be sat there thinking "I remember going down that Red alley".
  9. That sounds great. Nobody needs more than 30 grams either so that is a fair law.
  10. That's a bit disappointing as I was thinking you were going to fully regulate and legalise it, similar to Canada, with dispensaries.
  11. Sevilla with a big win tonight but too little too late for them I'd say.
  12. Messi has been immense this season. 2 more brilliant goals and another assist so far tonight. But the front 3 for PSG in general are great. Their defence is very suspect though. Benfica winning 4-1 against Juventus. Expected, as they have been fantastic this season and are currently much better than Juve. They can't be slept on this season in this competition. Undefeated in all competitions thus far.
  13. Barcelona are back to being able to dispose of teams like Villarreal, Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Athletic, etc. But need to to do more against the likes of Real and Bayern. It's not like there isn't the squad there now. But one thing is for sure, there has been vast improvements this season in alot of aspects.
  14. 3-0. This team are getting back to the form shown before the international break. Balde is also terrific for his age and has been all season. He could well be the solution to the future left back issue(well and rhe present) and all that is genuinely really lacking is a top right back. Dembélé has been unplayable this evening. Lewandowski also with an excellent goal and nice assist.
  15. I was hoping not to be honest haha, but I was referring more to the people who actually believe that nonsense.
  16. Maybe it's the lack of contacts for the quality mate. Yeah in Mexico and Colombia, I've read you can carry like an ounce for personal, but if police catch tourists, they will no doubt tell you that you are going to jail for a long time unless you give them 100 dollars each . Cambodia has a big scene as well doesn't it? People selling pizzas with cannabis on the streets. It's interesting because among Muslim and Hindu cultures, cannabis is often accepted while alcohol isn't. It's amazing how the western world can dictate the rest of the planet, although countries are waking up now. If Germany fully legalise it, the whole of Europe will likely follow. No substance is a gateway to another. There won't be many crackheads who didn't try weed first, but there won't be many who didn't consume alcohol or caffeine either. Spain has interesting laws as you can grow up to 5 plants for personal use, you can also smoke it in private and it's generally socially accepted. They even have private social clubs where you can go and smoke it without issues, but if the police catch you smoking it outside, or having it in your possession, you can receive heavy fines. Barcelona especially has some high quality bud though, even Californians who I spoke to there were satisfied. The Netherlands has the most relaxed laws in Europe. It's decriminalised rather than legal, but there are coffeeshops everywhere and people walk around the likes of Amsterdam smoking it openly with no issues and you even have people smoking outside Schipol airport. Nobody is fined.
  17. Emery took Almería to the the first division of Spanish football and had them finishing 8th in the top flight. He had Valencia finishing 3rd every season during a period where Barcelona and Real were ridiculously strong and finishing 3rd for anyone else was pretty much a maximum. He took Sevilla to 3 Europa League finals in a row, winning all 3. Now he's doing well at Villarreal and won their first major trophy while taking them to the semis of the Champs league. But then, on the other than he didn't have his greatest of times out in Moscow, when managing PSG, despite winning the league with them, or at Arsenal, albiet getting them to a final. Due to this, I'm not sure he'd be the right option for Villa. He seems to be perfect for Spanish football, but not necessarily anywhere else. With this said, I don't think he'd be willing to make the switch either way as he seems very content at Villarreal.
  18. Oh yeah, you actually mentioned that. Well, if you ever decide to go back to see more of them, you will have to let me know.
  19. I think this is a very relevant thread, considering how the world is now changing regarding cannabis. It's now legal in Thailand, yes Thailand, a country that used to have the toughest laws in the world regarding the substance. Obviously it's legal in many US states. They are going to start even selling it in petrol stations in Florida :- It's also now legal in:- Malta Georgia Uruguay Canada Jamaica(or is as good as, let's be honest) South Africa México, or pretty much. It's not legal, per say, but decriminalised in the likes of The Netherlands and Spain, where you can enjoy a smoke in coffeshops/private cannabis social clubs. It's decriminalised in the likes of Portugal, Czech Republic, etc. Germany look close to full legalisation. Probably Switzerland. Then in this country(The United Kingdom) you have some police chief(I.e a pleb) and some dinosaur of a politician claiming how cannabis should be upgraded to a Class A, i.e in the same category as heroin. The benefits that would come from this would be huge from an economical point of view and lets be honest, it's nowhere near as dangerous alcohol. Alcohol is actually significantly worse, not like I think that should be illegal of course. Why is this country so uptight?
  20. I will do mate. Cheers for the heads up.
  21. Croatia looks amazing, but then all of Southern Europe is. Only 3 weeks now until Tenerife. I've also decided I'm going to pop over to la Gomera for the day since it's only an hour on the ferry. Did you visit la Gomera @nudge? That and Fuerteventura are actually the 2 Canary Islands that fascinate me the most.
  22. Mortal Kombat is a great shout. I have Mortal Kombat XL on the ps4, which features the likes of Jason from Friday the 13th, etc and I had a Mortal Kombat game on the ps3, which has the likes of Freddy Krueger on it. I've always liked MK games since I was a kid. According to wiki, the likes of Terminator and Robocop are on the switch version. That sounds pretty class. It's only £13 as well. Street Fighter was great itself, although I was always a MK man in general. Fight night boxing games are among my favourite fighting games but they haven't brought anything out for 10 years.
  23. These are a good little piece of a equipment these, it has to be said. It's a shame about the lack of games compared to your main consoles but it'll pass time on when needed. Any good fighting games? @Bluebird Hewitt, @Mel81x, @Whiskey
  24. Just the general model mate as I didn't see the point in the OLED since when you're at Home you'd rather bang the PS4 on, although I don't even play that many games. I still haven't got a PS5, but was thinking of getting one after Christmas if I can find one. If not, then I might have to get an Xbox. I've never had any xbox ever but I might have a change this time since Ps5s seem like gold dust. Consoles are too expensive nowadays. Ridiculous prices really. Then you have the games, also ridiculously priced.
  25. I've ordered one. I'm going to pick it up tonight. Fuck me, I don't half spend some money, but once I have the idea of buying something, I have to buy it there and then .
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