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  1. According to the weather forecast, next week in Fuerteventura(well, as of Saturday when I go) will see highs of 24 and lows of 16/17, so that's doesn't sound bad to me at all for December.
  2. He is class when he has his day, but his day isn't often unfortunately. He's a frustrating player. The same can be said for Raphinha and Ferrán infact. All 3 have talent but don't demonstrate it anywhere near enough. I must say, the midfield 3 of Pedri, de Jong and Gundo looked brilliant last night. Lewandowski should have had a hatrick. I must say, the difference Pedri makes is huge. His niggling injury worries mean he misses a chunk of the season, but when he's fully fit and at his best, he is the most important player. People are obsessed with goal scoring players nowadays and forget the difference makers in midfield who are the ones who control the game. In saying that, goalscorering players are obviously massively important themselves as goals win games and that type of player is actually what Barcelona lack right now. De Jong is also hugely valuable. Not selling him was certainly not a mistake.
  3. Neither would Athletic Bilbao if they didn't take loads of players from basque clubs(they also steal players from Osasuna, who are also on the list), it's no different in their case. In fact, they are the worst ones for it as they pretty much depend on this due to their policy.
  4. What about the 4 year old girl who saw her parents killed before her eyes, before then being held captive?
  5. If you look at cities individually though, Colombia only has 4 in the top 50, whereas México has like 25. The USA has an overall rating similar to Perú, but if you look at individual cities like St Louis or New Orleans, for example, they are up there with the worst. Also you have to look at the type of murders. Are they gang related, are they civilian on civilian, etc. It can be deceiving also. The other year Montserrat had a pretty high murder rate, although there were only actually 2 murders. Due to the such low population, it made it look a much worse situation than it was. Also, I'm guessing El Salvador's will be much lower now than 2 years ago(which is when the data is from) due to Bukele. In fact, I'm thinking that could be a great tourist destination in the near future. Over 100 volcanoes(very few are active however) there too @nudge
  6. Yeah, Uruguayans are literally the only people you could confuse with an Argentine(or viceversa) if you are a Spanish speaker. By the way, I didn't realise that Brazil had never lost at home in the qualifiers prior to last night. I obviously knew they wouldn't have lost very many but it didn't occur to me that they had never lost at all. Very impressive.
  7. These things are there to be broken mate and if anyone can do it, then I would stick Bielsa among the group of coaches/managers who could. Araújo was a beast for Uruguay the other night also. It will be vital they keep him fit.
  8. I have been following this fella for a while now, as he has been travelling through Latin America, to many countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Brasil, etc and he always goes to the barrios and favelas. When in Brazil, he was even going to parties with gangs in favelas. But to the point; in this video, he decides to take the same route through the Darién gap that many illegal migrants take daily, to experience what it is like for the many who flee their countries for a better life in the USA. This is the route many Venezuelans take(which is why I thought it would be relevant to post here) and just shows the extreme lengths people go to. You can't get any more real and raw than this guy's channel and it's great how he is exposing these realities to the world. His channel really shows how friendly and welcoming the majority of Latin American people are too, whichever country that is.
  9. Messi's dribbling at 36 is ridiculous. He's still got it. Brazil vs Argentina will be an interesting fixture. Argentina are the better side currently but anything can happen in that game, especially when it's held in Brazil. The South American qualifiers are the only good thing about the international break. He did well at Athletic Bilbao too. They only lost the Europa final to a top Atlético side under Simeone, but beat big clubs on their route to the final, including schooling Man United home and away. Unfortunately it was short lived and he can lose his head, which is one of his negative traits. Top manager in general though. Uruguay have the team there to go far and he is the man they needed.
  10. Against Georgia in the European qualifiers. Typical. Get well soon Gavi. But I can see him never being the same again after this, just like Fati. Barcelona's future is basically dying before it even starts. Pedri and Araújo are injured all the time themselves. But honestly though, the kid getting better is the most important. It must be horrific to suffer such an injury and it's going to be a seriously stressful time for him.
  11. Only 2 weeks and 6 days until Fuerteventura
  12. I think it would be a good idea to have a Latin America thread, rather than separate countries, like with the Middle East thread, as it would create more discussion that way in my opinion.
  13. It's hard to say. But those who choose sides only believe what they want, while they brush off anything they wish to not believe. Really, the right and far left are just using this to fuel their political agenda and create even more divide in the country. You won't see the far left protesting about Sudan, Myanmar or any other country where there is currently a civil war going on as it doesn't suit their political agenda. There is nobody to bait up by doing so.
  14. The scenes in Sudan right now are horrific.
  15. They haven't done that with this though and it's an actual new game this time. That Fifa 23 was horrible due to the reasons you mentioned. I only bought it for when traveling, but ended up selling almost instantly. Terrible game. I'm supposed to be at work now, but due to the site being 7 mins walk from home, I fuck off home all the time. We can't do much in the rain since it's external building work so when they are sat in the brew room, I sneak off home, playing on the switch/watching TV and smoking a spliff. Fuck them
  16. I got FC 24 for the Switch yesterday. Not a bad a game for Switch standards to be honest. I like actually like it so far. Fifa 23 was horrible. I couldn't play it and ended up whacking it on ebay. How they could release a game like that on the Switch is embarrassing. This is atleast a proper game though and should keep me sane while flying to Fuerteventura in 3.5 weeks.
  17. I wonder how much they spent on Cocaine to compliment that alcohol?
  18. The problem is, they are migrating to other South American nations, but then finding themselves living in equally poverty sticken barrios in the likes of Colombia where there isn't even any electricity or running water. This creates high crime rates, desperation, prostitution... There is a vastly growing number of Venezuelans going into Spain, but they seem to live better there, as there are more opportunities there, even though it's a country with quite high unemployment for European standards. Latin Americans bring great vibes to Europe in general. I see no issues in this regard. I've noticed there seems to be a higher percentage of females than males, although that's probably just myself being the pervert I am and noticing them more. The sad thing is, Venezuela should actually be a much richer country than it is. What could have been...
  19. He's been great and playing in this well oiled machine of players who are in touch with each other makes it easy for him. After spending his whole career being loyal to a club who don't have realistic possibilities of winning major silverware, I'd say he deserved this move. It's admirable that he stayed loyal to Spurs. It's what football should be about, although at the same time a player like him deserves medals and you can't begrudge him. You could argue the 2 most inform players around right now are himself and Bellingham, and it's not often you say that about 2 English players. Then again, I'd personally say Mbappe is the current best, although playing in Ligue 1 goes against him, due to its lack of popularity. I wouldn't say it was a more difficult league to score in than the Bundesliga though. The Bundesliga is a better league but Ligue 1 is very physical, which makes it tougher than people give it credit for.
  20. We are probably closer to each other right now than we are when at home in England, despite us being in 2 different countries.
  21. Yeah, it'll be boiling in central Spain in summer. Toledo looks nice but going to a new ground, would be itself. Atléti, Athletic Bilbao, Sevilla and Real Betis are the main ones, but in March Barcelona play both Athletic Club and Atlético Madrid away so those were the 2 options, although the period where Barcelona play Atleti would be the ideal time to go, as I'd have spent alot with the holiday next week, the one in December and then Christmas itself. To be fair, they both know how to create an atmosphere. For you, I think Andalucía, followed by the Valencia region, then finished off in Mallorca(or Menorca) driving around and seeing an island, would probably be the perfect trip to be honest.
  22. Fuck it, I might do a City break in Madrid in March and go and watch Atlético vs Barcelona at the Metropolitano. Also could do a trip to Toledo while there. I'm not booking anything yet though as I have 2 holidays(both for a week) before the end of the year so I'll sort it out after Christmas.
  23. What a goal by Raphinha to make it 1-1 away at Mallorca. Since we said he wasn't the right fit for Barcelona, he's been class. @El Profesor
  24. You'll have to get some pictures mate. We don't have any Slovakia in here yet.
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