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  1. The thing with de Jong is his lack of consistency(and not always playing in his exact position) and there are other, young Spanish midfielders in the side who perform on a more regular basis. He's very talented and has had some great periods but the club have 200 mil euros to spend now and if de Jong brought in 70/80 or so, that 270 mil Euros could help boost the team significantly, registering players like Kessie and Christensen, sorting out Gavi's new contract and bringing in a few attacking players(a Dembélé replacement and maybe Lewandowski?) and defender(Kounde looks likely), that would make a better allround team and have a good balance of young and more experienced players. It will be sad to see Frenkie leave though, but it's probably necessary.
  2. From the recent generation, there are few better when he's fully fit. He's a quality allround attacking player.
  3. Not the greatest of footage, but there's 4 dolphins jumping there. It's a shame the twat on the speed boat went over them and ruined the shot.
  4. Mine was also delayed 1.5 hours. But first, my train was cancelled at the last minute(fuck that railway network now, it honestly just needs abolishing. It's terrible), I had to get another train, which was also delayed and then we were on it 20 mins extra. I get to the airport, stuck in customs forever as they were way under staffed and then the flight was delayed and we were sat in a little room all jam packed in. Awful day. I've got to say, I'm fucking glad to have gotten here.
  5. Yeah, but you're getting Lenglet by the looks of it. I'd rather have @DeadLinesman in defence.
  6. I've paid for extra leg room as I always do now. The bigger hand luggage is more than enough for me. You only need shorts and t-shirts. How long have you got there?
  7. Who did you fly with mate? I'm going with easyjet next Wednesday but all these cancellations and strikes are worrying. I don't care too much if they cancel it coming back though.
  8. Athletic Vs Leeds in a competitive fixture would be a class game to be fair. Imagine the atmosphere in both legs?
  9. @Viva la FCB the best all-round would be for Bayern to release him on a free and let Barcelona sign him. You know this is for the best deep down
  10. He lacks consistency but always plays well when the team are on it, especially when Pedri plays. He also had an excellent understanding with Messi the season before last, so it's about getting the team playing as individual performances are affected by how a team plays. Personally, I'd rather see him stay( he also doesn't want to leave), but if selling him means having the finances to bring someone in like Lewandowski, find a Dembele replacement and a defender, then it might be for the best. Busquets might be old now be is still a top player when surrounded by younger talent. Pedri, Busquets and Gavi in midfield is a proper Barça midfield, but de Jong staying would be better if it's possible to keep him and strengthen. If Gavi leaves, that will be the bigger blow though. He's 17 and fully grown adults at international level are already taking him very seriously and getting tucked into him, yet he still often gets the better of them. Pedri and Gavi have it all to be the best in the world at what they do. They are already top class as teenagers. On another note, I'm 100% positive that de Jong won't succeed at United. They kill talent or fun. Get yourself to a club that suits your talents lad. If you go to United, you'll still be there in 6 years, even though it's clear after one season that you aren't the right fit. It happens to so many players.
  11. 654.17 GBP = 1,000 CAD That's a nice exchange rate. @Viva la FCB 869.34 GBP = 1,000 EUR That is fucking terrible and getting worse.
  12. That's if the trains are even running, as the bellends might be on strike as they usually are.
  13. Neymar is a genuine top talent though so it's normal he smashes the transfer record. We've seen it happen throughout history. Signings like Coutinho to Barcelona and Lukaku to Man United around that time were bigger changers for me because even just above average players go for exorbitant fees now, rather than just your generational talents.
  14. A Raven just landed on top of my bird feeders and because it is too large to eat from the feeders themselves, it rips the lids off the top of them so it can reach the food. They are intelligent little bastards aren't they
  15. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    This picture also proves they had lawnmowers back then...
  16. Great finish by Di Maria to make it 2, he's having a quality game, although Argentina are as a whole. Martínez with some nice play to set up the 2nd. No doubt a team to watch going into the World Cup.
  17. Messi pulling the strings thus far. Argentina currently winning 1-0 after a goal from Martínez, assisted by Messi.
  18. I'm currently tired as fuck, so fuck that. I think we should all sleep for 24 hours instead.
  19. I think you're allowed to smoke anywhere where it's legal to smoke cigarettes in Canada, I.e as long as you're outdoors, I doubt anybody will care. Yeah I will definitely have to attend a Leaf's game if they are playing at home around that period. I might even feature on TV like @Storts the other week . Vancoover actually stands out more, but is much further to travel and one of the reasons for Toronto(around 7.5 hour flight) is to get used to longer flights before going to the likes of Mexico and Colombia. Of course it is somewhere I want to visit as well and Niagara falls will be a great experience.
  20. @MUFC To be fair, we laugh and joke at Vanilla Ice as being some type of clown, but he was actually class in his day and killed it! He put out some underground bangers.
  21. I'm back in South Spain again in 5 weeks for a week, but Toronto is on the cards(and Niagra Falls), either by the end of this year or very early next year. I'm going to work out when the best time will be and decent prices. Things I'm planning:- 1. Explore the fuck out of every part of the city as I always do in new places. 2. Do some fishing on one of the huge lakes, maybe for Bass since it's the main species to fish for among Canadians. 3. Do Niagra Falls. 4. Smoke shit loads of weed, it's legal, potent and cheap as chips there after all. 5. Maybe go to an Ice Hockey game. I know little about it but it would be a new experience. Obviously plenty of other things.
  22. I remember going to a house party years ago, it must have been around 2008. This lad had a monkey and the little bastard decided to attack me and bite my hand. Anyway, 3 days later I came out "shingles", so I went to the doctor and said "I think I've got shingles", but I never mentioned the monkey, and they agreed and said "yeah, it's shingles". They gave me antibiotics and it cleared up within a week, but it's strange how one would come out in shingles just days after being bitten by a monkey. I shit myself at the time thinking it was monkeypox, but maybe it was? Who knows?
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