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  1. Harry Kane with a hatrick and 2 assists. He looks to have settled in quickly at Bayern.
  2. Ter Stegen is now in his 10th season at the club, yet is still only 31, which isn't old for a keeper. He will go down as a true legend, no doubt about that. After a bad season or 2, where he looked like he was losing it, he has regained his form in the past 14 or so months.
  3. Where can we watch this episode at?
  4. Real Sociedad 0-1 up at the Bernabeu after 4 minutes. A long way to go though yet.
  5. Balde with a nutmeg, then Cancelo, then Yamal all after each other. Barcelona playing like Barcelona again!
  6. On the other hand though mate, without the likes of Txiki Begiristain and Pep, you would probably be like Chelsea/United now and spending shitloads but not having constant success. With these fellas, you're guaranteed success. A favour for a favour and all that .
  7. Raphinha looked good when he came on yesterday, but when he starts, the team doesn't have the same fluidity in attack. Yamal really looks the real deal. It's one thing when a young player bursts onto the scene and scores a few goals, but another is when they have such exceptional close control, vision and make a joke of experienced professional players. Fati, before injury, had potential to be a top player(well he still can be) but Yamal has something extra about him for me. He gives you potential generational talent vibes. The same with Pedri when he first broke into the team a few years back. Speaking of Pedri, when he's back, who will be the 3 in midfield, barring Xavi sticks with the 4-3-3 from yesterday? De Jong, Pedri, Gavi, Gundo, Romeu...lots of options. Also, with there being a natural right back at the club now in Cancelo, who gets dropped out of Araújo, Koundé or Christensen? All 3 have been excellent. Then there is Iñigo Martínez now, which means 4 top centre backs. Xavi has a real headache. Yesterday Ferrán, Raphinha, Félix and Yamal all had minutes and did something.
  8. Cancelo, Gundogan and Ferrán all looking good this season. Any other players available on a "lay on"? @Happy Blue
  9. Cancelo with the goal of the night to make it 5. A statement being made tonight!
  10. Now Raphinha with a long shot after just coming off the bench to make it 4.
  11. Joao Félix is quality when he has his day. Such a talent but needs to learn how to unleash it more consistently. Maybe he can for Barcelona. Lewandowski now getting back into scoring form. I can see Xavi's strongest front 3 as Yamal - Lewy - Félix as the games go by. Torres has improved this season, but for me is better as an impact sub. As for Raphinha, he's talented but he's not the player Barcelona need to go forward at all. Balde starting this season as he was last season, brilliant. Liking this team, it's only going to keep improving.
  12. Just say "no comment" @Tommy and you'll be fine....
  13. That's illegal and I'm telling the German police immediately!
  14. When Pedri and Araújo play, the difference in how the team play compared to when they are missing is huge. The only problem is, those 2 are the ones who pick up the most niggling injuries. I think a top side is really starting to form though and winning LaLiga gives these players a taste of winning things. The positive is that Laporte has managed to reduce the wage bill by 161 million, while being 45 million better off from transfers and having a stronger squad than last season. Cancelo and Gundogan will 100% be a success for me(unless they are struck by injuries), it's Félix who I'm not sure about.
  15. Signing Koundé has definitely been one of the positive signings so far since Laporta returned.
  16. Iñigo Martínez - free transfer Oriol Romeu - free transfer Gundogan - free transfer Joao Félix - loan Joao Cancelo - loan Lamine Yamal - youth system Not a bad window.
  17. Gavi will make his 100th appearance tonight and has just turned 19. Yamal starting again. Great that he hasn't been dropped for Raphinha now that he's back, just because the latter cost whatever million.
  18. Burnley are in fantastic form. Hopefully they keep this up... Everton have been horrible themselves, although you could see them staying up in the end, similar to last season, where they were utter wank, but due to other teams being even more wank than they are, they had a lucky escape. That's not to say I wish for them to go down, but it honestly may even do them good, as strange as it sounds.
  19. It's a shit draw for Rovers as well to be honest mate. Cardiff are never an easy one. Both teams in similar form as well, I.e shit.
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