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  1. I can tie many types. With fishing line and braid at least but less types when it comes to rope.
  2. It's actually sad because these players still have the level to play in Portugal, Brazil and Argentina, which still makes you somewhat "relevant".
  3. His mate Luis Suárez has just joined Gremio in Brazil. 2 more years for Messi at PSG(since I can't see him back at Barcelona) in that number 10 role before moving back to Argentina or going to Brazil, where he'd have a chance at winning one of the big South American leagues and the Copa Libertadores, would be a far better ending. That really would cement a career. Miami is where he'll end up though, it's more suited to his family lifestyle and he'd actually have privacy, unlike in Argentina. He also already has a house out there apparently. Saying that, if he did go to Argentina, River Plate would actually be a better option over Newell's as the latter are currently a mess. At River, he could win it all. It unfortunately won't happen though.
  4. This man could always take you there:-
  5. "We will ask all countries in the world to name a stadium of their choice after Pele" - Infantino What a ridiculous comment. With all due respects to a legend that Pele was, if he didn't play for a club, would why they name the stadium after him when they have their own legends who pass away? He's a tool that man, Infantino.
  6. He should have named it Pogba after Granddad's favourite player
  7. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    Always the same spots and they still get you every time. Everything seems to attack in Australia. This may explain why our Aussie members on here are as they are...
  8. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    I don't think it was a false widow as I've never seen any in the house or near it ever, although you see them all the time on building sites, they always live under the clips on the fences. The fang marks look too wide apart for a spider that small also, this was something larger. 15 spiders in the UK can bite apparently, it's just that it's very rare. I was probably asleep, rolled over on it and it had me. Also walking through webs is horrible, especially when it all ends up in your mouth.
  9. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    For some reason, no, but the bees in England are quite dormant to be honest. Those aussie ones probably want to kill everything like every other species there . Either way, spider wins.
  10. I've always thought the same. I've never consumed alcohol other than the occasional half glass of red wine at tea parties and I've also never consumed any form of narcotic substances before.
  11. He's never really peaked to be honest mate. He just scored an important goal against PSG. Don't get me wrong, he was a decent squad player and he genuinely loves the club, but he's never really been anything else. The whole team were shit today though. Poor performance from a poor side. Raphinha and Ferrán are 2 more wastes of money too.
  12. The biggest cunt of a ref in Europe? It's always a big show when he is the ref. Look at the Netherlands vs Argentina match in the last world cup. He's a fucking sausage. You can even tell he's a cunt just by looking at him. I bet he was part of 'la policía local' before being a ref.
  13. Typical Barcelona, the opponent does nothing all game, the team are winning 1-0 then give away a stupid penalty to make it 1-1. There will never be change at this rate. The same embarrassing shit season in, season out, now.
  14. 1-0 so far, Alonso. It hasn't been a great performance thus far though. You can see players are lacking match fitness.
  15. I was taking the piss. His job is to score and he does it as well as anyone mate. The perfect modern day forward and will only improve under Pep. Pep can also get in his ear and let him know how nice it is living out on the catalan coast ready for when the club solve their financial issues in a few years .
  16. He has almost officially signed for that Saudi club now, i.e retired. He had a great, long career though and did everything a player could want to. 37 is still a long career.
  17. I actually forgot how soon that was. March is probably more realistic. It really depends on the service he receives.
  18. Just come to England and go to any pub on a Friday night if you want to see this. Not sure I'd call them hot though mate as I personally think women fighting is an unattractive trait.
  19. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    Horrifying looking creatures The most welcome visitors when you're away(or live in a warmer climate) are lizards . You can't beat a lizard. Spiders are fine to be honest, I have no beef with them, or atleast didn't until the other day, the little bastard.
  20. Nº Torneo Equipo Año de título 1 La Liga Barcelona 2005 2 Supercopa de España Barcelona 2005 3 Mundial Sub 20 Argentina Sub 20 2005 4 Champions League Barcelona 2006 5 La Liga Barcelona 2006 6 Supercopa de España Barcelona 2006 7 Juegos Olímpicos Argentina Sub 23 2008 8 Champions League Barcelona 2009 9 Supercopa de Europa Barcelona 2009 10 Mundial de Clubes Barcelona 2009 11 Copa del Rey Barcelona 2009 12 La Liga Barcelona 2009 13 Supercopa de España Barcelona 2009 14 La Liga Barcelona 2010 15 Supercopa de España Barcelona 2010 16 La Liga Barcelona 2011 17 Supercopa de España Barcelona 2011 18 Champions League Barcelona 2011 19 Supercopa de Europa Barcelona 2011 20 Mundial de Clubes Barcelona 2011 21 Copa del Rey Barcelona 2012 22 La Liga Barcelona 2013 23 Supercopa de España Barcelona 2013 24 La Liga Barcelona 2015 25 Copa del Rey Barcelona 2015 26 Champions League Barcelona 2015 27 Supercopa de Europa Barcelona 2015 28 Mundial de Clubes Barcelona 2015 29 La Liga Barcelona 2016 30 Copa del Rey Barcelona 2016 31 Supercopa de España Barcelona 2016 32 Copa del Rey Barcelona 2017 33 La Liga Barcelona 2018 34 Copa del Rey Barcelona 2018 35 Supercopa de España Barcelona 2018 36 La Liga Barcelona 2019 37 Copa del Rey Barcelona 2021 38 Copa América Argentina 2021 39 Ligue 1 PSG 2022 40 Finalíssima Argentina 2022 41 Supercopa de Francia PSG 2022 42 Mundial Qatar 2022 Argentins 2022
  21. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    Imagine seeing that crawling across your floor.
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