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  1. Without todays financial restrictions in place the path to the end of the rainbow was a lot more clear back then. Newcastle aren't going to be able to weaken teams around them or just ahead of them by signing there best players and then chucking those players to the kerbside after a couple of seasons at a significant loss like they did with Bellamy, Adebayor, Santa Cruz etc. There owners know due to there wealth they'll be under a microscope by the nervous elite and early indications from journalists in the know is that the club are keen to remain well within the FFP limits. Regardless of the fantasy FM like diatribe links we see in here on a weekly basis. Whilst a player with his best years ahead of him is likely to chose Newcastle over Leicester, a player transferring from Leicester to Newcastle that's stated his ambition to play in the Champions League now feels unlikely. This is the same Leicester City team who have had incredible success in recent years and will not have that Vanarama European Tosspot competition distracting them. If he cannot get a transfer to a team in the Champions League this summer there's every likelihood he stays put.
  2. I remember when we first came in to the Premier League he was talking about how Roy Hodgson should be considering picking Jason Puncheon and Yannick Bolasie for the England squad. That's Jason Puncheon who played for Jamaica and Yannick Bolasie who played for Congo. I have been avoiding his opinions ever since.
  3. Cohen Brammall continues his rise back up the Football League by joining Rotherham United. CJ Egan-Riley has left Manchester City for Burnley.
  4. Seems inevitable after his good loan spell he will end up at West Ham. Anywhere else will feel like a risk based on those wages.
  5. What on earth is wrong with him.
  6. It sounds like his agent paid the wages in May on behalf of Chris Kirchner under the premise that Chris Kirchner takes over the club which explains the timing of this resignation.
  7. Just a polite reminder to all that homophobic comments have not been tolerated on this forum since it's inception and just because we haven't needed to enforce rules for a significant period of time doesn't mean we don't take the issues seriously.
  8. From what's been written it sounds like Barcelona are waiting for the new financial period to begin. Manchester United are in a weird position where the right thing to do for this particular transfer is to wait but the right thing to do as a football club in this transfer window is to be proactive after the way they folded from September onwards last season.
  9. Southampton doing there best to balance Man City books this window.
  10. I can see why Everton would be appealing for somebody from overseas. A club with a big history plus the city of Liverpool does very well for tourism. You'd imagine the next big takeover to be either them or West Ham.
  11. As I said, if Dan Ashworth believes there's a similar quality player available for a more reasonable cost I can see why this has collapsed.
  12. He was a nuisance on my Leeds FM save if that counts for anything.
  13. They were saying on one of The Athletic podcasts with a throwaway comment that Eddie Howe has been told there would be no crazy spending as the club are keen to not exploit the boundaries of FFP. So if Dan Ashworth believes there's a similar quality player available for a more reasonable cost I can see why this has collapsed.
  14. Zach Steffan joining Boro on loan is a good one.
  15. I think he offers a better balance to Chelsea than Sterling would be to be honest. Just need to focus on sorting the defence now.
  16. Charlie Cresswell set to join Millwall on loan. @Lucasquite surprised his unit of a dad never played for them.
  17. Yes, Burnley pulled out in the 11th hour and landed (in my opinion) a defender with more potential in Luke McNally. Ben Wiles is a bit meh for a side with automatic promotion aspirations though.
  18. Well other than Jericho no doubt getting in TK's ear to sabotage the ending, The Forbidden Door was a very good PPV.
  19. George Honeymon set to sign for Millwall. That's a good signing for this level. I'm not sure what to make of this Hull City experiment at the minute.
  20. Scott Twine to Burnley has been confirmed with a fee estimated to be in the region of four million.
  21. The problem with Howard Webb in his later years, like Clattenberg, was that the fame got to his head. Once teams figured out he'd let teams get away with murder in the middle of the pitch but he'd be willing to give decisions in the final third they had an advantage. Southampton in particular under Pochettino and us under Pulis were very good at it.
  22. Is this a new owner marquee signing or part of a master plan? I quite liked how Havertz up top, Werner out wide and Mount pushing through the middle worked at times last season. Would replacing Werner with Sterling still get the best out of Mount and Havertz?
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