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  1. Major error by Paul Tierney. You can see why Maranakis is fuming.
  2. I can only imagine the developers had the same reaction as me when they heard Neil Danns had a son that's a professional footballer. You don't want to believe it in fear of feeling really old.
  3. Different manager but same problems with the lack of depth in the squad hurting us. Luton, Forest and Bournemouth. Next 3 games are really big.
  4. I thought he was a little arrogant at first. The biggest losers this series were Alpine. Absolutely nothing about them as a team was likeable.
  5. @RandoEFC I'd like to switch to Williams.
  6. Max Verstappen Max Verstappen Charles Leclerc Sergio Perez 5th Logan Sargeant
  7. World Drivers' Champion: Verstappen World Constructors' Champion: Red Bull How many different drivers will win at least one race? Five How many different constructors will score at least one podium? Five Which driver will have the most retirements? Lance Stroll Team-mate championship battles - which driver will score the most points from each team? Red Bull - Max Verstappen Mercedes - Lewis Hamilton Ferrari - Charles Leclerc McLaren - Lando Norris Aston Martin - Fernando Alonso Alpine - Pierre Gasly Williams - Alexander Albon VCARB - Daniel Ricciardo Sauber - Valtteri Bottas Haas - Nico Hulkenberg
  8. Episode 2 of Drive to Survive starts with Santa asking Horner's son "Has dad been good this year?". Answer is probably no.
  9. I remember one year where Ipswich had an obscene points advantage over 4th place and there was a real discussion over whether it was fair. But the playoffs make great drama and adds to the competition of the league by giving mid table sides an incentive to play with a third of the season remaining. Its up there with moving from two points to three points for a win as one of the best ideas to increase healthy competition and drama in the football league.
  10. Best managerial job for lining your pockets. Valerin must be gutted he's lasted longer than 3 months.
  11. I remember hearing about a month ago that a Judge had found him guilty but then there was a legal dispute over something rather complex such as whether this particular Judge had the jurisdiction to find him guilty.
  12. Mateta's work rate made it work up top, Edouard was a little quiet (Franca had his best game when he came on) and Ayew was brilliant. I'm not sure whether it was the quality of opposition, the new manager or the attacking nature of Daniel Munoz but its great seeing us play about 20 yards more forward.
  13. Yeah, Pawson was terrible. Sadly he's in The Mason Club so we will be talking about his poor officiating for another 5+ years.
  14. A big weekend this. With Leeds/Leicester, Hull/WBA and QPR/Rotherham the pressure is on the teams around them to pick up victories.
  15. It took Newcastle months to agree a deal with Brighton. It’s literally been a few days. These comments are hardly going to help his cause.
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