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  1. That would be my long term solution that will take time to implement.
  2. Sacking Darren England does absolutely nothing to help the others. When a 'How does that happen?' scenario happens in other professions they look to change something that prevents a similar outcome happening again. What they should do now, in my opinion, is come up with standard phraseology that the VAR officials use. So in this case of an offside, it shouldn't refer to the on field decision as it doesnt matter. They're in a stressful environment where they're trying to do things with an amount of time pressure that they know are going to be scrutinised worldwide, and people do strange things in times of stress. This can be minimised with standard communication procedures. The chaotic nature of the communication and background noise of players in refs ears is going to lead to more errors.
  3. Thats about the worst reason for getting it wrong imaginable. How long should that have taken for someone to realise? About 2 seconds? They're linked up to the linesman. Even if play starts again, surely when you see it didn't start with a kick off you realise your mistake and stop play immediately. Even if that's not protocol, people will accept and understand that far more.
  4. You'll be pleased to hear they're without Hedges, Leonard and Gallagher.
  5. If this was me id probably be taking PGMOL to the small claims court.
  6. A bit harsh to chuck us in with that horrendous mauling you gave Brighton earlier. We at least made you work for 94 minutes!
  7. After the 'hes my mate' confession from Mike Riley at the start of the season this conversation really should have already started.
  8. He is brilliant at drawing in fouls and retaining the ball. Against Wolves when we were winning he had three players round him until he would draw in the foul. He won us several free kicks in the second half at Anfield last season too. It's funny because if you offered Ayew or Schlupp to a newly promoted team for five million, they'd probably say no. They'd rather spend twenty million on a young creative winner with less experience. But in games like this experienced heads like Ayew and Schlupp that are good at ball carrying and dictating play in the final third are perfect.
  9. Sky had the “Although the lines weren’t drawn, we’re being told he was beyond the last defender” quote at half time.
  10. I disagree. Hes joined a league where Manchester United and Chelsea are allowed to spend nine figures every year because of a transfer rule that benefits them yet they're still worse off than Crystal Palace.
  11. That explanation to the offside is like a parent saying 'because I said so' when a child asks why. It doesn't really answer anything.
  12. I think that happened on the first week of the season with the Onana Wolves incident.
  13. I can't believe I'm raising my son in a world where Crystal Palace are better than Manchester United and Chelsea.
  14. I was at the Crawley game today. Fair play to them. They've created a very good team over the summer. They noticed the gap between Vanarama National and League Two is non existent and have exploited it.
  15. After last weekend I was certain Leeds would consolidate themselves as the second best team in the league and push on.
  16. Mateta, Sclupp, Ayew, Doucoure and Mitchell will play again. The others will be replaced.
  17. There are rumours circulating that Edouard is now out with a hamstring injury. Leaving us with three established attacking players. Two of which are Mateta and Ayew. I've never been so uninspired to watch Crystal Palace in my entire life.
  18. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/66940932 Villa begin contract extension talks with Ollie Watkins.
  19. "Darren, are you aware your playing Sheffield Wednesday soon in what could be Xisco Munoz's final match for the club?"
  20. To be honest I don't think they were. We haven't got the depth to be competing in a second tournament in the first half of the season. The board have really let everybody down.
  21. I think if Ospreay signs there's no need to build him and he can go straight in the title picture. He's got big wins over Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho already.
  22. Yeah, I think Will Ospreay is the beat candidate to win the title from MJF at the minute, which is a little odd as he's not signed with AEW.
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