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  1. RandoEFC


    Norrie wins and makes the semi finals, very well done.
  2. RandoEFC


    Goffin and Norrie going to the wire. Thought Goffin was on track to take it in four but Norrie has been really gutsy to stay in it and is playing his best tennis toward the end of the decider.
  3. Sunak and Javid resign from cabinet. It's over for Johnson.
  4. It isn't time for talk of rejoining but public sentiment is shifting against Brexit. Starmer keeps making these "set piece" announcements that amount to very little. He's obviously miles better than Johnson but it's disappointing that he still feels unable to take the opportunity of the government's weakness and unpopularity to actually try and convince people of something, I don't know when he will.
  5. City bought almost an entire squad of duds when they first got rich but because they had unlimited money and no FFP to contend with they just got to try again until they succeeded. Everton are a prime example of why money is just the first step and there's a long way to go from there. Newcastle have a lower starting point than Everton as well. You can't just assume someone like Tielemans who has made noises about leaving for Champions League football will entertain joining Newcastle before you've spent more than half a season moving in the right direction and at least made it into the minor European spots.
  6. Newcastle are yet to prove either that they'll be playing in Europe within 2-3 years or that they're building a sustainable project. The cockiness of *some* of their fans regarding who are realistic targets for them just because they have loads of money now is... interesting.
  7. RandoEFC


    I would pay quite a lot of money for an ongoing stream of Ramin Djawadi's instrumental covers of pop songs between and beyond WestWorld seasons.
  8. Duncan Ferguson has left the club to pursue a managerial career.
  9. It's a great day out and Silverstone has one of the best atmospheres for a Grand Prix throughout the year. I went in 2010 and 2011 for the full weekend. I think I've shared the story multiple times before but given that in 2010, we saw Carlos Sainz win the Formula BMW support race and Sergio Perez win one of the GP2 races, it's pretty cool to see them finishing 1st and 2nd in F1 years down the line. Sainz even mentioned in his post-race interview yesterday that that Formula BMW win in 2010 was his first race win in single seaters. I was like, yep I remember that one as well. Off topic and I hate to bang on about this again but the TV direction was so bad again yesterday. They completely missed Sainz' overtake for the lead because they were focusing on Hamilton vs Perez and then the incessant replays in the closing laps while those battles were ongoing did my head in. They need someone with some "F1 sense" in charge of it who gets the "I really don't want to miss this" feeling that we all get as fans instead of just hitting the replay button after two cars go from side by side back to one behind the other.
  10. Top two highest paid boards in the league. 1. Man Utd 2. Everton Just . @Whiskey @DeadLinesman
  11. British Grand Prix - Results Very much a low-scoring week which @Coma will be relieved by having made his predictions after the deadline. Nobody picked Carlos Sainz for pole position, meaning that all of the qualifying points came from this week's bonus question on the qualifying positions for the three British drivers. With Hamilton in 5th, @Tommy and @Stan got off the mark with 2 points for calling this exactly right, but didn't make too much ground on the rest, who all predicted a position within two spots away, scoring them 1 point. Nobody predicted George Russell to qualify as low as 8th but @Tommy, @Stan and @MUFC's pick of 6th scored them a single point. Lando Norris, on the other hand, outperformed everyone's expectations and only @Tommy, @nudge, @MUFC and @DeadLinesman were close enough to his 6th place grid-slot to scrape a point. Onto Sunday, and with every single person predicting both Leclerc and Verstappen to finish in the top three ahead of their chaotic races and disappointing results, that left everyone only one slot left to score some points. @RandoEFC was the only one to back Lewis Hamilton for a podium finish and picked up 5 points for his 3rd place finish, while @Tommy and @Stan also score full points for Sergio Perez' recovery to finish 2nd. @nudge, @OrangeKhrush, @MUFC and @DeadLinesman all nicked a couple of points for backing Sainz or Perez to complete the podium, just in the wrong slot. @Whiskey backed the wrong Mercedes driver to make the top three and as a result is empty-handed from race day. Finally, Leclerc's 4th place finish meant that nobody picked up maximum points for the random driver pick. @Tommy picks up 2 points for being closest with a prediction of 3rd, seeing him as the only one into double figures this week. The standings now look like this: Top scorer @Tommy moves back up into the top three, while @DeadLinesman does just enough to cling onto the championship lead approaching the halfway point. The top four are now covered by just 5 points. At the other end, @Coma doesn't lose any positions in his blank week, and @Stan gets his nose back ahead of @OrangeKhrush in the battle not to prop up the table.
  12. Yeah, sorry. I know you've clearly not looked at the results but I can't open the can of worms of letting people in after the deadline!
  13. RandoEFC


    Cam Norrie keeps the British interest alive. His first run to a Grand Slam QF, well done to him.
  14. Mick drove a genuinely great race as well coming through from pretty much the back. Probably more luck than judgement surviving the chaos but he passed his team mate early on, managed clean overtakes on Latifi and Vettel and made the right call not to lunge on Max in the final laps. Well done. He has to make it into a springboard now though and really prove himself.
  15. Seriously, though, Ferrari need to sack their entire pit wall. They had ample time to call in Leclerc. Even if they'd have done it a lap late he would have been 3rd with soft tyres and a chance to fight Hamilton again. Then the whole asking Sainz to back them up to give Leclerc space? Thank goodness for them that he ignored them otherwise Perez or Hamilton probably would have passed them both. Idiots. Really happy for Sainz. No small amount of fortune but still deserved. Perez coming back into play due to the safety car really put paid to Lewis's chances, I thought he was unlucky in the end.
  16. He'll be lucky to finish on the podium now with Sainz, Hamilton, Perez on fresh softs behind him. Ferrari's play now has to be let Sainz go immediately and get Leclerc to back the others up but Hamilton will make quick work of him I'm sure.
  17. Leave Leclerc out and give Sainz the soft tyres? Perez also back in the mix now. Ferrari have done it again haven't they?
  18. Max might fall out of the points here now that cars are getting past Latifi.
  19. Perez should get back to 4th. Mick passes Latifi to get into the top ten!
  20. What are Ferrari doing? Switch the cars or lose the race. Sorry Carlos.
  21. Ferrari team order incoming I suspect. Max still has a problem. Something wobbly on his car. To be fair to him, Latifi is hanging on to Ocon's DRS in 8th. Hamilton seems to be catching the Ferraris as well.
  22. Max/Red Bull combo is just too fast at the moment. Mistake from Sainz but it's because he was at the limit just trying to stay ahead. Looks like he might have fried his tyres again as Charles is up his backside now. Max isn't actually disappearing down the road though... Tsunoda spins and wipes his team mate out for good measure. Problem for Max!
  23. You can look at what gets clipped up to identify the purpose behind Sky employing certain pundits. Soccer Saturday is largely for comedy. The clips you see on social media are gaffes and they have their end of season Soccer Saturday funnies. Those guys are there to come out with nonsense, to get laughed at and laugh at each other. In contrast, you'll see serious analysis on Monday Night Football and sometimes Super Sunday that they'll stick on Twitter and YouTube. Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Roy Keane, Souness, etc., are largely there to provide the actual serious analysis. Obviously they are often full of it too, sometimes still say stuff for clicks, but these are the pundits who tend to be somewhat knowledgeable that you can take halfway seriously in terms of Sky Sports.
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