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  1. Here's an idea, how about keeping your big fat mouth shut next time mate? Cheers.
  2. I don't think it's just wishful thinking to say the tide seems to be turning on Luton now. They've been comfortably dealt with by Aston Villa so far. Got Palace away next which is going to be a struggle now that they've been rejuvenated by a new manager. These reports have been coming out that Edwards has had two league tables on the dressing room wall to show the table with an without our points deduction. By focusing on us instead of just accruing as many points as possible, you can't help but feel Everton getting 4 points back is going to come as a bit of a body blow for them psychologically. Cue second half comeback and 3-2 win.
  3. One of the worst things is the pundits and media talking up how much closer the field has got. You can fuck off. That was a carbon copy of practically every race from last year. You can show me as many graphs about the percentage change of qualifying times all you like. Ferrari might nick half a dozen pole positions but Verstappen will easily win nearly, if not all of the ordinary races this season.
  4. xG of 2.7 for us today and 1 goal. xG of 1.73 for them and 3 goals. That's pissed me off the most of any game this season I think. Missed penalty, McNeil find the goalkeeper from 6 yards out. We had half a dozen balls fall to players on the edge of the box ballooned high and wide. Soucek's goal wasn't that much of a better chance and he finds the top corner. Areola played out of his skin but it's beyond a joke now. Our xG underperformance must be hitting all-time records this season, especially at home. We shouldn't need too many more points to survive still but we look more likely to get them on the road than at home even with Burnley and Sheffield United still to come to Goodison.
  5. I had it on the tv and watched the football on my laptop and to be honest a couple of times I forgot the race was even on.
  6. 1-3 on the break. Joke of a defeat against one of the worst teams that have come to Goodison all season.
  7. West Ham scoring a screamer to nick a match in which they've barely existed was the only way this was going to end. We need a whole week of fucking shooting practice before next weekend. Played well, looked only one winner but missed chances, missed chances, missed chances.
  8. Has to be comfortably the most awful era of Formula One and we've got 23 more races this year and all of next year before a meaningful rule change.
  9. Areola about the 6th goalkeeper who's saved his best performance of the season for Goodison Park...
  10. 1-1. Header from a corner. Pickford has had nothing to do as well ffs. We've had plaudits for scoring goals from set pieces but we are garbage at defending them.
  11. Beto scores. Cracking cross from Garner for a free header.
  12. Falkirk 0-0 at half time of course so it's a no. Watch them score 30 seconds into the second half and win 3-0 .
  13. Welcome to the new season. Same as the old season.
  14. Poor game as expected. Beto missing a penalty on the brink of half time. We are an absolute career ender for strikers. Typical us that last weekend we saw an opponent reduced to ten men for the first time all season and then can't see it out with 10 minutes left and then today we get our first penalty of the season and miss it. Hard, hard watch. Both teams there for the taking.
  15. I think you'll be fine. Forest should be getting at least 6 points deducted so you'll be effectively 7 clear of them and 5 clear of Luton and you only have to keep ahead of one of them to survive. I think Luton's little purple patch is fizzling out as well.
  16. Is there worry in the Brentford ranks? I was surprised to see Norgaard and Frank had commented on Everton getting points back. Still don't see a set of circumstances that sees you or Palace in real trouble with Forest having a sizeable deduction coming and Everton potentially as well.
  17. My Hulkenberg slowest in Q1 prediction looking smart so far.
  18. Good grief. How. The. Fuck. Have Alpine managed to build a slower car than Haas?
  19. Free Practice today. I'm treating any challenge to Red Bull to be a bonus this season. Hopefully the Mercedes/McLaren/Ferrari/Aston Martin battle behind them provides the intrigue and entertainment like it did last year. Behind Verstappen, you could see Perez, Alonso, Hamilton, Russell, Leclerc, Sainz, Norris and possible Piastri be pretty interchangeable throughout the year.
  20. Results - Gameweek Two Casualties (4) Another week, another thinning of the field. First to fall this weekend was @Rucksackfranzose after he backed Real Sociedad to beat Villarreal at home. He wasn't rewarded for avoiding the big guns as this visitors ran out 3-1 victors. Almeria, who are still yet to win a game in La Liga this season, have now hilariously taken 5 scalps off us in two weeks, this time due to a 2-2 draw with Atletico Madrid, who were backed by title contenders @nudge and @Viva la FCB along with @CaaC (John). Unlucky folks, just one point in this round. See you in France! Survivors (7) We aren't miles away from tie breaker territory here after just two Gameweeks, but a select few have made it over two hurdles. Only two teams were backed with any success this week, and @Michael, @Lucas, @Stan and @Storts were made to sweat as it took over 80 minutes for Real Madrid to break the deadlock in their 1-0 win over Sevilla. It was a much more comfortable weekend for @6666, @Pyfish and @Tommy, who profited from Girona's 3-0 victory over ten-man Rayo Vallecano (although two of their goals didn't come to extra time either. That's 2 points guaranteed for you guys. All eyes now on @6666 to see if he can press home his advantage over @nudge and @Viva la FCB in the title race. Preview - Gameweek Three Below are the fixtures for Gameweek Three, starting on Friday. Celta Vigo vs Almeria Sevilla vs Real Sociedad Rayo Vallecano vs Cadiz Getafe vs Las Palmas Valencia vs Real Madrid Villarreal vs Granada Atletico Madrid vs Real Betis Mallorca vs Girona Athletic Club vs Barcelona Osasuna vs Alaves Good luck!
  21. I won't lock anything in until Friday. I've got pre-season predictions and Bahrain predictions in now from 8 people which is good. I assume @MUFC is leaving it until after Free Practice. I'll give @DeadLinesman a message on WhatsApp.
  22. Pole Position - Which driver will post the fastest lap in Q3? Verstappen Podium - Which drivers will finish the Grand Prix in the top three positions? 1. Verstappen 2. Leclerc 3. Perez Random Driver - Predict the finishing position of this week's random driver, Lewis Hamilton. 4th Bonus Question - A simple one to start off - which driver will qualify last/slowest (before grid penalties) for the first race? Hulkenberg
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