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  1. A bit odd that the photos aren't from today....He was #21, but that car definitely says #16
  2. I have found some series/movies about endurance racing. One call Le Mans: Racing is Everything, Le Mans, and another called Steve McQueen... Now I have a lot to watch as well. Life is fantastic.
  3. I know that name through Nascar, but I didn't know he did Endurance racing.
  4. I know enough to know that Mille Miglia means 1,000mi....so is that a 1,000 mile race? Oh jeez, there goes my weekend, I have a lot of reading to do.
  5. 917 looks like a spaceship from a sci-fi novel. What are some of your favorite endurance drivers? I only know one off the top of my head, and that's the Andretti family.
  6. Yeah - I have always loved endurance anything from my earliest days. Ran 5ks in high school, and then went straight into much longer distances and even Ironman triathlons. Also, I used to compete in online and in-person 24h chess tournaments where you get a point per win and just the person with the most points win. Choice between a 300pg book and one with 1k? That's right, give him the mammoth novel. People always assumed I was a bit off, and maybe I am. Alright, time for google!
  7. I used to love the rivalry between Thor-pedo and Phelps. Those were absolutely brilliant.
  8. I feel like my love of Motorsports is so similar to my love of Football. Football, or soccer, being a sport that isn't popular here, but was brought to my attention thanks to the '94 World Cup and my Dad getting into to, and from then on out, I kept watching the World Cup...Years later I got introduced into European club football, and my life was changed. I feel in love and find club football so much better than World Cup, even though the popularity isn't there (at least here). Grew up with Nascar, yawn, and a few years ago got introduced to F1, and now I'm finding out about endurance races and again, I feel like my sports life will never be the same. This is absolutely brilliant.
  9. @nudge - What would you do if you could drive, or ride, in the Porsche 356 SL? Just watched Episode 1, and that got me excited about these 24h races, and also, can't believe the stories of them driving the race car to Le Mans, racing, and then driving it home. That is absolutely class.
  10. Yeah certainly unlucky in Q2 as it was a mad house and the red flags came about at the worst possible for the majority of the field.
  11. Katie is literally one of the nicest athletes there is, and has been absolute class in all 3 finals she's had so far. She's a much better long distance swimmer than a sprinter, but certainly Titmus has absolutely shown her speed in the short course. So good for her!
  12. Yeah missed #22, but that's good. I want to drive a 911 right now after watching that.
  13. 1 Porsche? I thought they dominated this race...?
  14. Certainly understand that. As in an ultra where runners start slow and just get slower, so I am quite familiar with this racing philosophy.
  15. So does that mean Super Pole for #21? That was a clutch lap there to finish it.
  16. So it's the exact opposite of F1 where it can literally decide the winner of the race? That's good to know. Is the race going to be on YT also?
  17. But better. Still not a good showing as this is my first Quali for a 24h race.
  18. 5 seconds slower the the Lambos... They keep saying that Porsche's have dominated this race in recent memory, but they aren't doing too well in today's quali.
  19. I know, but doesn't stop him from putting it in 2nd gear.
  20. Estre does a 5 and a half minute S1... Stewards should check to see if he's walking the damn thing.
  21. Nice! Plus with drivers of Bam, Cam, & Jam, how can you not like that?
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