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  1. Surely Lewis had DRS on that final turn before the final lap, but why didn't he use it?
  2. Great race. Great job from both Lewis and Max. A ton of action in the middle of the field, but damn...Max. That was incredible.
  3. No way does Max hold on here. Lewis is just faster.
  4. Great pit there for Lewis. I fully expect Lewis to win this, now.
  5. Yuki giving Mercedes a headache...again.
  6. Gasly with a problem. Looks like he is going to retire.
  7. I thought they pitted early, but we shall see how it plays at the end of the race.
  8. What a fantastic first lap on all fronts
  9. Sensor issue one, and was fixed and all appears to be alright.
  10. Silly he was fired before Weinzierl. Wonder who will be the replacement here.
  11. PU issues with an Alpha Tuari...Maybe Gasly?
  12. My thoughts exactly. Well done Texas affirming everyone's views about us.
  13. Eco

    Health and Fitness

    That's a very fast mile time, but I haven't timed my mile in a couple of decades.
  14. We have a lot of holes, and one of the main ones is scoring goals. We have almost as many goals scored as we have own goals. But Gummy has played every match, started every match, and has been horrid since the middle of last year. It blows my mind how he still starts, and even more so how he continues to get called up for Poland.
  15. Let's start Quali! Could be very interesting with the track limits.
  16. Eco

    Health and Fitness

    Just added another race to my 2022 Calendar, and thinking of pulling the trigger on another one. The one I just signed up for in in the desert in Las Vegas, and it's just a marathon. The race is in January so the heat won't be terrible but I've heard that this is a beautiful and small race so I'm looking forward to it. Now, onto the race that I'm on the fence about. It's a famous Ultra called the QMT (Québec Mega Trail), and it's a 100m race in July outside of Montreal. Here is a couple of videos of this race, and it looks absolutely stunning.
  17. They have Gummy rated too high...he's been responsible for 2 goals.
  18. It's like Gummy doesn't really know what sport we are playing. Get his ass out, and at this point, I think Weinzierl is following him.
  19. Our saving grace is that Fürth and Belefeld exist, and I'll include Bochum. There is a chance we survive but only because there are so many weak teams this year, but I'm not too confident.
  20. Weinzierl has signed his death certificate with Gummy. After the meeting the other week and the comments by the president, I would be surprised if he lasted until next week unless we come back and win this.
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