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Found 32 results

  1. I hope this is just a rumor and nothing else, the guy is bloody 32 years old, the rumor is from the Daily Star so I can breathe easy ... I hope Manchester United have emerged as favorites with the bookies to sign Chelsea defender Gary Cahill, the Daily Star reports.
  2. Fernando Torres has announced his retirment. For me he was special and one of my favourites. An absolute joy to watch. I also believe he was the best striker in the world for at least two years under Rafa. Has had a splendid career on club and International level.
  3. @True Blue @Bluewolf @carefreeluke @Spike Thoughts on this? Vastly worrying that the majority of the Chelsea fan base, are now asking for Kante to be our DM or have a pivot of Jorginho and Kante. Now whilst I do agree that this may be a short term option that could immediately fix the space we leave in midfield, I am completely against it. This club went through hurdles to sign Sarri. In terms of football, bar none one of the most purist managers on the planet. We went through thick and thin to bring him in. It is evident that the club want to head towards a more positive brand of football, and did all they could to bring him here. That said, Sarri has a fundamental blueprint. He has a solid idea on what he's trying to build, and I rather he sticks to it vs adapts to get short term results. This club needs change, and I am willing to give up a season for it to happen. If Sarri reverts to the same defensive type this team and players are used to, the players will get comfortable, complacent, and will subconsciously stop listening to him. We've seen this happen before and the moment Sarri does it, ut will be the beginning of his downfall and will bring us right back to where we were. Suffer now, and reap the rewards later. Look at Pep's first season with City. Or Klopp's with Liverpool. To be a success here, both pundits and neutrals were asking both managers to adapt their tactics or to become more defensive in a 'faster paced league'. What happened the next season? City dominates the league breaking numerous records and Liverpool reach the CL final. This transition, takes time. To summarise, we NEED TO STOP reverting to short term fixes. This won't progress us and will inevitably put us back to square one, looking for a new manager. It's time we are patient and build on to something. Even if Sarri becomes a failure, he has laid out a blueprint that given enough time, it is proven to work. Also, we now just suffered our first loss of the season. For a team in transition, that is pretty remarkable. When you analyse the performances, it is blatant that the biggest issue, is personnel. A select few just aren't good enough technically for this system. Our midfield balance in terms of pressing is our second biggest issue, however this can be fixed given time. I am sure of it.
  4. If you were in Sarri's position what would your pecking order be at present in Chelsea's midfield? And who would be first out of the two England midfielders?
  5. A defeat to Wolves today, a defeat to Spurs recently and a handful of draws. Has the Sarri bubble burst?
  6. Chelsea have reportedly put Alvaro Morata on the transfer list as the club's board have agreed to listen to offers for him during the January window. (Cadena Cope). Surely the biggest flop in the premier league?
  7. Olivier Giroud wants to sign a new contract at chelsea But with all the players that will be arriving in the next transfer window, will he be needed at the club?
  8. Linked with Callum Wilson for a January move. To be honest I can get behind that. His pace is something we lack up top and can provide us something different compared to Morata and Giroud. Still think we need to offload Morata either in January or in the summer for a striker that fits our system.
  9. Chelsea will be forced to close part of Stamford Bridge in the Europa League if Uefa concludes their fans were guilty of an antisemitic chant in Budapest. The governing body hopes to receive on Friday reports which will enable it to decide whether to open a disciplinary case. Chelsea have strongly condemned a section of their fans for a chant which referenced “yids” in the Europa League game at Vidi but Uefa needs to take its own judgment. Uefa regulations state that the “club responsible is punished with a minimum of a partial stadium closure” if its supporters engage in behaviour which “insults the human dignity of a person or group of persons on whatever grounds, including skin colour, race, religion or ethnic origin”. Precedent indicates that if Chelsea fans are found guilty the club would be punished with a partial stadium closure for one Europa League match. The Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fàbregas said after the game in Hungary: “If we have to be taught a lesson at Chelsea to improve whatever happens around the world, then I’m happy. But to point the finger at one football club because of three or four of these people, I don’t think it’s deserved and I don’t agree with that.” Chelsea have said they will punish any fans “found to have shamed the club by using antisemitic or racist words or actions”. In their most recent home game there was alleged racist abuse of Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling. Source: The Guardian
  10. Elseid Hysaj's agent has confirmed we have been inquiring about him recently. Don't think Dave has much of a future here under Sarri unfortunately. Not unless he can be converted at CB.
  11. Raheem Sterling: Manchester City forward says newspapers 'fuel racism' in football 5 minutes ago|Man City Newspapers are helping to "fuel racism" by the ways in which they portray young black footballers, says Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling. It comes after Sterling, 24, faced alleged racist abuse from Chelsea fans during City's 2-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. Chelsea and the Metropolitan Police are investigating the allegations after social media users posted a video of the incident.
  12. This has come as quite a shock due to his comparably young age. Get well soon! Good to hear the situation is 'better' though.
  13. Despite sounding like a mediocre exotic law firm, AC Milan are interested in the three Chelsea players. Not sure they're the kind of targets they should be looking for though. Fabregas and Christensen perhaps, yes. But they could do better than Cahill I'd imagine.
  14. The Palace Fan

    Eden Hazard

    It's no doubt that this guy is absolute class but where do you rank him in regards to everybody else in the world? Is he the best player in the league? Should he be talked about in the same bracket as Messi and Ronaldo? If not, what does he need to do to get in that bracket?
  15. With 12 games of the Premier League season gone, the league is beginning to take shape and players are making their mark. But who has impressed you most?