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  1. My instincts were on the right track I tell ya. Next time choose wisely: https://www.bonusseeker.com/news/new-jersey-sports-betting-sites/uswnt-2019-womens-world-cup-final
  2. I'm not surprised that the USNWST World Cup Final viewership dwarfed the USA vs Mexico Gold Cup clash, not mainly because of the renumeration saga even though it would contribute to it to some extent, but I think their results speak for itself. Coming into this tournament they've been threatening especially with the 13-0 goal fest against Thailand, and however you have the rest of the soccer world holding in suspense against them wishing for a loss result.
  3. US Women's national soccer team was unstoppable throughout the tournament. So much tenacity and determination shown till the last minute. A well-deserved triumph.
  4. Nevertheless, USA are serious contenders by force. The game vs Sweden is on now and they started scoring by the second minute. It seems like they have alot to prove towards their country because of the whole underpayment saga. As I went through this article it gave me a bit of perspective that most of the US based analysts put their own money on them too: https://www.bonusseeker.com/news/new-jersey-sports-betting-sites/fifa-world-cup-odds-fanduel-nj-sports-betting
  5. I hear you, but where is VAR when this happens? https://nigerianewsng.com/nigeria-vs-france-oliseh-others-react-to-var-decision/ Most of these situations have been getting away with double standards.
  6. VAR is becoming the worst invention in soccer since the days of sudden death by each decision made. I thought I was enjoying the evolution of the soccer game by its unpredictability but we have taken a complete different turn at the moment. As we draw towards the knockoff stages I wish it was easy and had confidence in siding with a team that could advance through fair and sqaure, but not while VAR is still implemented.
  7. Not a surprise at all, but does is he really intending to move to China according to the rumors?
  8. Not one of my favorite ECL finals, but I applaud Liverpool for consoling themselves with a significant European championship victory. 👏🏿
  9. They'd be damned to fall runners-up place once again. As I checked according to FanDuel, they're generally tipped as favourites to win ECL against Tottenham hoping to redeem themselves from their league woes... https://www.bonusseeker.com/news/new-jersey-sports-betting-sites/uefa-champions-league-final-odds-pick-fanduel-sportsbookThey have alot to live up for despite their chances of being second fiddlers on both the Premiership and ECL, otherwise that would be super tragic.
  10. They have alot to live up for despite their chances of being second fiddlers on both the Premiership and ECL, otherwise that would be super tragic.
  11. Liverpool was never in my lifetime my cup of tea, but I really do applaud Jurgen Klopp.
  12. That would've been super ideal for a die-hard supporter, but I'm also feeling like Emery was starting to develop his own pattern of forming a young team above everything else especially from a midfield's standpoint. Mainly this is shown by the promising talent Torreira and Guendouzi who frequently made appearances more than the original first team/starting eleven. However, Ramsey's role and contribution to the club is undeniable but our future relies on the youngsters.
  13. I've been licking my wounds for a while now ever since we lost this game, you literally felt our contending chances spiralling downwards. At least we still had our hopes high to make the next season's Champions League cut, only if it wasn't for our good form on those Europa game knockouts.